New Year, New Trans Story! A beautiful story of a trans woman knocking on the door for help with a car. The homeowner had never met a trans woman in real life, at least not naked. This became an unexpected trans meeting with plenty of lust.

My name is Kurt and I’m 27, about 6’2, and average height, and have been married for 3 years now. I lived in the country with my wife Sally, where there were only a few houses scattered around. I worked from home one day and worked on the laptop, taking breaks to look at porn, but I started stroking myself before returning to my work. I hadn’t had sex or masturbated for a week now and was ready to explode. It was around noon and I was about to take another break. I was looking through a porn site, at some videos of women being fucked senseless. Then the doorbell rang. It made me jump, as I was deeply involved in this video of a Milf being fucked in the asshole. I quickly got up and made a break for the door and wondered who it could be, as the postman was already and is gone. I opened the door and there was a Milf standing there.

The unexpected trans meeting

She was a little shorter than me, with long black hair, light blue eyes and breasts that I would have guessed to be or bigger. Nice and pretty, my immediate thought was, “They can’t be real.” She was wearing a top that showed little cleavage and a knee-length skirt that was very businesslike. But where is the hidden camera? “Hi,” I said. “Oh brilliant! I found someone,” she said in a quiet, sultry voice. “Can I help you?” I said. “Yes, please. My name is Michelle and my car broke down right along the road.” “Oh, OK. Well, come on in and you can have the garage meet you here. It will be easy for them to find,” I said happily. She walked past me and I showed her through to the living room where I had been working. “Thank you for this. It’s pretty cold out there and my car’s heater is broken,” she said gratefully. “It’s okay, here you go,” I said, handing her my phone and a piece of paper with my address on it. “Call your guys with the details and send them to this address.” “Brilliant! Thanks.”

I went and made her a cup of coffee. When I came back, she had finished with the phone. “They said it will be about 3 hours before they can get out here.” “Oh, okay. Well, you can wait here and watch some TV before they get here,” I said. “Thanks. Can I be cheeky and borrow your computer to email to my boss? I had to meet him and my phone can’t get a signal.” “Yeah, that’s fine,” I said, passing her my laptop. “Oh!” She said, staring at the screen of the paused video where a Milf was getting hit in the ass with a giant dick. I looked at the screen. “Oh shit!” I said in a timid voice, worried that she was going to run out of the house. “It’s okay, I love porn. We only have a different kind of porn,” she said in a seductive voice. I didn’t say anything. She emailed her boss and then turned the laptop towards me and said: “This is the type of porn I love to watch. Ladyboy porn and ladyboy cams” I saw on the screen a Milf being slowly touched and dressed by a man. As the Milf’s panties slipped off, an 8-inch cock popped up. I was shocked and fixated that this Milf was being sucked by this man. I felt my cock start to grow in my pants and I shuffled in my seat. Not only that, but I turned back to the beautiful Milf who had stood up and walked towards me, noticing the bulge in my pants. She pulled my legs apart and knelt in front of me. She began to unzip my pants and then pulled them and my boxers down to the floor in one quick movement.

My 7-inch cock was now rock hard. “Someone liked what they were seeing…” she moved her face down my shaft and licked from the base to the tip, then swallowed my head and went back down the length again, my head hitting the back of her throat. She licked and sucked me for a good ten minutes. I was so built up from a week of no ejaculation that I felt I was going to ejaculate soon. “Ahh, you make me come!” I said. She immediately lifted her head up. “We don’t quite want that yet.” She stood up and unfastened her top, then the bra and her large breasts fell away from the blouse as she began to lift her blouse. “So did you like the porn you saw?” “Yeah, I didn’t think so, but it turned me on.” “Well, here’s your chance to act it right,” she said. I was a little confused, but then she pulled her skirt over her panties and threw out an 8-inch cock. It was half-hard, about the same as mine, and it looked beautiful. “Suck me now!” she said. I moved forward on my seat and was inches away from her cock. I took my hand and grabbed her, then moved my mouth closer to her head, smelling of pre-cum. I stuck my tongue out and licked the pre-cum. It tasted lovely, warm and surprisingly disgusting. I lifted her cock and licked up and down her shaft as she had done to me.

Then my lips parted at her head, taking as much of her as I could. I moved up and down her and began to get into a rhythm. Then she put her hand on the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. I put one of my hands up to squeeze her massive breasts that were swaying around, they felt good, too fake. Then I stretched down and started stroking my own cock, which was still hard with pre-cum pouring from the head. Then she pulled away from my face, “You’re a big cock! Now, let us see how tight your asshole is.” “You’re not fucking my ass!” “You want to fuck me? From the sight of your cock, you most certainly will,” she said. With a certain attitude. “Oh, well…” “Well, you can’t fuck me without being fucked!” She said dirty. “Turn around and get ready for the best feeling you’ll ever feel!” I didn’t make a sound. I got up and knelt on the armchair, holding the top of my back with my ass pointed at her. She pulled a bottle of lube from her purse. “I like to come prepared.”

She poured some lube on her cock and then rubbed some around my tight asshole. She slowly pushed in one finger and then two. Working my asshole wider and wider. It felt amazing. Strange, but stunning. Then I felt her fingers pulling out, but I wanted more! I wanted to beg for more, but before I could turn my head, I felt her pushing against my ass with her cock, her head popping inside my asshole. There was slight pain, but then I was overwhelmed by fullness and a great feeling of her cock. “Ahh! That feels so good!” I moaned. “I said it would.” She slowly pushed and pulled out and started fucking my ass. Then she started to pick up the pace. I heard the slap of her pelvis against my ass cheeks. My asshole was hers now. She moaned and groaned, “Ahh, I’m going to cum!” I suddenly pushed away from her and turned to face her. “You’re not cumming yet! Not until I’ve been in your ass!” I exclaimed. “Ahh, fine!” She grabbed the bottle of lube and poured it over my rock-hard cock, which was pointing straight up as I sat in my recliner. Then she poured some in her hand and rubbed it all over her own asshole. She climbed onto the armchair with her legs on either side of me. She grabbed my lubricated cock and lowered herself over it. She then pushed on it, waited a moment for her asshole to open, and engulfed my rock-hard cock.

She then slowly sat down deep on my cock and then lifted back up and started to pace again. She bounced up and down on my cock with her massive tits near my face. I started sucking one of her tits and she moaned with excitement. Her cock rubbed against my stomach, I grabbed it and started stroking it, and she started getting hard again. She started to get more verbal. “Ohhh, yes that feels good. Fuck my asshole!” she shouted, “Your asshole feels so tight!” I said, picking up the pace and stroking her hard cock. “Ahh, you make me come!” she shouted again. She suddenly lifted my cock up, raised herself and pushed her cock into her mouth, and without any resistance from me she started fucking my face. “Ahh, I’m cumming!” I felt her cock get even bigger, and her balls tightened. I pushed her away from my mouth and stroked her cock, inches from my face. Then it erupted, spurting cum on my face, I opened my mouth, and a couple of seat belts hit the back of my throat. I sucked the rest out. She fell back and climbed off me and started sucking me off again. Within seconds, I was ready to ejaculate. I got up and stood over her. “Ahh fuck!” I shouted, then pulled my cock out of her beautiful mouth as it sprang to life, streams of spray spurting out, covering her face and then onto her dark black hair. She opened her mouth, and the last few ropes of cum gathered there. She reached out and sucked the rest out. She let go, and I collapsed into the armchair behind me, breathless.

We just sat for a few minutes in silence. “Well, I think we should have a clean-up before the car that breaks down arrives,” I said, standing up. She got up after me and followed me to the shower. We started cleaning each other, then we both started getting hard again. “A quick one before you go?” I asked. She didn’t say anything, just turned me towards the wall of the shower, with my asshole still gaping, her cock sliding in easily. Then she started to pick up her rhythm, and before I knew it, she was fucking my asshole. She reached around and started stroking my now hard cock. “Ahh, we’ll do it again very soon,” she said. “Ahh, you make me come!” She said. She grabbed my hips forcefully and fucked me hard, hitting the back of my asshole with one last stroke, and her hot cum began to fill. She then slowly pulled out. “Now clean my cock, so I can cum.” I knelt down and immediately tasted our juice. It was amazing. I stood up and pushed her to her knees. “Now it’s my turn!” I said as she grabbed my cock and immediately put her mouth around it. She sucked me fast and hard. I grabbed her head and fucked her face. Then I pulled out and crawled down so my cock was between her big tits. She pushed them together until I could barely see my cock anymore, I grabbed her shoulders for leverage and fucked her tits. “Ahh, here it comes!” I said, and she looked down at my cock as jets of semen shot out and covered her face again. Then I pulled my cock away and sprayed the last few jets over her magnificent tits. We cleaned up again and then jumped out of the shower, dried off and went downstairs to get dressed.

Within minutes, a towing truck pulled up outside. She gave me her number and I showed her out and went back to my work. My wife arrived home about 30 minutes later. Later that evening, she found Michelle’s panties sticking out from under the armchair. After that, I explained everything. She was shocked at first, but then she said: “So you got her number? We may have to get her back for a trio trans meeting!” More to come…..