With many ladyboys, the “woman thing” is very clear. Today, a boy with breasts. Loud voice, short hair and chubby posture. He speaks hard in French, but English is also good. 19, it is, and there runs a rat over his shoulder. A tame one, of course.

It’s a strange view, a boy with breasts. All makeup is missing, and it is clear that he sets the first steps to become a woman. Bur forgot the horny ladyboy feeling. It could be a Femboy. But he’s not behaving like that yet. He now has a 46-year-old visitor from Austria who has a stiff willy.

32 viewers he or she has, and so on. His legs are still unshaven. Good then, sucking on breasts and feel a hard dick that sticks to your legs? Here you go.

Update: last online some years ago.