So there I was on a cold mattress with a blindfold on. Meanwhile, I regained my senses and tried to think of where I am and how I ended up here. I remember that I had a date with a beautiful woman and afterwards we dived into the café and had a drink. From then on I don’t remember much and there is a big hole in my memory. I hear a door open and someone walks up to me. The person stands in front of me, and it is soon clear that this is the beautiful woman I had a date with.

Her name is Sandra and at 165 she is not very tall, but she has a nice body with a round bum and a nice full breasts with dark long hair which made her look severe. She starts talking and what I already thought is truth, I am captured by the 21-year-old Spanish looking Sandra, but why I can’t think of. I want to ask her why she has tied me up and blindfolded me, but the moment I want to ask, I get a tap on my cheek. I can’t suppress an ow and beautiful woman Sandra (photo above) comes back to me and tells me to shut up and that during the night it will become clear why I am here.

She stays in front of me and starts telling me what happened in the café. When she had ordered the drinks, I went to the bathroom, and she supplied my drink with GHB. This was enough to cause me to go completely out within half an hour, and she and a friend took me to the car and tied me up here. I wanted to know why she did this, and Sandra indicates that I will find out later.

Because she wants me to fully cooperate with her plan, she will provide me with the necessary narcotics, and so she puts a pill in my mouth. Immediately after this she gives me water, but this has a strange taste, but drink it and swallow the pill. She leaves me alone for a while and my head starts thinking about why I am here. I can’t think of it. I don’t know how long it took, but guess half an hour, I suddenly feel a warm feeling take possession of my body. Not only that, but I recognize this feeling from my previous XTC use, but I’ve never been as horny as I am now with XTC. Sandra enters the room again and asks me if I am already horny from the XTC and GHB she gave me.

I confess that I got pretty horny, whereupon Sandra starts fingering my ass. Soon I start moaning of pleasure to Sandra’s satisfaction. This ass will soon become your pussy, and you will beg for more. Due to the drugs, I can’t resist this as the lust has taken possession of my body. I am put on my hands and knees and Sandra pushes a dildo against my ass. She pushes it a little inside and turns on the device, and I am fucked by the machine.

The beautiful woman and the dildo

The dildo enters me harder and deeper and makes me moan very loud. Sandra thinks it’s time for a surprise, from which maybe it will become clearer why I am here. She takes off my blindfold and I look straight at the beautiful breasts of Sandra. She kneels in front of me and asks if I want to see and taste more of her. From hornyness I can do nothing but moan that I want to see more of her, whereupon she stands up again and pulls off her thong.

As she sensually pulls it down, something unexpected appears. Not a bare pussy, but a 22 cm cock jumps out of her thong in front of my face. She grabs it and slaps it against my cheek. She sees that I am slightly startled and tells me that I would know her from before. I tried to think about whom I could compare her to, but couldn’t think of anyone. Sandra was now standing in front of me with her stiff cock and pulled it between my lips.

Slowly, she pushed it inside my mouth

Slowly, she pushed it inside my mouth and told me she was going to tell me how I knew her the moment she finished. So she pushed her cock deeper into my mouth, but didn’t get very far, as I had never sucked anyone before. At this, she grabbed a bottle and held it under my nose and instructed me to snort vigorously a few times. A rush of horniness coursed through my body as Sandra pushed her cock deep into my throat and started fucking me there. Now I was filled in both holes with a cock and fucked hard. I heard Sandra moan and felt her cock in my mouth getting thicker than it already was.

But before she finished she took the cock out of my mouth and said laughing that I didn’t get off so easily. She removed the dildo from my ass, and immediately she let her fingers slide in. Without effort, 4 fingers slid in and deeper and deeper they slid in. She let me sniff the bottle again, and then she lubricated my ass with more lubricant. Again the 4 fingers entered, but soon she let her whole hand slide into my for short virgin ass. Slowly she made fucking movements with her fist in my ass and I could do nothing but moan with horniness. As she was fucking me with her fist, I wanted more and more, and soon I was begging for more. Sandra stopped moving for a moment and asked me to repeat what I said. I repeated that I wanted more. I beg you, Sandra, give me a lot more of this. Give me everything you have.

This was what Sandra wanted and removed her fist from my ass and pushed her cock against it. Before she pushed it in, she asked again if I was sure I wanted more from her. I moaned in agreement that I want everything from her, and she pushed her cock deep into my ass in 1 go. She started fucking me at a hard and deep pace, to which I could only groan. The harder Sandra pounded her cock in me, the louder I started to moan until the moment she suddenly took her cock out of me. She walked up to my head and then said “John if you open your mouth now I will tell you everything”. Willingly, I opened my mouth and got the cock shoved down my throat again. I sucked her cock off and soon felt it swell back up in my mouth. A few more times, she pushed it down my throat until she ejaculated with a loud moan. 5 to 6 thick jets of cum shot down my throat, to which I could do nothing but swallow. Sandra left her cock in my mouth and let me lick her clean.

Sandra had recovered from her orgasm

Meanwhile, Sandra had recovered from her orgasm and she asked me if I liked it. I nodded why, she told me that she had always known that I could suck good and would be a real bottom slut. She told me that she had known this since first grade when she was teased so much by the class, with me leading the way. I was shocked and thought to myself that there was only 1 person that I teased a lot. It turned out that Sandra went through life as Eric in a previous life. Eric was always the outcast of the class and was obviously gay even then, but never thought Erik would let himself be transformed into a woman. Sandra took the floor again and told me that if I didn’t want this adventure to be known, I had to be submissive. I was given a choice of 1.

The film recordings she made will be distributed to all friends and acquaintances or 2. I become her submissive partner and no one will find out that Sandra has a dick. I weighed my options and had to confess that despite everything, I had really enjoyed it. Sandra is a good-looking woman that I would consider myself lucky to have. I agreed to the 2nd option and soon Sandra and I were living together where Sandra completely transformed me into a submissive slut for her use and others.