This is a real story that happened. Only now have I found the courage to put it on paper because sometimes I still can’t believe it really happened. Read my “Thai Hotties Massage”

I work as a purchaser for a Belgian company and for this I had to go to Bangkok, Thailand for two weeks at the end of May 2019. My girlfriend, who works in the same company as me, had been here before, and told me that there were a lot of nice clubs there and that the Thai girls loved Westerners.

When it comes to sex, we have always been very open-minded.

When it comes to sex, we have always been very open-minded, nothing is too crazy for us, so I didn’t find it strange when she said she had a surprise for me. She had arranged a ‘special massage’ for me in a club in Bangkok, called ‘Thai Hotties’. I didn’t have to do anything, everything was already arranged, and everything was already paid for.

Nice present, I thought to myself. Whether she herself had already used the ‘services’ of the club, she left me in the dark about that… Anyway, if I went on that Tuesday evening in May, and asked for ‘the special massage with Lady T’, I would be ‘taken care of’… Hmm, that seemed like a good idea…. exciting… So I eagerly accepted her surprise. Oh yes, I am Stan, I am 38 years old, have half-long brown hair, green eyes, weigh 82 kg and measure 1.85 m.

I was standing in front of the Thai Hotties club.

After spending almost a week in Bangkok, and actually working quite hard, it was time for some relaxation. On Tuesday evening at 10 pm I was standing in front of the Thai Hotties club.

Nothing drew my attention, it looked like an ordinary club… I went in and there was a beautiful Thai girl dancing on a small stage. About twelve men, almost all Westerners by the looks of it, were gawking at her…. She had nice breasts and at the end of the song, some local Thai hit song, she took off her shorts, showed her pussy and went off stage hip-swinging…. I was sitting behind her, so I couldn’t see her box, but the reactions of men and also women told me that also her box was probably worth it…

When I asked the bartender if there were any special shows, he didn’t seem to understand what I was talking about and referred me to the manager… When I asked the manager the same question, he also looked at me uncomprehendingly, but when I said I was her for the special massage with Lady T, he suddenly started nodding, gave me a big fat wink and told me to be on the second floor…

On the second floor, I open the door and enter some kind of changing room. ‘Please undress and use towel’, it says on a sign. At this point I have no idea what to expect. Is this a massage parlor or a brothel, no idea. Under the sign, there is another sign…. ‘Please open door if ready you are ready”, with an arrow pointing to another door…. Pretty funny, that Thai English…. All very weird, but well, he who does not dare….

When I open the door I see a nice modern room, decorated with mirrors. In the middle is a very modern massage table with a sort of control panel next to it with quite a few buttons. They are surprisingly up to date here, it seems. Please make yourself comfortable, lie down on the table’, it says on a sign and so I do.

I lie down on my back, covered only by the white towel. The entire ceiling and also almost all the walls are covered with mirrors and I see myself in at least six of them, and each time from a different angle… Could be fun, I think…

Another minute or three later, the door opens and a stunningly beautiful Thai woman enters, super feminine…. She is wearing a short skirt, a good bit above her knees, high-heeled boots and a tight-fitting top. By Thai standards she is quite tall and she introduces herself as Elena. Her breasts look very firm and I can see her nipples poking through her sweatshirt, she clearly has no bra on and has a very nice figure.

She speaks good English and asks if I would mind if a young intern assisted her. This one is still in training… No, of course I don’t mind. On the contrary, the more the merrier…. She presses a button, says something into a sort of intercom and a minute or so later, the door opens and a Thai girl enters, visibly shy.

She too has a perfect figure, though smaller breasts, a very small ass, also dressed in a mini skirt, but super short, to just above her buttocks. She has very beautiful, very long raven black hair and she too is super feminine. I estimate her to be no more than 18, although that’s hard to tell with a girl from another culture. The girl is introduced as Belle.

Elena looks at me for a moment.

Elena looks at me for a moment, says if I know what is going on in this club and if I am ready for it. I say that I don’t know anything, but that she can surprise me and that my friend has arranged everything…. Apparently the manager has already spoken to her, because she smiles mysteriously and says nothing. Then she asks Belle to pull the towel away… and she does as she is asked… Seeing that I was only covered by the towel, I now lie completely naked on my back.

Elena looks approvingly at my penis which – I can’t stop it – rises and slowly gets stiff. It’s not every day I get to be looked at naked by two very beautiful women. ‘Look, he is getting hard,’ Elena says to Belle as if I were not there. This comment causes me to get rock hard in no time….

Then nothing happens for a while and both women watch penis getting harder and harder…. ‘You have a big, beautiful penis’, she says approvingly and I say ‘thank you’. Young Belle can’t take her eyes off my genitals and when I make a comment about it, Elena says this is the first time she’s seen a naked man…

Then Elena takes some kind of massage oil, rubs it warmly in her hands and starts massaging me. It won’t be an ordinary massage, because after only a minute or two she shifts towards my thighs and crotch.

My balls are now being kneaded.

My balls are now being kneaded, but my penis is left untouched I can see a drop of pre-cum slowly emerging…. As Elena tirelessly kneads my legs, chest, and especially my balls, Belle watches breathlessly Her breathing becomes more agitated and her face red…. Finally Elena gets to my cock…. She kneads it, gently pulls it off and I begin to moan. Then she lets go again. Now it’s my balls again… Then my penis again… It’s wonderful. I’m not gonna last long… ‘I’m gonna make you come’, she says without any emotion in her voice. ‘So are you sure?, you want the special treatment’, she asks and I nod affirmatively. Then she takes out some black velvet ribbons which she ties around my wrists without much delay, and my ankles also undergo the same treatment. Before I know it, I am tied, both to my wrists and ankles. The ends are attached to some sort of small pulleys hanging from the walls. Now I’m pretty kinky, but I’m starting to get a little worried….

Elena leans over to the control panel, presses some buttons and the pulleys tighten so that my hands and also my legs are pulled apart. Meanwhile, the beautiful and exciting Elena is constantly masturbating me…. It is a wonderful feeling to be pulled off in such a tied way. I concentrate on the feeling and soon all I feel is my penis, being gently jerked off…. Just like I am one big penis…. Elena asks if she can take off her sweatshirt and soon two firm breasts appear. Her nipples are rock hard and very large…. She pulls me off again, her breasts swaying before my eyes and I feel that I won’t be able to keep this up for long…. She’s really milking me now and I don’t hold back anymore and enjoy her soft hands around my cock and the mighty sight of her two big globes…. Then suddenly she stops and again she presses a button….

My legs are now spread wide open.

My legs are now spread wide open, but now they are also pulled back so that my buttocks go higher. In one of the mirrors I see that they now have a great view of my cock, my balls, but especially my buttocks and hole…. She comes to the headboard and offers me her breasts. ‘Please suck my titties,’ she asks me. I suck her nipples, first one breast then the other. I do it for a long time and I feel her relax and offer me her breasts. She is sensitive and begins to moan. Young Belle is watching closely and I can see that her nipples are getting harder too and she occasionally passes her lips with her tongue.

Elena’s teats are now inch-thick. She wants to give me pleasure again. ‘Let me lick your ass,’ she says and before I can respond, I feel the tip of her tongue against my hole. She sighs as she tastes me and experienced as she is, she knows how to find all my sensitive spots. My cock is dripping with pre-cum in the meantime. With her tongue she licks me wide open. I am very sensitive in my anus, something my girlfriend discovered before. I widen my legs and Elena’s tongue goes deeper and deeper….

Then all at once she presses a well-oiled finger into my hole…. I don’t have time to react and before I know it, her finger is an inch or two inside me…. My anus contracts and tightens around her finger, but her finger is well-oiled…. She gently moves forward, backward, forward, backward, and pleasure takes over her finger is now all the way inside me…. she is now gently fingering me in my ass. I have no desire to go against her and I surrender…. start moaning louder and louder, her finger explores me all over, she keeps pouring oil all over me and I open up completely…. a second finger enters me and harder and harder she begins to fuck me now, with two fingers my cock is swaying, dripping with pre-cum, I want to be pulled off, want to be sucked off, want to cum…. and again and again I see in various mirrors her fingers disappearing into my hole…. ‘masturbate me, suck me’, I hear myself say, but I am only fucked by her fingers….

Then suddenly it stops and I come to myself for a moment… Only now I see that Belle has also taken off her top and is standing in her bare breasts, quite small, but also her nipples are standing proudly erect… She looks breathlessly at my cock which is now losing a large amount of pre-cum. ‘Do you want to see me naked?’, Elena asks and of course I nod yes… She turns around, drops her skirt, I see a perfect ass… Very slowly she turns around… and then I see her stiff penis… I

t’s a ladyboy, she has a penis!, it shoots through my head, but she pays no heed to my surprise, strokes herself even stiffer, takes massage oil and rubs her cock with it….

For a moment it is very confusing and I can hardly believe that such a super-feminine being has a penis. Yet the picture is completely right: a perfect body, beautiful full tits and some extra between her legs. I know what to expect, I can hardly believe it and want some time to think about it. I say ‘no, no wait a little bit’, but she smiles, ignoring me and comes with her cock right up against my hole. She is completely shaved except for a small landing strip above her cock and I estimate her penis at about 15 centimeter

Now she puts her penis against my hole.

Now she puts her penis against my hole, just in the right place… She looks at me expectantly. I can’t go any further. No fingers now, just the pressure of a glowing hot rod. She moves slowly but surely, the pressure slowly increases and I feel myself, all lubricated, opening up… Her penis slides in. ‘Yes, baby, that’s it, nice and slow,’ she says. ‘I’m going to get fucked, I’m going to get fucked’, I think… and the cock of the beautful cathoey slides deeper inside… My oiled up hole is no match for the hard wet pole that slowly fills me.

‘No, no, don’t,’ I try for a moment, but my body and resistance have long since given up. ‘Relax, let yourself go, let me be your first to give you my milk’ ‘Don’t worry, all the girls here are tested’, she adds. She increases the pressure and her pole now slides in inch by inch and I am completely filled with her flesh.

I can’t help but relax and let myself be taken…. In my head I make the click and the knowledge that I will be taken by a hard, hot pole for the first time in my life almost drives me crazy. I feel the pressure increase, my hole opens up further and I feel her come deeper and deeper…. over and over again, she does it very gently, occasionally sliding back for a moment and then further… until suddenly she is up to her balls in me. My ass is now filled with 15 centimeters of cock. She stays put for a while, pain is long gone….

An irrepressible pleasure has taken its place…. ‘First I fucked your girlfriend’s ass, now I’m gonna fuck you,’ Elena says and these words drive me crazy.

‘Oh yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me,’ I hear myself say and the shemale pulls out and then thrusts deep into my anus all at once, over and over, first slowly and gently, then deeper and harder. I emit unrecognizable noises, my cock is so hard and big drops of pre-cum leak down…

Elena now begins to think of her own pleasure.

Elena now begins to think of her own pleasure as well and also begins to emit sounds… ‘Let me give you my milk’, she repeats up to ten times and she is now slowly fucking herself into my narrow hole…. the pleasure is overwhelming and I start to roar… In the mirror diagonally above me I see her cock going in and out of my anus…. deeper and deeper it disappears inside me, I have never been so filled…. ‘fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck me harder, fuck me like a real man’ I hear myself say and in a hard rhythm I am fucked further…. the lapping of the cock in my ass is now audible, along with the increasingly louder moans of two people fucking each other…. This goes on for about five minutes, I’m going completely crazy, surrendering completely….

Elena now slows down the rhythm and only goes into me with her top more, still the pleasure remains overwhelming. ‘Suck Belle’, she says and as I turn my head I see Belle’s much smaller cock, staring shyly in my direction. She may be shy, but her cock is rock hard too and somewhat hesitantly she comes closer. What the heck, I long for her cock and open my mouth. Belle comes closer and gives me what I want. For the first time I taste a cock and it tastes delicious.

Elena pulls back and watches as I suck Belle’s penis. Then Elena gets behind Belle and pushes her ass so much that I can’t help but take Belle better. Soon the pleasure wins over her embarrassment and Belle begins to moan and groan. ‘It’s the first time, she is sucked by a man,’ Elena says and I sense that it won’t be long before Belle unloads her load. Belle begins to moan and thrust louder and louder and then I feel her penis cramp and a hot load of horny cum fills my mouth. Belle unloads her first load into a man’s mouth. And I swallow it all. Both Elena and Belle leave the room shortly after, leaving me alone.

This goes on for about two or three minutes until suddenly now, much closer to my head, I see Elena’s cock. She has taken the time to wash herself and up close I can see the veins of her beautiful cock, a lot bigger than young Belle’s. The musky scent of her pre-cum does the rest, oh, how good she smells.

‘I think you need more’, she says…. ‘Your girlfriend did’… ‘I want the same’, I say and Elena pushes her penis forward and I willingly open my mouth. Elena is much more experienced than young Belle and knows what she wants. She also thrusts much deeper into my mouth and holds my head tightly as she fucks herself. Still, this too is very exciting. And as I suck her and Elena thrusts her penis into my mouth, I suddenly feel a pressure on my hole increase again….

I surrender… my hole opens immediately and I welcome the intruder now and push my buttocks back…. Belle too apparently wants to take me.

But, oh, no, what is happening?

But, oh, no, what is happening? This one is much thicker, too thick, no, I can’t have this one, but the pressure increases, the oil does the rest and I feel myself opening up again…

Only then do I look in the mirror and it’s a ladyboy I didn’t know until now…. She has blonde hair, but she too has Asian features. She too is very attractive and again super feminine. Her breasts almost pop out of her bra. She is naked underneath and her cock is clearly much thicker…. I’m going to rip, no, I’m going to open and now it’s me moving my ass, it’s me fucking, she doesn’t do anything but exerts the right pressure, I can’t move anymore…

I move my buttocks and fuck her…. I look at her, she is also completely naked, I feel how she is getting excited and also her cock is getting stiffer, she looks at my buttocks that swallow her cock again and again…. I’m all crazy, going crazy and Elena’s cock in my mouth is also getting hotter and hotter in the meantime.

I’m being taken from two sides now…. what is happening to me? Never before have I had a cock in my ass, never before have I had a cock in my mouth and now here I am, wide open, a cock in my ass and a cock in my mouth…. and like a well-oiled machine I’m being used. The two cocks are rock hard and my own cock is dripping pre-cum… oh, it’s lovely, it’s lovely, two cocks are fucking me, two big cocks are fucking me…. but I want to cum, I want to squirt….

The cock in my mouth keeps fucking me.

The cock in my mouth keeps fucking me, the cock in my ass keeps screwing me, it’s not only thicker, it keeps coming, deeper and deeper… ‘Take it all, take it all’, she keeps repeating… she loses herself and keeps pressing, harder and harder now… Elena and the other shemale, I never knew her name, can’t hold back now either and the blonde bares her breasts now, they are beautiful and a moment later both women caress their breasts and their inch-thick nipples while losing themselves in an ever louder moan. And also Belle has come back in and is now jacking off while watching the spectacle. Meanwhile, my cock keeps losing pre-cum. it’s getting too much for me, much and much too much….

Suddenly I feel the balls of the black haired beauty taking me, finally. I can see her thick cock now going out and into me, it seems to be 20 centimeters long and the balls hitting my ass excite me even more. She seems to have completely lost it now and is concentrating on her own pleasure.

‘Suck me, suck me,’ I ask Belle and Elena gives her consent… As bedraggled and helpless as she appears, little Belle is now expertly sucking me off as her tiny fingers massage my balls. The girl is visibly enjoying the cock in her mouth… and is milking me as if her life depended on it… A cock in my ass, a cock in my mouth, and a hot mouth sucking me off…from three sides my body is brought to an incredible climax…. And just when I think I’m going to come, Elena commands Belle to stop sucking me….

The rest passes silently in a blur, I experience only pleasure. It’s waiting for a climax and it’s the cock in my mouth that gives way first I feel Elena’s glans swell, the Thai lets out a cry, grabs me by the hair and now shoves her cock deep into my throat… in thick white jets she squirts deep into my throat, her cum tastes delicious, I try to catch it, but it’s just too much, I can’t swallow it, still I try to catch every jet, so much pleasure… It’s all getting too much for me and I can hardly believe it but I think I’m going to squirt, yes, I’m going to squirt while just being fucked, without being sucked or masturbated, but lo and behold, I feel a hot heat pulling through my cock…

I’m coming, i’m coming.

‘I’m coming, i’m coming,’ I call out and feel my anus contract around that oh-so-thick cock that does it for the cock in my ass and she too now begins to call out and says ‘take it, take it like a man, take my milk’ and I feel her seed being unloaded deep inside my intestines, I am being filled to the brim…. and then I release myself, my body explodes…. never before have I cum like this…. five, six thick gulps shoot around, it just keeps coming…. The first two jets on the breasts of the beauty who is fucking me, a third and a fourth jet, possibly even harder, on the hair and face of Belle who doesn’t want to miss a thing. She opens her mouth, she has to open her mouth and I see thick, white blobs dripping down her mouth, along her hair down onto her bare breasts…

And then it’s over… the cock in my ass withdraws and leaves me empty…. the cock in my mouth is gone too in my mouth the salty, thick taste of Elena’s cum. Elena calls out something to the girl and tells me that she had a wonderful ejaculation and knew that I would enjoy her… The other one has already disappeared and then Elena disappears too….

Belle stays behind alone, now again perplexed, also her breasts and hair wet from the horny and sweaty, her cock however is still rock hard… I see my chance, step on her and grab her. She weighs 50 kgs already. She tries to loosen up… Says ‘No sir, massage over’, but I don’t let her… I put her on the massage table, open her legs and put my mouth on her cock. Soon she gives up her resistance and starts sighing and moving her buttocks. I stroke pre-cum from her glans to her hole and press my thumb into her anus in one go…. ‘Oh, oh, oeh,’ she does now and I finger her hole while sucking her mercilessly with my mouth now.

As if in some kind of trance, she watches in the mirror how her cock and ass are both being used now and begins to let out animal cries…. I want to taste this young girl again and I let her cock go in deeper and deeper… she tastes and smells wonderful…. she’s not going to last long and a moment later she comes screaming loudly and squirts another load deep into my mouth. I lick up all her fluids, then leave her trembling and with hard nipples on the massage table.

I put on my clothes and leave the club.

This is a true story. Only now have I found the courage to put it on paper because sometimes I can’t believe it really happened. Recently I read a study in an English magazine; here it was shown that men who are attracted to shemales have nothing of resemblance to gay men. This allowed me to place my feelings a little better.

Not that I have anything against homosexual men. I keep the best memories of that night in 2019. Honesty compels me to say that I have never experienced so much sexual pleasure as that evening. Curious about your reactions and whether you also experienced such pleasure.

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