I still get chills when I think about what happened last weekend. It is now Thursday afternoon. My butt is still very sensitive, but I actually feel like reliving it all. What am I talking about? Let me introduce myself. My name is Vianca, I am 20 years old, transgender and single. I am transitioning and taking hormones to become fully female. My breasts are already starting to bud, but my dick is still hanging out.

It is my intention to be completely female one day, but as long as I have it, I will make the best of it and use it. I got in touch with Derrick through the internet. He is 62 years old, bisexual, and married to Ellen. In the beginning, Derrick and I fantasized about it. His wife knows he is bi, but she does not want anyone in bed with him. At least not yet. Derrick wanted to have sex with me, but preferably with Ellen there. He does not want to cheat on her. However, the urge to see each other and have sex with each other became stronger and stronger and eventually, we met about 5 times in a hotel. From the beginning, the sparks flew and we had delicious sex together.

He fucked me and I fucked him. Sometimes he did it tenderly, sometimes hard, because it was my desire to be used as a slut once in a while. I let it slip that I sometimes fantasized about being fucked by a group of men. Derrick thought this was very hot and started to treat me like a whore and soon I was moaning with pleasure when he was doing me. Many times, he and I talked about playing hooker. Just for the excitement. Anyway, Derrick started telling me that he would make it happen and that he would make my wish come true. When we were supposed to go to Amsterdam last Friday and he told me “Put on your horniest clothes”, I immediately knew it was going to happen. Like a real little slut, I sat next to him in the car, all made up and ready.

I was super sexy with my top and high heels.

I wore a short leather skirt, nylons, high heels and a top that showed my breasts. I wore my normal jacket so as not to stand out too much. He didn’t tell me exactly what we were going to do. On the way, I tried to listen to him. Finally, he told me that we were going to a car park along the A28. There he would have several men fuck me while he played as my pimp and made sure nothing happened against my will. We agreed that everything had to be done safely with condoms and that each man would be sucked off by me first before being allowed to fuck me. That way, I could decide which cocks were allowed in my ass. If he was too big, I would suck him alone. I couldn’t help it, but I got horny and lifted my bottom to take off my panties first. I lowered myself a little and fondled my cock. Meanwhile, Derrick ran his hand over my breasts.

I pulled on my cock and a moment later Derrick’s hand went to my cock. He gently pulled on it. It became as hard as it had never been before. I told Derrick that I was going to come. Then he stopped and left me sitting next to him, unsatisfied. He said, “Just wait a little longer. It will come later.” We arrived at the car park and pulled up behind a truck. I got out and stretched. Derrick got out as well. Further ahead, I saw several cars with about five men standing around them. We walked into the woods for a while and I saw that these men were also moving. I asked Derrick what was going to happen. He said, “You want to be a slut so badly, don’t you? I will make sure you get fucked hard.

Today, you are my whore and I am your pimp”. I was a little nervous now, but also terribly horny. My dream was about to come true. I had never dared to do this alone, but Derrick would make sure that nothing happened that I didn’t want. He put an arm around my waist and led me further into the forest. We came to a clearing with a picnic table. We stopped there. Derrick grabbed my shoulders and stood against me. He said, “I want you to enjoy yourself and as soon as you don’t like something or it gets too much for you, yell STOP. I will make it stop immediately. Then tell me what you don’t want. Then I take care of it. It may also be that you want to go home and then we will go home. I know these men and they will listen to me. You are the focus today and it is all about your pleasure. He gave me a kiss and a moment later we were fiercely tonguing each other.

My dick was stiff and sticking out like a tent pole, so it was easy to see that something was stirring in my skirt. That I had no pussy, as one would expect at first glance. Derrick made me bend over and lift my skirt so that I was standing on my bare ass. My cock started to move. The men gathered around us and one man stepped forward. He unzipped his fly and a more than imposing semi-rigid cock emerged. “I’m sure you get the idea,” he says as he rubs his cock against my lips. My mouth opens naturally. Before I can say or do anything, I have his thick cock in my mouth.

The man grabs the back of my head with both hands.

The man grabs the back of my head with both hands and starts to make fucking movements in my mouth, I feel his cock growing and getting rock hard now. With slow, deep strokes, I am now fucked in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I see that the other men have now taken off their pants. I see that they all have delicious cocks. I feel hands under my top. My breasts are stroked and my nipples are pinched. Another man already has his hands in my crotch. “She just has a hard-on, the whore is just horny,” he grins and pulls my skirt up to my knees. “Not even panties,” he shouts, “who comes here to get fucked good.” I feel a man’s wet finger run through my buttocks, making gentle circles around my anus and then pushing his finger deep inside me. I can’t help but moan softly.

the man I am sucking, this moan is enough to make me come. With three deep thrusts, he squirts his cum right into my gullet. He holds my head tight and leaves his cock in my mouth for a moment. Then he relaxes and slides out of my mouth. The next man is already spread-eagled on the picnic table in front of me, his thick cock pointing straight up, “Now give this one a good spanking,” he says. I lower myself forward and this cock slides slowly into my mouth as well. Someone pulls my legs apart and stands behind me, my buttocks are pulled apart and I feel his tongue going over and through my hole. I feel how he presses his tongue into my hole and fucks me with his tongue. I become slippery there and my ass already opens a little.

Then I feel his glans pressing gently against my anus. I look back just to be sure, but I see that Derrick has made sure that the man has put a condom on his cock. So I don’t have to worry about that anymore. The man I’m sucking now says hoarsely, “You can use your hands,” whereupon I grab his cock with one hand and pull it off while sucking and feeling his balls. The man behind me now starts to press harder against my anus and I feel my sphincter give in to the pressure, slowly his glans slide in. When it’s in for a while, he stops. But I want more. I want to be fucked. I want all those cocks as deep inside me as possible. I want them to suck me dry until I can’t take it anymore. Furthermore, I push my ass back and at that moment the man behind me pushes his cock into me up to his sack. I feel deliciously filled and the man behind me grins, “There goes your tight whore ass.

The man’s cock stays deep in my ass and he holds my hips firmly, then he pulls back a little and starts to fuck my ass quietly, first with small thrusts but soon with long strokes. I can’t help but get butter horny. The man I am sucking must have noticed because by now I am letting his cock slide in over my tongue and licking along the stump at the base of his glans every time he slides back in. I jerk him off with one hand and knead his full balls with the other. The man behind me starts fucking harder now, sometimes his cock threatens to shoot out a little, but then he pushes it back in again. He starts to pant, I feel his balls slapping against mine as he comes hard deep inside me again.

Suddenly he moans and pulls me deep over his cock, I feel him spasm and come deep inside me. The man I’m sucking and jerking off to can’t hold it any longer either, he jerks and cums in my mouth. I swallow his cum and let his cock slide out of my mouth. The man behind me pulls his still-stiff cock out of my ass and leans over me, “You like this, don’t you?” he says hoarsely. I lower my head and feel the next cock already pressing against my anus, in one firm stroke he pushes it in with me up to his sack. This man immediately begins to pound into me like a man possessed. He rams into me so hard that he has to hold me tight or he will push me to the floor.

His cock feels bigger than the previous one, but by now my ass is so stretched that I find it delicious. Soon I hear this man moaning as well and a second wave of cum would have shot deep into my bowels if he hadn’t been wearing a condom. I tighten my anus muscles to feel that thick cock inside me for a moment more, then he pulls back. I lower myself forward, suspecting that this wasn’t it yet. There were three more men who had not yet ejaculated.

The men muttered something. “We’re not done with you yet, you have to finish us all,” I hear one of them say. “Just turn around so you can see how you get fucked,” another says. I lay on my back on the picnic table and see that someone has put some kind of mattress on it. Lucky, I think, at least my back will stay in one piece. A roughly built man with a big hard-on comes and stands in front of me. He spreads my legs, grabs me under my thighs and pushes my knees toward my shoulders. With my ass up I lie in front of him. He puts his glans against my anus, looks me straight in the eyes and pushes his glans in. My ass is already well fucked open because he slides in with me up to his sack. I unintentionally moan loudly now, shit, so deep!

The man still looks at me and grins, “delicious huh!” He pulls his cock out until I feel the edge of his glans along my sphincter, and then pushes his cock all the way back in. He now starts fucking me with long strokes, I close my eyes and enjoy this fucking guy. I don’t know how long he keeps pumping so deep into me, but I have the feeling I’m going to come, I’m balancing on the edge almost all the time. My dick is hard as a rock. The man fucks deep and I try to hold him, I pull my butt apart now I want to feel him deep. Just as I am about to cum, he pushes even deeper into me and cums.

One in my mouth and the other in my ass.

He lowers himself backward and his place is immediately taken by the next one, who is also not so much of the quiet work and immediately thrusts deep. With my eyes closed, I feel a cock against my lips, I turn my head to the side and let this cock slide right into my mouth. Again it looks like I’m going to come, but again I’m at the limit. The man in my mouth starts to make fucking movements, and the man in my ass rams deep. I am butter horny and I don’t care anymore, they can do whatever they want to me. The man fucking in my mouth begins to moan, I feel the man fucking in my ass begin to spasm, he empties his sack into my bowels while the other man cums in my mouth.

I come at the same time as he does. My cock started to squirt uncontrollably. I had never experienced this before. That I came on my own without my hands touching it. So this is what they mean by an anal orgasm. As the two cocks slide out of me, I suddenly hear a hoarse voice from the bushes saying, “Can I have one too?” The men laugh, and out of the bushes comes a man with his fly open and a proud, stiff cock in his hand. He has been secretly jerking it out of the bushes, I think. “Come on,” I hear one of the men say, “she’s already well fucked, but that cock of yours will probably do the trick! But put a condom on first,” I am put back on my legs and pushed forward against the picnic table. I am patted on the shoulder, “We are going to recommend you as a hooker, little slut,” they whisper in my ear. My ass is so well fucked by now that his cock slides in on its own. “He won’t last long,” I think and feel, and indeed, after a few deep thrusts, he cums growling. He pulls his cock out of me, stands up, quickly says “thanks” and quickly walks back to the car park. Then I hear Derrick say, “Thanks guys. That’s enough. Thank Vianca properly. Who knows, maybe we’ll do it again.

I get a handshake and three kisses from all the men. One of them says, “Dear Vianca. I speak for all the guys here. You are a beautiful girl who happens to have something special. But you can already pass for a beautiful woman. When you become a woman, we hope to do it again. Then you will have two holes for you and us to enjoy.” Then they left. Derrick and I were left alone. I felt great. Derrick put his arms around me and kissed me on the mouth. Our tongues were swirling around each other. I noticed that Derrick enjoyed it too. I felt his hard-on against my stomach.

I moved my hand to his crotch. But he stopped me and said, “Not here. We are going home and I will make love to you there. Gently and tenderly. You deserve it after this fuck. He handed me my skirt and I put it on. We walked to the car. On the way home, I was completely lost in thought about what had just happened. The words of a man were still running through my head. “When I am a woman, we can do it again,” I will definitely think about it.

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