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“It’s great what you can experience as a man,” my good friend Hans recently said to me. He told me a story, so I thought I had to write about it, because it would certainly interest others. “It’s about what women do to get something they want”. He told as if in ecstasy and quite euphoric. “And it’s about the fact that I got probably the best job in the world”.

“You know, I’m a housing agent for a large housing company here in Copenhagen and in my eighth year on the job”. “I’ve always had a soft spot for beautiful houses, and helping people find a good apartment where they can feel comfortable and live a good life has always given me pleasure, too. Currently, I also have a lot of work to do. The new training year is just around the corner, and it won’t be long before the winter semester starts at the universities and hordes of new students flood into our city looking for a place to live.”

“What you sometimes hear in the media about the housing situation in the big cities, I can only confirm that. There is just right pressure on the kettle. There are simply too few vacant apartments to meet the high demand, especially for smaller and less expensive apartments. Of course, this is great for the broker’s commission. This is exactly why I had called my friend. I wanted to change, wanted to sell my apartment, so I sought advice from a professional.

“Well, it can only be fine for us in the industry. After all, it allows us to raise rents and make good money. My housing company also gives us employees a share of the profits. So I really can’t complain about my salary lately.” “But the housing shortage has another advantage for us brokers”. I got a little puzzled. “It was a few months ago when I met an old acquaintance of mine at an event of our industry association.

I had once worked with him at another company until we moved to our current employers. Now I met him again and we talked for quite a while after the event. After all, there was a small buffet and free drinks for everyone. One likes to stay a little longer. We talked about this and that, blasphemed about annoying customers and laughed about the failures of the competition. At some point, however, the colleague got to talking about a much more interesting topic.

He experienced the same thing as I did on a daily basis. Small apartments, for which dozens of people apply at the same time. I knew from my own experience that as a real estate agent you feel like a little king, but what my good old companion made of the situation initially left me speechless.” “Don’t keep me in suspense,” I interrupted him. “He had also always dreamed about it for a long time, imagining what it would be like: giving an apartment to the woman who would get into bed with him.

At some point he gave it a try. And what does the lad say: it worked right away. He offered to give a young woman he thought was great a ride in his car after a viewing appointment. During the ride, he asked her questions, especially about what she would do to get the apartment. And anyway, he didn’t give details, at some point the girl said she would also sleep with him, if she would definitely get the apartment.

No sooner said than done, he took her home and did a quick number with her. He fucked her almost the whole night through and what he told me, the girl was a real pig. She let him fuck her in all holes and at the end she really sucked him off. “”Was that cool!” he laughed. And what happened then, I wanted to know. “Well” he replied. “I gave her the apartment, business is business!””I became more and more curious and wanted to know if he did it again afterwards.

The other day I had three girls in a row

“Again” he asked with a smug grin on his face. He’s been doing it all the time since then, on about every other apartment he awards. They go along with it, he said. There is really no question of exploitation. “The other day I had three girls in a row. One nastier than the other”! He laughed at me. “Since then, he even does it with several women per apartment. He promises each one that she would get the apartment, but there can only be one.

And then when several grenades apply for an apartment, the others are just out of luck.” “Wow, I thought. That he’s a bit more sexually driven than me was clear to me for a long time, but that he could be so ripped off had surprised me.” “The evening made me think somehow, believe me, Stephie”. Should it really be so?he continued. “I sit at the source, have almost daily heaps of young awesome women in front of the face, who would do it with me, if I would give them an apartment, and I make nothing out of it”? “Believe me, little by little the decision matured in me to try it.

But at the next viewing appointment, I somehow didn’t have the courage yet. There were several girls who I would have loved to see naked, but when I wanted to ask them how much they would do for the apartment, I chickened out. Besides, I thought, if I do that and they call my employer and spill the beans, I’ll have a real problem.” “On the other hand, I thought.

If she tells on me, I can deny everything and claim that she’s just making it up because she’s mad that someone else got the apartment.” “Then one day it worked out. It was also a very special apartment. Old building, 35 square meters in a particularly good location near downtown Copenhagen, top renovated, with balcony and full bath. It wasn’t furnished yet, and there were still a few building materials lying around, but the place was still a real showpiece.

All hell would break loose here on the viewing date, that was already clear to me beforehand”. He grinned smugly. “And indeed. Even I have very rarely seen so many applicants for a single apartment. And there they were again, the many young, sweet slugs, whom I would have liked to take them all. But then there was a very special woman. A man’s dream come true.” “Stephie, you would have liked her too!” “She was half a head taller than me, with a bombshell figure, long and super well-groomed brown hair and a really cute face”.

“Hm, she looks nice”. He really raved about her. “She’s certainly quite friendly, I hoped. Since one could place nevertheless relatively risk-free, a small, dirty speech. And that’s exactly how it turned out.” “I did it like my old colleague. Feigning friendliness and customer orientation, offering to give her a ride in the car for a bit, and then inviting her home. It worked. She willingly agreed to the deal. After all, she wanted to start her studies in Copenhagen, and for that she had to live somewhere in or around Copenhagen.”

“We went into my living room. We looked at each other wordlessly for a moment. Then I said, “Yes, then, go ahead!” She obeyed and began to undress. She did it relatively unspectacularly, at least it wouldn’t have been enough for a striptease joint. Not only that, but she really seemed to see it only as a kind of business, at least she didn’t make any effort to hide the fact that she really didn’t have any desire for me at all. But as she took off one part after another, revealing more and more of her body of alabaster, I didn’t care relatively.”

In my pants was also already doing something and I thought

“In my pants was also already doing something and I thought, “I’m about to have sex, yuppie!” Then she was naked and completely naked. “Come here” I said to her. She walked towards me”. “Was I excited? But hola, the forest fairy! My pulse was racing, but I was more pointed than I had been in a long time”. Damn, the story of Hans let meanwhile my pussy overflow. I noticed in my crotch how it became sticky.

“Ok, I started groping around her body and ran my hands all over her body, from top to bottom. I was especially taken with her beautiful breasts. I kneaded the two gorgeous apples until I then started kissing her body.” My head cinema began to run. I just imagined the sweetie standing there naked and helpless like that. “Then I put her over the back of my sofa. My cock was already so excited that I really wanted to get started right away.

I ran to the cupboard with the condoms, ran back to her, pulled my pants down and the rubber over and went at her from behind. Then I started to penetrate her. First slowly, then faster, then even faster and again faster and finally so fast and tight that she moaned that even rabbits would turn pale. I fucked her from behind, clawed her hips and pulled her tightly against me again and again.”

Hans grinned lustfully and looked at me so strangely. But he went right on. “Then came the climax and what a climax. I moaned loudly and briefly lost control of my body, so that I twitched properly and sank onto her back. That was really horny. It took me a few minutes to relax. Then I stood up and pulled my pants back up. She turned to me and looked at me questioningly.”

“Oh yes, there was something, I remembered. I told her she could put her clothes back on. She should come to the office of my housing association tomorrow morning. There she could sign the lease and pick up the keys. I will prepare everything for this today”. “She did everything I asked her to do. She should also get her deserved reward, namely the beautiful apartment. I then walked her to the door, and she left with a brief “Thank You”.

I have never seen her since”. “But what I experienced there kept me busy all day. My old colleague was damn right. After all, it’s so easy to get women into bed if you just wave a nice apartment key.” I sat across from him and eyed him. He was aroused by his own narrative. “I felt the same way as my colleague. I had tasted blood and thought only about when I would get the next pearl in the box and how it would be.

In any case, I no longer had any scruples. I had done nothing wrong. It was a fair trade. I had my fun and she got a great apartment, which she could have been looking for in Copenhagen for years. “So it didn’t take long for me to strike again. Two-room apartment in Schwabing, 30 square meters, second floor left with balcony. And as always, rows and rows of young beauties applied for the apartment. The male applicants almost got on my nerves.

That’s what I have to deal with here. I am a professional, but my eyes were only looking for my next conquest. Then a young blonde caught my eye. I engaged her in a conversation using my salesmanship skills, trying to find out as much as I could about her. She was 19, had just completed a voluntary social year and had now landed a training position as a dental assistant in Copenhagen. Therefore, she would have to find an apartment here as soon as possible.”

“As quickly as possible, how right she was. ” he grinned devilishly to himself. “Well, and then I asked her to go into the smaller adjoining room and wait for me there. I pulled the appointment off in record time. All the other applicants I just wanted to get rid of. “Thank you for your interest. You will receive word from us” I said to the candidates. “Get out of here!” was what I thought in reality”. “Then the place was finally empty, that is, not completely.

There was still someone waiting for me. The beautiful, blonde tooth fairy was supposed to show me how to inject properly after all. I went to her and didn’t beat around the bush. Hi hi, do you know what I said to her then?” He didn’t even wait for my answer. “If you do it here and now with me, you can move in here next week. ” I knew she was under pressure.

It wasn’t long before her training would begin, and she had already caught quite a few rejections. At least that’s what she had said in our conversation. A young woman in need. It’s nice to be able to help. She probably already suspected that she would have to get it right away. She told me that she had been offered such a deal right at her first viewing, but the guy was so sleazy. She would never get into bed with him.

During sex it can help if you are naked

So she left right away. She’d find something for sure. “Well, wrong thinking, sweetie” I thought and told her politely but clearly: “Your apartment hunt will have a successful end today, if I may now with you. ” She agreed and asked what she should do now”. “During sex it can help if you are naked” I answered. “She understood what I said and took off her clothes. At first she was a little embarrassed and was slow to take off her clothes.

“Give it a little gas” I murmured at her. “I still have appointments today”. That did the trick. Ruck, zuck, she was stark naked. Man, the girl was horny. The apartment was fortunately partly furnished and in the room was still an old couch with a blanket on it. “Lie down there” I ordered her. She slowly lay down on her back and I sat down with her. I started to run my fingers over her bare skin.

Then I took both hands and stroked them over her body. I knew I didn’t have much time, but caressing her dream body was something I couldn’t pass up. Then I just have to hurry a little more when fucking. I knelt between her legs and started to lick them. The sweetie was still a bit shy and pinched her legs together a bit. When I grabbed her legs at the back of the knees and pushed them backwards, her fruit was open in front of my watching eyes.

Her lips were slightly open. I stroked my tongue through the virgin slit. Arriving at the clit I pulled it into my mouth and sucked on it. The sweetie started moaning and tossing her head back and forth.” But now I wanted to fuck her. That’s how it happened. Again I pulled down my pants, put on a condom and fucked her. Her legs pressed tightly against her torso, I drove my cock into her pussy again and again.

I kissed her neck and cleavage until it came to me again with force. Again it was so horny, as with my first conquest. After sex, I also told her when she can pick up the lease and keys. Brought a pretty woman to an apartment and came to the shot. Fair is fair, I thought. So or similar it happened a few more times. It was always the same procedure: Viewing appointment – horny girls there – I look, which good – then address and take after consent beautiful through.

I have never had so much fun on the job. A few were even there who wanted to fuck without a rubber. “Until half a year ago. Again, I had an apartment to offer. 45 square meters. And again there were a lot of pretty girls. Some I did not like I fobbed off right away. But then something cool happened to me”. “Three girls remained. Two blondes and a redhead. With the redhead, I have dealt with first”.

I hit on her in the kitchen. The girl was just nineteen years old. I leaned against the kitchen counter, and she kissed me passionately as she slowly opened my shirt. Then her hands moved to my belt. She unzipped my pants and as she slowly squatted down, she kissed my upper body. Arriving at my belly button, my pants fell as well. When she wandered down with her lips, my glans was already peeking out of my panties.

Gently she took my cock in her mouth

Gently, she took my cock in her mouth. Her tongue played around my glans in her mouth. Then she started to move her head. I had never had such a slow blowjob until now”. Hans already knew that I was horny and hot from the narration. Still, he ignored it and kept on telling. “Before I could cum, she stopped, came upstairs and turned me around. I propped myself up on the countertop and was pleased that her hands grabbed my cock.

She was standing close behind me. I could feel her breath on my neck. She fiddled with herself while rubbing my cock. Suddenly I felt something warm and soft on my ass. So quickly I could not protest, I had a cock in my butt. Although I was not thrilled, it was still a horny feeling. My cock was jerked and I was fucked by a tranny”. I had to laugh and I just remembered my first time with a shemale at carnival.

“I thought it was cool, didn’t hurt as much as at home with a rubber cock“. Hans had to laugh. “The girl was really cute. She fucked me slowly while rubbing my cock incessantly. When she flooded my bowels, I was ready too. She pulled her cock out of my butt, turned me around, knelt down and jerked off some more until I poured into her sweet mouth. She really swallowed it all.” “If I had been told beforehand that I was going to get involved with a tranny, I would have thought everyone was a weirdo.

The girl had a great figure, great breasts, a lovely face framed by beautiful hair and her legs were long and slender. Simply crazy this girl. “Since that day, however, I look at the candidates more closely. Of course, the sweetie got the apartment”. “Sorry Stephie, I forgot that you wanted something from me. Uh, oh yes……. an apartment. How’s it looking with you with the deposit”? I started to laugh, waved off and said: “Forget it Hans.

From me, you get the deposit in banknotes”. He had expected this reaction, he knew me, but I still looked disappointed.