I met the group at the airport. I already knew some of them. So I gave out hugs to the ones I knew. When I got to the two unknowns, I was immediately attacked with hugs. “This is Sanne and Chloe,” said Graciella, my sister’s good friend. I think she was the one who had borrowed the villa from her rich grandfather or something.

We sat at a table and waited to board. “It’s great that you could fill in. We had another cancellation, so Chloe stepped in at the last minute.” My sister had taken a new job and had to change her vacation plans. “We will probably have to divide the rooms a little differently. Would you mind sharing with Chloe, Bjorn?” I smiled at Chloe and that’s when I realized that she was a tgirl.

You could not see it, but you could feel it. She was a small, slender woman with a beautiful face. Incredibly feminine. “Not at all. We’ll find out,” I got a warm smile back from Chloe. I already felt a mutual chemistry. We quickly got to know each other. We were supposed to hold the table while the other four went to the shops. “I only know Sanne,” she confided in me. “But I don’t know her,” I laughed. “Do you snore?” “Probably a little.” “Then we’ll make a good together,” I laughed. “I’ll just wake you up if it gets too much” “I hope not, that’s probably why I’m single” I laughed. “You have no problem sleeping with a man you just met?” “Yes, but not with you, you seem harmless,” a shy grin. “So boring?” I laughed, she smiled but clearly shook her head.

We were already talking quite well. We sat next to each other. I sat in the middle, Chloe at the window. “Will you hold my hand if we have to make an emergency landing?” I asked. “Uh, don’t say it, I’m not the best airline passenger.” “Sorry. We looked into each other’s eyes. It was nice that she smiled at me. “I’m a little unsure about this too,” she said, so that only I could hear it. “I want to get to know you better. If you feel the same way about me, I’ll be happy,” I said before the engines slowed down and conversation became impossible. I had to settle for a cautious smile. I felt it was time to shut up, so I did. I fell asleep pretty quickly, as I usually do on flights. I woke up just before landing. Chloe had come a long way with her novel. She smiled at me. Her hand smoothed my hair with a smile. It was nice to feel contact with this sweet woman. I smiled gratefully. The rest of the day went by. Graciella showed us around the villa after we all washed off the travel dust. Where to drink, shop, bathe etc. We ended the day with a nice dinner at a small cafe nearby.

The others looked at all the clothes racks they passed, I didn’t really want to, so I let them go, we were almost home anyway. I sat outside in the Southern European night with a single beer. Just relaxing by myself. I’m a bit introverted sometimes, so I enjoy moments alone. “Hi Bear,” it sounded behind me, I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder, it was Chloe. “Did you see that there is a double bed? Do you think we’ll share it?” She laughed and sat down across from me. I had seen the bed. “That wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen,” I said smiling. “No,… Not at all,” she said, smiling. “Who couldn’t use a big strong man in bed. We can lie arm in arm,” she had had a drink. “Would you like that? I don’t want to take any liberties.” “Well, aw. I was just thinking,” she laughed. “I’d like to hold you in my arms,” I said seriously. “It’s been a while since I’ve had one in my bed.””Hmm, you must be picky.”” I am, I guess I’ve had my time with casual sex. I’d rather have some quality.” “Am I ‘quality’?” “Yes, you are,” I said, looking into her eyes.

“You should know that I’m not – hmm – endowed as a woman. Just so you know.” I just looked at her and smiled. “Doesn’t that matter to you?” She continued. “I’ve tried sucking cock, if that’s what you want to know,” I laughed. “Oh,” she said, “so have I.” We laughed. “Well,” I said, “I want to dress like a woman. I’m not planning on having surgery. It doesn’t matter to me. As long as you find someone who is okay with it, they should be anyway.” “Of course. You seem very settled, so I guess that’s the right thing to do.” She nodded. “At least I’m going to bed. Would you like to come with me?” She asked. “I never thought you’d ask.” A few minutes later we were standing in our small bedroom. “Do you mind if I sleep naked?” I asked. “I was hoping you would,” she laughed. “Wow,” she said. “You’re a handsome man,” she said, looking at my cock with satisfaction. It is slightly above average.

“Thank you,” I said and lay down on the bed. “I don’t think I can keep my skin on,” she said, getting undressed. She was soon as naked as I was and lay down under the covers for me. The sight of the slender, hairless body burned me to the bone. It was delicious to lie next to another human being. The fact that it was someone so sweet and gentle almost made me happy. My cock began to move toward her. It was warm enough to lie without a blanket, so we quickly kicked it away. Once again I saw the small, delicate body that was hers. I couldn’t keep my hands away.

She was lying on her stomach very close to me, our bodies touching. I lay on my side and caressed her with a gentle flat hand. I ran it gently up over the small, hairless, firm ass, then down the back of the small, thin woman’s manicured skin. “I like it when you touch me,” she said. “You’re great to touch, what else do you like?” My hand had gone down behind my back again. I held it a little on my buttocks. “Right now I want everything as long as you’re so sweet and it’s with you. It’s naughty that I can feel your cock getting hard against my skin. As long as you know me, you never have to masturbate. I’ll run the show.” She laughed. I squeezed her buttocks.

“I like to masturbate otherwise” “You’ll like my treatment better,” She laughed. I leaned over her naked back and kissed it softly, feeling her perfumed scent.

I still had my hand on my ass. A finger fell gently into the crevice. I kissed again, this time a little lower. “You’re so beautiful,” I whispered softly. She turned slightly towards me. He put his arm around me and pulled me all the way in. Our mouths met in a long, hungry kiss. I could hardly get enough of my hand on that perfect ass. My cock was close to her lap. I could feel life down there. “I turn on your masculine softness like crazy. Your strong body, your secure arms, your naughty big cock, your sweet smile…” she whispered, “Let’s make love all night and sleep under a parasol tomorrow.” I suggested. “How,” she cooed, “It’s going to become a habit” She used her body to lay me on my back and she lay on top of my body lovingly.

My cock popped up between her legs.

She rubbed her perineum against it teasingly. Without me really noticing, she was soon sitting on top of me and my cock was way up inside her. I looked into her face. I watched as she enjoyed my hard cock inside her body. The expression on her face said everything about how much she enjoyed it. I was at rock bottom. It was rare that this happened. I don’t think any woman’s vagina could accommodate the length of my cock. “Just let me take care of it,” she said after I touched her male genitalia. I let go again. Instead, I stroked her torso, hips and neck. She really enjoyed it. I rubbed my cock against the good spot up inside her. She was nice and tight, so I got plenty of stimulation. But it was her own pleasure she was concentrating on. I love a partner who takes care of herself. She was good at that. It took a little while for her to just serve herself to me, but eventually she exploded. My hands soon knew every cell of her manicured body.

She concentrated intensely. I began to feel contractions around my shaft and hard spurts came out of her, stimulated. Almost all of them landed on my stomach. She sat and tasted the pleasure with her eyes closed. She still wiggled quietly. Lovingly she put her cheek on my outstretched hand. “That was great, really wonderful,” she opened her eyes and looked at me gratefully. Smiling, she looked down at the now cold blobs on my skin. “I practiced at home with a penis dummy. The real thing is much better,” she cooed, smiling. I was still buried deep inside her. “How are you going to be satisfied?

I’ve been known to take it down the throat, but I’m not quite used to your size. I’m not afraid to learn something new,” her smiling face said. She stuck out her tongue, making room for penetration, before smiling again. “Shall I wash it first?” I went to the bathroom, luckily meeting no one in the hallway. The house was still quiet. The girls were probably still out at the local meat market. I returned to our bedroom. Chloe was lying on the edge of the bed with her head hanging down. An invitation to just stick my cock deep into her open throat. It was amazing to feel how she was suffering from being blocked by air and gagged. I began to walk back and forth as her body wouldn’t budge.

Slowly but surely I could see her genitals erect again. She was very erect. Even though she had just arrived, she quickly became very aroused. I continued to fuck her throat until she pushed me away, slightly panicked from lack of air. She gasped for air a few times and invited my cock back down her throat. It was the naughtiest sex position I had ever tried. I was pounding. Hard like never before. At the same time I couldn’t come, I could go on and on. Only short pauses where she had to breathe properly. It took a long time to enjoy sex with her. In the end, her desire became a little restrained. “I just need a break. My throat hurts,” she gasped. I was violently biologically motivated, so I forced her onto her stomach and pressed my cock against her rear opening again. She almost screamed as his cock slowly disappeared back inside her. I

fucked her at a fast pace. I kept my hands on her shoulders and had my legs spread around her tight ass. She was clearly enjoying my masculine sex drive. I was blunt and ungentle. Thought only of my own desire. She accepted with a hunger for life. “Come inside me,” she moaned, teasingly tightening her pussy around my cock. I began to feel pain. She must feel the same. So I started to concentrate on my ejaculation. Chloe reached under her body and gently cupped my buttocks. It was wonderful to feel this attention while she was still contracting her sperm muscles. I couldn’t hold it back. I could feel the rhythmic contractions that indicated imminent release. I held my cock by the root. It filled well in her slender body.

She was still holding and I could now feel a fingertip massaging the root under the perineum. I ejaculated violently right after one of her fingertips slid relentlessly up my hole. It was insanely intense. Definitely the best ejaculation of all time. I moaned loudly and felt the hard spurts defile her fine, smooth end. I went a little further in the slippery. Milked the last drops out of my body before I slipped out of her with a jerk. “Fuck, that was great,” she laughed, “Great? That was great,” I said. We kissed gently. At that moment, I enjoyed one of life’s rare moments of total bliss. I took her demanding tongue in my mouth. I cuddled it a little with my own as I hugged her lovingly.

We went into the bathroom and freshened up a bit. The house was still quiet. The other girls had probably spread their legs for the local Latinas. I was happy that the holiday was still long, and lay down next to the naked body of my new love. When morning came, we got up early. We kissed for a long time and caressed the body that had not only been a wet dream. It was great. Eventually nature called, which meant the toilet and the coffee maker. We sat and enjoyed the quiet morning while the others arrived. “Did lying down together go well enough?” We were asked. It was Sanne, Chloe’s friend. “Yes, it went well. … Very nice.” I said, smiling, and looked at Chloe. “I had the best sex in years,” Chloe laughed and explained to her friend. “Me too,” she said. “It was so delicious. He had a huge…” she almost blushed. “Bear was more human,” Chloe laughed. “So,” I laughed, and she squeezed my hand. Sanne looked a bit envious. All morning we shared the excesses of the evening. It was a new experience for me, but I played along. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, especially me.