Kelly and I had lived together for several years as two good friends and flatmates. We shared a lot together and found nothing too crazy. We are both quite young, I am 25 and Kelly is 23. We have done the craziest things and found nothing too crazy and even talked about sex. Furthermore, we had never done it together before. But we knew what we liked. And we regularly talked about our wildest fantasies.

Today was a long day for me. I had to work overtime for several hours. So I let Kelly know that I would be home later. But I also knew that Kelly had a day off. And had met a good friend at our house. We have a nice big flat with the bedroom off the living room. So when I got home around 9 pm. I was in for a big surprise. I’m standing in the living room. And I heard some noises coming from the bedroom. I had no idea what was going on. So I cautiously went to see what was going on in the bedroom.

When I opened the door carefully. So I immediately stood still. And wide-eyed to see what was happening.

I’m looking up at the naked body of Kelly’s best friend. Her name is Angel. And to my surprise, she has a big fat cock hanging between her legs. And with that, I saw that Kelly was on her knees in front of her in her blood-hot naked body. And with one hand she is pulling on the thick cock. To my surprise, I see that Kelly is licking this big cock with her tongue. Her tongue slides down Angel’s shaft and up to the swollen glans, swirling her tongue around the glans of Angel’s cock.

Swirling her tongue around the trans friend’s cock.

I immediately start to get excited. And then I see Kelly take the thick cock in her mouth. And starts to move her mouth up and down over Angel’s thick cock. I hear Angel start to pant quietly and say to Kelly. “Blow me deliciously. Blow me…” and I continue to secretly watch as Kelly sucks on her best friend.

I knew a lot about Kelly. But I never thought I would see her do it with a she-male.

And Angel didn’t look bad. I had met her a couple of times. But I’d never thought of Angel as a shemale, because you wouldn’t know it from her face. And she has two pairs of deliciously big breasts. So I watched intently as Kelly’s little mouth moved back and forth over that thick cock. Kelly continued to suck on the cock for a while. Until at one point, I heard Angel ask her to start preparing her cock. At that point, Kelly stopped sucking and Angel lay on her back on the bed. Angel lay on her back on the bed. And asked Kelly to sit on top of her with her back to her.

I then watched as Kelly crawled on top of her. With her back to Angel, she crawls with her bare pussy on top of Angel’s thick, stiff cock. And Kelly grabs this cock firmly. And then brings it to her pussy. Then I watch as Angel penetrates Kelly’s pussy without a condom. “Uuuuh…uuuuh” Kelly moans. As she feels Angel’s thick cock slide into her vagina. Meanwhile, I have removed my cock from my trousers and am gently jerking myself off. As I look at Kelly’s red-hot body. I look at her deliciously shapely breasts. She has a nice slim stomach. And a deliciously naked pussy. Where Angel’s penis is now inserted. Kelly then begins to move her body up and down. And as she does, she feels Angel’s thick cock sliding up and down, deeper and deeper into her pussy. Kelly quietly moves her body up and down. “UUUU… UUUU…” I hear Kelly moan softly with pleasure. “Prepare me Kelly… Fuck my cock…” I hear Angel say to Kelly.

And then Kelly begins to pick up the pace slightly, sliding her horny pussy over Angel’s cock. “Go to …. Go on …. Kelly” I hear Angel say to Kelly. At some point, I see Kelly turn around. And she looks at Angel. And Kelly bends over. And starts to move her hips up and down again. And feels Angel’s cock moving firmly in her pussy again. While she herself moves up and down with her box over the penis. I now had a perfect view of Kelly’s ass. And watched as the penis moved deliciously up and down her horny pussy. I had no idea if they knew I was watching. I could hear them standing there whispering to each other. But I couldn’t hear what it was. After riding Angel’s cock for a while. Kelly got off Angel. And walked away for a while.

As I watched, Angel lay there on the bed with her eyes closed. To my surprise, Kelly was standing in front of me. With her horny naked body. “Do you find it horny?” she asked. To which I answered yes. As I stood there masturbating. I couldn’t deny it. “Do you want to…” Kelly asks me. “Seriously?” I ask Kelly. “Yes, I am serious,” Kelly replies. “Yes, I want to join,” I say. And Kelly takes me into the bedroom and closes the door behind me. And then she starts to undress me. Within seconds, I was standing there naked.

Kelly then gets on her hands and knees in front of me. She grabs my cock and starts pulling on it with one hand. And then I see Angel get up. And greets me. “Hey, did you have a delicious time watching?” she asks me. “Yeah, it looked delicious.” I reply coolly. “Now let’s get this delicious good friend of ours together. And make it delicious,” she says to me. “Yes, it looks delicious,” I reply. As I feel Kelly’s tongue slide along my shaft. And then she takes my glans in her mouth. Then I feel Kelly start to suck my cock. As Angel sits down behind Kelly. And pushes her cock into Kelly’s pussy from behind. She grabs Kelly’s hips. And then she starts to pump her thick cock into Kelly’s pussy. Now I was standing on top. Watching Angel’s cock move up and down in Kelly’s pussy. As I felt Kelly’s mouth move back and forth over my cock. In fact, I now felt her mouth not only gliding over my glans. But also over my shaft. She takes at least half of my thick cock into her little mouth. And moves her mouth deliciously quietly up and down my cock.

I watch as Kelly sucks me off. And this is already getting me pretty excited. I never thought I’d ever see my best friend get a blow job. But now I was part of a trio. With Angel, who fucked Kelly deliciously. Angel deliciously grabbed Kelly from behind in her tight pussy. And I was deliciously pampered by this delicious blowjob mouth. “Ooooh how delicious she sucks.” I say next. “Yes hey, and her pussy is deliciously tight too,” Angel says to me. To which I say. “I’m curious.” Angel continues to pump her thick cock firmly into Kelly’s pussy and I watch as she runs her hands along Kelly’s horny body. Then she grabs Kelly’s deliciously firm breasts. And then begins to massage and fondle them deliciously. I can also see Angel’s deliciously fat tits moving up and down with each stroke of her cock in Kelly’s pleasure groove. I am now enjoying the delicious deep blowing I am getting from Kelly.

She sucks on my glans with short strokes. While she pulls on my cock with one hand. “Do you want to fuck her too?” Angel asks next. “Yes,” I say immediately, without thinking. “Can I take her in the missionary position,” I say then. “Fine,” Angel says. Who then lets her cock slide out of Kelly’s pussy. And Kelly stops sucking at that moment. Kelly then stands up and lies on her back on the bed. And spreads her legs for me. And this time I look up at her wet but naked pussy. As I crawl between her legs. “Take me delicious thing,” Kelly says to me. And I push my cock against her pussy. And Angel watches as I slide my cock into Kelly’s pussy.

Kelly felt my thick cock slide in. And then I start to thrust my cock into her warm and tight pussy with deep but gentle strokes. “Oy she has a really delicious tight pussy,” I say to the ladies. And I start fucking deliciously deep into her warm pussy. While Angel comes and sits next to Kelly. Feeling Kelly’s delicious tits with her hands. And she puts her cock in Kelly’s face. And she knew right away what to do. Kelly opens her mouth. And Angel lets her cock slide into her mouth. Kelly closes her lips around Angel’s glans. And Angel quietly starts to move her penis up and down in her little mouth. Angel then quietly begins to fuck Kelly’s mouth. While I deliciously thrust my penis up and down her warm vagina. Kelly felt my cock without a condom moving up and down her vaginal wall. And then I began to slowly increase my pace. And thrust my cock faster up and down her horny pussy. “So horny … so horny you Kelly”. “She’s a delicious girl isn’t she,” Angel says next. “Yes she certainly is. Really delicious.”

Angel’s cock slides out of Kelly’s mouth and stops briefly. “Yes, take me… fuck me… fuck me deeper,” Kelly said to me. And I noticed her deliciousness. That I am rocking her. Then I start to push my cock harder and deeper into her pussy. As I bend over. And start licking and sucking her right nipple. Angel’s cock was now back in Kelly’s mouth and being sucked deliciously by Kelly. Who was now moving her mouth up and down over Angel’s cock. While Angel and I were busy fondling Kelly. Angel asked me what I thought of double penetration. “It seems very hot to me. But I’m not good at anal fucking.” To which Angel replied, “You don’t have to, I’ll fuck her anally anyway. Then fuck her vaginally,” to which I replied again. “That’s fine with me. So at that point we changed positions. And I was lying on my back. And Kelly came and sat on top of me. She let her horny pussy slide over my penis. And she immediately bends over. I feel her delicious tits pressing against my chest. And her slim stomach touched my shapely belly. My cock was completely inside Kelly’s pussy.

And Angel comes to sit behind her at that moment. Kelly looks at me excitedly. And feels Angel’s penis pressed against her arse. Angel then slides her thick cock into Kelly’s asshole. “UUUUUUH…UUUUUUH” Kelly moans much louder this time. She now feels two big dicks in her pussy and asshole. And we start to push our dicks together in her pussy and arse. Kelly moans louder and louder. And then I kiss her full on the mouth. We start to kiss each other with our tongues. Our tongues swirling around each other. While I thrust my cock up and down deliciously deep into her pussy. And Angel continues to fuck Kelly’s arse deliciously. Angel bends over Kelly. And presses her breasts against Kelly’s back. She sees us kissing deliciously. And then Angel starts touching Kelly’s deliciously fat tits with her hands. We continue to pump and pump. The pressure starts to build faster and faster. We even stop tonguing each other. All three of us are now panting and moaning with pleasure. As we fucked this delicious thing from both sides.

My cock was sliding up and down Kelly’s pussy harder and deeper as Angel pumped harder and deeper into Kelly’s arse. With each passing minute, the tension in our bodies increased. Until Kelly couldn’t hold on any longer and moaned in pleasure. “OOOOOHJAAAAAAAAAAAAA…” I could feel her body shaking, but she couldn’t move. We continued to thrust with our cocks. Until we couldn’t hold on any longer. “OOOHJAAA Kelly” I moaned loudly. As I shot all my cum into her warm pussy. My cock was still completely inside her horny pussy. And I squirted all my cum into her vagina, jet after jet.

Angel couldn’t hold out any longer, either. “I’m coming. I AM COMING…” Angel moaned as she pushed her cock in one last time. And all her cum squirted into Kelly’s arse. Then we crawled off each other. And recovered for a moment from the delicious fun we had just had. “You haven’t eaten yet, huh…” Kelly asks me. To which I reply. “Luckily I have. Had I ordered something while I was working overtime?” “oh thank god ordering something won’t work anymore”. “hahah yes, we are too late for that. But have you already eaten?” “Yes definitely. We ate later then. ” When it was clear that I had already eaten. We could stay together a little longer on the bed. And stayed like that for more than an hour, deliciously relaxed. Then Kelly and I put on our pyjamas and Angel put on her clothes. Angel’s clothes. And then went home. Luckily, she lived just a few streets away. It was less than a 5-minute walk for her. When we let Angel out of the house. We went to bed together. And Kelly and I fell asleep in the same bed for the first time. We usually slept in our own beds.

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