Hi. I’m a regular, married guy of 39 years. However, I have a little “Fetish”, namely that I secretly love the role of a girl, I like to be a transgirl. But have not yet been able to take the step of becoming a woman. As a result, I am sometimes very confused, here is a fantasy.

It all started last summer when I went for a walk through the pedestrian street in Berlin. In front of me walked a young girl in a pair of crazy tight jeans with low waist and a short t-shirt. My gaze automatically caught her hot ass, and there was no doubt that she was wearing a thong. At one point, she bent over a bit, exposing her naughty red thong. I don’t know what happened to me, but when I got home, I just jumped into my wife’s thong and put on a pair.

Since that day, I was sold! The next day I plucked up the courage and bought a pair myself. Since then my wardrobe has expanded to include bras, various nylons and a lot of panties.

Me as transgirl in a sex cinema in Berlin

What I’m about to tell you about happened quite recently. For some time I had seen a number of films on the internet about “Gloryholes”. I was really turned on by it, probably mostly because it is so anonymous. I started searching various places on the web, and came across a sex shop / sex cinema called Love Shopping in Berlin.

So last week I got up the courage. From home, I jumped into a pair of black lace thongs, a matching bra and a pair of self-fitting stockings. On the outside, I wore a pair of tight jeans and a big knitted sweater to hide the bumps from the bra. I also wore regular stockings, imagine if someone on the street could see my nylon stockings between my shoes and pants……

On the way to Berlin I almost fell into a ditch several times because of my horniness, but I made it in one piece. When I parked a bit from the shop I agreed with myself to drop the stockings, so they came off and I got to the shop in only nylon stockings. At the time I didn’t care if anyone saw.

When I entered the store, I walked around looking at their naughty lingerie to be a great transgirl and completely disappeared into my own world. After a while, I went up to the cashier and asked for a ticket to the cinema.

When I got down to the basements where the cinemas are, I walked around a bit and looked into the different rooms. There were probably 5-6 quite mature men sitting there playing dicks to various porn films. I sat down in a room where a mature man was playing his big, stiff cock. When I sat down, I pulled up my pant legs a little so that the nylon stockings were visible, while I opened my jacket so that you could see the bumps from the bra.

My stiff pussy cock

At that point, I was still so bluff that I didn’t want to expose my horny girl cock, so I just sat and enjoyed the movie and watched the sidekick’s eager cock play. After a while I got up and went to the very back of the room and found a small one-man booth. I turned on the TV and turned up the volume a bit. Then I took off all my clothes except for all the naughty transgirl stuff, I sat down in the chair and gently touched my stiff pussy cock …gosh it was nice. I could now hear someone entering the cabin next door, and only now did I notice the hole in the wall!!! It gave a colossal suck of excitement in my stomach.

The man withdrew his cock and immediately a fresh stiff cock appeared in the hole. I thought, “Tell me, are they queuing up to be milked”?….they were!! I managed to get 6 stiff cocks off before the hole went quiet. When the last one was done there was a gentle knock on my door, I opened it a crack and saw a man of about 60 standing outside. He asked if he could come in. I let the man into the small room for me, he still had his cock hanging out of his fly.

He said, “After you’ve given us such fanatical ejaculations, I guess I can give you one too, right? Yes, you may very well, I replied. He asked me to get up and stand with my legs spread with my back to him and my hands up behind my neck. He started running his hands up my nylon clad legs, kneading my buttocks, and then with his other hand grabbed around my cock. Not a minute passed before I howled out a huge orgasm…… When I had come to, he thanked me many times and said – goodbye-.

I put my clothes on and left the shop smelling strongly of cum, and a wild experience richer.

It’s not the last time I’ll do it!!

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