I live in a nice village in Luxembourg. I’ve been living there for two years now, my parents had a little house there. I inherited it when my mother died, my father died years ago. My name is Alexandre. I am 32 years old, of normal build, with medium-length blond hair and green eyes. Photo from Jaddy.

They had another nice festival there last weekend. This time it was a Brazilian festival, with a mini carnival, and delicious Latin music. It was Friday night, about seven o’clock, and the party started at about eight. I was getting ready for the party. The weekend had started for me, and I was really looking forward to the party. I am still single and this is still a chance to find a nice girl. After changing I walked to the festival site, when I got there it was not very busy yet. Tonight only the tent was open, where delicious Latin music was being played.

The carnival parade the next day.

There would also be a carnival parade the next day. I went to the bar and had a look around. There were Brazilian dancers, so I ordered a beer at the bar and watched the dancers from there. The evening went on and it got busier and busier, so I drank my beer and ordered another couple. Before I knew it I had had five and was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. I got happier and started moving to the rhythm of the music. It was great fun, especially when a lady asked me to dance. I was a bit surprised but accepted her offer and followed her onto the dance floor.

She is a nice lady and much shorter than me. I guessed she was about 5’2″ and she is slim. You could also tell she was of Brazilian descent. She has long blonde hair and brown eyes and big breasts, probably D-cup or bigger. We started dancing together. I was a bit awkward at first because I hadn’t danced for years, but I soon got into the rhythm. Also, because the lady guided me well, we danced for a while. We couldn’t really talk because the music was so loud. After a while, she gestured that she wanted a drink, which I thought was a good idea. We left the dance floor and went to the bar where we ordered a drink. After we got our drinks, we looked for a place where the music wasn’t so loud.

There we introduced ourselves – her name is Carmen, and she is 27 years old. She also told us that she had come with her Brazilian friend. But she was out, so Carmen took her mobile phone and sent her a text message. Within 15 minutes, her friend found her. Her friend was also good-looking, a little taller than Carmen at about 1.81 metres. She is also slim, has long black hair and also brown eyes, she also has nice breasts, although a little smaller than Carmen’s, probably a C cup. I was introduced to her by Carmen, her friend’s name is Luna. Luna is 28 years old and she didn’t really want to be here anymore. But when she saw me with Carmen, she wanted to stay for a while. After all, I was different from these village people.

We drank some more and then the three of us went dancing. Around one or two o’clock it got a lot quieter, and it was announced that the party would stop after an hour. We stopped dancing and went to the bar for the last time. The three of us had a drink. Carmen picked up her phone, she had received a message while she was dancing. She looked at it and her reaction showed that it wasn’t a good message. Carmen said to Luna we have a problem, we have to go home another way, Luna looked at her and said how do you mean.

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Well, Carmen said, the person who was supposed to pick us up has car trouble, so he won’t be coming. Then Carmen asked me if there was another way to get home. I told her that the last van left an hour ago. She looked at me disappointed, but I could make her happy. When I said they could stay the night and I would take them the next day. Carmen and Luna discussed it and quickly agreed. They decided to come home with me anyway. We left the party and walked to my house. We arrived at my house, Carmen and Luna said you have a nice house, I thanked them. Then we went inside, we went into the living room.

Carmen and Luna sat on the sofa. I asked them if they wanted another drink, and they were in the mood. I went into the kitchen to get something to drink. After a while, I came back with the drink and gave each of them a glass. They had arranged for me to sit between them and I sat between them. We drank to each other and when we had finished our drinks, we put the glasses down on the table. Carmen started to stroke my thigh and I thought to myself, what luck to have sex with two women. Luna saw what was happening and that I was enjoying it too, so she started stroking my other leg too.

They caressed me delightfully, and soon my cock was trapped in my trousers. I stood up a little to make sure my cock was not so trapped. As soon as I did, Luna opened my trousers and pulled them and my shorts down over my knees. My cock jumped up and enjoyed the freedom, Carmen and Luna looking at my beautiful clean-shaven stiff cock with interest. Then I sat down properly after Carmen had bent down. She took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it deliciously. My cock disappeared all the way into her mouth, measuring 17.5 by 4.5 centimetres. Carmen had no trouble with it and sucked really well. Luna didn’t sit still either, she crawled between my legs and started licking and kissing all over my balls. She made it even more delicious by taking turns sucking my balls. I enjoyed watching the ladies pamper my cock and balls.

She spreads my legs apart.

Luna stopped after a while and spread my legs further apart, then lowered her tongue to my starlet. She began to lick over it and grabbed my balls with one hand and began to massage them gently. The ladies were so deliciously busy that I moaned with pleasure. At one point Luna thought my starlet was wet enough. She stopped licking and released my sack, then moistened a finger. She pressed it against my starlet and slowly pushed it into my hole. I had never been fingered there before but it felt delicious and I let it go.

When Luna’s finger was all the way inside my hole, she started rubbing my prostate. Carmen was still sucking deliciously, Luna now started sucking my balls again while she also fingered me. I started moaning with pleasure and said oh yes I am going to come and squirted my cum into Carmen’s mouth. After I squirted out Carmen let my cock slide out of her mouth. Luna stopped sucking my balls and took her finger out of my hole. Then they started tonguing each other fiercely, then they gave me a delicious tongue kiss. I could still taste my own cum, it didn’t even taste dirty but a bit strange.

Carmen and Luna then sat down beside me again, and we continued to enjoy the moment. I started stroking their breasts and asked them if they wanted to continue in the bedroom. Because now I wanted to spoil them. The ladies liked the idea of continuing in my bedroom. We got up and went to the bedroom, and on the way there. We took our clothes off, but Carmen and Luna kept their skirts on. These came up to their knees, and they took off their knickers. This is how we got into my bedroom. I was completely naked, the ladies had only their skirts on.

Carmen made me lie down on the edge of the bed. I was a bit surprised and said I wanted to go and spoil you, but Carmen said we could do that later. But Luna wants to be fucked by you first, so I lay down on the bed as she told me to. Carmen and Luna started playing with my cock again, and soon my cock was rock hard again. Now they started to suck me again and made sure my cock got quite wet with their spit. Then they stopped and Luna crawled over me with her back to me. She lowered herself gently over my cock, her cave felt incredibly tight and she began to ride me deliciously. Carmen sat between my legs, massaging my balls with one hand. Luna squeezed her cave deliciously every time she went down.

Carmen moistened my starlet with her other hand and then moistened a finger. Then she pushed a finger into my hole and began to finger me deliciously. She noticed that I was enjoying it and soon another finger followed. Oh how delicious it is to be fucked and fingered like that. Luna and I joined in and moaned in a chorus of pleasure. We went on like this for a while until Luna signalled that she couldn’t hold out much longer. Just before she was about to come, Luna skilfully turned around without my cock coming out of her cave. Luna then told me I had a surprise for you and lifted her skirt. I looked curiously at her crotch and thought I saw a delicious pussy.

But there was no pussy, just a big, stiff, bald cock, which startled me. Many thoughts also went through my head. Wow, I’m fucking a shemale and she’s got delicious tits and a delicious hole and a beautiful cock. My mouth fell open in astonishment, and then Luna came. She squirted eight thick jets of cum from her cock, five of which hit my face. I also got a lot of cum in my mouth, it tasted delicious. I let it slide over my tongue for a while to enjoy the taste, then I swallowed it all deliciously. She squirted the rest all over my chest and stomach, after Luna had squirted out she came with her breasts against my chest.

She rubbed her cum all over my chest with her breasts, rubbing her nipples deliciously over my nipples. Luna bent down further and said how do you like my trans pussy? All I can say is delicious. She started talking again and said that Carmen is also a shemale and is also bald and will fuck you so deliciously. Now I noticed that Carmen already had three fingers in my hole. Now I said yes fuck me, Carmen, I want to feel your cock inside me. Then Luna said Carmen will prepare you first because I want to dedicate your hole later too. Mine is a bit smaller than yours, 17 by 4 centimetres, but you will enjoy it. Luna went on, and from the look on your face, you are still a virgin. I told her yes, I’m still a virgin there, she said Carmen finds that most delicious, rest assured she doesn’t have one that big. Hers is 15 x 3.5, deliciously average.

Then Carmen took her fingers out of my hole and moistened her cock well. Then she put the glans against my starlet and slowly pushed my starlet open. Because she stretched me well with her fingers, it didn’t hurt too much. Carmen continued to press and my starlet closed behind her delicious glans. I moaned in pleasure as Carmen continued to push gently until she was completely inside me. Now delicious waves of pleasure shoot from her cock all over my body. Carmen now starts to fuck me quietly, she does it deliciously. Luna makes it even more delicious because now she also starts to ride me gently, every time Carmen thrusts into me, Luna presses herself over my cock. I start to moan deliciously at the way they work on me. After a while I tell Carmen she can thrust a bit harder now, she does as I ask. Carmen now starts to thrust harder into me and Luna also picks up the pace.

I start to moan harder and enjoy it, if I had known earlier that it would be so delicious I would have done this much earlier. Carmen is now fucking me really hard and fast, she also shows that she is enjoying it deliciously. She moans deliciously, Luna also rides me deliciously, not as fast and hard as Carmen, but still at a decent pace. Luna also shows that she loves it and moans deliciously. Her stiff cock rubs deliciously over my stomach. After a while, I can feel Carmen’s cock getting a bit thicker. Then she comes and squirts a nice load of cum into my hole, it’s such a delicious feeling. I can’t hold it any longer, my cock gets thicker and I come too. I squirt my load into Luna’s hole and she enjoys it too. After Carmen and I have finished and our cocks have gone limp. Luna then crawls off me and takes something out of her handbag.

It is a butt plug, this one is a bit thicker than Carmen’s cock, it is 5 centimetres thick. Now Carmen takes her cock out of my hole, then the plug is pushed into my hole. It hurts when the plug stretches my hole, but then when it’s in. It feels strange but delicious. Luna says now you can walk without the juice running out of your hole. Then Carmen says where the toilet is I need to go. I tell her to follow me because I have to go too, then I get up and go to the toilet. I go to the toilet with a strange but delicious feeling in my hole. Followed by Carmen who sees me walking strangely. Who says it gives a strange feeling when you walk? I say yes, it rubs deliciously against your prostate when you walk. When we got to the bathroom, Carmen went to the toilet and started to flush the potatoes.

When she had finished, I did the same, but with a bit of difficulty. Mainly because the plug makes it feel like I have to poop too, but luckily I manage to do it without pushing the plug out. Meanwhile, Carmen cleans her cock. When we are finished, we go back to the bedroom. Luna is lying on the bed and playing with herself. As we enter, she stops and gets off the bed. Luna then tells me to sit on the bed on my hands and knees. I do as she says and sit on the bed. When I am in this position on the bed, Luna comes and sits behind me. She pulls the plug out of my hole and some of Carmen’s semen comes out. Luna catches it and smears it all over her cock, then she puts her glans against my open mouth.

Her cock goes deep in my body!

She pushes her cock in all at once and then starts fucking me hard. It hurts for a moment, but that soon disappears into delicious pleasure. I start moaning deliciously and then say yes delicious fuck me harder, Luna does as she is asked. She starts fucking really hard and her cock hits my prostate deliciously. Carmen also enjoys watching her friend fuck me. Her cock is also back to full strength, she is busy with herself for a while. Then she also gets on the bed and gets on her knees in front of me. Carmen grabs my head and guides it to her cock, I am so horny that I open my mouth. She slides her cock into my mouth and I start sucking and licking it deliciously. Carmen starts fucking me in the mouth, she also starts moaning deliciously. I now squeeze my starlet around Luna’s cock, who also starts to moan deliciously. Carmen and Luna use me like a real man slut, and I enjoy it. Both ladies rage in both holes, they really use me like this for a long time.

Then Carmen starts to moan fast and I feel her cock getting a bit thicker in my mouth, then she starts to come. She holds my head tight and pushes her squirting cock down the back of my throat. I try to swallow it as best I can, struggling but managing to get it all out. Without spilling a drop, Carmen looks at me and says “so well done, like a real sperm slut”. So I spontaneously come and squirt all my cum on the bed. Now Luna is really struggling to keep up her pace because I am squeezing her cock so hard. She grabs my hips but doesn’t fuck me as fast anymore, but very hard. Then I feel her cock getting thicker and she starts to moan loudly. Luna now squirts delicious cum into my hole and Carmen takes her limp cock out of my mouth. Now I say yes, Luna squirts this man-slut full, I am yours.

My cock hangs limp as well, when Luna has squirted out I feel her cock getting limp too. Luna then takes her cock out of my hole and puts the plug back in. I let myself fall onto my stomach and lie there still enjoying it. Carmen and Luna lie down on either side of me. They start stroking my back deliciously, then Luna asks if you liked it. I tell her, yes, it was delicious, I really enjoyed it. I want to experience this more often, you are great. They thank me and caress me until we all fall asleep. The next morning I woke up with a strange sensation in my hole. It is the plug that is still in there and I also have a huge cock. On either side is a beautiful naked Brazilian girl with a delicious cock. I’m already horny and don’t think twice, I crawl down to Carmen’s cock.

I open my mouth and take her cock in my mouth. I start sucking and licking it deliciously, I also grab her balls with one hand. I start to play with them too, Carmen starts to moan softly, luckily she doesn’t wake up. I continue quietly and after a while, I feel her cock swelling, and then she cums in my mouth. I only have her glans in my mouth and suck on it eagerly, Carmen wakes up as she comes. She looks down at her crotch and sees me sucking her cock, she says softly, “You really are a horny sperm slut! I look at her as I swallow and nod in agreement. I suck her down to the last drop, her cock slackens too and I let it slide out of my mouth. Then I turn to Luna’s cock, she is still asleep. She hasn’t woken up from the blow job I gave Carmen. I take her semi-rigid one in my mouth and do the same as Carmen. As soon as she comes, she wakes up and looks at me.

I swallow her cum and suck her dry, then let her limp cock slide out of my mouth. Then I say that was a delicious breakfast! Carmen and Luna say in unison that means you’ve already had two portions and we have to share one. Then they lay me on my back and pull the plug out of my hole. Luna starts to suck me and Carmen licks and sucks my balls. They are so deliciously busy, then I feel a hand of Carmen near my starlet. She puts something on it, it’s the lubricant, I feel her push four fingers into my hole. I feel my starlet stretch deliciously, oh what a delicious feeling. How delicious to have a mouth on your cock, a mouth on your balls and to be fingered anally. I lie there moaning with pleasure, mentally fighting not to come. It looks like I’m about to win and I think I can hold out.

But then Carmen pushes her thumb in too, slowly sliding her whole hand into my hole. When it is inside, I feel her make a fist. Carmen continues to push, I feel her fist pressing against my prostate. She starts to rotate her hand, rubbing against my prostate like this. I realise I can’t hold on any longer and I come violently. I shoot up to five thick jets of semen into Luna’s mouth, then I am squeezed off. Carmen quickly takes my cock in her mouth and I squirt another five thick jets into her mouth. She removes her hand from my hole, we tongue each other for a while. We go to the shower and freshen each other up, and then we get dressed and go to the kitchen. There I make another delicious breakfast for the wonderful ladies. We enjoy it and after breakfast, I take them home. They gave me their phone numbers and I called them right away. So they had my number too and we said goodbye. A few days later, I got a text from Luna. She said she wanted to go out with me next weekend. I sent her a message back, yeah, fun, see you then.