Candice McKenzy is a trans fetish model who also does peep shows at fairs and trans parties. She specializes in latex, leather, PVC and lacquer. She is 22 years old, has long auburn hair with bangs and is 1.72 m tall. She is also blessed with a nice full ass, an enlarged F cup and nice firm long legs. At the age of 21, as a young lady, she walked into a sex shop out of pure interest, after which a world opened up for her. The many clothes and features she saw exceeded her wildest expectations. She bought her first latex lingerie set and became a regular customer. At the age of 22, she decided to attend the Kama Sutra fair as a visitor in a latex outfit, where she was spotted at a booth by a trans photographer. The rest is history.

As a child, she felt safe and attracted to men and women in leather because her father was a member of a peace-loving motorcycle club where she sometimes went with him. Her mother still works in a daycare center and also celebrates children’s birthdays. Through her mother’s side, she is surrounded by the smell of rubber: balloons and gumboots. But her mother’s gentleness and caring also instilled a lot of love in her. This has shaped her into the woman she is today, a pleasantly disturbed, sweet lady who makes the hearts of many a man and woman beat faster on weekends. If not with photo shoots during the week, then with shows on the weekends. Because then the exhibitionist in her comes out and she can let herself go completely.

Like this weekend, when she was asked to do a show for smoke fetishists, together with a friend and colleague.* The show will take place on a Saturday night in front of a big audience of about 300 people (men and women), and everything will be indoors. Latex clothing beyond the wildest imagination has been requested by the organization, as this is a very explicit show with a lot of decoration. The theme is therefore Heaven and Hell, and an enthusiastic audience with the same dress code is expected. It is Wednesday afternoon when Candice receives her specially ordered latex costume and prepares it for the weekend in her suitcase with matching items. On Friday, Candice goes to the nightclub where the show will take place. First to study the place and the decor, but also to see her friend and colleague Cassandra Cute again. In addition to the reunion, they are already preparing the show and interacting. Cassandra has long blonde hair, is 5’8″ and has a nice full augmented E cup with long dainty legs and a full ass. She is 35 years old, and is not only a colleague but also a friend in private life. Unlike Candice, she has a somewhat introverted, dominant, thoughtful character and occasionally helps Candice when Candice is too impulsive. They met during a photo shoot 3 years ago and that is how their friendship began.

Saturday night has come, and Candice and Cassandra arrive separately in the backstage parking lot at 8:30. The doorman greets them and lets them in. They both go to the dressing room and makeup area to get ready for the show and go over everything one last time. They share the space and then place their suitcases next to each other. First, both ladies undress to rub talcum powder all over their bodies. This is so they can put on their latex costumes over their skin. Candice wears a red devil suit with a mask with horns and a tail. She also wears extremely high matching fetish boots with black platform soles. She also has a black staff with a candle at the top as an accessory. Cassandra wears a white angel suit with pink butterfly wings. She also wears a halo over her head, which is attached to her back with a piece of iron.

For her eyes she wears a matching pink butterfly mask with her blonde hair loose and for her shoes she wears pink stilettos with transparent platform heels. Candice’s makeup consists of dark eye shadow, beautiful long lashes and a pale flat foundation. She wears a matching red sensual lipstick and a black line under her eyes. Cassandra wears pink eye shadow with equally beautiful lashes and a soft, light foundation. She wears a soft pink lipstick with matching glitter on her face. After both are made up, a little gloss spray is used to give the latex a good shine and both ladies are ready for the show that starts at 10:30.

Candice and Cassandra are ready behind the curtain, both can already hear the loud techno music in the room and smell the smell of sex and sweat. The energy is explosive and palpable everywhere. Then the lights go down and a female voice-over announces the show with appropriate commercial music. White and red lights are now shining all over the room and erotic, sensual music is blaring from the speakers. The stage consists of two catwalks facing each other, which meet in a high golden birdcage. The set is placed horizontally in the middle of the room so that both sides can see the spectacle. There are also large screens on either side to reach the audience in the back. Fog is now generated through the auditorium, and Candice and Cassandra now enter the stage on either side. The audience is silent as they watch the two ladies perform.

Candice looks at Cassandra very intensely as she sensually caresses her own body with her left hand. In her right hand she holds the black staff with the candle, which also serves as a guiding object. Cassandra is seduced by this and comes into conflict with her lust and her role as an angel. She sinks to her knees and begins to crawl sensually towards Candice. All this at a very seductive pace, with Candice at one point being in the cage a little earlier and Cassandra gesturing for her to kneel in front of her in the cage. The moment Cassandra kneels in front of Candice, the cage doors automatically close with a loud bang and it goes dark. The room is lit up in red and white and hard techno music is blaring from the speakers while smoke is being blown into the room. Cassandra is now fully seduced and begins to grope Candice’s body from bottom to top. Before Cassandra can kiss Candice, she is bearded in front of a red altar. She is no longer an angel, so her wings are taken off by Candice.

Before she is placed on the altar, she is told to kneel before Candice again. Under the red cloth of the altar, Candice takes a pack of cigarettes and lights a cigarette. Spinning sensually on her axis, she blows the smoke into the room in front of her, then blows a large cloud of smoke into Cassandra’s face. The room now explodes and screaming men and women now overwhelm the room. Cassandra is now pushed onto the altar on her back, and Candice now places her staff in a clamp near the altar. As Cassandra’s suit opens with a zipper in the front, her body is now very sensually visible. Candice spreads her arms and looks up. The whole room watches with open mouths in ecstasy as she plays and comes. Candice then kneels at the altar (with her back to the audience behind her) and grabs a bowl of “blood” from under the cloth. Little by little, she pours the blood over Cassandra’s body, then smears it over her body. Finally, she (Candice) lets the last bit of blood slide past her and into her mouth, only to have it spill into Cassandra’s mouth. There is now screaming and yelling in the audience and the temperature has now reached boiling point.

Candice now gestures to the lying Cassandra to take off her suit through her back. She lights another cigarette and blows the smoke very sensually and boldly in front of her. All this very sensual, with her eyes on the audience in front of her. With only her mask still on, the body of the beast is served to the audience like the most delicious meat from hell. Some men go crazy and come spontaneously while the women are completely ecstatic. Candice now turns around and takes the candle from the secured staff and lets the wax slide over her own body. She grabs Cassandra’s right hand and runs it over her body along the candle wax, blowing cigarette smoke over her body.

There is so much energy in the room now and the temperature is so high that an average volcano pales in comparison. Candice is now standing over Cassandra with the candle, and candle wax is running down her breasts. Very seductive for Cassandra and the audience, she now crawls on top of Cassandra to slide their bodies over each other. A spectacle of love and lust is shown and their bodies shine like pearls in a misty sultry night. The scene is so explicit and intimate that the audience now watches speechlessly as the room is now filled with the smell of sex.

Finally, Candice stands up and grabs another cigarette. She lights it and takes a few puffs, facing the audience in front of her. Very briefly, she looks at the audience from both the front and the back with her eyes and body as she slowly lets the smoke leave her mouth. Then she very slowly moves to her cunt and pulls her outer labia apart, trapping the cigarette between them. Cries of astonishment can be heard throughout the room as the audience breathlessly watches what is being presented to them. Holding the cigarette in her cunt, she takes a deep drag, blowing the smoke into the room. She then removes the cigarette briefly to return to Cassandra. She crawls back onto her body and Candice now sits with her cunt in front of Cassandra’s face and puts the cigarette between her lips again. As Candice throws her head back and turns around, the room goes silent. The music stops and a single red light shines on Candice and Cassandra.

With a soft moan, Candice inhales once more and with a deep sigh she blows the biggest possible cloud of smoke from her cunt into Cassandra’s face. This goes on for a good 3 seconds before she tosses the empty cigarette into the audience and goes up to Cassandra’s face to kiss her again. Just before this moment, the room goes black. The audience stands in silence, stunned and expectant of what is to come. After about 5 seconds, the normal lights come back on and Candice and Cassandra are standing next to each other, hand in hand, waving to the audience. The same female voice-over from the beginning now announces the show, thanking the audience for their contribution and respect for each other and the show. The audience is lyrical and completely out of their minds. The ladies’ names are chanted here and there, and applause is heard everywhere. The ladies thank the audience with air kisses and wave goodbye to the dressing room, only to meet somewhere else for a nightcap.