The new employee has something extra. And you know what that is. 😉 The photo with Angelica, she is the main character in our story.

A few months ago, a new female employee began her work. Everyone thought she was a nice lady, but now that she has been properly introduced, no one looks at her anymore. Her name is Angelica, she is one meter seventy-five and has long black hair. Usually, she is dressed in a skirt with a blouse on top, and high pumps which give her more charisma because she is a bit taller. Angelica is not a woman who talks quickly and gets involved with other colleagues, in the beginning, it was difficult for me to start a conversation with her. She often replied in two words, but slowly a slight change has come over her. The conversation we have now is much easier, she told me that she is always afraid to work with new people. Often these people want more than she is able and willing to offer. After a while, the conversations we have in the break have become about more than just our lives.

Like Angelica, I have been on my own for many years, so maybe that’s why we have a better connection. Angelica is a nice and beautiful woman, some of my colleagues look at me with jealous eyes when I am talking to her again. My male colleagues only want one thing, several of them have already said that I should give her a turn as soon as possible. When I said that to Angelica, she looked at me with a straight face and asked if that was my intention, I told her that I was looking for a nice woman with whom I could laugh, talk, cry if necessary, and if there was more to it than that, I wouldn’t say no.

Angelica looked at me with a smile and said that she was looking for the same thing. I have been out with her a few times now, after that nothing happened. Of course, I regret that, but I’m not going to rush into anything because I know that time will come by itself. It’s very busy at work at the moment, I regularly work a few hours overtime to get the job done. There is always another colleague who stays longer with me, and with the money from the extra hours I make, I can do fun things. In the coming year, I finally want to make a dream holiday come true; for years, I’ve been dreaming of traveling across America for at least six weeks.

On Thursday evening, Angelica stays over to work, we never work the last day of the week. When everyone has left, a very pleasant silence falls, Angelica sits one desk over from me. I regularly let my gaze wander to her desk, various erotic thoughts come to mind. Angelica is dressed in a tight jumper, trousers that hug her bottom well, and on her feet, she has pumps with a rather high heel. As usual, she has a pleasant perfume smell with her, I have already tried to find out but have not succeeded yet. At half-past six I close the computer and say that it has been enough for today, Angelica puts away her things and closes her computer. When we are walking through the corridor, she looks at me and suddenly asks if I would like to have dinner with her tomorrow evening.

Without hesitation, I answer, maybe a little too quickly, that I am looking forward to it. Angelica is free the next day, we say goodbye at the car park and with a glint in her eye she adds that she is looking forward to tomorrow evening. A bit confused I drive home, as soon as I am there I clean up my stuff and get everything ready for the next working day. Then I go to the bathroom, normally I shave on Friday, but now I make sure that everything is done on Thursday. Now when I come home tomorrow I don’t have to do so much and I’m done quickly. The next day I’m in a good mood, halfway through the day I get a text message from Angelica telling me I’m expected at seven. The day actually lasts too long, when I finally get home I run into the bathroom and shower myself very thoroughly. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I want to be completely ready for it.

At the appointed time, I knock on Angelica’s door, and she opens the door. I have to admit that she looks amazing, a skirt that ends just above her knee. On her legs, she has shiny nylons with high heel pumps. Her breasts are caught in a tight blouse that is slightly transparent. Her hair hangs loosely from her head and shoulders. The delicious smell of perfume meets me. Smiling, Angelica asks me to come in or stand there? I quickly step forward and give her the bunch of flowers I bought for her.

She looks at me with a smile on her face and gives me a quick kiss. During dinner, we talk about all sorts of things, and I find out how she spends her free time. After dinner, we clean up together, in the kitchen I get several kisses from her. I have to do the washing up while she dries it. Sometimes I feel her against me, all kinds of wild thoughts flow through my head. After washing the dishes, she presses the coffee machine, we sit down on the couch in the room and the conversation becomes different. Angelica asks a few questions that I have to think about for a while, she gets up and fetches the coffee. With a twinkle in her eye, she looks at me while taking a sip from her cup. “Thomas, if I were to tell you not to do anything, just wait and see what I do with you. What would you reply?” “That I would resign myself to that and wait for you to say I can do more.” “If I say I’m not a woman like you think, will you still want to?” “Then I would like much more, you are the perfect woman for me even though you are not quite a woman.” Angelica comes to me and gives me a long, intense tongue kiss.

All kinds of sparks and vibrations flow through my body, my fingers caress her hair, back, and buttocks. Slowly, her lips let go of me and she strokes my lips with her finger. My lips part and immediately she slides her finger into my mouth. I lick and stroke her finger as if it were a hard penis, I see a sparkle in her eyes. Very slowly she withdraws her finger, her lips touching mine again. Then she presses her lower body tightly against me, I feel that there is a bulge. I feel that there is a bulge. I know that my desire is going to come true, slowly she caresses my body, when I want to go over her body with my hands, she grabs my hand and puts it down next to me. “Don’t do anything baby, just enjoy. I want to excite you, show you and make you feel. Only when I ask you can you have me.” I sit back relaxed, her lips caressing along my face and sinking to my neck.

Everywhere I feel her lips and fingers, she opens my blouse and moves it from my body. A little later, her lips and tongue slide over my breast, my nipples are caressed by her tongue. Gently she sets her teeth in my hard nipples, a few delicious feelings run through my lower abdomen. Angelica continues her wet trail over my belly, with her fingers she opens my trousers. She looks at me smiling and pulls me up. When I am standing, she stands behind me and slides my trousers down my legs. When I am standing, she stands behind me and slides my trousers down my legs. When I am standing, she stands behind me and slides my trousers down my legs. My trousers fall to the floor, then she grabs my hand and pulls me into the bedroom. With a slight push, she pushes me onto the bed, I fall forward onto it. Immediately, she sits down between my legs and caresses my back and legs with her fingers and nails.

My excitement increases rapidly, my boxer is removed from my ass, Angelica makes her tongue slide over my bottom. With her hands, she pushes my legs further apart, her tongue licks my bottom. She works her way extensively up my asshole, then crawls further up. With her teeth and tongue, she touches my ear, I push my hips upwards. Immediately Angelica slides a cushion under me, her dress has disappeared. With slow strokes of her tongue, she makes my excitement bigger and bigger, finally, I feel her hard cock against my ass. “Mmmm Thomas I am going to fuck you with my big clit, I want to take you with it. Mmmmm you are a very beautiful man, Oooojaaaa I am going to fuck you.” Her pole slowly slides into my ass, I groan and press my buttocks back. Angelica pushes her hard rod all the way into me, with slow movements she fucks me. I go up a little so that she can take me even deeper.

The pleasure is so great, finally, my dream comes true. With her hands she pulls me further up, I sit on my knees and feel her delicious cock thrust even deeper into me. Angelica fucks me with hard thrusts, her nails make marks on my back and buttocks. Her breathing is agitated, then she pushes her pole hard into me and stays still for a moment. With my buttock muscles I massage her pole, it doesn’t take long before Angelica shoots her seed deep inside me with a loud scream, she shoots jet after jet into me. Moaning, she sinks on top of me, her tongue caressing my neck and ear. My cock lies trembling on the pillow, I turn my head towards her. In a strange position, I start tonguing her and put my hands on her buttocks. With a slow movement, I turn from under her, willingly she drops beside me.

Without saying a word, I sit down between her legs, my lips touching her beautiful breasts. I lick her hard nipples and let my fingers slide over her smooth belly, slowly touching her legs. Her nylons give me a special feeling, without effort my hard cock slides through her round ass. For a moment I look at her, her eyes sparkle. Then I push my clenched cock deep into her ass. For a moment I can hold myself, put her legs against my shoulders and start fucking her deep. It doesn’t take long before I feel my discharge contract in my balls. I look at her tight and melting, my seed flowing into her boy’s pussy. Angelica looks at me with dreamy eyes, I let go of her legs and press my lips to hers.

The kiss seals our passion, I have the feeling I’m about to come like I never have before. After a nice shower, a little later we are sitting half-naked against each other on the sofa. I look at her and feel a great crush on me. Our lips find each other again for a long and passionate kiss. Finally, I have found what I have been looking for all these years.