I wake up very early, as usual. It’s five thirty. Not too bad. I will, experience tells me, fall asleep quietly again. What makes me very happy is that I have a big morning eruption. That feels good. I am glad that at almost sixty, I am still so potent. No merit, of course, but a feeling that caresses my manhood. I shoot my hand into my briefs and take my cock in my right hand, rock hard it feels. I gently rub my steel hard cock. I make it a sport to keep my “buddy” hard as long as possible. With my left hand, I grab my balls, which are well-packed in my soft-touch sack. I feel triumphant. With my thumb and index finger, I gently move my foreskin back and forth over my glans. Not too far. I don’t really want to masturbate, and I certainly don’t want to come. I want to keep a feeling of arousal. Today it will happen. It is Ascension Day. It is convenient that my wife has to work. With a very credible excuse, I can leave in peace. I have all the freedom.

I go for the first time to see my new trans friend Paula. I saw her on this site, we have an appointment to meet in real life. Ten days ago, we had our first contact. It had to happen sometime. For five years, there had been no intimacy between my wife and me. None at all. The occasional weak, fleeting kiss. No hugging, no touching. Nothing at all. I wanted to change that. Not just masturbation. So the dating site for people looking for something more. With quick success. For days, I fantasized about what would happen. Would we feel something for each other? With these thoughts, I dozed off again, my hand still on my dick, as if I didn’t want to lose it. An hour later, I woke up. I felt like turning over, but I didn’t do it right away. My hard cock was gone and my balls were shriveled. I lay down on my back and began to think about what was to come. Meanwhile, I massaged my foreskin over the flaccid glans with my index finger. It wouldn’t be long before my dick would be big and very hard again. I had long experience that this always worked. A few minutes later, I had a big, hard cock again. Satisfied, I fantasized about Paula again.

I like to jerk off myself. It will never go away. It is delicious to play with yourself regularly. I guess it’s strange to say, but I really like my dick. I’m also very happy with it. I’ve never worried about length or anything like that. The feeling you get in your dick, the rush, that’s what matters. I prefer to enjoy it as long as possible and always postpone the ejaculation. I regularly go to the edge and then take it easy and pick up the pace again. The way I work under the sheets now, I always start when I am enjoying myself. I gently pull the foreskin over the head of the penis, stimulating my cock to get its good length and become deliciously hard. Gradually, I pull my entire foreskin over my glans. This is done very slowly and causes a tingling sensation. I want to keep this tingling feeling for a long time. I manage this well by wetting my glans, which is extremely tense, with saliva. My skin then slides naturally, resulting in a continuous tingling sensation. And then it happens. My seed has to come out. This moment is overwhelming. My whole body spasms and I squirt it all out. Blissful moments. Would Paula like to help me?

I drive to Nice. Quite a long drive from Paris, but the click that has developed over the last ten days makes me feel that there is a chance for a nice relationship. I am excited but not nervous. I look forward to meeting Paula. As I drive silently, I think of Paula. She, too, plays a role in the whole story, even if only a minor one. Paula and I had a brief affair 15 years ago. I always regretted that it ended. It was great. She is still a friend of mine “without benefits”. That also exists. But I would still prefer “with benefits”.
I know Paula from the music society. We both played instruments in the orchestra. There was a need to add singing to the repertoire. Paula and I took care of it. It clicked between us. Well, click, mutual feelings soon arose without being expressed or leading to anything. After all, I had been married for 22 years. To be honest, I wasn’t consciously looking forward to it either. But that quickly changed.

After a performance, we had a drink with the musicians at the bar. We were really flirting and the other musicians noticed. One of them urged me to give Paula a kiss. I was only too happy to do so. Full on her mouth. She told me later that she did not expect that, but that she loved it. Unfortunately, she was picked up before the show by another musician who insisted on taking her home. So I missed that night. Pissed, I walked home alone with a big bulge in my pants. It was a nice feeling. At home there was nothing to do but jerk off while fantasizing about Paula. I came with delicious thoughts. But I didn’t let myself go. I approached her with the request to have lunch together. She eagerly accepted. I was delighted. On the appointed day, as I rode my bike to work, I fantasized about Paula. Would she really have feelings for me?

We agreed to meet in the city. We were both excited. We talked about all sorts of things. Very entertaining. At the end of the lunch, I dared to tell Paula that I had fallen in love with her. Paula indicated that she had feelings for me as well. But we agreed to be discreet about it. After all, I was married. Hypocrite that I was. That same month, she seduced me and I was seduced. I like to tell the story. We had another gig and I had made it as far as picking her up. When I walked into her room, I didn’t know what to do. She pulled up her dress and showed me her stockings with suspenders. She said, “You are the only one who can see them. And I, with my naive head, did not understand what was meant. During the intermission, she always had a mysterious, challenging smile on her face. I still didn’t know what to expect.
Of course I took her home and of course I was invited for a drink. Yes, yes, a few drinks. Of course the kissing didn’t stop there. It became intense. Delicious tongue kissing that I was not used to. And I thought it would stop there. But yes, also between my legs it started to work. And while we were hugging and kissing, Paula felt it very well, of course.

And then came the moment. She was lying on the couch and I was kneeling next to her and we continued to make love. What a pleasure that was for me. And yet I thought, should I continue? Can I even make it? My cock told me to continue. It was hard as steel and all too eager to accompany me through the rest of the lovemaking. And while I was in doubt, Paula was already fully enjoying our fine lovemaking. She sighed and moaned so much. Then there was no stopping me. I gently undid the top of her dress. I had to be able to caress her breasts. They had been glistening defiantly in her beautiful cleavage all evening. She was still wearing her stage dress, which accentuated the soft curves of her breasts. Of course, she was wearing a matching push-up bra, which added to the display of those delicious curves. She has a nice size. I don’t know what cup size. Neither is important. The size was nice for me. Just a little more than you can hold in one hand. Taking the bra off was still a bit of a chore. She had to laugh about it, but I managed. I was immediately taken with her cute little nipples. Of course they were hard. I stroked them between my thumb and forefinger so they didn’t have a chance to droop. We alternated between stroking her breasts, massaging her nipples, and especially kissing a lot. Although I can get a little rough in my excitement, I like tender lovemaking. And Paula willingly let herself be fondled. What about me? I went crazy for those hard buds. I couldn’t resist putting them in my mouth. Sucking like a baby. And this sucking made Paula sigh and moan. She was obviously very excited, and as I found out a little later, she really longed to be pampered on her other beautiful spot.

I don’t remember if I went under her dress or if Paula asked me to. I think it was the latter. Surely she had deliberately put on loose nylons so that I could easily get into her panties. As I write this, I am already getting a big bulge in my pants. I put my hand inside her panties. I still think this is one of the most beautiful moments of lovemaking. Slipping into panties and feeling a pussy. Ha ha, she had the right panties on. She had musical notes on them. Of course I didn’t have time to study the notes on her panties because her pussy was already leading the way. And what I felt. Her pussy was soaking wet. I had never experienced that before. Apparently she had already come without me noticing. What a fool I was. But I continued because it felt like a gift from God. Such a soaking wet cunt that I was allowed to play with my fingers. God, how wet Paula was. I found it exciting to see and especially to feel another pussy.

It was a little narrow pussy with reddish curls. I played with it deliciously and fingered it for quite a while. She had a delicious taste. I tasted it when I licked her pussy juice from my wet fingers. And she had a lot of pussy juice. When I tasted that delicious juice, I went ahead and licked her anyway. What a beautiful little slit with fine soft pink lips. And those reddish hairs, I thought that was sexy. I still have that slit in my mind. After enjoying my pleasure, she decided to give me the attention I needed. My cock was still in position and she liked that very much. She quickly pulled down my zipper and eagerly reached into my pants. She said I should be pampered as well. I willingly endured it.

She grabbed my hard cock in both hands and began to slowly jerk me off, deliciously. I didn’t even have to do it myself anymore. What a pleasure. What do you think? When fine soft beautiful thin female hands caress your cock and slowly jerk you off? Makes you tingle, doesn’t it? But I was not ready to come yet. The excitement? But Paula didn’t just finish with me. She wanted to do something I hadn’t experienced in my marriage. She wanted to suck me off. That didn’t happen at home. That was dirty. And I let it happen to me all the time. I didn’t even know that most women do it. And they like it. I soon realized that. Paula closed her soft lips around my cock and began to suck gently as she moved the skin of my cock up and down with her hand. I was in all states. But I also had a worry. I wanted to come and completely empty myself into her mouth. Was that even possible? I warned her that it wouldn’t be long before my seed would come out. But no warning was necessary. She stimulated me to come. I cried out. My warm white liquid spurted down the back of her throat. It came out of my hard cock in waves. I enjoyed myself. Paula was also ecstatic. She sucked greedily on my warm goodness. I heard her swallow with pleasure.

When the waves of sweet cum had traveled all the way from my tingling sack through my cock, I fell backwards with happiness. What an experience. And Paula found the sweet taste of my white stuff exquisite. In the end, she licked my glans all over, not wanting to miss any of what I had lovingly given her. We were both satisfied. Could it be any better? Not for a moment for me. I immediately felt guilty. It wasn’t possible, was it? Paula saw my despair. She tried to calm me down. She thought it was okay to get it from someone else if you don’t get it at home. We kissed each other tenderly.