“Good morning, you are speaking to Dr. Bergen’s assistant, what can I do for you?” says my wife. “No, I’m sorry madam, we’re not accepting any more patients, my husband is retiring in a year. And that man is me, 65 years old, for 30 years family doctor for people from the surrounding villages.

In a year, I will close my practice to enjoy our “old” days together with my wife. My wife, Agnes, has been my assistant for 25 years and we are now discussing the future of the practice. Agnes tells me that a woman named Linda calls every day, desperate to make an appointment. She has a problem with her general practice because people seem to be harassing her. She doesn’t care if our practice closes in a year if I can help her now. It is a strange story, but as a doctor I take bullying very seriously. So I instruct my wife to make an appointment with her.

I ring the bell for the next patient. A tall, sweet, blonde woman introduces herself; “Hi Doctor, I’m Linda. I say, “Sit down, what can I do for you? Linda tells me about the harassment she has to endure every day. People look at her and call her Dolly Parton. Linda looks at me and asks, “Doctor, do you think I look like Dolly Parton? At first glance, I see no resemblance at all and say, “Through my eyes I see no resemblance at all. Linda is clearly irritated, “How can you know that without research? It is clear to me that she has an oddity, she is being bullied as Dolly and wants to be. A visit to a psychologist seems to make more sense to me. This seems completely wrong to her and she insists that I take a look.

To accommodate her as a doctor, she is allowed to take off her bra. When she takes off her red push-up bra, two full, hanging breasts fall out. Okay, they are two large breasts, but I don’t think of Dolly Parton. While I look at the breasts, Linda suddenly rubs my fly. Now I have to intervene, this behavior is embarrassing, before I know it she has my cock out of my pants. With her big tongue she calmly licks my glans and cock. Her red lips slide over my glans and cock, and Linda sucks me deliciously. Then she licks my glans, her big tongue swarms over my tip and the edge of my glans, my cock goes deep into her mouth again. My dick jumps up, I moan, “Oh Linda….careful….I’m about to come……”. She removes my cock from her mouth and whispers; “Doctor, just spray my mouth deliciously full”. She pulls my foreskin back tightly, her red lips enveloping my stiff cock, my glans throbbing in her mouth, shivers running down my spine as I squirt my powerful jets of cum down her throat. Linda greedily swallows my warm seed down to the last drop.

As a doctor, I should never have let this happen. So Linda is my only and now my last mistake. When you get older, you sometimes forget a detail. Linda is now a patient of mine and has already made a second appointment. This gives me the opportunity to tell her that I will only treat her professionally or not at all. We agree to forget our little adventure and start with a clean slate. That this is going to be difficult becomes apparent when Linda comes in for a hip exam. Linda is all dressed up and looks beautiful. Beautiful blouse, skirt, black pantyhose and gorgeous pumps. I say in a businesslike tone, “Undress, you can keep the underwear on. Never before have I had a woman in black stockings on my treatment table.

According to her medical records, she has a hip deformity that will make walking difficult after a while. With my hands, I deftly feel her hips and thighs. During the examination, I get the fright of my life. As a doctor, I have seen many things, but I have never seen a woman where I can see the outline of a penis through her panties. My curiosity makes my hand rub her black lace panties. Linda’s cock becomes huge and shoots out of her panties. The huge thick stiff circumcised cock is beautiful, with my tongue I lick her glans and cock. My lips surround the glans and slide her huge cock into my mouth. While sucking, my hands slide over her smooth black stockings.

Her huge cock feels delicious in my mouth, I let her glans slide gently over my teeth. Linda breathes heavily and moans, “Oh doctor…..I am going to come…..oooooh….I am coming……”. I feel powerful jets of warm cum squirt into my mouth. I greedily swallow her huge cum to the last drop. Linda lies there recovering as I wash away the rest of her cum with a glass of water. At the treatment chair I say, “Linda, would you like to take a seat?” I place her legs in the supports and tilt the chair so I can see her “pussy” clearly. I put some lubricant on my vinyl gloves and with my middle finger in her anus I lubricate her pussy. I take off my pants, unbutton my white doctor’s coat, press my glans against her anus, slowly push my cock into her ‘pussy’ and start fucking Linda. As I fuck her, I feel her breasts, rub her smooth panties, my glans is massaged by her ass muscles. She moans, “Oh doctor…..what a delicious fuck you are……oooooh……”. My huge cock slides back and forth in her tight warm ass, my hands slide over her panties, pulling her cock and massaging her breasts. I moan, “Oh female…..I am going to fill your pussy…..oooh……..I come…..”. I push my balls against her anus and pump her ”pussy” completely full of my cum. When I pull my dick out, my cum oozes out of her ass all over my treatment chair.

After my ejaculation I notice that I am a day older, dazed I take my seat in my chair. I hear, “What is taking so long, what is going on here? With my pants still on my knees and Linda naked in the treatment chair, it seems obvious to my wife. She is so perplexed that she needs time to understand the situation. My old lady doesn’t get this time from Linda, he quickly removes her white skirt and panties. Rubbing his hands between my wife’s legs, quickly fingering her wet pussy, he pushes her forward and thrusts his huge cock into my wife’s elderly cunt, who moans; “Oh how big…..care…..ooooh……”. While Linda fucks my wife, she removes my wife’s small, flat, hanging titties from her bra with her big hands. She massages her tits and makes her nipples hard. It’s not surprising that my wife gets horny, I haven’t fucked her for ten years. Linda makes up for it with her huge cock.

With her big hands on her hips she fucks my older wife: “Oh Linda……I can’t anymore…..I come……”. My wife trembles on her varicose, fragile legs as Linda continues to ram with her big cock. I can see my wife’s pussy juice dripping from her old cunt. The long beautiful legs tucked into black stockings move to the rhythm of my wife being fucked. The huge circumcised cock goes again and again through the old cunt, finally I hear Linda scream: “Oh Madam…….I’m about to squirt…..ooooh…..jaaaa……ik kommmm……..”. Firmly holding my wife’s hips, Linda squirts her load of cum into the old cunt. As Linda pulls out her huge cock, her cum gushes out of my wife’s cunt. My wife lowers her knees and remains on the floor. When Linda leaves my wife and I are still recovering.