The apartment offered for rent in a quiet but central location was a stroke of luck for me, Trans Mike, 32 years old. It was only a good kilometer from my workplace. It was a 3-room apartment on the first floor of a 4-family house. During the visit, I was greeted by the landlord, a good 50 years old, stocky man, about 1.80 meters tall, very strong. He showed me the apartment and we quickly came to an agreement. By the way, it turned out that the landlord lived in the upper apartment of the house across the street. A few days later, I moved into the new apartment and was happy to finally be able to indulge my passion for women’s underwear.

I immediately attached a rubber dildo to the tiled wall of the spacious shower and fucked myself to my first orgasm in the new apartment. Then I put on black thigh-highs, an open bra and black platform pumps, a half-length red wig and slutty makeup. That’s how I enjoyed it, that’s how I wanted to live. Whenever I got home, I showered, rinsed and fucked myself in the shower and then styled myself. I used to walk around my apartment all slutty and thought it was great. A few weeks later, after work, I had “transformed” again and was walking through the apartment when the doorbell rang.

Of course I didn’t want to open the door in my costume, so I pretended not to be there. Again the doorbell rang, and then there was a hard knock at the door. Trembling inwardly, I stood behind the door, slutty, when a photo was pushed under the door: a photo of me, hornily dressed and made up. Unsettled, I opened the apartment door, which was immediately pushed open violently. My landlord entered and looked me up and down: “You’re a pig,” he said, “you need it. You need a master to rule over you and tell you what to do. You’re a little stupid cow. As he said this, he grabbed my nipples, which were pushed out of my open bra. I had turned red with shame, but under his treatment mine became stiff. The embarrassing situation made me horny! I finally replied submissively, “Yes, sir, I’m a stupid, horny sissy bitch. My landlord pulled my right hand to his hard cock.

Through the fabric of my pants I felt the thick, hard cock and moaned involuntarily. “That’s what you need, sissy bitch,” he said dryly. “Undress me,” came his next command, which I obeyed involuntarily. Shirt and undershirt flew to the side, revealing a broad, hairy chest, and another moan from me. Then I unbuckled the belt and pulled down my pants and underwear. As I did so, my landlord’s big, hard cock jumped out at me.

In this area my landlord was completely shaved, again horny moans from me: “Take it in your horny whore’s mouth, suck, blow my cock,” my landlord ordered. Well-behaved and submissive, I obeyed this order. But it was also a pleasure to kiss, suck, blow this thick, hard man’s cock. “Have you fucked yourself today, bitch”, my landlord asked, “yes sir”, I answered submissively, “I fucked myself with the rubber dildo”. That’s how it should be,” my landlord said, “you’re a good sissy bitch, obedient and always horny. Come up now. He pulled me up and close to him, he pressed his lips to my mouth and I willingly opened my lips for a French kiss. After the horny kiss, there was total confusion in my head, coupled with total horniness, he turned me around, slapped my strapped ass and ordered me to walk in front of him into the bedroom, “and wiggle your sweet ass nicely, sweetheart,” he commanded.

Again I obeyed and stomped into the bedroom in front of my landlord. And I made sure to wiggle my ass horny. Not only did I obey, I even offered myself to him! Kneel down on the bed like a dog,” my landlord ordered, “and tell me if you want to get fucked now, bitch. Yes, sir,” I replied obediently after I had moved into the desired position, “please, I want to be fucked. Please Lord, ride me. “The next thing I knew I felt my landlord’s strong hands on my hips and his hard man’s cock on my rosette and he was pushed into me, there he gave me a short break and when my landlord felt me pushing towards him he started fucking me.

With deep thrusts he fucked me through, which I acknowledged with horny moans. I don’t know how long he fucked me like that, but my dick, though untouched, was drooling a steady stream of cum on my sheet until my landlord squirted his load into my ass as well. “That’s what you needed,” my landlord said casually as he pulled away from me. “Yes, Lord, I needed that. Please, Lord, fuck me whenever you want, ride me and make me do whatever you want,” I begged. “Shall I make you my lawless and willless sow?” Yes, please, Lord, make me your lawless and willless sow, your lawless property,” I offered.

“Then I’ll fuck you regularly from now on. And I will train you according to my wishes. Later you will be introduced to other men,” my landlord, now my master, announced. For the next few weeks, my master visited me almost every day and went to get it for me. I received him always ready and dressed in lingerie. That’s how I learned about poppers. My master was just about to put his hard cock in my fuck mouth when he put a small bottle under my nose, held my nostril closed and ordered me to suck. I pulled and literally went away. The effect was immediate. “This is how I want you in the future, cunt,” I was instructed, “I want you with no will.” My master fucked me horny in the mouth, even up to my throat, then he pumped his hot cum into me to swallow. And I swallowed without will, horny.

“In the future you will always take poppers before I come to you. With poppers you will be even more willless and obedient. You’ll be my obedient popper pig,” my master ordered. Since then, I’ve been pulling poppers regularly before my master comes to me, but also in between. And the master has noticed that when I am verbally humiliated, I immediately get horny, even fall into a fucking paralysis. “You, get ready, I’ll come to you in an hour,” my landlord said on the phone, then the conversation was over and I started to get ready. I had already showered and rinsed, now I put on make-up, black thigh-highs, corsage with and pumps, then a blond wig. Then I waited for my master, pulling on my poppers. The doorbell rang, I pulled the poppers again and opened the door. My master entered, pulled me to him and kissed me horny, which I acknowledged with lustful moans. Then I walked in front of him into my bedroom, where my master quickly undressed.

I was sitting on the bed, my master turned to me and his hard cock was facing me. Horny as I am, I put my lips over my beloved man’s cock and began to suck my master. After a pleasurable while, he pulled his cock out of me, pushed me backwards, took my thighs over his arms and fucked me missionary style. The way he fucked me, my master had taken another Viagra. He kept driving his horny, hard cock in and out of my cock mare cunt. I love being fucked like that. “You stupid fucking pig, today you are really taken out,” my master moaned fucking, “today you will continue to be fucked and trained,” and he continued to fuck me. I moaned horny under his fuck thrusts and became even hornier under his verbal humiliations. Then the doorbell rang. My master pulled his cock out of me and just said, “Come on, open up, you fucker!” Totally horny, I got off the bed and stomped to the apartment door. My master followed me and I opened the door. There stood a man in his mid-50s, 5’10”, beefy build.

“Come in, Donald,” my master said to the man. “This is my hooker I told you about. And get undressed right away. The man entered, embraced my naked master, and then walked over to me and grabbed me. There you go, Thomas,” the visitor said to my master and began to undress, pulling a CD out of his pocket and putting it in my system. “Dance,” he ordered me. “And pull again,” my master ordered. I pulled out my poppers and began to move to the classical music. The visitor was now naked and his hard cock stood stiff in front of his belly. “Turn around, show us your hot ass and pull, you pig,” my master ordered. After a few minutes during which both gentlemen verbally put me down and repeatedly asked me to pull my poppers, they ordered me to my bed. “You first, I already had one,” my master offered.

“Then let’s go,” Mr. Donald ordered, “lie on your back on the bed, I want to kiss you horny when I fuck you, you fuck.” Obediently, I took the ordered position and submissively spread my thighs. Mr. Donald placed his hard cock on my rosette, squeezed and my sphincter gave way. The stiff cock was pushed completely into me, then the gentleman took my thighs over his arms, lay on top of me and kissed me, pushed his tongue into my mouth and flicked horny, which I answered horny-submissive. He also began to fuck my cunt. I could only moan with pleasure under this horny treatment, fuck thrusts into my insatiable cunt and a horny tongue in my mouth. Mr. Donald fucked me until he injected his cum into me moaning. After pulling his cock out of me, my master immediately came on top of me and continued the fuck without a pause. “You are mine,” he moaned, “you only do what I say, you. You’re mine, you’re mine.

“My master fucked me wonderfully and I moaned and rolled my eyes. drooled out of me in a steady stream. Then my master squirted his load into my cunt as well. But then Mr. Donald was back: “Turn around, kneel down. Now I want to take you. “I was totally fucked. Again my cock mare cunt was filled, then my fucker withdrew and I felt something else hard on my rosette. The gentleman pushed my plug into me, which I had forgotten on the bedroom sideboard. Afterwards I lay fucked, cum-filled, exhausted and happy on my bed, while the two gentlemen had made themselves comfortable in armchairs. They talked about me as if I wasn’t even there. “Put a collar on her and take the little piggy to the movies,” Mr. Donald suggested to my master. “I’ve already thought of that. A collar with an eyelet for a leash has already been ordered. There will also be small eyelets in which tiles with texts such as “whore, slut, fuck pig” etc. will be attached.

The text tiles are made for me by Jens, who is a jeweler. “Then my master turned to me: “Tell me, shall I train you, make you my own, you stupid bitch? Shall I train you to be a lawless and willless fucking pig, to make you a hooker?” Yes, Lord, please do this, Lord,” I surrendered to my Lord. “You stupid bitch, you brainless pig,” my master snapped at me, “answer the points listed. “Yes, Lord,” I answered submissively, “make me your own, your whore, and make me a bitch without rights or will, train me to do what you want, make me a whore, Lord. Do you want to buy me as a brainless pig?” my master continued. “Yes, sir,” I said resignedly, lowering my eyes, “I want to buy for you, too. “Show the little pig in your movie theater, Thomas,” Mr. Donald suggested, “have her walk through the club with her poppers pulled up in her underwear.” I’ve thought of that,” replied my master, “that’s what I have the theater for.

By the way, I learned that the gay movie theater on the parallel street belonged to my master. After a break, both gentlemen were ready and horny again and challenged me to another round. I got fucked extensively by both of them, then they were satisfied and I was exhausted, but happy and horny to have been fucked like that. For the next two weeks I was visited and fucked by my master almost every day, then he told me that the next day I should go to the movies in a slutty outfit and make up. I was to wear only a coat over my underwear, which I was to give to the cashier in the foyer of the movie theater, where I was to put on poppers and then go to the theater. My master had announced me to his colleague, so he was already waiting for me. I took off my coat, handed it to the cashier and pulled out the poppers I had brought in my hooker bag. “If you need anything else, let me know,” the cashier told me, showing me the supply of poppers in a refrigerator. I pulled again, put the bottle of poppers back in the hooker bag and stomped through the entrance of the movie theater.

In the dark I had to get my bearings for a moment, then I went to the bar where my master was already sitting. He pulled me to him and kissed me horny, then he put a black leather collar on me with the inscription “Property of Master Thomas M.”. And now walk a bit through the corridors, look around. Picking is allowed and you have to keep still. Fucking is possible. If someone wants to fuck you, he has to ask me, send him to me. There were already a few men in the rooms, sitting at the bar, in the booths, in the movie theater or wandering around. From time to time I felt hands on my body, mostly on my naked ass. The men smiled at me, but no one spoke to me, so I ran back to my master.

“Get on the dance floor, my darling,” my master ordered, “dance to the music, show yourself, offer yourself. You shall please the gentlemen. “I danced for a while, then my master decided that the visitors could not be motivated that day and decided that we would go to my house, which we did. At home, my master fucked me horny.

“I will make movies of you, how you offer yourself, how you do it yourself,” my master said to me. And now you’ll get hormones. I want you to be more feminine and you should get bigger hips”.