Daniel becomes a woman but falls in love with the blonde assistant.

The reason I wanted a male-to-female sex change was that I never felt like a man, I always knew I was a woman deep in the wrong body. A few years ago, I saved a few grand with webcam work and had a sex change operation. I still had a dick and balls. In my new body, I had sex with strippers who, as you can imagine, were disgusted, but some didn’t care. When I started my new job at a newsroom, I met this beautiful and sexy little blonde with piercing blue eyes and long blonde hair. She had huge breasts that made me gulp when I knew I was being hit on. A little later that day I found out her name was Anett, and she was to be my secretary. Over the next few months, Anett and I worked closely together and talked.

Her hand would brush against my right arm, and she would send electricity of excitement to my groin. We would laugh and smile. Sometimes we would work late and get Chinese food or pizza. On a Thursday night around eight o’clock, Anett and I were working side by side in the office when my eyes glanced up at her huge breasts about to burst out of her tight, low-cut white blouse. I couldn’t help but be turned on. Something began to grow in my skirt and I knew what it was. “What are you looking at?” Anett asked before she saw what I was staring at. “I’m sorry, but I don’t like girls.” Our faces were inches apart. I kissed her quickly on the lips before she showed any resistance. Anett managed to tear herself away from me and hurried to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. She turned to me nervously. “Please, Miss, open this door,” she said.

Blonde Assistant moaned from pleasure

I rose from my chair and walked slowly toward her. I untied my long dark brown hair from my clasp and let it fall down my back. My fingers began to unbutton my white blouse until I was wearing only a bra over it. I heard her gasp as her eyes saw my erection through my skirt. “That’s right, honey, I’m a transsexual. My name was Daniel, but a few years ago I became a woman and changed my name to Danielle,” I explained. I unzipped the back of my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I stepped over it and stood inches away from Anett in my black bra and panties. Anett began to resist as I kissed her hard against the door and my hands roamed over her body, but she then loosened up as I began to stroke her soft, wet, hot pussy with my fingers. She moaned with pleasure. I had lustfully torn off all her clothes so that she was also wearing only her bra and panties. I took off my underpants and my huge erection stood out like a rocket ready to go deep into her sweet hole.

I pulled Anett to the floor and ripped off her panties and got between her legs and didn’t hesitate to thrust deep inside her. It felt so wonderful. Her tight pussy around my hard, pulsating cock. I thrust harder and faster as her deep moans of pleasure turned me on even more. I put her feet on my shoulders to penetrate deeper. I was so close to orgasm when I felt my body. I thrust harder and faster and faster. Until my body was shaking, and I was screaming as I released my hot juices deep inside her. Anett orgasmed a few seconds later and bit her lower lip as her body shook for a few moments.

We stared at each other breathlessly. “Wow,” Anett gushed. “You liked?” I asked as I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back and lay down next to her. I turned to face her and grinned at her. She turned to me and grinned back. “It was amazing. Let’s go again?” My eyes widened in surprise, “again?” I asked. Anett sat down on me”. Unless, of course, you can’t manage a second round,” she teased. My cock came back to life and thrust back into Anett’s sweet pussy for a second round of sex.