Tgirl Cdgerman from Germany

What a big surprise, a tranny from Germany. Our German friends and visitors have a top challenge today and our Tgirl also loves latex clothing. That’s good, such a nice horny Tgirl, she takes you instead of you fucking her.

Cdgerman (30 years old) sitting in front of her computer, you have already seen. She did not have many visitors, positive thinking, then you have more chance. Unfortunately, you can’t hear her voice, she has a beautiful body as you see. On her profile also some pictures behind a token wall.

Lets wait for the moment her tight latex dress goes off to give us a glimpse on her body. Her answers and questions are in good English, she does not talk. Maybe the reason is her low voice? She is frank and tells how she became female. As a man being she was wearing panties and had sex with his wife with panties on. Born in the wrong body. Okay, check her out!

Cdgerman fine ass

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