Here is the story that trans Amara told me with her words and that she wants to share, I have made sure in transcribing it not to distort her style and voice.

My name is Amara! I’m 20 years old, and I’ll talk about myself in the feminine, because even if I’m born as a boy, I’m now a sexy woman! With just a little bit of makeup and a skirt, I look like a very sexy Eurasian girl! Although in civilian life, I’m mostly taken for a girl : I’m 1m72 for 55 kg.

I live in the Paris area, in a nice two-room apartment with a lot of lights and I work in a beauty salon, quite trendy VIP. In my free time, I love to dress up, go out in the trendy clubs of Paris and hang out with the handsome guys! But I’m still selective, even demanding and very strict about good manners and hygiene!

For this year’s vacations and finally free from the restrictions of the Covid, with my girlfriend Sandra, a beautiful and buxom blonde that I had met at the salon when she was still living in the capital and who was still studying fashion, we decided to exchange our apartments for two weeks. I was really excited about the idea of this stay, especially since Sandra was now living in the south in a nice studio I had seen pictures of, right in the center of Aix-en-Provence!

But… It was too beautiful! But at the last moment, my friend’s landlord imposed some work in the bathroom which was becoming more than urgent ! So that’s how this beautiful dream fell through! Poor Sandra was so mortified that she kept apologizing, even though I kept telling her that it wasn’t her fault! So she suggested that I trust her and declared with conviction that she would find something cool for me, while assuming the cost of what it would cost!

Sandra was true to her word, and at the beginning of July, after a few hours by train and a connection by bus, I found myself in the small picturesque village of M….. It was a very small village of maybe a thousand inhabitants, in the middle of nowhere and about thirty kilometers from Aix en Provence!

The heart of this thousand-year-old hamlet with its narrow, flowery and clean streets seemed to me to be quiet… Even a little too quiet! As agreed with my girlfriend, it was there, at number 23 of the pedestrian street Seard, that Mr. R….. was waiting for me to give me the keys of the lodging which was destined to me, he was at this moment making me visit the place. This guy was horrible! About 55 years old, tall, skinny, with long and dirty hair, he was always touching my arm or shoulder with his toothless smile! His dark and vicious little eyes above his big eagle beak nose said that he was dying to jump me like an animal, on the green sofa of the living room! As a result, confused by his unhealthy fantasies, he would get confused in his words and become clumsy with his strong southern accent:

  • Here, Mademoi… Sorry, madam! I hope you’ll like it here, in any case if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me!

Yeah, the shack seemed acceptable, 30 square meters of stone wall on the first floor divided into three rooms that smelled a bit damp and musty, but it was cool and in contrast to the atrocious heat outside! I was amused by this creepy situation! I always loved to tease the starving like him, so innocently I did my little bitch! And as I walked with him through the bedroom door frame to discover the puppy/shower room, I made sure to rub my skinny-jean-clad ass against the naughty man’s cock! Bingo! The bastard had a hard-on right then and there like a Camargue bull!

As the owner was wearing thin blue Bermuda shorts, he couldn’t hide his erection, despite the efforts he was making in vain to hide with his hands the bulge in his crotch that was revealing quite an engine! It made me think of a pitched camping tent. Then, while pressing my black eyes lengthened with the long lashes that I accompanied of a naughty glance above its enormous excrescence, I said in a soft and sensual voice:

  • Um… Yes, of course! I like a little company in the evening to play cards… Or whatever! I might just call you one of these days if you’re ok!

The poor guy couldn’t take it anymore! Embarrassed to the extreme, trembling, sweating and scarlet red, he replied with difficulty while leaving with the most possible haste and more disturbed than ever:

  • Yes, yes… Count on me… When you want!

I was walking him home, once he had passed the threshold of the door, I was watching him through the big and only open window of my new home, this huge ugly guy in flip-flops was waddling on the cobblestones of the deserted street to go home as soon as possible, in order to jerk off like a madman thinking about me! I laughed too, imagining him drooling in front of his phone, desperate to wait for my call that he would never receive!

The next morning, after a good night’s sleep, through the dry, yellowing countryside of the Luberon, I was on my way to Aix, sitting inside a bus full of vacationers that included several elderly Dutch couples. Yes, it was a magnificent city, rich and bourgeois, with its fountains, its luxurious stores and its wide majestic avenues animated by a fauna of tourists coming from all over France and the whole world, the kind of small provincial Paris in short! I had even spotted a municipal policeman, tall, blond, strong, in his 30s, very virile with his gun hanging from his belt! His cock must have been long and wide, I was fantasizing about it in my pretty little tanned ball! But well… He was patrolling with three of his colleagues, along the underground parking of La Rotonde and in the middle of this moving crowd, he had not noticed me at all!

I repeated these visits to Aix during three mornings of the week, but the tour was quickly done, because it was not a huge city and the friends that Sandra had recommended to me were absent! Except Léo, a young guitarist with long hair, who met in a small bar located at the top of the Cours Mirabeau. I had found this poor guy nice, but without any interest and did not wish to see him again, despite his insistence.

As a result, it didn’t take me long to get really pissed off! I didn’t have a car and in the evening there was nothing to do in the place where I had landed, and when the afternoons in Provence were coming, the sun was throwing fire spears to burn the skin of an elephant! So, following the wise advice of a friendly old neighbor with a sweet and wrinkled face, in spite of other activities, I spent quite a bit of time by the river, which was already quite dry because of the heat wave that was raging all over the area. It was a pleasant and relatively cool place, thanks to the shade given by the rows of these gigantic plane trees, several hundred years old. In the morning, there were a few people, joggers obsessed by their runs and focused on the statistics given by the smartphones attached to their arms, and also people of all ages walking their dogs, but I was bored to see that most of them did not pick up the poop made by their four-legged companions!

But in the afternoon, there was almost nobody, sometimes there was a charming, polite and smiling couple of about twenty years old who strolled nonchalantly with a baby installed in a blue stroller, then for my greatest pleasure it regularly passed a rather handsome young man with thick golden hair. This handsome, tall, slim guy with a handsome face was walking a tall, thin, beige dog with straight ears, Malinois style. As I was getting more and more bored in this lost outback and I was really on fire, I jumped on this unexpected opportunity by starting to tease him with provocative and languorous glances!

He answered with a tense and embarrassed smile, but here is that at the third or fourth time that I crossed his path, a beautiful brunette with thick lips and eyes of deer appeared by approaching with sure and slow steps, by wriggling of the ass of her slutty step! She approached the guy and started to play with him with a tigress’ ardor, giving me a furtive and hostile look, as if she was marking her territory by indicating “private property”! Even if it would not prevent me from sleeping, after this small disappointment I began to miss Paris and the magnificent Apollos who were waiting for me there, in particular Camel a muscular and shaved redhead with a deadly tail!

But here is that after a week, this insipid vacation took a turn quite unexpected and surprises and sex!
To get to the river, you had to go along the bowling alley where almost every day about thirty guys, mostly old men, played pleasant games of pétanque, animated by “galéjades”, shouts and joyful arguments, high in colors and in raw vocabulary. With the desire to remain discreet and to avoid being noticed in the village, I had already made it a habit to dress soberly, in canvas pants or man shorts, with loose T-shirts, taking care to wear my hair tied up.

Despite this, going unnoticed in front of this bunch of idiots with an oyster IQ who never came out of their holes and moreover, warmed up by the lunchtime apéritif was a miracle! A foreigner was an event and a distraction for these backward country folk! So when I arrived near them, I avoided looking at them, but each time after my passage, I heard in my back muffled laughter and jokes in mid-voice, of which I imagined being the target!

As I was getting drunk from this stupid stay, I was also lacking patience! All this was beginning to annoy me deeply, and I did not intend to let myself be annoyed without reacting! So, the next day, determined to respond to provocation with provocation after these unpleasant moments of mockery, during which I had felt obliged to adopt a low profile, I put on my tight jean shorts, the one that would make a dead man hard and that highlighted my bulging buttocks with my beautiful tanned and waxed legs, I then put on a short and tight t-shirt, then in front of the mirror of the bathroom I made up lightly by taking care not to appear to whore but by accentuating a little, for a charm of which I held only the secret. After that, while observing me I congratulated myself, because the whole did not seem vulgar and I knew that with this half-wise half-nymph look, any of the most hardened of the heteros would crack in front of me for sure!

Around 3 pm, I passed again on the way to the boulevard, adopting a light and restrained gait, and this time I dared to observe the bowlers with a slightly cheeky look, accompanied by a restrained ironic smile! This sudden change of attitude aroused a sort of astonishment in them, followed by a silence of about ten seconds, even two or three teams had interrupted their games! In the middle of all these guys, I recognized my landlord, this big ugly guy I had met when I arrived here and who was still waiting for me to call him! Installed at the counter of the lively bar, he seemed embarrassed and did not look at me! In all discretion, with his glass of beer in his hand, he left the stool on which he was sitting, to flee from me!

Alas, this moment of glory did not last! Immediately after this small effect of surprise, it followed big bursts of laughter decorated with impudent and mocking whistles! On my side, I affected indifference and moved away from these primates, thinking cheerfully that the majority of these men only charred me because of the group phenomenon, in order not to appear stupid in front of the others and to act like the herd, in “the standards”! But I could see in the gleam of their lustful eyes that they were dreaming of their cocks in my mouth and in my ass!

I finally arrived on the small dirt path along the dry banks of the river and as often at this hour, it was the total desert. After having passed the big plane trees, I settled down at my favorite corner. It was an old bench made of rusty green scrap metal, overgrown with tall yellow grass and surrounded by brush, a corner forgotten or neglected by the municipal employees. What a pity, because this mini-open space, almost always shaded and out of sight, was perfect for picnics or small outdoor meetings: I would spend hours glued to my phone, listening to music on You Tube or watching a movie on the Netfix application. From time to time, I would move three meters away and go wet myself at the thin stream of fresh water that was left from this large stream in great danger, because of the lack of rain!

It was just then as I was spraying my face and neck that I heard a faint stealthy noise coming from the thick bushes to the right of the bench! I was afraid it was an animal, like a thirsty boar coming down from the surrounding hills! But another thing bothered me, for two or three days, I had the pure feeling and the unpleasant impression to be spied by intermittent! I had to be sure! In spite of my apprehension, I walked towards the grove with growing tension and ready to run away, depending on what I was facing! I gathered my courage by taking a deep breath and I pushed aside a bushy branch with a sharp gesture, to come face to face with an old man who was hastily finishing to pull up his shorts!

I recognized this old man of at least 80 years, he joined from time to time the group of the bowlers and was not the last one to laugh and to make fun of me when he saw me passing, but at the present moment he was not as much the malignant one as in company of his buddies, the bastard!

This old man of mediocre height that the others called Jules according to my memories was fat, ponderous, with a prominent belly that protruded from his grey tank top of a doubtful cleanliness! The head was even worse than the body!

Under a grandfather’s cap, I could see with great repulsion a fat, red face, with coarse features that sweated because of the heat and the emotion, the right eye had to remain permanently closed and his grotesque nose, above a big moustache yellowed by tobacco appeared like a giant strawberry pitted with black holes! This disgusting creature really represented the definition of “cure for love!”
Once the effect of stupor due to this incongruous face-to-face was over, I questioned the spy in a sharp and shocked tone:

  • But… What are you doing hiding there?

It wasn’t difficult to understand what this old pig was up to, before I unmasked him! Besides, he appeared dead ashamed and continued to clutch feverishly with disordered gestures, while stammering with a big insecure voice accompanied by a pronounced accent of southern peasant:

  • I… I was looking for a place to pee in peace! But I finished, I leave! Goodbye little one, I leave you alone!

The depraved grandpa started to walk away with quick steps, trying to hide the imposing swelling of his crotch, but big deal! He wouldn’t get away with this blunder so easily! I was in a position of strength and it was necessary to recognize it, I wanted to make him pay a little for the times when he had made fun of me at the ball game! So I shouted at him with insolence and no filter:

  • In fact, you were in the process of polishing your leek while watching me! Eh, you old rascal! I think that your friends would laugh if they knew that! No ?

The guy stopped dead in his tracks and looked frightened all of a sudden, my words had petrified him! He looked around with his one eye, so afraid that he would be caught in such a compromising situation with me! Then, now, he begged:

  • No, no, little one, what are you going to imagine? It’s… It’s a misunderstanding! You… You won’t tell the village, will you? I’ll give you some money ! How much do you want? I’ll give it to you later! But don’t tell anyone!

I was winning! Satisfied, while keeping silent, I threw a mischievous look at the old man’s sex, who hadn’t had time to get hard, and was thinking about what to do now. I wasn’t venal or profiteer, even if I loved playing with people! So, I decided once again to be a little bitch and to tease this old pervert, while scaring him in order to learn a lesson! So, I took back the sure and clear voice, by fixing my victim in the yellow of his unique eye:

  • Forget about the money, I’m not interested in that! I won’t say anything, but on one condition!

The other one completely decomposed asked:

  • What? What do you want then?

I announced the deal, with all simplicity:

  • Show me your cock here and now, and we’ll forget everything!

The poor bastard seemed to have taken a huge blow! He didn’t know where he was anymore! So much so that I was afraid that he would die in front of me, of a heart attack! The events were overtaking him, he was trembling and replied fearfully in a breath, pointing to my phone that I was holding:

  • But… Are you sure you want this? You’re not going to take a picture of me with your thing, are you?

I reassured him by laughing and dragged him towards my place, taking his hand:

  • Don’t be afraid, it’s not my style! Follow me!

Now the old fart was standing straight in front of the bench in front of me, two meters away! He was thinking like crazy and still couldn’t get comfortable! As far as I was concerned, I was passing a milestone too, because even if I had abused the patience of many males, I had never gone so far in provocation, nevertheless I didn’t show anything to this idiot and even simulated impatience, by not letting him out of my sight:

  • So? We’re not going to spend the night there! Go ahead, show me your dick, or I’ll tell everything and I’ll say that you tried to rape me!

The old man, feeling trapped, hesitated again and let ten seconds pass before deciding! Then not being able to evade anymore, he finally capitulated by lowering his shorts and his underwear all rotten up to the knees! It was at this precise moment that everything became irrational and that I let myself be caught at my own game! Because I discovered the biggest and longest dick I had ever seen, until that moment! This fat, slimy, decrepit fuck had the treasure of being equipped by nature with a real donkey’s boner, all purplish and decorated with prominent veins! From the looks of it, I estimated it to be more than 25 cm long, with the diameter of a toilet paper box!

I was disillusioned, because the first idea of what was supposed to be a little joke was to make the old man pull down his pants and laugh at him, and then leave him hanging there with his pecker hanging out… Nothing more! But here I was, surprisingly, approaching him until I was almost on top of him, then without thinking, with my right hand I grabbed his huge rock-hard cock and started to jerk it off in a moderate and regular rhythm. I couldn’t believe how fit someone could be at this advanced age! You’d think that old bastard was on Viagra, because he had a hard-on like a deer!

At the beginning, Mr. Jules remained immobile like a statue, so much he did not understand what happened to him! But it did not last, very quickly he started to grope my ass with his big firm and vicious hands, I would add that he did not miss stimulation, because while continuing to masturbate him I had started to play him like a madwoman! Nothing was normal anymore, I, usually so difficult and selective, here I was offering myself like a whore to this musty old man!

This rough and frustrated redneck smelled of garlic, sweat and pastis, and yet instead of it disgusting me, the opposite was happening, it was exciting me to the point that my crack was wet as a fountain! Then, all of a sudden I felt myself squeezed with brutality, I thought for a second that Grandpa was going to take me by force! But it was just his brain that was giving out, he had grabbed me by the hips and started to rub his sex against my buttocks like an animal! As the satyr was losing all control of himself and I was afraid he was going to hurt me, I pushed him away gently, whispering in a soft and suave voice:

  • Easy, easy, Mr. Jules! Calm down! I’m still going to do you a lot of good, but you have to let me!

This promise had calmed the animal ardor of this sweat-soaked and stinking bastard more than ever! To satisfy him, I took a sponge towel out of my backpack, folded it, placed it on the floor at Jules’ feet and knelt down in front of him. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that huge shaft, his glans was as big as a ping-pong ball! But first I had to clean him up, so I ran my tongue over the precise space between the glans and the penis, to remove the white deposits that tasted like piss and goat cheese that had been fermenting there since I don’t know when! Before this operation would have made me vomit, but at this moment, I was only enjoying tasting and breathing the strong taste and smell of the dominant male! Then, I started to suck him gently then with more and more voluptuousness and faster as much as I could take in the bottom of my throat, I was taking off my uvula! The ancestor was among the angels and grunted from time to time, caressing my head hard:

  • Oh that it is good! Don’t stop!

I was pumping him like that for a while, but the old man was slow to cum and my jaw was starting to hurt, from struggling on this exceptionally large cock! But suddenly, my old lover pulled me up firmly by the hair and ordered me in a categorical tone, pronounced in a strange and rough voice:

  • Come on, get naked quickly! I’m going to put my girlscock deep in your ass!

The old pervert was going crazy again! He was sweating all he could, panting, and his eyeballs were no longer human! He had become a beast… And I had contributed to that! On my side, I hadn’t even considered that it would come to this! I was hoping to conclude these romps by emptying Mr. Jules in my mouth! I told him my opinion:

  • But… This is not the place, we could be surprised, people are going out again at this hour!

The horny and uninhibited old bastard showed his displeasure and replied:

  • You little prick! Don’t do this to me, I can’t take it anymore! Anyway, there’s no one there and you’re young, you’ll hear if anyone comes! And then, slut and whore as you are, don’t tell me that you don’t want me to fuck you ! ?

I had to be careful, Jules was becoming aggressive and insulting! But I couldn’t blame him, because even if he was the first culprit, it was really me who had provoked this situation, and now I had to assume that I was losing in this perverse game, in which I had lost myself! Moreover, to see in the bestial state in which I had put him, I was certain that in case of refusal of my part he would rape me and would violate me! No thanks! I really didn’t want to get into the kind of story, police, court etc. Then the old man was right, deep inside I was dying to feel his huge cock explode in my ass! Even though looking at that thing, I was afraid it would cause me to tear my rectum! I thought about how to get out of it, then smiling at the patriarch, I proposed in all sincerity:

  • Okay, Mr. Jules, let’s do it! And it’s true that I really want you too! However, you have to promise to let me do it my way and that you won’t hurt me, OK for you?

This consent bore fruit and soothed the old man, still in mega erection! I glanced behind the bushes to make sure we were still absolutely alone, then I took off my tight T-shirt and shorts, to find myself in a white thong in front of the fat, drooling bastard who, seeing my tanned, perfect chick body, but without the breasts, gave in to the temptation to throw himself on me! He stuck me against his old leather and started to rub himself by licking my face and neck, while grunting like a boar! Before he raped me, I would call him back to his promises by laughing!
The animal would give me a brief respite, but by its jerky breathing I knew it wouldn’t last! Then, I hurried to take out of my bag, the bottle of sun oil bought the day before and which would be used on this occasion as lubricant! Before the other one became crazy again, I warned him with a rest of timid firmness and uncertain solemnity:

  • You’re really going to have a blast fucking me and I’m going to enjoy it too! I just ask you to stay zen and be patient for a few minutes! But I’m warning you, if you ever lose your temper again, I’ll run away and you’ll have to finish by hand! Do we do it like that, or not?

He, annoyed and overwhelmed by my juns vocabulary replied, with the fear that I would escape his big predator claws:

  • Good, good, of agreement small you do not go away! I am waiting! But go quickly, I can’t take it anymore!

I approached the beast with my index finger on his mouth so that he remains manageable and again on my knees in front of him, I coated his phallus, which had become gigantic and all purple, with oil! Then, after having lubricated my anal pussy, I explained to Jules how to fist me. Despite his limited intelligence, he understood quickly! After a minute, he had already inserted four of his pudgy fingers into my ass and it was wriggling with this delicious back and forth! When I finally felt psychologically and physically ready to welcome this dinosaur cock inside me, I leaned against the back of the bench, offering my arched rump to the old sex maniac!

Immediately and always with his usual delicacy, the old man tried to fuck me right away! He rushed behind me, brought his big gelatinous belly up to the top of my buttocks and tried to penetrate me with small instinctive thrusts. But as he was smaller than me, his device could not adjust to my hole: the right doggy style position was not the best adapted, to realize the coupling! Moreover, after a few tries like that in vain, he started to get angry again and that didn’t make things better! In short… It didn’t work! It was necessary to proceed differently!

As for sex, I had more experience than this old peasant who had not fucked more than one or two women in his life, in view of his repulsive aspect, I suggested him to sit on the bench and to let me do it. Then the anus thus well worked and dilated, I placed myself astride him by directing the incredible penis in the direction of my anal pussy! So that this cock does not explode my organs, I let it slide slowly in me and while impaling me gently on my cock, I made him deep and dirty tongues! It was ecstasy, the old man had pushed his otherworldly cock into my balls!

I could feel it deep in my belly, so deep that I thought it would come out of my mouth! He held me firmly by the hips with his big hands and made me jump on him, ramming me without mercy, like a low-class whore: I was used to being treated like a princess, with respect and consideration, but I had become the bitch of this old rascal and I loved it! This abject being of an extreme ugliness had awakened unavowed desires in me, never even with the most beautiful kid I had given myself like that, I felt at this moment like my master who could demand everything from me, whereas nobody had ever had the upper hand in a relationship whatever it was, on the contrary I had always made people suffer and there, everything was turned upside down!

The old man fucked me again and again, but always the same: I had the time to cum three times and he still didn’t come! And after a while, my ass was burning so much that I withdrew from his big sex, thinking that Jules had really taken a stimulant, because I could see that he was exhausted and yet he had a harder hard-on than ever, while still finding the strength to reply:

  • Why are you pulling out like that?

Exhausted, I admitted to myself:

  • I can’t take it anymore! I have the ass in compote, I am going to take again you in mouth to finish!

The vigorous old man did not protest! So the ball exploded, but with the jaw less painful, I put myself again on my knees in front of the old male in rut to finish him by sucking him once again, hoping well that he would cum in his turn!

I had been pumping this tireless stinger for two or three minutes, but I had had enough and my mandibles were throbbing again! When finally, I felt this big pig stiffen and raise his eye to the sky! I had to take advantage of this opportunity! So, I pressed my fingertips, embedding my nails on his fat, flabby thighs, which suddenly unleashed an impressive stream of hot, thick, long-awaited cum into my mouth! He had quite a supply in stock the bastard, surely due to a long abstinence! I was greedily swallowing the juice that was spurting out of Mr. Jules’ balls, but it was still coming out! So, I started to jerk off this inexhaustible cock and finished by flooding my face and torso, staring into the eyes of this old mentor of the moment with an intense look of submissive slut! Then, with my hands, I spread this sticky sperm by concluding these sordid frolics!

The following day which followed this exceptional part of intense fuck with the big vicious man, I had not left the apartment, so much my broken ass prevented me from walking right! I felt dismantled from the anus to the mouth, with in bonus of the bruises on the arms and the hips made by the powerful hands of Mr. Jules, when he tringlait me like a vulgar whore! But I didn’t regret anything, on the contrary, I had never had so much fun! Also, during the week which remained of my stay here, I saw again and again my old rustic lover and knew now, the secret of his in spite of his age! But of that, I will speak in another part!