Two transsexuals for the camera

Say hello titties of Thosedamncows, it’s about two transsexuals for the camera. Coming from the US and shaking the breasts, the blonde does not say much yet. The left girls with glasses smiles and talks some more with the viewers.

But what will they do in front of cam? The clothes are not going off in the eighth minute they are on-line. “Fuck the blonde suck the black girl” someone asks. There is not much speed in the camshow from the two new girls. The number of visitors goes slowly up, waiting for more naked tranny bodies.

Okay, maybe now after fifteen minutes, the black girl lies down and the blonde pulls her pants a little bit down. She takes that black cock in her hand, which still needs to be removed, and start masturbating. But will he get hard and does she give a blowjob? No, the pants go up. We take a look first at the videos of the two trannies. Good news, after 45 minutes it’s blowjob time! Watch the blonde sucking on that black transsexual cock.

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