I work part-time for a computer company repairing computers. I am usually on the road repairing computers at customers’ homes. This time I was supposed to repair a computer in a skyscraper. I rang the bell because a nice old lady had already stopped me at the front door. I rang again.

Then I remembered what my boss had told me. They put the key under the mat when they weren’t there. The thought of working in someone else’s apartment was a little strange, but the apartment was far away, so I didn’t want to drive out again. I opened the door and looked for the computer. In the living room, I turned it over and started working. I had just opened the computer when I heard the living room door behind me. Surprised, I looked at the two people. It was Asian tgirl Jesna and tgirl Lana, the two beautiful trans with that special something between their legs. Today Jesna wore black high heels, black nylon stockings, a black push-up bra that lifted her tits even more, and black panties that were already quite bulging from her cock. Lana wore red boots that went over her knees, a red leather bra and black shorts with a hole in the front.

This allowed her huge cock to show, which was already hard. I stood up and they each greeted me with a passionate tongue kiss. Then they pushed me down and I released Jesna’s cock from her tight panties. I immediately shoved her cock down my throat and sucked on it. I didn’t leave Lana unsatisfied. I pulled gently on her long tail. Now I changed the tail by taking it in my mouth and pulling on Jesna’s tail. I could not take it completely in my mouth. Now I sucked the horny tails alternately and the jerking movements became more and more violent. Then I realized how far Jesna was and just pushed her cock into my mouth. Then the first juice spurted out of her and hit my tonsils, and another thrust entered my mouth. I let it all run down my throat and then licked it deliciously clean. Now I had to hurry because Lana was ready now and she squirted everything down my throat as well. She pumped me even more, but I didn’t leave a drop. Now it was my turn. They pushed me onto the couch and knelt down next to me. On the way they somehow undressed me and so I was sitting completely naked on the couch.

Jesna quickly closed her lips around my cock and sucked my already stiff dick. Lana took care of my balls and massaged them with her tongue. Then she licked up to my cock and Jesna interrupted her blowjob. The two licked and spit on my long cock. Then I pulled Jesna to me and gave her a hot tongue kiss. Lana now had her lips pressed to my cock and sucked very well. She was even better than Jesna. I pulled her even higher and finally grabbed her hot breasts. Soon I had my face buried in them and was sucking on her protruding nipples. That was too much for me. I pumped all of my cream down Lana’s throat. She couldn’t swallow it all and some of it ran down her mouth. Somehow my eyes went black and I noticed that Jesna and Lana were licking my shaft clean. When I came to, they were gone. But they had licked a trail with my clothes that led to their bedroom. Once there, my cock quickly recovered. There, on the bed below her, was Lana and Jesna. They were sucking each other’s cocks, which were really sticking out again. I went behind Jesna, who stretched her ass far into the air. Slowly I pushed my stiff cock into her ass and she just said: “That’s why we wanted to see you again. That sounded good and then I immediately pushed in and rammed her hard. She quickly had an anal orgasm that forced me to stop thrusting. Her ass was wrapped tightly around my cock.

But then I pushed it in again. Jesna took a dildo out of the drawer and pushed it into Lana’s ass. Now Lana wanted to feel something real and knelt down. Jesna quickly lowered her stiff cock into Lana and fucked her. I quickly found Jesna’s hole again and put my cock back in. I rammed it in and she passed the thrusts to Lana. But Jesna closed an insensitive hole. Now it was too much for me and I had an anal orgasm which also made the cream pump out of my cock. Everything went into Jesna’s asshole. I pulled out but left the dildo in my ass. I immediately had a good idea how to revive my cock. I lay down next to Lana and she immediately started to suck my sleeping cock hard again. Just as it was getting hard, she interrupted her while she was coming with Jesna. The beautiful wet stream from both tails. They separated and we lay down in a circle. Lana grabbed my cock again and sucked it. I took care of Jesna’s sticky cock. It was soon erect again. I had to slow Lana down a bit because I had cracked pressure on my cock again. When I saw that her cock was hard again and even bigger than before, I knew that I needed it for my ass. I pulled the dildo out of my ass, turned Lana onto her back and sat on her.

The whole thing slowly disappeared in my ass. Jesna came over me and had a great idea. She put my cock between her tits, squeezed them tight and gave me a great tit fuck. But not for long, because then she sat on me and inserted my cock into her rosette. We quickly found the right pace and started fucking right away. Lana hugged us both and massaged Jesna’s cock, which bounced up and down over her. I hugged Jesna and massaged her hot tits again. Then I noticed that something happened to my ass. Lana was squirting juice into me, which I was doing to her as well, and I was spreading it all over Jesna. Jesna also squirted all over her belly and on her tits. We broke apart and started to clean Jesna’s front from the hot juice.