Alma was sitting in a restaurant waiting for her friend, they had agreed to meet here for another delicious shopping trip. Both women loved to do this and did it a few times a year, it had not happened this year due to problems at her friend’s job. Christal had been involved in a reorganization at her job earlier in the year, and at first it looked like she was going to be laid off. Fortunately, that had not happened, and now she was working in a different department and was very busy and learning a lot. Alma had known Christal for almost 10 years now, they had met in elementary school, originally Christal was Chris, but after a rough time the adopted Asian boy had become a trans woman. Photo transgirl Hera.

After the holidays, they had become inseparable. They did everything together while they were in school, and it stayed that way in high school. As soon as a boy came into their lives, he had to fit in with the other girl. When they were eighteen they had had sex together for the first time, Alma had enjoyed it very much, the first time it had been a little less for Christal because he had been left with too painful a feeling from his new tight opening down below.

Later they had done it more often and each had learned a lot from it, when they were a little older a man had come into both their lives. They had not had sex together in the first years of their marriage, but as time went on they missed it anyway, making love once or twice a year. Alma was thinking when the door of the restaurant opened, Christal walked in and gave her friend a kiss, Alma was startled from her thoughts when she felt Christal’s lips against her cheek. Smiling, the women looked at each other, they used to spend every free minute together, now they saw each other a few times a year. Christal’s eyes wander past her friend, slowly caressing her lips with her tongue. In her mind, it has been too long since she has tasted her friend. They order a cup of coffee and a gabak; the women haven’t changed much over the years. Alma has put on a few pounds after the birth of her three children, and Christal has worked hard in recent years to regain the figure she had in her younger years. She still has a bit of fat around her hips, but she looks very good, with long dark blonde hair that is starting to turn a little gray here and there. Her husband has often asked her if she would like to dye it to get rid of the gray, but she always refuses with a smile.

Over coffee, they talk a lot and for a long time, the last time passing by. Alma has taken Christal’s hand a few times and looked at her lovingly. Every time Christal looks into Alma’s beautiful eyes, a shiver of pleasure runs down her spine. After the second cup of coffee, the women check out and walk out laughing and arm in arm, but just outside the restaurant they meet a couple of beautiful men. These men look at the women, but without looking at the men, the two women walk past them. In town, they amuse themselves by going into different stores, which they often do not enter with their husbands. Alma buys a sexy lingerie set, Christal buys some clothes and in a shoe store she buys pumps with a very high heel. when Alma goes into a store looking elsewhere she buys a very sophisticated lingerie set. They have lunch in a restaurant and continue to talk about various things, slowly Christal looks at her friend closely. Alma feels a shiver run down her spine and clutches Christal’s hand. “Dear friend, would you like to come to our little hotel?”

Without saying anything, the women get up and walk away at a brisk pace. A short distance away, they turn right and leave the center, walking quickly through a few narrow streets. When they come to a wider street, they look around and stop for a moment. No one is following them, and they enter a small hall. This is the hotel where they have been coming for years, after they found each other in their marriage, they had discovered this hotel. From that day on they come here two and sometimes three times a year, there is no one to ask questions, and they can stay as long as they want. They check in and are given a key, then they go up the stairs to the second floor. Alma opens the door and lets her friend in. As the door closes and Alma turns, she feels Christal’s lips pressing against hers. The women’s tongues caress each other and then touch with a deep sigh. Christal runs her fingers through Alma’s hair as she slides her fingers across her chest, Alma moans deeply and sinks a little through her legs. The women release each other and walk into the room, Christal takes off her clothes and disappears into the bathroom.

Alma slowly slides her clothes off her body and then follows her friend. Christal just steps out of the shower and presses her lips to Alma’s for a brief kiss. When Alma is under the running water, Christal leaves the bathroom, pulling the curtains closed and turning on a light so that there is a distinct atmosphere in the room. When Alma comes out of the bathroom, she is wearing her new lingerie, knowing that Christal likes it very much when she wears panties that completely cover her bottom. The bra can be half way up for Christal so the nipples are just above it, as she puts the lingerie on she feels the excitement growing in her body, her nipples are hard over the edge of the bra.

Christal lay on the bed and pulled on a nice dark red bra with matching panties, her somewhat large breasts are pushed up by the tight bra. The nipples are clearly visible inside the bra, her delicious body is tanned all over by the sun. Alma sits down on the edge of the bed and caresses Christal’s legs with her fingers, Christal moans softly and slides down a little on the bed. Alma presses her lips to Christal’s legs and runs her tongue over them. She kisses every bit of skin and caresses every spot with her fingers. Slowly she crawls between her friend’s legs, caressing the edges of her panties. Christal pushes her pelvis up to get Alma’s fingers against her little mound. Smiling, she lets her fingers and tongue slide around the mound of Venus before continuing up through her belly. Excitement quickly builds in her body and she squeezes the sheets with her hands.

As soon as her lips touch her nipples, she pulls Alma close with her arms. Christal turns on her side and takes Alma with her, slowly the two women caress each other with their fingers, their lips finding each other for a long hot tongue kiss. Slowly Christal lowers her mouth to lick the hard nipples of Alma, who lets out a deep sigh. Christal slowly turns around so that she is lying with her face at Alma’s cave, she has turned her cave close to Alma’s face. Alma runs her tongue along Christal’s legs and presses her mouth tightly against the cave. Christal lets out a choked cry and rubs her lower body gently against Alma’s mouth. Christal pulls Alma’s panties aside and runs her tongue along Alma’s wet lips. She presses her tongue against the clit and feels Alma’s body jerk.

The orgasm searches for a way out deep inside her, jerking violently, the orgasm takes possession of her body. Through her movements, she presses her mouth hard on Christal’s clit, who feels her orgasm rush with the same excitement. As Alma’s orgasm slowly subsides, Christal’s orgasm comes out with all its intensity, her juices flowing along Alma’s lips, who licks every drop. A moment later, the women let go of each other and fall backwards on the bed. Alma gets up and turns so that her wet lips touch Christal’s, their tongues meet again for a long kiss. With her fingers, Alma caresses her friend’s breasts, who slowly begins to moan again. Christal runs her hands through Alma’s hair and pulls her close to her.

She slides a hand down Alma’s back and gently squeezes her bottom as her fingers touch it. Alma presses her crotch tightly against Christal’s, rubbing gently against each other as the pleasure begins to take great shape in both women. Christal presses her finger a little between Alma’s lips, immediately Alma pushes her pussy further forward so that the fingers slide all the way inside her. Christal feels Alma’s tongue slide along her neck and then over her hard nipples. Trembling, she enjoys the touch, gently caressing each other’s pussies and breasts, making her unable to delay her orgasm any longer and coming to a second eruption with a cramped body. Christal lets herself slide off the bed as the orgasm calms her again, she reaches into her purse and takes out a strap that can hold an artificial penis. Shimmering, she ties the straps around her body and takes a penis out of her purse. There is one on each side, one goes into her own pussy and the other she can use to fuck her boyfriend. At the bottom is a wire that leads to a battery pack. When she presses the button, the device begins to vibrate violently on both sides. She sits on the bed and turns Alma on her stomach, slowly Alma comes up with her bottom.

Once her bottom is at the height of the penis, Christal gently and slowly pushes it inside her. She feels the vibrations throughout her body, and when she squeezes the penis a little tighter with her lips, the vibrations flow through Christal’s body as well. Both women enjoy each other, Christal fucks Alma with firm thrusts. It takes a while before the pleasure explodes again in both women, the juices flowing along Alma’s legs. Alma sinks slowly forward on the bed, pulling her friend with her. The penis continues to vibrate in their bodies, causing her orgasm to continue slowly. Alma pushes her bottom a little off the bed and lets her fingers slide under her, with a few firm movements she brings herself to cum again. As soon as the orgasm subsides, she turns a little so that the penis slides out of her cave. Christal presses the button and the vibrations stop. She unbuckles the belt, throws everything on the bed and presses her lips to Alma’s. Moments later the women get up and go to the bathroom, take another long shower and then get dressed.