A story of a trans woman who has a secret love. The man is married but still wants to meet up with his hot trans. And that includes a pretty trans woman. The photo is of the hot shemale couple Bunny.

This is a true story from my own life as a Trans woman. For nearly twenty years I had a lover whom I saw fairly regularly. He was actually living with a woman and had a family. But on the other hand, he wanted to experience sex with a trans woman. So I had to become his mistress. Several times I got to taste his big beautiful cock that I loved to blow, and always with a nice sperm load in my face and in my mouth. Many times I’ve had him inside me too, and I’ve gotten to enjoy fully in his arms while he fucked me comfortably. Our secret meetings always took place in my home, and they were always exciting and rewarding, and we were both curious and eager to experiment. I had long dreamed of experiencing bondage, and one day that dream became a reality. We met as usual at my home. As soon as he came in the door, he grabbed me and made me turn my back to him. With a quick flick of his wrist and a clicking sound, he had locked my wrists together on my back with handcuffs. He pulled my body close to him, kissing my neck as his hands lasciviously explored my body clad body.

I could feel his semi-slick cock as he pressed it against my buttocks, and I really longed to have it fully. He led me into the room where I had prepared our hot date. In advance, I had attached hooks to the ceiling beams and fastened chains to them. On the floor, I had laid a mattress covered with a braid. On the table were all the other toys that might be needed. Everything was prepared! Hans commanded me to kneel down, and then he fastened a wide leather cord around my neck. It was fitted with rings on the sides which he locked to the chains from the ceiling. Then he fastened a round wooden rod to my legs, which locked them in a slightly spread position. Then he came around and stood in front of me and watched my helplessness. Now I was all his. He brought his cock to my lips, and eagerly I licked the big penis.

He let me lick his penis wet, and then he rubbed his hard-on against my face. With one hand he grabbed my hair and brought my head back and with his other hand, he brought his cock into my mouth so I could suck it. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed feeling his hard hard-on slide slowly out and into my mouth. He fucked me oral and just as I was most eager to feel his hot seed in my mouth, he pulled it out. He clamped a ball gag in my mouth and then left the room. There I was, on my knees, with my legs fixed, my arms locked behind my back, fixed with chains and leashes around my neck, unable to move or say anything. He went and sat at my computer watching porn while drinking beer. It was quite a while before he finally came back in to see me. Without saying anything, he unlocked the handcuffs, but only to instead stretch my arms up to the ceiling and anchor them to another chain there. Again he stood in front of me and rubbed his cock against my face, and after a while, he returned to the computer.

I don’t know how much time actually passed, but it was quite a long time. He came back into me at regular intervals, stroking my helpless body and rubbing his stiff cock against my face, before leaving the room again. Finally, he came back in, stood behind me and after a while I felt his cock against my neck. I felt the horniness growing inside me. Then suddenly, without any warning, there was a gasping sound, immediately followed by pain across my bottom. By now, I had almost forgotten about the whip. A new whip and a good smack across my bottom. And again, and again, and again! I don’t know how many hard raps I got across my bottom and my back. Somewhere around twenty-five, I lost count. The feeling was incredible. He whipped me hard and long. At the same time as I was sweating profusely all over my hot bottom, I was horny to the point of shaking all over, and as his hard hard-on slowly penetrated me from behind, I was about to go straight.

Hans fucked my whipped ass in long wonderful rhythmic motions, and his hands caressed my whole body, and I just waited to feel him empty himself inside me. But suddenly he pulled his cock out of me, and I felt it again against my throat. He caressed my bare skin with his beautiful cock, and soon I felt the inner warmth starting to flow over my shoulder and down my entire body. His golden shower flowed abundantly over my helpless body. It was hot and incredibly arousing, and he didn’t stop until he had drained every last drop over me. Then he slid into me again from behind, and now he thrust his cock harder and faster into me. I thoroughly enjoyed feeling his stunning big cock inside me and I loved the feeling of being completely and utterly his. As he fucked me, he undid the ball gag and put a finger in my mouth instead. I eagerly sucked on it as his cock pumped out and into me. Then he slipped out of my ass again, came around and quickly inserted his hot cock into my mouth. Gluttonously and greedily I sucked it, but it was only for a short while. He quickly pulled it out of my mouth, held back the foreskin and brought it up to my nose. A great cascade of hot cum spurted straight up to my hairline, and in several nice spurts, he emptied all his incredible sauce into my face. He crawled down to the floor and began licking and sucking me between my legs, and almost immediately I came in a powerful orgasm.