I was in the middle of an extraordinary wet dream starring the delicious ladyboy Paris and me, when I was startled by an orgasmic moan. Oh, do yes, baby! Just like that! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! It sounded like lesbian erotica at a high volume, but I knew it wasn’t.

These were my hot trans neighbors Tatiana and Sophia having intense sex again. Sometimes I felt like they were disturbing me rather enthusiastically. Just as I was putting on my slippers and bathrobe, the noise got louder. I sat down on the edge of my bed and listened. Oh, fuck yessss! Baby! Right there, damn it! “That’s it!” I shouted, now wide awake. “Those bitches are too loud!” I rushed to the next apartment and knocked.

Trans neighbors Tatiana and Sophia stood naked

The door opened, and smiling, the trans neighbors Tatiana and Sophia (photo above) stood before me in their nudity. They were beautiful trans girls with long hair, had incredible bodies, and they knew it was indeed so. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were exhibitionists. “Ladies, is everything okay here?” I finally addressed. “Yes,” Tatiana grinned. “I’m sorry if our screaming disturbed you. I know you like listening to us.” “I do, but I was taking a nap.” I chuckled. “Our apologies, we thought all our neighbors were on vacation .” said Sophia. “You can come hang out with us inside if you want.” “Really?” “Yes, come as you are,” Tatiana urged.

We made ourselves comfortable in the living room. It was well lit and air-conditioned. Weed smoke filled the room. The euphoric feeling made the ladies freaky. They kissed and squeezed each other’s tits. In the background, Ava Max serenaded us with excitement. They were both beautifully shaved and I was curious. Mind you, I had never seen a trans woman in real life. Tatiana rubbed her belly and replied, “Ava Max is such a nice girl, I would like to fuck her with my trans friend.

But right now I want you to eat my ass.” “I better eat your ass.” I joked. “Yeah, right!” chuckled Tatiana. “What makes you think you can lick an ass better than a trans woman?” “I eat asses better than a trans woman because I’m a Vagina Terrier,” I replied, giving her a wink. You two are my first male, uh,… transwoman experience.

Tatiana massaged her ass and said, “Show me.” I took off my robe and knelt in front of Tatiana. The sexual heat was already seeping out of her ass. I tickled her very sensitive tip, which made her body tremble, and then I dipped my tongue around her wet love head that was ripe with delicious juices. The taste of her cock was fucking exquisite as I sucked in as much of her nectar as I could. I loved perfecting my craft of cunnilingus. Sophia climbed onto the couch, swung her leg over Tatiana’s head, and straddled her face.

Then she sank her ass to Tatiana’s mouth. Tatiana sounded hot, loud moans in her ass. I enjoyed the sight of Tatiana happily licking Sophia and making her shudder with fervent tongue kissing. “You taste so great, baby.” moaned Tatiana. “Oh, this is incredible! I’m eating cock and being eaten at my ass at the same time.” “Mmm…don’t stop, honey.” Sophia sighed. “You know how to work your tongue on my ass.” I continued to eat her out because I wanted Tatiana to cum harder. I felt her muscular legs move as I licked and fingered her.

This prompted Tatiana to hungrily devour Sophia’s cock like a predator

This prompted Tatiana to hungrily devour Sophia’s cock like a predator. I knew that a climax would come at any moment. “I’m cumming!” screamed Sophia. Then she drenched Tatiana’s face with her cock juice. Tatiana and Sophia sat on my cock and made love to it. The erotic eye contact they gave me was indeed priceless! I felt like I was in heaven as I watched these two hot girls suck, kiss and lick my cock.

No pair of women had devoured my cock and balls like they had. “Let’s not let him cum too early, baby! I want to stuff that beautiful black cock up my ass.” Said Tatiana. I slid into Tatiana’s heavenly ass and started pounding on it at a fast pace. Her love box responded to my hard thrusts. Sophia sucked on each tanned tit and held Tatiana’s nipples erect. We made our way with Tatiana’s sexy body. It was enjoyable! Tatiana’s moans were ringing in my ears. I didn’t want her to stop making noises.

Then her body bellowed, and she climaxed hard on my cock. “I called my cock the truth because bitches can’t stand it.” I boasted. “I need that cock in my dick, NOW!” demanded Sophia as she jumped onto my lap and bucked me around. Sophia bounced wildly on my covered cock. She gave me long and deep strokes with her cock. She threw her head back and whimpered in animal pleasure at the reaming she received; her generous tits bounced in my face as I sucked on them hungrily.

I enjoyed feeling the heat and wetness of her cock

The perspiration rolled down Sophia’s voluptuous body. Tatiana stood by and encouraged us. I began massaging Tatiana’s cock to keep her hot and well lubricated for more fucking. I enjoyed feeling the heat and wetness of her cock, longing to feel her cum on my fingers. All her cock juices began to run down my fingers as she moaned. Tatiana looked sexy as she desperately grabbed her tits. “Ride that cock, baby!” urged Tatiana, Sophia . Sophia began to bounce harder on my cock. The thunderous sound of smacking our skin permeated the room. Sophia’s pounding made me grimace.

It felt like she was trying to break my cock. I couldn’t take her slurping any longer. I held Sophia and laid her on her back. Then I started pounding her ass in oblivion. Her tits bounced back and forth wildly. Taylor moaned with each hard thrust. The look in her lustful eyes said it all. She was enjoying getting her ass pounded. Bringing myself to the brink of cumming, I continued to ram away. “I’m going to explode!” I declared. I let out a loud moan and unloaded. My cum shot straight up into the air and landed on Sophia’s body.

I was a little lightheaded and still horny. Tatiana and I started kissing, which gave me the energy I needed. “Wow, that was a full-on hit!” Said Tatiana excitedly. Taylor giggled. “I love having my cock fucked hard and fast!” She started sucking on my cock to keep it in full attention. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” Tatiana suggested. Tatiana grabbed one of my hands and Sophia the other. They led me into the black, spacious bedroom. We all got into the king-size bed to continue fucking.

I sat against the headboard and stroked my cock. Tatiana crawled over the bed and started kissing Sophia, my two trans neighbors are so sexy. Then they pretended to wrestle with each other. I enjoyed the sight of them frolicking, pulling each other’s hair and devouring each other’s bodies. “This is better than WWE!” I joked. “There’s nothing greater than naked female wrestling.” I decided to get in on the action. I mounted Tatiana from behind, grabbing a handful of her disheveled hair. Then I started pounding her ferociously anally.

As I rammed on, Sophia crawled around and offered Tatiana her honey pot to suck on. Tatiana groped Sophia’s tits as she began to suck and lick her ass and cock. I loved the sight of Tatiana’s mouth thrusting against Sophia’s ass with each powerful thrust. It spurred me on to fuck Tatiana’s ass faster and harder. Tatiana thrust into me again.

She was matching my thrusts. “You’re hitting my spot! I’m cumming!” Tatiana screamed, and then she passed out from pleasure. I felt myself approaching orgasm as well. I pulled out and spewed stream after stream of hot cum all over Tatiana’s ass and lower back. Then I thrust my cock into Sophia’s cock again. I thrust into her quickly and watched as her tits bounced around wildly. “It feels so good.” Sophia whispered, closing her eyes.

After feeling Sophia climax on my cock, I pulled out of her, sexually satisfied. I kissed my two hot trans neighbors on the lips and said, “You ladies were amazing! Now I know I won’t have trouble sleeping anymore. Bye girls.” Then I walked back to my apartment and dreamed on.