In the picture Asian Desire, imagine her calling you for her first time with a man. Would you do it? Yes, you can see her live, just delightful. She has her head and big breasts close to the camera and makes a repeated motion with her right hand. Her camera is in HD and the sound is very good. Just a pity she has so much music in the background. It seems like there are two radio stations blaring.

Asian Desire (Anong) also likes to talk in fluent English and can also type very fast. Asian Desire (Anong) also likes to talk in fluent English and can also type very fast. Her slim fingers move across the keyboard at a very great rate. She lives in the Philippines and unfortunately, it does not say how old she is. But what a beauty she is! Below this story about her is the video. Will you join in the fantasy?

It was a Friday night. I had eaten a snack and was about to take a bath when the phone rang. I picked up and heard the little voice of Anong, the 18-year-old trans daughter of a good acquaintance, whom I had been friends with for years. Whether I felt like coming over for a beer and some chatting that evening. I agreed and promised her I would be there an hour later. After I took a nice shower I started to wander and 10 minutes later I was at their door. I rang the bell and Anong answered the door. She was wearing a tight white shirt and tight jeans. Her long wavy dark hair completed the picture. She looked like she would bite into it raw. I quickly waved that thought away because she was a trans girl of 19, and I was 34.

‘Come on in’ she said kindly. ‘The coffee is ready.’ I entered the room and sat down in the sofa. Other than Anong I didn’t see anyone. She poured 2 cups of coffee and sat down next to me. ‘Where are your parents?” I asked. She looked at me and said stutteringly, ‘They are not euh ..home. A .. a weekend to a vacation park, mmm, but I wanted you as company tonight! But I thought da you wouldn’t come as euh … I euh… said that over the phone!” “But girl” I said a little perplexed, “why don’t you ask a nice boy of your own age to keep you company? She put her hands in front of her face and started sobbing. I told her to tell me everything and that she could trust me not to tell anyone. She smiled and dried her tears. She began to tell. Those boys just wanted to grab and squeeze and go straight to bed with her because they were so curious. She was afraid she would be hurt. She told them that she was still a virgin and that she really wanted to stop being a trans girl and start being a trans woman. She wanted to lose her virginity with a man who knew her and whom she was sure she could trust and would not hurt her. She wanted me to be that man. She looked me straight in the eye.

‘But dear Anong‘ I stammered. ‘Surely you understand that I can’t just do this!’ ‘Yes but, why not? Don’t you think I’m beautiful, or …?” she asked despondently. ‘Dear girl, it’s not that. I think you are picture-perfect!!!’ I replied. ‘But nobody will know, and I can’t wait any longer!’ she responded desperately. I thought for a moment. Actually, it was quite an honor to hear from such a beautiful young girl that she had so much faith in me that she wanted me to deflower her. Hesitantly, I heard myself say, “Okay, fine! But only if you really want it! She just cheered and gave me a kiss on the mouth. ‘Hold calm down!’; I said smiling. We went to her parent’s bedroom. She said she would be right back and walked to the bathroom. I sat down on the bed and thought desperately about what I had gotten myself into, but I couldn’t turn back now. She came back wearing a red dress. She let the robe slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor. What then stood before me a man can only dream of. A super-slim body with beautiful breasts, nice slim legs and a big clit with a line above it.

“Beautiful?” she asked with a broad smile.

I stood up and hugged her. ‘Gosh girl anyway!”, was all I could get out. She unbuttoned my shirt and pants. She stroked my boxers down and my dick jumped right up. I could see that she was a little startled, “How big it is!” she said a little startled. ‘I won’t hurt you!” I promised her. Her hand went to my cock and she felt it. ‘How nice it feels warm! And soft and yet hard too!” she said with a bright smile. I lifted her up and laid her on the bed. I lay down next to her and kissed her on the mouth. She responded by opening her mouth and the kiss ended in a passionate French kiss. I began to kiss her everywhere. Her beautiful breasts, her tight soft belly, her thighs … and I spread her legs and ran my tongue along with her little cock. She gave a sigh in that she liked it. Then my tongue slid along her most sensitive spot. I licked her clit and she began to moan. ‘Nice?” I asked. ‘Ooh, what a wonderful feeling!” she panted. I felt her cock getting wetter and wetter. I kept licking until her body spasmed. ‘Ooh, what’s happening?” she screamed, ‘I I I, it’s like I’m on fire!

I … aaaahh! I’ve never had such a wonderful feeling before!’

‘Then, dear Anong, that was your very first orgasm’ I said, laughing. ‘Come, now I’ll make a woman of you!’ Her cunt had already become nice and wet and I smeared my cock with some saliva as a lubricant. ‘Just relax,’ I said quietly, ‘and if it hurts you should say so right away.’ She nodded! ‘Just wrap your legs around my body and you’ll feel exactly what I’m doing!’ My one hand I put my glans against her cunt and pressed a little bit inside. ‘Nice?”, I asked quietly. ‘Yes, yes!’ she said panting. I hugged her and pressed on so that my cock slid in a little bit. I felt a little resistance. ‘This is the moment, dear Anong! This might hurt a little!” I panted. I pulled my cock back a little and then thrust in a little harder.

‘Aauw’ I heard her scream.

My cock now shot in a lot further. I looked at her and asked if it hurt. When she replied that it was only for a moment and that she now had an indescribably wonderful feeling, I pushed my cock all the way into her boys pussy. I waited for a moment to let her rest. Just a moment! Then she whispered in my ear, ‘It’s incredible! Keep going! I started thrusting up and down. She started moaning and screaming that it was so delicious until…. I felt my cock thicken some more. My blood rose to my head. My whole body burned and then ….. “Aaaargh!” … A blistering orgasm raced through my body and I felt the jets of cum fly down the length of my cock, into the back of her young tight pussy! With a blissful smile, I looked at her. I pulled back, grabbed her by the hips and I couldn’t hold back any longer and started sucking on her nice wet clit.

Now you are no longer a trans girl, but a trans woman!” I whispered.

With a heavenly smile she looked at me. ‘Oh thank you so much! It was wonderful! I will never forget it! I want another one! I laughed, ‘Yeah, you should have agreed with a 20-something boy anyway! Now you’ll have to wait a while!’ We lay in each other’s arms resting a bit. Saying sweet words. Caressing each other a bit. We were actually the whole world to each other at that moment. After a while, she grabbed my cock and said, ‘Could it be again?’ ‘Try it!” I replied. ‘Can I put a kiss on it? ‘ she asked. She didn’t wait for an answer. She kissed my glans. She licked at it and when I said she could put my cock in her mouth she did. What a heavenly feeling that was. She took my cock out of her mouth again. ‘Are we going to fuck again now?” she asked. ‘Okay’ I said ‘you sit over me, you can make my cock go as deep as you want!’ She sat down on top of me and with her one hand she sent my dick towards her boys pussy. She lowered herself and my cock slowly disappeared all the way inside her. She looked down at the place where we were anchored together.

“Now it’s all the way in!” she sighed.

She began to move slowly up and down. My hands gripped her narrow waist. What I felt now was beyond description. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she kept dancing up and down. Her dark hair was flapping up and down. I felt another orgasm approaching me! Then her body cramped up! ‘Ooh, I’m getting that wonderful feeling again!” she sobbed. She had a thunderous orgasm the moment I squirted my load of cum into her. She plopped down next to me on the bed. She smiled at me, ‘So this is what it’s like to fuck! How wonderful!!! What we all did later that evening, and that night, and that day after … everything to do with the game of love. When I went home on Saturday evening, I was dead tired, had a fantastic experience and had introduced a young girl to the world of love. She was overjoyed, and I was proud that I had made her so happy. Now I just had to hope that her parents didn’t find out, because they were still friends. I would only enter their home with a different feeling.