She had just finished putting makeup on me, so after I changed into my underwear and heels, she told me that was the last time I would see her. She was tired of helping a little girl like me. You look like a whore, was the last thing I heard before the door slammed behind her. So after she left, I sat down and did some thinking.

Agreed with myself that if I looked like a slut, I might as well be a slut and do something I’ve always dreamed of. Namely, to play Trans streetwalker. What was my goal? I wanted to get sucked off by the first guy I met. And for free. Nice, huh? All you have to do is dress up as a woman, of course I already had my Latina looks with me. Nice photo? 😁

So I went to the bathroom and gave myself two enemas, so I was completely clean in my tight ass pussy. Then I went into the bedroom and found an ultra short tight skirt + a tight lace blouse. Put it on, put the fake nails on and painted them bright red. Found a short leather jacket and ordered a taxi to pick me up.

While waiting for it to arrive, I put on my thigh-length patent leather boots with 12 cm stiletto heels. The taxi came and I went out to it. My journey as Trans streetwalker started. The driver smiled cheekily and whistled when he saw me. I asked to be taken to a sex shop, so I could buy condoms.

He couldn’t keep his fingers off my legs as we drove into town and to play with him a little, I leaned against him and put my hand down his crotch, lightly squeezing the growing bulge down there. It made him crazy. He started talking about how nice, naughty and sexy I was, and he made a piquant suggestion. I could avoid paying the $10.

Think about it, honey. And his hand moved further up.

Think about it, honey, he said as his hand moved further up my skirt. I felt my panties getting damp at the thought of his cock, which I could feel was big. I gave his cock a good squeeze, as a sign of my consent, while I nuzzled and licked his ear, because I was really turned on by the thought of his big cock in my mouth and how it would fill my mouth, with the lovely cum that I craved so much. Meanwhile, his hand had reached all the way up to my little G-string panties, which he immediately pulled aside so he could get to holding my semi-rigid wet pussy cock.

At that moment, I was glad the car had automatic transmission, so I was sure he wouldn’t let go of my own private gear stick, because it was really nice, the way he was fondling it. I want to taste your lovely cock – NOW, I said to the driver, and gave myself to biting his earlobe, as I opened his trouser button and let my hand slide down his underpants, down to his lovely cock and balls, which I squeezed lovingly and tenderly.

I spotted a parking lot near a large shopping mall and asked him to drive in, so I could really get into his pants and taste the lovely cock I had in my hand. He drove in and stopped at one of the lampposts, so there was light in the car. He screwed the back seat back, so he came to lie down.

I was such a horny streetwalker.

Meanwhile, I pulled his pants off, along with his underpants, and his big, stiff cock, practically popped out and rocked from side to side, in front of my red lips, which I parted and let slide down over his head. It was so thick I had trouble yawning over it, but when he put his hand on the back of my neck and pressed my head down over the cock, it slid all the way down my throat. When it couldn’t go any further, I saw that there were 7-8 centimeters of shaft left, which there was no room for.

This cock, I want it up my tight ass pussy, if I have to rape him, I thought as a shiver crept down my back and down to my ass. He started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth like it was a pussy. It was a wonderful sensation to feel the big cock slide out of my mouth and be hammered back in with great force and all the way down my throat.

With my fingers I started to suck his big heavy balls until I could feel it start to twitch in them. With a long-drawn-out moan, he let the lovely cum pump out of his cock and into my mouth, which was quickly filled, so I hurried to swallow the cum, for I didn’t want to let a single drop of the lovely juices go to waste. When he had no more in his balls, I licked him clean.

I handed him the lube

And it was still there. I handed him the lube and told him to lube my ass and get it ready for the ride of the century, which he proceeded to do, with great fervor. A few minutes later, I could feel him running 3 fingers around my hole, with no problem. I crawled over and sat on him, lifted the end, grabbed the cock and guided it on its way up inside me. Once he had the big cock head inside, I released the cock and slowly began to lower myself over the lovely cock. But he was the impatient type, so he grabbed my hips and, with a deep moan, hammered his cock up into me.

I felt like I was seeing both the sun and the stars as I felt the big cock violently fill my tight ass pussy to bursting point. He pushed me backwards until I was up against the steering wheel, my own cock sticking diagonally into the air. He smiled and gave my exposed dickhead a few pinches with his fingers. After 10 seconds, he began violently thrusting his big cock out and into my ass, while holding tightly onto my hips.

I could clearly feel that I was heading for a real anal orgasm, so to get the best, and most, out of it, I started throwing myself down over the lovely cock that was thrusting wildly out and into my cunt. Over the next 2 minutes the car was shaken well and truly and my self-sealing silicone breasts bounced up and down in my bra. And then suddenly I came. My ass contracted so hard you’d think it was going to cut off his cock, and my cum spurted out onto his chest.

After ½ minute, he grunted that he was about to come, so I jumped off him and got on my knees on the passenger seat and took the cock in my mouth again. I played on it for 3-4 seconds, after which he again filled my mouth with the lovely cum, and again I sucked it clean. Then I licked my own cum off his hairy chest, swallowed it and gave him a deep, wet and very long French kiss.