The title begins cryptically, but my bizarre first sexual discovery with a woman was so double for me that I cannot give any other title to this sexual revolution in my life. The fallout from my adultery with Angel has since led to a divorce from my husband, at a time when I also found out I was three months pregnant for the first time. What began as a strange sexual attraction to a woman culminated in a bizarre turn of events in my hitherto stable life and marriage with Frans (34). In the complete chaos that ensued in my family, friends and work environment, I had no choice but to react drastically when my sexual relationship with Angel came to light, by leaving our home and hearth that very day.

Frans walked in on us at the beginning of May 2011 and immediately made it public within both our families and to anyone who would listen. As I have already mentioned, a chaotic and uncertain period began for me, in which I did not know which way it would go. To begin our story, I am happy to mention that with all the support and love of Angel, I am in a healthy and happy pregnancy. The episode of this story began one day in December 2020, when I recognised Angel, my old school friend, in our lingerie shop, where she had expressed interest in a beautiful but definitely super sexy lingerie set, including a matching garter belt.

At the time, I had not seen her for at least 16 years since our high school days. After a brief chat about that time, she also vaguely recognised me – Angel was a popular girl that all the boys chased and wanted to go out with. Of Indonesian descent, Angel has a strikingly beautiful, exotic appearance, which is further enhanced by her height, 5’8″, and jet-black long hair that almost reaches her bottom. Even I, a heterosexual married woman at the time, saw her beauty shine through that day in our shop, as Angel charmingly wiggled her hips along the lingerie racks, attracting the attention of the other customers present.

Angel paid for her lingerie at my till, after which we chatted and swapped mobile numbers to make an appointment to catch up over a glass of wine somewhere, reminiscing about our school days together. I was also very curious about her life and how she was doing at the moment, was she married, did she have children? In the days that followed, Angel kept coming back to me, somehow her attractive feminine appearance kept coming back to me.

Quite remarkable for me, because I had never felt such an attraction towards my own sex before! Three days later I phoned her, Angel seemed interested and enthusiastic, thought it would be nice to make an appointment and so a few days later she came to my house with a huge bunch of flowers. It was my free Monday afternoon, and we soon had a pleasant and friendly chat. Angel’s life story after our school days surprised me, for example, she remained vague about her relationships but talked extensively about her social career. I talked more about my marriage to Frans and our desire to have children! Angel told me that she had been living alone in her flat for almost a year after breaking off a two-year relationship, but she did not say with whom or what.

I was very relaxed and could hardly take my eyes off Angel.

After drinking a bottle of wine together, I was very relaxed and could hardly take my eyes off Angel, which she noticed as we occasionally touched each other spontaneously. I can barely remember what we were talking about, but suddenly Angel kissed me on the mouth and the next thing I knew we were lying on the sofa on top of each other, kissing each other with our tongues. I was completely lost in it, terribly excited to be kissing so intimately with Angel, who had taken the initiative. She stroked me all over my body, at that moment I was still fully clothed, not much later my bra had disappeared into my blouse and my panties were lying between us on the floor in front of my sofa. Our intimacy went a little further, to the point where I was completely lost in a great horny ecstasy as she sucked on my nipples and slowly worked her finger under my skirt, fingering my wet pussy.

I let her go, I couldn’t resist myself either, I was totally surprised. I had never had sex with a woman before, I just lay there and enjoyed it with all my heart. Angel stroked my clit, my labia and fingered me deep inside my pussy, bringing me to a super orgasm. I was shaking all over when I came, it made me incredibly wet and Angel barely gave me a moment to recover. She slid down my body from the sofa and spread my legs further after pushing up my skirt. I felt her tongue dance lustfully over my labia and hard clit, and immediately started to jerk as she licked her tongue deep into my pussy, stroking my arse with one finger.

It felt very delicate and tender, something I had never experienced with Frans before. My splashing orgasm, which made me want to do the same with Angel, came to nothing that afternoon, Angel did not allow me to undress her either, to spoil her sexually. Another time Louise held the boat against me for a while, then I didn’t insist any more, maybe she was in her feminine period, that’s what I thought that afternoon. After refreshing myself, we had another glass of wine together and Angel left me that afternoon, we would call again! I couldn’t sleep that night and even ignored my husband, who also wanted to have sex with me.

The good feeling I had felt with Angel stayed in my body and clouded my mind. What am I going to do with this, I thought the next day, I had been unfaithful to my husband for the first time by being intimate with a woman. This was a very natural experience for me, and I felt quite ashamed of myself in the days that followed. I remember that I couldn’t get Angel out of my mind for the next few days, so when Angel called me at work four days later, and I heard her sultry voice again, I was very happy. Not just happy, but very excited, when she asked if it would be convenient for her to come over again on Monday morning?

This appointment was quickly arranged between us, and I had taken my precautions when Angel sat next to me on the sofa again that morning! I work in a lingerie shop and have always been a good customer for my employer, and still am, albeit at cost price, but I do buy something every month. That morning, in anticipation of Angel’s visit, I had given myself a good shave in the shower and put on some sexy red open crotch panties with a nice push-up bra. Angel looked very attractive again, charmingly feminine, well groomed and dressed in a chic winter turquoise suit. I myself wore a casual pencil skirt with a high slit.

Over a cup of coffee, I asked Angel how she could move with such ease on her 12-centimetre stiletto heels, which made her stand over 1.90 metres tall. She stood sensuously in front of me, almost bombarding me with her petite thumbs from my seated position, gosh Angel how tall you are, I laughed! The height of her crotch reached into my field of vision, her tall gaze eroticised me to a fierce degree and I couldn’t stop myself from saying;) you look so hot. The tension of a few days before was back between us, Angel bent down to me, and we kissed each other lustfully, intimately. I was already determined to take the initiative and seduce Angel into sex myself, this time she couldn’t escape me.

Don’t’t touch my back.

I bent down further against Angel and stroked her patent leather shoes with both palms, slowly moving down her shapely calves. There was only one thing on my mind at that moment: sex. By the time I had pulled up the skirt of her suit enough to stroke the back of Angel’s thighs with both hands, she suddenly began to resist again. Don’t do it, Louise,’ I suddenly heard her voice break. To my complete surprise, Angel said I would regret it if I went on… ???? This made me unsure, but guided by my passionate feelings for Angel, I continued when she tried to pull away from me.

With both hands I stretched the straps of her garter belt and caressed her soft bottom with my fingertips, suddenly Angel turned completely against me, I was suddenly faced with a huge physical force that resisted me and pushed me back rather roughly into the cushions of the sofa. Tears welled up in her eyes, but those same dark eyes radiated a ferocity as she said to me, “This won’t do, Louise! I’m different, I’m not who or what you think I am, I’m leaving, Angel said. Oh no, I shouted, startled by her reaction, you are not leaving at all, and with all the physical strength and adrenaline I had in me, I pulled her onto the sofa next to me.

Why are you acting like this Angel I asked, you want this too I said. That was Angel’s next silent answer. She stood up again, took off her jacket and then her skirt, it looked very erotic in my eyes at that moment. I was looking at a bulging pubic area covered in a black thong, surrounded by her beautiful light brown smooth skin. Close your eyes’ Louise said Angel, fortunately in a soft sultry voice as I had come to know her. My first thought was that Angel wanted to continue this game between us.

Full of excitement I closed my eyes, I started to tremble with excitement as this went on for a while and there was complete silence. Suddenly, Angel grabbed my head and told me to keep my eyes closed, which I obediently did. I opened my eyes in total confusion as I felt something against my lips, which was impossible! A DICK πŸ˜‰ yes, that was what I saw at that moment. I was in total shock.

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