His wife is looking for a date with a ladyoby and the three of them have unified sex. But then the husband falls in love with the pretty ladyboy Chenne and wants even more sex.

I am Joe and have been living with my French sweetheart Alizée for over 10 years. She is a tall woman with long dark hair, slim with a cup B and legs that far exceed the length of my penis…. Some time ago, she had stumbled upon a live site on the Internet by chance that exclusively showed webcams of shemales. Many of those shemales looked much too masculine to me, because of their coarse build and real masculine features, and on top of that, they had clear fake tits like those of Pamela Anderson. Not really the types I’m excited about. Alizée understood that, but was curious about what it would be like to have sex with a man/woman who could give us both pleasure. On dating sites, she started looking for a shemale who looked very feminine and who wouldn’t immediately repulse me as a sex partner.

Eventually, she found one that I was immediately blown away by. She was clearly of Asian descent judging by her eyes, had a slim figure with relatively large tits, elegant legs and as a bonus a dick of which many men would be jealous. But she had such an incredibly sweet, handsome and sympathetic face with such a beautiful black head of hair around it that I didn’t have to hesitate for a moment at Alizée’s suggestion to contact her. A few weeks later, we finally got a response. It turned out to be an email from the dating site informing us that the shemale in question was interested in us and wanted to make an appointment. Enthusiastic as we were, we quickly wrote back to her/him saying that we also wanted to make an appointment. We decided to meet on neutral ground. It was a terrace of a large restaurant on the boulevard of Paris.

We turned out to be the first ones to arrive there. Which was logical considering that we were both particularly curious about this beautiful shemale. Neither of us had ever met one before. While we were already drinking a cocktail, our date finally arrived. She was dressed in a floral beach dress with high pumps on her elegant feet. With her hair blowing in the fresh breeze and graceful way of walking, she looked like a goddess who came to us. She was beautiful and neither of us could take our eyes off her magnificent appearance. “My name is Suzie Wang, “she said in a soft, sweet voice, as she shook our hands. “I’m Joe and that’s my partner Alizée, “I replied and courteously held out her chair on which she took a seat. After I ordered a drink for her as well, we held our introductory conversation. She turned out to be of Thai origin but had been adopted by a French couple at the age of 3. She could hardly remember her own immediate Thai family, but was very happy to have her new French family who had surrounded her with love for so many years. She expressed that she had had a relationship for a while with a Thai man who ran a restaurant, but ended it herself because he treated her like a slave.

For that reason, she wanted to explore whether she might be better off in a relationship with a woman and to see if all men would treat her the same as her ex-partner. And to kill two birds with one stone, she had therefore decided to look for a young couple of about 30 years of age who had been in a happy permanent relationship with each other for many years. Finally, she had read our response and reacted to it. We told her about our relationship and explained our response. The conversation was immediately so relaxed and casual that we all soon got the feeling that we had known each other for a long time. We decided to continue the acquaintance at our home, but only after the three of us had had a nice dinner together. Back home we continued the cozy conversation practically all evening and the mood was excellent. In the course of the evening, Chenne told that she wanted to take a refreshing shower. Alizée and I accompanied her to the shower on the second floor, next to our bedrooms.

While Chenne showered, Alizée and I went to the large bathroom to take a bath together as well. After the bath was filled up, we both took a seat in it. We sat with our faces and bodies facing each other, holding each other intimately and kissing each other passionately. My body reacted immediately, as my cock became rock hard at lightning speed and pressed against her lower abdomen. She spread her legs and wrapped them around me and then pressed herself so close to me that my erect dick slid naturally into her sopping wet slit. She slid forward and back again faster and faster on my stiff slat and did so so deliciously that I couldn’t suppress my moans for long. Alizée could seesaw like the best of them.

Our tongues hugged each other as fiercely as our bodies and our passion rose to great heights. For that reason, we didn’t notice at first that Chenne had finished showering by now and then, only enveloped by a towel, had come up to our moans in the bathroom. “Feel free to join us, dear Chenne, “requested Alizée with a smile, “then perhaps you can help us scrub clean hard-to-reach spots.” At that, Chenne stripped herself of the towel and we saw her completely naked for the first time. We feasted our eyes on her perfectly formed body that would have been the envy of any Miss World. She was truly a gorgeous woman, but with an added bonus: her penis, which with much imagination could be thought of as a giant clitoris, but a little thicker and longer.

Standing in front of the bathtub, Alizée bent down to her, grabbed her by the hips and then by her dick, which she began to lick. This immediately elicited some moans from Chenne and she grabbed Alizée by her head and then moved it forward and back again. Alizée took her cock deep into her mouth and throat over and over again. It was obviously very horny for her to be able to suck a woman too for once. At one point she took the cock out of her mouth and held it in front of my face. Normally I would never take a cock in my mouth, but this was totally different from fucking a real guy. Because of my super low gay-rating, I really would never do that, but this lovely creature I saw as a real woman with a mega-clit and yes, I wanted to lick it and take it in my mouth too.

I sucked Chenne like I had done it all my life, and it didn’t even go too badly for me, judging by her increasingly loud moans. We decided to make our way to the bedroom for convenience and comfort, after quickly drying ourselves off. Chenne lay down on the bed and Alizée immediately began to fanatically suck on Chenne’s once again stiffened cock. I lay down with my cock next to Chenne’s head and she began to suck me blissfully. Alizée stopped after fifteen minutes, crouched down above Chenne’s lower body and slowly lowered herself onto her stiff cock. Soon she was rocking up and down on Chenne’s blissful prick like a man possessed. The latter sucked me deliciously and was in no way inferior to Alizée in that respect. At one point we decided to switch positions. Alizée sat on Chenne’s mouth to let herself be sucked, while I carefully inserted Chenne’s cock into my asshole. Slowly, I lowered myself onto it until it was completely in my ass.

Since I found it super horny to be penetrated by a woman, it didn’t hurt either. Alizée then lay down on Chenne in position 69, allowing her to take my hard cock into her mouth. Eagerly she swallowed it and started sucking me like her life depended on it. Chenne started thrusting her hard cock into my ass more and more intensely and in the meantime, she went down on Alizée so well that her pussy juices flowed into her mouth. It seemed to take an eternity for all of us, but finally our mutual passion had grown so strong that the release had to come. I saw Alizée reach orgasm through the blissful biting and I felt Chenne cum too, as she too began to shudder with pleasure.

She squirted her sperm wildly into my ass and I found that so horny that I couldn’t hold it in any longer either and I squirted my seed deep into the mouth and throat of Alizée who eagerly swallowed it all. I had never come this horny before, and it took a while before my horniness gave way to sleepiness. Lying in each other’s arms, we finally fell asleep at the end of the night from fatigue. We had agreed in advance that it would remain a one-time date, but I absolutely could not put Chenne out of my mind. Even at my job as a truck driver, I kept thinking about her. I decided to contact her again. I was lucky because when I finally got her on the phone, she honestly confessed that she also want me back. We made a date for the next Saturday because I knew that Alizée would be with her parents to talk about their recent vacation in Spain.

Finally, the time had come: the reunion with Chenne . After opening the front door, we fell into each other’s arms and kissed each other passionately on the mouth. She pressed me firmly against her and our penises became hard and stiff at the same time and we both felt it. As if we hadn’t seen each other in years, we quickly stripped off all our clothes and a moment later were lying naked against each other. “I thought I would find you both again,” she said somewhat surprised. “Oh well, “I lied, “Alizée had to go to her parent’s house so badly to look at their vacation photos and I just didn’t feel like it, because I wanted to do something more fun.” You naughty boy,” Chenne said quasi admonishing me, “You just wanted to have sex just the two of us without her there again, didn’t you?

She looked at me piercingly, so there was no point in lying to her, so I nodded affirmatively. “I couldn’t think of anything but you since our first meeting, dear Chenne,” I confessed to her honestly, “although things are going well between Alizée and me. But you have made such an overwhelming impression on me that my whole world of thought is dominated by you.” At that, Chenne said, “I’m really glad you admitted that, dear Joe, because lately I too have been thinking only of those wonderful moments with you and Alizée. So I jumped in the air when you called me and made it clear that you wanted to see me again, too.” At that, she kissed me on the mouth. I opened it willingly and our tongues found each other. I felt her breasts with the hardening nipples poking into my chest as she began to gently pull on my rock-hard cock with one hand.

I did the same with her equally hard cock. It felt wonderful to rub her beautiful, soft body with that stiff cock against my naked body. After our horniness had grown by leaps and bounds from our passionate tongue kissing, we lay on top of each other in position 69 with Chenne on top. Her lithe tongue licked blissfully around my glans and then sucked my entire cock deep into her throat and I did the same to her. For a long time we sucked each other like that until neither of us could hold out any longer. I felt her cock begin to contract in my mouth and a few moments later she squirted her seed deep into my throat. This made me so horny that I couldn’t control myself any longer and I too reached an unprecedented violent orgasm, squirting all my cum deep into her throat as well.

Because we were both completely absorbed in our love play, we didn’t notice that a car had stopped in front of the door. It was Alizée who had come back much earlier than I had expected. We only realized she was there when she closed the door hard behind her and appeared in the doorway of the living room a few moments later. Shocked and angry, she watched as Chenne and I lay naked in each other’s arms on the couch. “You dirty cheat, “exclaimed Alizée furiously, “so this is what you do when I’m not home for once? She lashed out with her handbag and hit me full in the face. Then she picked up a glass and threw it in my direction. I barely managed to avoid it, but not Chenne, who received the glass hard on her head. With a cry she fell unconscious to the floor. “That’s what she deserved,” Alizée bellowed, then walked upstairs. “I’m packing my bags and getting away from you for good, because I don’t want anything more to do with an adulterer like you. You make me sick to my stomach, you filthy bastard.” Since then I have not seen Alizée for some time.

Since this bothered me quite a bit, I had to accept and deal with it. The only way was to get it off my chest and into the hands of my best friend Hank, whom I had known since childhood. He reassured me a little by saying that everything would be all right. After all, Alizée and I loved each other very much and sooner or later she would forgive me. However, things went completely differently. One day I received a text message from Alizée saying that she wanted to talk to me at her flat. Gladly I went to see her that day. When I got there I was surprised to find the front door ajar. Without ringing the bell I walked in and opened the presumed door to the living room.

I gently opened the door and then to my great surprise saw my best friend Hank lying naked on the floor with Alizée humping on him. He was holding her breasts, gently pinching her nipples, which were already hard. She was thrusting more and more violently on his rock-hard cock and moaning loudly. Then she went down on her knees in front of him and he positioned himself behind her. With his stiff prick Hank penetrated Alizée’s soaking wet pussy until his balls hit Alizée’s ass. They did that position for at least fifteen minutes, after which Alizée lay down on her back with her legs spread wide. Hank lay down between her tender thighs and pushed his stiff cock against her open pussy. Through her copious pussy juices, he slid smoothly inside her, leaning on his outstretched arms.

She passionately wrapped her legs around him and he fucked her harder and faster as if he wanted to watch his favorite TV show soon. Finally, both of them were overwhelmed by their passion and Alizée started moaning loudly first. I heard her panting and whispering to Hank that she wanted his seed. Of course, Hank didn’t let me say that twice and a few moments later, he came violently shaking to his orgasm and squirted his cum with powerful jets into her pussy. I had seen enough and gently closed the door as I walked away. Alizée had obviously decided to go through life with another partner, and I was quite pleased about that. After all, I didn’t dislike her, so I granted her all the happiness in the world, even if it was with my best friend, whom I resented for seeking intimate contact with my ex-partner behind my back.

I really felt like a fool to have told him everything about the personal problems between Alizée and me. It felt like he had stabbed me in the back with a knife, that’s how betrayed I felt. Only later, when I received another text message from Alizée asking if I had seen everything correctly, did I understand that this had been her ultimate revenge for the adultery I had committed. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It was my own stupid fault, so who was I to blame her? In the meantime, I had a very close relationship with Chenne and felt happier than ever before. I can only hope that Alizée feels just as happy with my ex-roommate Hank who loves to watch TV every night.