This story was written by a woman for transgirl Abby. Together with twelve women, we form a recreational handball team. While showering, Taylor, our goalkeeper, suddenly yells at trans girl Abby, “this is your highlight of the evening for sure isn’t it Abby, looking at our pussies and tits?” “From your hanging tits and pussy lips, I will never get a climax,” said Abby. So that was 1-0 for Abby, Taylor stood with her standstill. Abby and I always bicycle together, since we live close to each other. Some time ago, she confessed to us that she is “pot,” as she puts it.

From that moment on, Abby has been the go-to person with Taylor. While cycling, I let it be known that I really liked her reaction. “You know, Laura, I get comments like that all the time. Usually from women who have a boring life at home. Who spend every Saturday night cozy on the couch with their husband. He with his bottle of beer and collapsed snoring with his mouth open and she with her knitting next to it watching some quiz, not seeing me.” Immediately I am reminded of my relationship; she couldn’t have described it better.

When I get home it is exactly as Abby described, Rob is lying on the couch watching soccer and barely looks up when I come in. As I clean up my stuff, I get an app from Abby: “thanks for being so understanding with me, do you feel like going shopping on Saturday?” Immediately I respond that I definitely feel like it and that I will be at her place at ten o’clock. Fifteen minutes earlier than we had agreed, I am at her place. “I only hope for your sake that we don’t run into Taylor, Laura.” “Why?” “She will immediately think we are having an affair!” The shopping is very pleasant.

Together we try on everything we like and laugh about the stupidest things. When we decide to eat something, Abby pulls me into a lingerie store. Abby walks along the racks and grabs one beautiful set after another beautiful, sexy set from the rack. From the fitting room, she keeps saying what she’s wearing…. “Oh Laura, this one is really nice,” and immediately she comes to my cubicle. Abby stands in a particularly beautiful black set, her tits up and her panties tight around her buttocks. It really looks super nice on her and I start to look at her differently. Abby buys three sets and I stick to one.

I asked if the transgirl was in a relationship.

During dinner we talk continuously with each other. I ask if Abby is in a relationship. “No not right now, but I meet enough for an exciting evening, hence those new sets of underwear, you want to look a little good,” she laughs, “yes I have my needs too Laura!” Without thinking about it I ask how trans women do with each other. “Like a man, Laura?” “What?” “Trans curious, we always give that word to straight women when they want to know how we do it.” “Sorry Abby, it just slipped out.” “I can’t tell you what it’s like Laura, you have to experience that.” I laugh, and a little nervously.

To save myself from this situation, I ask the waitress for the bill and pull Abby back into the shopping street with me. Around five o’clock we head back. Rob returns from work at six and I had promised to be home by then. “Are you going to do anything tonight Laura?” “No, not that I know of and you?” “I’m going out with some good friends.”

My evening is exactly as she could tell it so beautifully. Rob with a beer on the couch and me bored beside it watching television. In bed I am tossing and turning and can’t sleep. It is two o’clock and I decide to get out. On my phone I see that late tonight I had another app from Abby. It is and photo. In the photo, the husband is sitting on the couch and the wife is bored beside it. “Have a nice evening,” it says with a smiley face. I send a smiley smiley back and type, “And you?” Out of nowhere, I immediately get a short video back. It shows two women kissing passionately.

Below it reads, “intense evening had. And this is how we do it.” My head turns red and quickly types back, “good night.” Back in bed, I still can’t get to sleep. Images keep coming back of the video Abby just sent me. Finally I fall asleep until I wake up bathed in sweat. I dreamt that those two women were Abby and me. Violently kissing and groping each other. To my surprise, I notice that I have had an orgasm. The images keep coming back and a wonderful feeling glows between my legs. The next morning I find it hard to wake up.

Rob is on me and grabs me by my breasts, bored I push him away, and I am wide awake. All day I am upset and the images of the last days and night keep haunting my head. The week passes slowly, and not a day goes by without me thinking about Abby. Abby doesn’t hear from me all week and I keep quiet too. Until I get a message from Abby on Saturday morning. “Hi Laura, catching up? Are you coming to see me?” Quickly, I write her back that I am diving into the shower and coming to see her during the morning.

Abby opens and her hair is still wet from showering. “I felt it necessary that I have a word with you. Sorry Laura, I should never have sent that video of those women kissing to you. But I was in a corny mood, had a very pleasant evening and decided to answer your question. But it dawned on me this week that I might have hurt you.” “No Abby,” I immediately responded, “it was my own fault. I, I, I, am always such a blabbermouth at the wrong times. We had been shopping pleasantly and then I ask such a stupid question.” Abby comes and sits next to me and puts an arm around me. “Come here weird,” and hugs me.

My body shivers from her warm body. “That good Laura?” I nod and we look at each other. We say nothing but our eyes speak, I melt. “Or do you really want to know dear Laura?” I tremble. Slowly she puts a finger under my chin and comes with her face to my lips. For a moment more I see her mouth open and very gently I feel her dry lips pressing on mine. It goes black before my eyes. Slowly I open my eyes as we look at each other. My mouth slowly opens and I feel the tip of her tongue brush against my teeth. Very gently, our tongues caress each other exploratively as we look into each other’s eyes.

With two hands, she takes my head tighter against her, and we begin to really kiss. Her warmth and passion make me long for more. Abby lets go and looks at me. “That good? Now you know how women kiss, satisfied?” “I don’t know, but it felt good, awfully good! Your lips are soft and your tongue feels horny wet.” Again, she presses her lips against my mouth. Our lips open at lightning speed. “Do you want to know what else women do with each other, Laura?” I remain silent, but look at her excitedly. “Are you sure Laura?” I nod.

I put my hands around her waist and pull her to me. “This is new to me Abby, I don’t know what to do!” “Get undressed! Not like in the locker room, but slowly.” At the same time, Abby begins to undress as well. Abby is wearing that nice set she bought the other day. I also have my new set on, for the first time! What will she think? I follow Abby with everything and see her bra slip off her firm breasts. I follow. I look at her breasts differently now than I did in the dressing room. I too let my bra slip off me and look at Abby expectantly. Abby takes my hand and with her hand she goes to her breast. Right at her breast she stops. “Touch me Laura!” Nervously, I place my hand on her breast.

Abby puts her hand on my hand.

Abby puts her hand on my hand and our hands press firmly against her breast. I feel her nipple swelling and her heart beating fast. “I can feel your heart Abby!” “I’m nervous Laura.” “You?” “Yes, I long for you, very much.” I lightly pinch her nipple and Abby sends my hand around her breast. For a moment, I close my eyes and feel her lips come to my mouth. I moan. “Come on the bed, Laura, I want to make love to you!” Abby puts me on the bed. She grabs my arms and holds them above my head. Kissing me, she wanders down to my neck. Her hands caress my breasts. Her mouth slides down further and licks very perceptibly over my nipple with the tip of her tongue. My god, this has been so long since I was loved in this way. Her lips close around my nipple and playfully suck in her mouth. A jolt goes through my body. Her nails move to the narrow straps of my panties. I moan harder and feel the tension building. Abby keeps looking at me and her thumbs slowly pull at the straps and I feel her hands gently around my buttocks removing my panties from my ass.

Naked and so available, I lie before her. Stroking, her hand moves down the inside of my thigh toward my wet sensitive spot. Gently forcing it, she pushes my legs open. “You are beautiful, Laura!” “Give yourself Laura, give yourself completely!”, I say nothing, but my body speaks. Her hand teasingly strokes my slit. I moan and immediately make room for her. Abby takes advantage of the space offered and smoothly enters me with her penis. “Please Abby, please don’t make me wait any longer, now!” All at once she enters and under a sigh of pleasure my body tightens. Her penis rubs along my clitoris and slowly I feel her move. “Good Laura, enjoy! Let me make you feel how to enjoy.” “How to enjoy?”, I moan. Damn for the first time in ages I finally feel the excitement my body craves again. “My pussy is on fire and longing to be desired,” I moan pleadingly! Her head wanders to her hand and her wet tongue strokes my swollen bud.

My body tightens from this pure pleasure.

My body tightens from this pure pleasure, and a moan signals that I am at the mercy of her delicious tongue. Full of strength, my fingers tighten on the bars of the bed and I feel my body rise. Animal and horny, her tongue travels along the folds of my slit to suck on my bud trembling precisely in the center of pleasure. For the first time in my life, I feel what I have never felt before and moan like I have never moaned before. Abby increases the rhythm of her tongue and fingers. Her finger enters me more and more easily. Lubricated by my own moisture and the moisture of her tongue. The tension on my clit becomes untenable. A burning, itching sensation turns into the contraction of my lower body. I moan and begin to encourage her, “Ohhhh, shit, ahhhhh.” Abby plays with me and knows I am getting what I crave fiercely. Licking, I feel the moisture running down my thighs. I still try to slow my body down, crawling up as high as I can, but this only gives her more room.

I am trapped in her arm and shockingly I reach my climax. I had never done it with a trans woman. With loud primal cries, I let my feelings run wild and reached the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life. For minutes, I feel I am in a stupor of pleasure. Violently I cling to Abby, who tries to bring me back to earth calmly. Our mouths kiss violently and my body screams for more. I turn Abby hard on her back and let all diffidence slip from me to give her what she has just given me. As if I have years of experience, I kiss Abby wildly and violently, my hands go to her breasts. Wild and hard but excited, I squeeze and pull out her delicious hard nipples. Hard and pointed they look at me to capture her with my greedy mouth. Licking and sucking, I plunge onto her breasts and squeeze her tits into hard globes to my mouth and gently suck and bite her nipples.

Abby grunts and moans with horniness and encourages me. “Aaaaahhhhh Laura, this is super horny!” My hand wriggles between her legs and feels her wet bare pussy open up and suck my finger inside. My body turns into a beast ready to not let go of its prey and give her what her body is screaming for. This is sex like I want it, I can’t remember having this before. I lick her penis and press my hand on her penis and suck deliciously. Her body tightens and presses my hand firmly on her ass and with violent jerks she cums deliciously against me. “Ahhh Laura, don’t stop, keep going!” Violently I feel her pussy sucking on my fingers and her body lies against me like a tight muscle. Our mouths seek each other again and tonguing, we can’t get enough of each other.

Abby softly breaks the silence first, as we are still lying against each other. “Sorry Laura if your day turned out differently than you must have had in mind. But I felt a tension I couldn’t resist anymore.” “No Abby, you don’t have to apologize. It was no different with me, I too had a feeling all week that I couldn’t bring home. You have awakened something in me that I have always missed, I am finding out now. It was wonderful, if not amazing and didn’t want to miss this experience for anything. Now, when we are in the shower after handball, we only have to look at each other to get that wonderful feeling again.”

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