A sheboy by the name of Kimberly. Kimberly has a rather masculine face with small breasts. When I ask her where she is, she doesn’t answer. She pays no attention to my question, suddenly I realize it could just be an insult. That was most certainly not my intention. Okay, thankfully she just dances on in her pretty white dress.

She doesn’t speak English but Spanish and comes from a South American country. On her page, the beautiful Sheboy has quite a few photos and despite my slightly bad Wi-Fi, could it be because of the Christmas lights, her show is easy to follow. The Chica is 22 years old and has something else that is great according to her. But that’s not her breasts yet….

Hi I’m Kimberly Hayes from Philippines. 19 years old. Young, hot and fresh. You’ll be amaze and surprise when we’re alone in private ?. Can make you crazy all over to me ?. Such a very good model/Performer. I can do what ever my king want me to do. ? 😘😘