Transwoman in video. The sun was shining and it was warm. Lynn and Ilse talked incessantly. It was Friday and exams were over. Time to party! Lynn’s parents were away for a few days, so they went to her house. They sat down in the garden with a glass of lemonade and a small radio.

Her red curls swayed back and forth to the beat of the music. Lynn demonstrated some funny dance moves. She was very slender and very developed for her age. Ilse, on the other hand, barely had breasts at all, and she had terrible complexes about them. She worked on them almost constantly. Look, your neighbor is tanning. Lynn looked over and saw trans woman Miza walking into her yard. Mrs. Miza was of Hispanic descent. She was a thirty-year-old transwoman, and Lynn had known her all her life. Mrs. Vasquez was a rather beautiful woman for her age. Even as she walked into the yard in her bright yellow bikini, it was very noticeable.

Look at that, what a pair of baby carriages,’ Ilse whispered.

There is no silicone in them,’ Lynn giggled. Ms. Miza did indeed have rather large breasts. The tight yellow bikini accentuated them. She was now lying on her back in the grass, her large breasts sticking out proudly. Isn’t she wearing a monokini? It was as if trans woman Miza had heard Ilse, because at that moment she took off the top of her bikini. Her large round breasts were now fully exposed. Her nipples stood erect. Ilse’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Such memes couldn’t possibly be real, in her opinion. She wondered what it would be like to touch them, to caress the tits of the forty-year-old Spaniard. It excited her greatly. She did not know this feeling. Mrs. Miza was a woman and she shouldn’t be aroused by this! “What are you going to do?” asked Lynn, but Ilse was already gone. She sneaked into Transwoman Miza’s garden and before Lynn could realize what was going to happen, Ilse had already put both of her hands on Transwoman Miza’s large breasts. Mrs. Miza was startled for a moment, but she let Ilse continue. “Have you ever done this before?” the older woman asked. Ilse shook her head no, but continued to massage the tits.

You do it well. You make me hot. Ms. Miza let a hand slide into her yellow bikini bottom. She moaned. Lynn couldn’t believe her eyes! Ilse was squeezing the large breasts like crazy. She pulled on the nipples and massaged the soft, creamy flesh. She knew that trans woman Miza was fingering herself. She too felt aroused and hot, and when trans woman Miza began to unbutton her shorts, it felt like a release. The 40-year-old woman removed her panties and began kissing her: her thighs, her stomach and finally between her legs. Ilse felt her head spin. This was too crazy. Her best friend’s neighbor was licking her pussy while her friend was watching! When Ilse looked up she saw that Lynn had taken off all her clothes and was sitting naked on the grass watching her friend and her neighbor licking each other’s pussies. Lynn had three fingers in her pussy and was breathing heavily. She had obviously fingered herself again!

“Come here, Lynn. Mrs. Miza’s lips were wet with Ilse’s juices as Lynn kissed her. She thought this was a pretty hot idea. Ilse now lay naked on the grass, and trans woman Miza caressed her sex as she kissed Lynn hard. Lynn felt the lemonade she had just drunk pressing on her bladder. As transwoman Miza fiercely tongued her, she felt she had to pee. But this was too hot to interrupt for a stupid pee! Suddenly, Lynn felt her urine coming out like a wild waterfall. Her pee splashed everywhere. Ilse and trans woman Miza let out high-pitched cries of pleasure. She got them all wet, and when she was done their bodies were glistening with warm urine. Ilse licked transwoman Miza’s calves and buttocks clean, while transwoman Miza fingered her wildly. They were panting and moaning with pleasure. Lynn also joined her older neighbor and school friend. She enjoyed it when transwoman Miza licked her wet pussy. That tastes deliciously salty, honey,’ the neighbor laughed. Oh yeah, lick me…’ Lynn moaned. Let your friend taste your pussy, girl, I bet you’ve never done that to each other before. Ilse didn’t let herself say that twice.

At first, she hesitated a bit, but soon she was tonguing her best friend’s pussy like crazy. Well, well, you know how to handle yourself,” said trans woman Miza. She stuck two red-painted fingers deep into her forty-year-old pussy. With her tanned legs spread and her two fingers in her wet slit, she watched as the young girls pampered each other: Lynn with her big breasts getting an upright massage from the hot girl with the flat chest. Delicious. Ms. Miza pinched her nipples excitedly and increased her fingering speed a bit. This sight made her want to come again, she thought. Oh my God,’ Ilse said suddenly. Lynn looked down and saw her friend sitting stark naked on the grass between her legs. Her lips were shiny with the horn she had just sucked out of Lynn’s pussy. Now I have to pee,” Ilse smiled.

She stood up and spread her legs. Make more come, girl! Lynn and the trans woman Miza were ready. Their bodies were intertwined and they tongued each other fiercely while transwoman Miza worked Lynn’s soaking wet pussy as if it were farmland.

“Oh yeah, I’m coming,” Lynn moaned. Miss Miza rammed three fingers into her vagina, and she herself sucked like crazy on transwoman Miza’s nipples. Then, like a hot shower, Ilse’s hot girl piss splashed on their writhing bodies. It targeted their bellies and especially their breasts, which they rubbed wildly against each other. Now that’s a horny sight! Where did that voice come from? Who had said that? Ilse let her last drops of urine fall on the bodies of the two women making love and then looked straight into the face of a man in a postman’s uniform. He was just under thirty, quite attractive and grinning. “Hello Dion,” said the trans woman Miza. She didn’t even seem surprised to find the postman in her yard. You must know Lynn, and that horny little slut who plastered us so deliciously is Ilse. I’ve just licked her pan deliciously clean, and that would be something for you, I think.

Well,” Dion said, “they’re quite young, aren’t they? You could see that the lesbian group sex scene really turned him on. Here in transwoman Miza’s garden, the attractive widow was frolicking with two very young girls, and one of the girls looked at him so horny that he immediately wanted to start licking and sucking her tiny breast as if it were a charm. His cock was hard as steel and without a word he took it out of his pants. The instrument stood proudly erect in the open air. Look at that,’ Ilse said, ‘I think I’m going to suck my first postman today.

Let yourself go, girl,’ the trans woman Miza gasped. She lay on her back in the wet grass and let Lynn lick and finger her open pussy. Ilse went over to the postman and put his cock in her mouth. The man moaned loudly and moved his organ up and down in her mouth as if he was fucking her face. Ilse sat on her crotch and the grass tickled her pussy. She guided Dion’s hands to her small breasts and enjoyed it when he massaged and squeezed them. Mrs. Miza, meanwhile, had sat up.

Dion looked at her tanned adult body. He had been lusting after her large breasts and long legs for some time. She was a bit older, but she exuded sex that had no name, he thought, and now that she was being tongue-fucked naked in her garden by a young girl with equally firm tits, she was even hornier than ever. Dion came in Ilse’s mouth. He pulled his dick out and saw the seed between her lips running down her chest. Ms. Miza and Lynn were the first to lick the warm cum from the naked girl’s body. Well Dion, don’t I get a turn from you, a hard cock in my ass, I really like that. Dion didn’t know what he was hearing! Fucking Mrs. Miza in the ass in front of these two beautiful, hot girls!

I don’t know if I’m strong enough for that, trans woman,’ Dion hesitated, ‘maybe it would help if someone licked my balls. The two girls didn’t say it twice. Not keeping their fingers out of each other’s slit for a second, they released their mouths onto the postman’s cock and soon it was stiff as a dick again. Ms. Miza leaned down invitingly and the saliva-soaked cock entered gently. Lynn persistently continued to lick the man’s balls and cock. Sometimes her tongue wandered to trans woman Miza’s ass and a hissing moan thanked her each time.

Let’s do this some more,’ Ilse cried. She fingered herself as she watched the hot fuck scene. There are so many more horny things we can do! I want to do so many delicious things with my soaking wet, horny slit!’ ‘Let me … lick that slit … at least then,’ stammered transsexual Miza as Dion squirted his fat load into her ass. The cum dripped out in thick drops and Lynn caught it with her breasts. She tried to lick the mixture of horny and sperm off her tits, but she couldn’t stand it.

Dion helped her and sucked the cum that he had just squirted into the 30-year-old neighbor’s ass from the young, beautiful girl’s tits. At the same moment, Ilse came like a hurricane on Miza’s tongue. All four of them lay naked in the green grass of Miza’s garden, enjoying the sun and agreed to come and fuck as much as possible at Miza’s house.