I was abroad again for work at a brewery. This time in Portugal, where I came across such a beautiful Trans Latina. She was from Brazil and was sitting at a table during a hot summer day. This was my first time with a shemale. I did get something out of it. The urge to keep in touch with a Trans, and that is the blonde Asian ladyboy in the picture.

I walk into a bar, look around and see a lovely and sexy blonde sitting at the bar smoking a cigarette. I go up to her and introduce myself, asking her name and if I can buy her a drink. She says yes and asks if I’m alone, to which I reply in the affirmative. She then asks me if I want and can afford a few hours of naughty, wild and flaming hot trans sex with her. To which I reply yes, after which she takes my hand and drags me out of the bar and to a taxi, where she instructs them to take us to such and such a hotel and as quickly as possible.

Wild and flaming hot Trans.

On the way there, she sits and rubs my cock through her pants while we tongue kiss and my hand is busy up under her short dress. She won’t spread her legs, though, so I can get to it better. Wait until later, she replies, when I ask her to spread her legs.

Once we arrive, we book into the hotel’s bridal suite and order a bottle of champagne at the same time. In the elevator up, she has a very hard time keeping her fingers off my cock. Finally, the elevator stops on the floor we’re getting off on. We practically run down the corridor to the room, lock ourselves in and immediately start getting undressed. Suddenly I see her standing there, wearing only a girdle, stockings, bra and the high heels. Slowly, she spreads her legs and her little, half-flaccid girl-dick falls down, swaying faintly.

Are you angry, she asks, looking deep into my eyes. I shake my head and walk over to her, kissing her softly on the lips and sinking to my knees, so I can suck on her naughty little girl’s cock, though it is quickly getting bigger and harder with my tongue play. She folds her fingers behind my neck and presses me gently against her, I take her little balls between my fingers and nuzzle them as I swallow her cock, letting a finger on the other hand, slowly slide up inside her.

She seems to like it, because she spreads her legs, so I can get in better. With a loud smack, I release her cock, turn her around, push her forward and spread her buttocks so I can get to licking her little brown clam, making her absolutely wild. She tries to get free, but I hold on to her hips and won’t let her go. I drill my tongue deep into her as she moans that she wants my cock. I take pity on her, stand up and open my pants, letting my big semi-rigid cock out, right in front of her face.

She grabs it as she looks deep into my eyes.

She grabs it as she looks deep into my eyes and without taking her eyes off me, she leans forward and puts those lovely red lips against the head of my cock. And then with a start, she sucks the cock into her mouth and swallows it almost to the root, still holding my gaze. Slowly, she starts rubbing back and forth on the cock, which quickly grows big and stiff in her mouth. With firm fingers, she nuzzles my taut balls, with the result that I can feel my cum starting to gush up from the balls, up the cock and heading for the crack, to then squirt out into her mouth.

I try to stop her, to pull back, but she just puts her teeth in and keeps the cock in her mouth. Her eyes let me know she wants to taste my cum and with a roar of pleasure, I let it pump out and into her mouth, filling it quickly, so much that it slowly runs out at the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

Then she starts to swallow the cum, still with my cock down her throat, I feel her swallowing movements gently squeezing the last drops out of the cock head. She pulls her head back a little and licks the cock clean. Then she picks up the cum that was running next to it with a finger and lets it slide into my mouth, where I suck on it like it was a small cock. I put my arms around her and lift her up in my arms and carry her to the bed, where I lay her down gently while we tongue kiss.

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