Two guys are very active at the gym and order tablets or pills in China. Only in the case of one of the guys, they are female hormones, and he becomes a Trans. Photo is from live Trans Nicolle

My friend Nico and I, John, are both 18 years old and fanatical fitness fans. 3 to 4 times a week, we go to the gym and do something for our muscles. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really work out. And that’s why we are single. It was a little depressing until a man in the studio approached us and gave us an Internet address. There you could order cheap ~vitamin tablets~. It was clear to us that such preparations are not available in our country. Nevertheless, we looked at this Chinese website. There were plenty of products offered. Admittedly, everything was in Chinese, but why do they have a Google translator? So we could gradually find out which preparations are suitable for us. Nico and I were in agreement. We’ll order the stuff and in a few weeks, we’ll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger! You had to plow through plenty of pages. Until you could finally order. But then he ordered the wrong tablets.

I ordered a pack with plenty of pills and tablets

I ordered a pack with plenty of pills and Nico, who had a little more money at his disposal, ordered another preparation. Pills and injections. After four weeks, we received inconspicuous packages and our orders had arrived safe and sound. Of course, the package inserts were again written in Chinese. But we figured it couldn’t be wrong to take several doses of our muscle supplements every day. We ordered bulk packs right away and after four weeks I started to see the first changes. I gained good muscle mass, and yet my dick still worked. Not that I had a girlfriend now. It was still the same, my right hand. Only with Nico, the success didn’t really want to happen. He also changed, but it was not the desired effect. In addition, he became increasingly bitchy, almost girlish. He also no longer had the same interests as I had. Training and training again.

We kept in touch but saw each other much less often. Until I got two tickets for an event as a gift during the carnival season. It was their costume compulsory. Nico had made himself rare in the meantime, but I still wanted to do something together with him. Therefore, I called him. “Hey, dude. I have two tickets for a Mardi Gras party. Do you want to come? Get girls drunk and laid. That always fits at parties like this. The only downside is you have to come in costume. What do you say we go?” For 2 seconds it was quiet, I heard Nico breathing when he then agreed. On the said evening, where it then went to the party, we met in front of the entrance. I had not recognized him at first. I went as always as a pilot, and I thought he would come as a soldier. Because that was his standard costume. Because in front of me, suddenly stood a young, pretty woman. It was Nico, he had actually dressed up as a woman. Was he now completely crazy?

This was not a shemale party. How was he going to hit on girls like that? Okay, one less competitor. But I had to give him respect for his costume. Because in his black mini-dress, the black long-hair wig, the black nylon stockings and high-heeled pumps, in addition, top styled, some girls could have cut off a slice. We sat at the table, as always I drink my Cologne, but Nico no longer. He ordered himself a Prosecco. “Dude, now don’t exaggerate. Otherwise, some will think you really have a pussy.” I had noticed that his chest now had tits. He had probably bought these plastic tits in a sex store. He also went out on the dance floor and acted like a girl there. Dancing with other women and tight with the men. A foreign shame came up in me. My best friend behaves like a shemale or better, almost like a woman.

But this night also passed. Once again, no cunt was left for me. I was already a little depressed. With Nico it was different, he had gotten plenty of cell phone numbers. But only from men! Well filled from the Kölsch, we two staggered to my home. That’s how we had always done it in the past. Now we sat with me on the couch and streamed some films. I as always was wide-legged on the sofa. My cock also wanted to have some space in my pants. And Nico? He sat down on the sofa, his legs up and bent. And was bored that I had turned on an action movie. But after a short time, I slumbered away. Had nevertheless too much alcohol tanked. Then I was awakened in a special way. I don’t know if I was supposed to be woken up. But it was like this. Someone was sucking my cock and I was about to cum. I looked down and saw the black wig of Nico.

This pervert is sucking my balls

This pervert is sucking my balls. Normally I would have jumped away, but the alcohol and also the imminent orgasm held me back. I didn’t care now. First, I hadn’t been able to get any slut laid anyway. Secondly, the two of us were alone and thirdly, never before has one blown me so well as Nico was doing right now. How well and passionately he sucked on my dick. Smacking his head up and down moved. And then my sack cream shot out of my balls, through the tip of my cock, directly into his mouth. Not once did he flinch as I squirted my cum down his throat. Greedily, he sucked further until even the last drop of sperm was on his tongue. After that, he still gently sucked my glans. My God, that had just been horny. Nico came up with his head, wiped with a finger, some sperm from his lips and then sucked this finger. Since girls were quite different. Either they spit out the cum immediately or at the latest now. But Nico had swallowed everything. He sat down again at the other end of the couch and looked shamefully to the floor. “Ey, what’s up with you? Since when do you suck dick?” “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been like this for a few weeks. I’m into men and I feel like a woman. Furthermore, I went out tonight, the first time as a woman, and it felt so good.” “Have you changed?” “Yeah, sure.

I’ve grown titties and my cock has shrunk

My skin has gotten finer. I don’t have to shave anymore. I’ve grown titties and my cock has shrunk. The hair on my chest has gone away. Somehow everything has changed.” “My God, I think you bought the wrong stuff from the Chinese.” Nico just shrugged his shoulders. We immediately went to check the site, but it had been shut down. The site no longer existed. “You have to stop taking that stuff right now.” “I tried, but I can’t. It’s like an addiction! I can’t get off it.” “So, what are you going to do?” “I don’t know. I’m almost out of the pack. I’ll have to finish it with a pink pill and syringe. Then it should be over.” We sat on the couch in silence. Nico had a few tears rolling down his cheek. Somehow, I felt sorry for him. “Why are you crying now? Because you’ve become a tranny?” “No, not at all. I’m ashamed because I assaulted you like that and you didn’t like it.” “No was already horny. Must have done it more than once.” “No, I swear. That was the first time. You were lying there so nice and then it came over me. First I just wanted to see your cock, then touch it, and finally I had it in my mouth.” “We’ll translate your package insert tomorrow, word for word. And by the way, you can give a great blowjob!” Nico laughed again. “And you have the right strap and plenty of cum.” We went to sleep.

Nico is on the couch and I am in my bed. Whereby, I was still thinking a little about what had happened. It had already been horny. Until I woke up in the early morning at 11 o’clock, by noises in the kitchen. With a thick headache and even thicker eggs, I got up. And then could not believe what I saw. Nico was standing in the kitchen, wearing only a red satin thong and matching bra. He was standing at the stove making scrambled eggs. Yes, Nico’s body had changed. His waist was now narrower, his shoulders tender and especially his butt. It was so nicely round and looked damn tight. My cock immediately spoke up. But in my head, the alarm bells shrilled. -You can’t do that. He is a man. Has a dick. That’s not natural.-Nico turned around and smiled at me. Not like a man, his smirk was feminine. My friend had really turned into a woman in his appearance and behavior. His titties completely filled the bra. The only thing holding me back was the bulge in his panties. Not much, barely noticeable. But present. Nico looked at my shorts and a real bulge had formed there. My cock was standing hard and fast in my shorts. In his eyes, you could read, -Have a dick!- But he also restrained himself. “Good morning, sleep well? I thought I’d make us breakfast!”: breathed Nico in a seductive voice. We sat down, ate something, and drank strong coffee. All the while I was admiring his new body. If he were a real woman, he would have passed with an A+. Would have won every pageant.

And my willy stood stiffly on end the whole time. “What do we do now?” “I was still thinking last night. I want to stay like this. I don’t care what people think of me now. I feel good about myself. Furthermore, I only have one worry, that you’ll break up our friendship. We’ve known each other since kindergarten. And that would hurt me a lot.” A certain sadness sounded in his voice, and somehow I felt sorry for him. Actually, I had persuaded him to go shopping at the Chinese. “Sure, we’ll stay buddies. We just have to redefine it. But I don’t know how yet. Because you are different now.” If anyone could express joy and yet sadness in a facial expression, it was Nico. And that’s how he looked now. Nico stood up and cleared the table. His legs were long and lean. Not a hair to be seen. -Did his feet get narrower?- “But we won’t be a couple and no more blowing. Just best friends.” I spoke admittedly against the will of my stiff. For he now had his own desires. “If that’s what you want. Then it is so”: said Nico with a greedy look at my strap. While clearing the table, he flirted with his femininity. Bent far over the table so that I had the best view of his tits. Which looked really horny. Then he wiggled his butt and too gladly I would have reached in the normal case.

But I still had myself under control. I stood up and wanted to take a bottle of mineral water against my hangover. And thereby I stroked with my tail against his butt. -MMMHH… that feels good!- I wanted more. Nico was now washing the dishes and I had to reach over him to get a glass. Although I usually drink from the bottle. Actually, I wanted to roam with my dick once again over his ass. And well-behaved Nico held out his ass. Better, he even stretched it out a little further. I think I stroked his butt too often, because, after a deep breath, Nico said, “Sure, just good friends?” That brought me back, but by then he had already turned around and was gently stroking my cock. “No one has to know, it’ll be our secret.” And by then I could feel his fingertips stroking my glans. And it felt so good. “Hi, I’m .. Um. Nicolle. And want your dick.” He, or rather she, moaned to me. It was too late to say no. I allowed Nicolle to stroke my prick and then gently jerk me off. “Well, do you like it?” And how I liked it. So much so that I pushed her bra up. Two taut little titties jumped out at me. My God!

When was the last time I had seen darlings like that? And that’s why I reached for them. Warm and soft. Now even more blood pumped into my cock. Nicolle did not miss the opportunity to suck on my nipples. So something had never done one, with me. And it made me even hornier. Nicolle now pulled down my shorts completely. Now she not only jerked me off but also skillfully massaged my thick balls. I did not think at all and wanted to do the same with her, but she repelled me. Now, something happened that was very funny for me again. Nicolle kissed me surprisingly on the mouth. I did not know at first how I should behave. Even though it now appeared very feminine, it was still the face of my best friend. But when I felt her soft lips on mine, I forgot all my doubts. I kissed her back. Also because her hands spoiled my cock and sack so well. And it was me who first touched her lips with the tip of my tongue. Of course, she returned my invitation. And so it came between us, to a passionate, erotic French kiss. Which only stopped when Nicolle slowly went deeper with her lips. She kissed my neck, then again my hard nipples, so deep until she was squatting and had my cock right in front of her eyes. Greedily, she kissed her way down my hard-on, even kissing my balls. Licked her way up my shaft and kissed my glans.

The tip of her tongue played over the tip of my cock

Then the tip of her tongue played over the tip of my cock. She pushed her tip a bit into the opening. What I experienced last night, only half asleep and already almost coming. I am now experienced in a fully conscious state. She then took my sensitive glans in her mouth and sucked on it. So good that I did not dare to touch her. Because maybe then she would stop. But she stopped, looked up at me and asked, “So, do you like what I’m doing?” I just nodded in agreement, my legs shaking and trying not to fall over. Then Nicolle took my strap into her mouth again. She was now sucking on it so hard that her cheeks were very drawn in. Faster and faster, she moved her head back and forth. I moaned loudly, but she moaned and smacked even louder. As if my willy was her heaven. Now I felt my cum, wave after wave, coming up through my shaft. “I’m cumming.” “Not yet!” Nicolle stopped immediately, blowing cold air on the tip of my cock, and she managed to stop my cum at the last second. “You’re driving me crazy.” “Oh yeah, didn’t you want us to just be friends?” Nicolle smiled teasingly at me. For she literally had me in the palm of her hand. She slowly massaged my strap again and I dutifully held still. Nicolle and I kissed again, and very quickly it became French kisses again. I had thrown all inhibitions and concerns overboard. I wanted only one thing. Give her my sperm. Then I noticed it. Nicolle pulled down her panties. She then took my hand, led it first to her belly button. And then bit by bit lower. I became nervous because I didn’t look. My eyes were closed and I was still kissing her. But I knew where she wanted to lead my hand, and then it was time. It was not like a woman, but a piece of flesh, I now felt. Not much, rather small and not stiff either. His cock was a little thicker than flaccid when I ran the back of my hand over it. Nicolle took her first deep breath now. So the darling down there wasn’t dead, it just wasn’t working properly anymore. In contrast, my cock was standing vertically up in the air.

And I loved the hand massage that Nicolle spent on him. And quite unconsciously, I suddenly stroked his little tail. Yes, it got a little thicker but stayed down. Nicolle was now really jerking me off, and I could feel the pressure growing in my balls. I hoped that she did not stop again shortly before. Because of such torture, I would not be able to do in the long run. I now kneaded her tits and with the other hand I continued to stroke her willy. “I’m cumming! I want to cum! I don’t care where.” “Yes, squirt all over me. Squirt all over me. I want to feel your cum.” Nicolle was really jerking me off now. Just the way boys can do it. Hard grip and quick hand movements. And do not stop when it comes. I could still feel my cum rising up my shaft and squirting out through my glans, right onto her body. Better, my cum splashed onto her cock. Good thing I had pulled my hand away before and grabbed her hard butt cheeks. Nicolle moaned almost more than I did. In the process, she got my cum off, and she gave none. She got the last drop out of my sack better than any woman could ever have done. Then she slowed down and stroked my glans with the remaining sperm.

Yes, she even pressed the tip of my cock against her belly, wiping my prick clean. Her semi-stiff little cock was full of sack snot. Slowly, my cum ran down her. She was so happy, but so was I. Only now did we realize what we had done. Neither of us could get our feelings straight. The two of us have always been best friends, from a young age. We learned to ride bikes together, went to school together. We were even in the same soccer club. And now? We have sex with each other because Nico had turned into Nicolle. I looked at her questioningly. But Nicolle only smiled back. In her eyes, there was nothing left of the young man Nico. My friend he was no more, but a slightly different new girlfriend. I went to take a shower. Nicolle went unabashedly to the toilet. And indeed she sat down to pee. Typical pussy. For the rest of the morning and noon we spent mostly in silence, no one found the right words. Nicolle made the food for us and now and then, she gave me a little kiss or she stroked me. We sat together on the couch, but neither of us started a conversation. About our future. Towards late afternoon, I wanted to lie down for one more hour. I wasn’t quite in bed yet when Nicolle joined me. “May I lie down with you. I promise you, I won’t do anything. I’ll really leave you alone.” I just nodded, almost like a grumpy boyfriend or husband. Only when she undressed again, keeping her panties on, and lay with me, I feel warm again and my cock spoke up. Slowly he straightened up. And that was only because I looked at Nicolle’s tits. Nicolle wanted to give me another kiss, but I wanted something more. And so we gave each other an intimate French kiss. Her hand stroked from my chest down to the waistband of my shorts. Only very briefly did she reaches in with her fingertips, stroke my cock and smiled at me. Then she pulled her fingers out again and turned around. She didn’t want to do anything, and she kept to it. Great, how am I supposed to be able to sleep with a boner when there’s someone next to me who could remedy it? I pressed myself closer to her back and with my hard-on, I stroked her ass.

“What are you doing? I thought you wanted to take a nap? Or do you have something else on your mind now? I was going to sleep now!” “Are you kidding me? First, you make me horny, and then you serve me up cold. How am I supposed to sleep with my boner?” Nicolle pressed her butt a little harder against my cock and slowly moved back and forth. “Sleep tight, sweetie. Afterward we can do something. Watch TV or something.” “Hey Nicolle.”: it was the first time I addressed her by her new name. “What do you want from me?” “I want! I want you! But I want all of you and not just your cock. And I want! That you stand by me. In all things. Not just meet me in secret and use me. No, either you take me as a whole, as I am, or not at all.” Now that was an announcement from her and I was surprised. But do I really have to think long? Nicolle looked great and had more femininity than a woman.

It was only the disadvantage that she now has a tail and is my best friend. “Please let me at least some time to think. You’re about to put a gun to my head.” “Well, then we sleep now. Or better yet, me and you can start thinking.” She was driving me crazy. How could I think with her rubbing her sweet ass against my cock? “Okay, I’ll stand by you. But stop bitching like that.” “Yeah really? You’re standing by me? All the way? Let’s try that out now!” Nicolle grabbed my hand and led me to her legs. At first, I just rubbed above her panties, but then she put my hand right on her willy. “You know how it goes. You’ve been practicing on yourself for years.” That was my disadvantage because Nicolle knew about my past. It was still very strange, unusual and different. But then I did it. First gently and then a little harder, I massaged her piston. And Nicolle moaned, and also her willy got bigger and harder. I had never really paid attention the whole time and I now reached a little deeper. Yes, she still has a sack, but her balls were already pretty puny. I wonder if anything will come out.

She now grabbed behind her and put her fingers in my pants. I still had a hard-on. Yes, I could live with that now. Very well live. Moaning, we rubbed each other’s cocks and moaned in unison. Then a question occurred to me. Perhaps inappropriate, perhaps at the right time. “Have you actually had your ass fucked yet? Or are you still a virgin, then?” “Typical of you. That’s always the most important thing with you. Is she still a virgin and can I crack her cunt? Yes, my ass cunt is still a virgin.” Images were now going through my head of all the porn movies I had watched, with ass fucking. Some sluts were having fun and others were crying or screaming in pain. I wonder what it would be like with Nicolle. “I know what you’re thinking about. You want to fuck me and you want to fuck my ass. Maybe I’ll do it. But I’m going to pace myself. Your big dick and my little asshole aren’t conforming yet. So let me take charge.” It should be fine with me. Because I’ve never done anal fucking before. And so afterward, if things went wrong, I couldn’t be the culprit.

Trans Nicolle got up and went into the bathroom

Nicolle got up and went into the bathroom. I heard her. She was looking for something there. Then it quieted down a bit and she came back with a familiar blue tin of cream. “Maybe this will work. But I’m not sure. That’s why I’m not promising you anything.” She smeared this white cream on her butt hole. Yes, she even fingered her rosette and so much so that her cock reared up again. “Lie down on your back. I’m going to try to ride you now. But remember, if it doesn’t work, so be it and it won’t happen.” Nicolle now knelt beside me, took some more cream and smeared it on my cock. Her hand and the coolness of this cream, excited me even more. Then she sat down over me. I felt her strap on my belly. She bent over so much that her titties were on my chest. Then we French kissed again. We both trembled from the coming. Never before had either of us done it. Nicolle then went up a bit, I tenderly massaged her tits and she reached back, she gently massaged my cock and rubbed my glans through her butt crack. Directly in front of her butt hole, she then put on. She slowly pushed down, I felt something open in front of my cock tip.

Nicolle bit her lower lip. It must hurt a little. I already thought she would break it off now. But she didn’t want to. Again she pushed herself now a bit deeper and again she stayed in this position and took a deep breath. And then my glans had slipped through her rosette. Even before, when Nico, he or better now she, was quite ambitious. If she has undertaken something, then he used to pull it through. So she did it now too. Deeper and deeper she pushed my cock in her bowels. Slowly but surely. It took a while, but eventually, my entire prick had slipped through her rosette. She moaned and gasped, and not just with pleasure. She propped her hands on my belly and her fingernails clawed into my skin. If she was already in pain, I probably should be too. Then she went up a bit with her butt and lowered herself down again. Her face kept contorting into a grimace, but she didn’t give up. Again and again, she lifted her ass up and pushed it down. And slowly she got into a beat. And this beat became faster and faster. Yes, Nicolle was riding me now. And it was horny. I kneaded her tits, twirled her hard buds. I cock was now hitting my belly every time. Then after some time, when she got used to my cock in her ass, she grabbed her stiff dick and jerked off. It was funny, but yet I liked this sight. Also, my sack cream was making its way out. “Sweetie, I’m about to cum. I’m sorry if I’m soaking you. But I can’t help it.” “Your ass will be full in a minute, too, though. It won’t take long with me either.” “AAAHHH..YEEESSSS!” I screamed out as I pumped her bowels full. Streams of cum poured into her ass cunt. It was a super awesome orgasm. “YES-YES-YES. AAAHHH.” Nicolle jerked her cum all over my belly and chest. A warm, pale, gooey sauce. Not very much, but still noticeable and visible. She paused for a moment, lowered herself once more completely onto my strap, and took a deep breath.

Then she went up very slowly, the last inch just slipping out of her ass. And then came a few warm drops, she squeezed her butt cheeks together and smiled at me. “… we still have to practice that. It’s not like I want to change the bed every day.” But this sweet witch showed me that foreign sperm on your own skin is nothing disgusting. With her index finger, she smeared her cum on my upper body and smiled at me teasingly. “Would you like to try some?” She held out her cum-smeared finger to me. I replied in the negative. “No thanks. I want to eat some more in a minute.” “Okay, as you like. Then it’s all for me.” Nicolle sucked off her finger and pretended it was the most delicious thing in the world. It was fine with me. But I did not make the calculation without the landlady. She bent down to me and gave me a kiss. And I didn’t think about it. I returned the kiss to her, opened my lips and we French kissed. Then I tasted. The slut had kept her cum in her mouth and was now pushing it onto my tongue. It was not bad. I was annoyed at myself for not having thought of it. Nicolle got up laughing and went into the bathroom. A short time later, I heard her taking a shower. And I lay in bed thinking. What would happen next?

Trans Nicolle
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