Pia is my name or better yet, it’s the name I have now, the one I decided to adopt during my sex change. I know it sounds a bit cute, but I liked it. Although I keep my dick, the rest of my body is a woman’s body, young and hot. This story was written for transgirl Pia, you can see her in the photo and in the video below the story. Pia is the one with big breasts, the other trans girl is the girl next door.

Girl who dresses provocative and sexy, but also sweet and loving. I know I can attract people of both sexes and usually get who I like without much effort. It’s different the person I want…that I am to the people I want to sleep with, yes, I’m bisexual.

It’s not that I go around fucking everyone who crosses my path, well actually yes, if it pays well, but I don’t play hard to get when I’m attracted to someone. For example, the pretty girl next door, daughter of my neighbors, eighteen years of passion in a body of sin, pure addiction in a meter seventy-something of tight and well-shaped flesh.

She dresses even sluttier than me and certainly with much less taste. She’s a cock-warming slut, a chick. She provokes and shows off, showing off her curves and much more of her skin than her parents would like.

I’ve heard several fights through the thin walls with her for that reason and for her nights out and some major drunkenness… I guess at that age, you argue about everything. It happened to me with my father, but I had better luck with my mother.

I don’t think the pretty girl next door is bisexual.

I don’t think she was bisexual, I’ve seen her get it on with several guys in the doorway and at rather late hours. Although I suppose that like most girls on a drunken night, she would have made out with one or more of her friends.

Or in a horny moment, she would have let herself be groped by some horny lesbian. I discovered that she admired my style of dress when I saw her wearing a dress identical to the one I had bought a week before and it didn’t look bad on her. With it she gained some elegance without looking so slutty and yet as sexy as ever.

With a big smile, I flattered her: Nice dress, it suits you so well! She returned the compliment, admitting that she had already seen it on me: It looks better on you.

I’m sure you could try on some of my clothes one of these days. We could have a girls’ afternoon trying on outfits.

Would you let me? Would you do it with me? Sure, why not?

We left the conversation on those terms, but the seed was planted. Just imagining her in my room putting on my clothes and undressing to put on the next outfit made my cock hard.

She had bought a skirt similar to one of mine that showed off her thighs without showing her thong, as was usual for her. That gave me the opportunity to propose again to her to come over to the house to try on my clothes. She replied: My father would love for me to cover up a little more. Or maybe not, the way he looks at my legs and the rest of my body.

I still don’t know if he was joking.

Every time we passed each other on the stairs the so-and-so only looked at my tits, so she didn’t notice the nut. If she knew I could get her pregnant she would certainly not look at our friendship so favorably.

I supposed he also enjoyed the shows his babe would give him with so little clothing around the house, she seemed to think so. I just thought he had a tasty, hard, upturned ass that I would love to deflower.

Finally one hot afternoon not long after that last exchange of pleasantries in the elevator, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door there she was, Lucia, with a short lycra short so short and tight that showed the lips of the vulva and more than half of her tight bottoms in the air.

She also wore a T-shirt with a neckline overflowing her two conical breasts and a cut-out belly showing her navel piercing. Her blonde hair flowing over one shoulder framed her slutty face, blue eyes, upturned nose and bright red heart-shaped lips, the perfect picture of lust.

With my best smile I invited her in by closing the door behind her and leaning against the wood for a second to enjoy the spectacle of her more than half naked ass running down my hallway.

I offered her a soda but she asked for something stronger. Although I didn’t think starting to drink so early was a good idea I thought a glass or two of wine would help release tension. She already seemed to be pretty much relieved of tension or anything else and I was not going to be any less. After all I was in my own home.

I told her to make herself comfortable and she sat on the couch folding her legs under her barefoot ass, it was a beautiful sight. I adopted her same pose but since I was wearing nothing but one of my old men’s shirts with few buttons fastened more of my body was showing.

My breasts overflowed through the barely closed garment and a skimpy panties that held in place with increasing difficulty what I was trying to hide.

With our drinks in our hands, relaxed, it was time for confidences. She told me some of her spicy adventures and I told her some of mine. What excited me even more and in an oversight of her I had to put my cock to the side covered by the skirt of the shirt.

From there we went to my bedroom to look for something she could wear without looking like a working whore. I finally saw her lithe body completely naked when she took off what little she was wearing to try on some of my tight dresses.

Slowly, more sensually than I would have thought she could, she pulled her shirt up over her hard tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra, that much was clear to me before. But finally seeing them in their natural state made me even harder.

Wiggling her hips she pulled down her shorts dragging the thong with the fabric, I still don’t know if it was an oversight or she did it on purpose but I could see her naked in front of me. Her hairy xoxito was before my eyes and I was eager to put my tongue and cock there. She started to pull out her thong tangled in the lycra, to put it back on.

Leave it, in that drawer you have some of mine. Find one you like.

I knew she was going to take the red lace one, the smallest and most transparent. I stood next to her, brushing her arm with my chest, and offered her a more discreet and elegant black one, not that it covered much more.

With a smile, she took it from between my fingers, touching them with her long, slender fingers. She put it on with a sensual undulating motion, wiggling her little ass.

My clothes should fit her well but without showing as much skin as I was used to, that a dress or skirt with a bit of a flounce should show only when one intends it. Tight pants not too short that mark but do not show the full buttocks, tops with enough cleavage to show cleavage and not the full tit.

We chose what would be most flattering for her and she began to put them on. As we moved around the room she had taken several glances at my crotch, she is no fool, she would have known long before what I had there. It was clear that she didn’t care about that because of how the relationship had gone up to that point, she was almost certainly morbid about it.

I wanted to start with a dress, strappy, fitted at the waist and with a floaty skirt, it might not fit her, who was slimmer than me, but it would look good on her. Every time I had to adjust a garment I took the opportunity to caress and rub her increasingly excited skin. As she turned in on herself the skirt would lift up showing her beautiful thighs, but at least she wouldn’t be wearing them bare as usual.

My pants fit her like a glove, her hard bottom showing them off as if painted on her skin. My skirts barely four fingers longer than hers hinted at no thong showing, probably not even when she climbed stairs.

My tops and blouses even fit her more seriously than mine considering I wear bras two sizes bigger than hers…the few times she wore that garment. Still her body looked gorgeous and I told her so in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom.

Standing at her back, I pressed myself against her body and wrapped my hands around her waist. The bright colors of her nail polish contrasted with the red of the fake ruby of her piercing. I rested my breasts on her back and my chin on her shoulder, brushing her slender neck with my lips.

She didn’t reject my caress, on the contrary, she leaned back until her bottoms made contact with my hard cock that the panties could barely contain. As she felt my tongue on the skin of her neck and nape, a moan escaped her. It was time to end those preliminaries and move on to more intimate things.

As I broke away I poured her another drink, but this time I made her drink from my mouth in a lascivious kiss in which I passed the alcohol from my mouth to hers, playing with her tongue. She did not reject me, on the contrary her tongue played with mine.

She finally took the opportunity to put her hand inside my panties and grab my cock. The absence of surprise already gave away without a doubt that she had noticed my peculiarities. She stroked it gently and with the practice that her experience suggested, she grabbed my shaved balls while we continued to give each other tongue and saliva. She herself finished opening my shirt and baring my tits.

She immediately took hold of them with her mouth and licked my nipples. The damned thing knew how to give pleasure but I was no slouch. So I started to take off her clingy strapless lycra tube dress that fit her even better than it did me. I managed to get my hands on her wet pussy that had been wetting my black thong that she wore on her vulva for a while.

My fingers caressed, probed her insides, her labia and played with her clitoris. I had to lick it, so I pushed her onto my bed, until I could lay her on her back and spread her legs as far apart as her hips would allow.

I brought my mouth to her pussy, inhaling her sweet scent. Blowing softly on her wet lips she shuddered and shuddered more when I ran my tongue over them.

I flicked my tongue out and noticed the jump she gave when I made contact with her skin. Her juices slid into my mouth. I tasted the deepest corners of her vulva where my tongue could reach.

I could hear her moan with every tongue movement inside her. Her thighs were raised high above my head. With my hands I reached her hard titties until I could gently pinch her dark nipples.

I moved a little further down her perineum looking for her anus, her tight little asshole and she shuddered as I caressed her little hole. I sought her orgasms eagerly making her enjoy licking the wetness of her cum.

Not allowing her hard bottoms to escape my hands until I knew I had her won by the pleasure I was giving her. But it was already clear to me that she wanted my cock and she wanted it inside and for what she was feeling in all her holes.

My cock in all her holes, so sinuously escaped my hands, just long enough to slip under my body and grab my waxed cock. Now I was the one who shuddered as her tongue reached my balls, as she took them into her mouth sucking them like candy.

Licking came the turn of the cock until she took the glans into her mouth caressing it with her boneless one. She seemed to be an expert at fellatio, deep throat seemed to have no secrets for her, I could feel her lips on the root of my cock, rubbing my balls.

I couldn’t stop sticking my tongue into her vulva either, as much as I could. Between her lips and caressing her clitoris. Stroking her anus with the tip of my saliva-soaked index finger.

But she also knows how to play dirty and when I felt her fingers exploring my anus I cum in her mouth. My semen held back so I could share it in a wet and lascivious kiss, sweet revenge for the asshole I had given her with the wine. We knew it was just lust, just sex, but we were entwined by tongues as we savored my cum.

My cock was getting into a resting position. We fiddled with my sexiest, sluttiest clothes and lingerie for a while longer as I recovered, while we kept caressing and kissing each other.

I wanted to see how my lace bodysuits, my corsets, my garter belts fit her. It wasn’t my imagination, I could take her to my club or do an exotic dance, read striptease, with me and the guys would drool over her.

When I started to get hard again I upped the stakes a bit by opening a new drawer. The one with my toys, vibrators, dildos, Chinese balls, and even the most realistic silicone vaginas and masturbators I could find in the best sex shops.

Playfully I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. And I took out a harness with a cock and its corresponding eggs in imitation of those of a famous porn actor. Inside was a clitoral massager to give her pleasure as well.

I wanted her to penetrate my ass before opening hers with my cock, I had prepared myself thoroughly with a good enema, clean inside and out. She was tender putting me on all fours on the bed she spent a good while eating my asshole sticking her tongue and fingers sweet and gentle before putting the silicone glans in my anus.

She fucked my ass slowly but firmly noticing on her own clit the caresses of the silicone tongue that went inside the vinyl thong that held the cock.

She cummed before I did and even turned me on my back to eat my tits and cock while still fucking me. But he still wouldn’t let me cum he wanted to give me one last surprise. With a strange shy smile he asked me:

Undress me!

I was dumbfounded by his plea. With the great experience in sex that he had amply demonstrated to me until that moment and no one had penetrated that sweet pussy that I had just tasted.

I have to confess, I love sex, eating and being eaten, using my tongue and hands to give pleasure. But I’ve never let them fuck me. It’s silly, but I’ve never found anyone as special as you. No one I’d like to give my virgin to, until I realized you’d be perfect.

If we’re going to do this, I want you to be the one to do it.

I told her. I didn’t want to hurt her for anything in the world. I ripped off her harness to find that she was beyond wet, spilling in juices every time she cummed. I just lay on my back with my cock pointing to the ceiling and told her to get on top.

She didn’t have to beg anymore, she put her feet on the sides of my hips and slowly lowered herself down, letting me see the beauty of her pussy approaching the glans. She spread her labia with two fingers to let me enter inside her. She didn’t let herself fall hard but stayed on her knees, going down slowly until her hymen was torn.

It didn’t seem to hurt hardly at all and I soon reached inside her. A trickle of blood trickled down to my balls mixed with her abundant juices barely a pale pink smear on my skin. A moan escaped her distended throat, her face staring at the ceiling.

Strong thighs managed to lift her body again and again fucking herself alone with my cock. I felt it so tight in her vulva, so excited she was. I managed to hold on to her tits as she bounced on my pubes. I warned her when I was about to cum but she put a finger on my lips. Finger that I sucked as if it were another cock.

Shiiiii, do you remember the day I bought a dress just like yours? That day I started taking the pill, hoping you would fuck me. I waited for it to take effect before I came looking for you.

There were no more words, I spilled into her xoxito grabbing her hips to help her move as she cum once again. She collapsed on my chest seeking my mouth to kiss us one more time. To suck our tongues, to switch saliva from one mouth to the other and embrace her tenderly in my arms.

Despite that bond we shared, of mine having been her first cock, it was still just sex, in a tender friendship. Watching her performance that afternoon, I might do a good part in my job if she ever needed it.

You can watch the beautiful trans women from the photos live.