I recently went on vacation to Gran Canaria, and something quite extraordinary, but exciting and horny happened to me. Once again, I was on vacation alone. I didn’t mind because I just wanted to be alone, not have any obligations and not have to take into consideration any other travelers. I could get up whenever I wanted, go to bed whenever I wanted, get drunk whenever I wanted, or just lie on the beach and sunbathe.

Of course, I knew that all hell was breaking loose in Gran Canaria, and of course I was hoping for a great vacation adventure. My favorite would be a slightly older woman…married or not. They don’t make any demands and don’t call me at home. The first day was quiet, I had to acclimatize a bit and explore the area and of course the bars and discos in the evenings.

The very first night I got a little carried away, flirting like crazy, but I just got drunk too early. I staggered back to the hotel at 11 o’clock. The next day I went to the beach again, of course. It was miserably long and there was a nice boozer every 500 meters. After the eighth, I was a little tired, looked for a nice spot and enjoyed the wonderful summer weather. Not far from me was a gorgeous girl, slim, tanned, with small tits and dark hair. I couldn’t see her face clearly because I didn’t have my glasses with me. Only when she went into the water did I get a closer look. She had to pass me, and of course I looked at her and smiled. The first few times she didn’t even notice me, only when I said “hello” did she look at me. From then on, she smiled back at me every time she walked past my house to the water.

When I looked for her again in the afternoon, she was gone. Too bad, I thought, but what the hell. There are enough rabbits running around here and she was too young for my needs. I was out again that evening and happened to run into her in a music bar. It was a small but nice bar with great music and great mixed drinks. She saw me too, smiled at me and came over to me. I was stunned, I was supposed to start… We immediately got into some great small talk and I noticed that her voice was a little deeper. But never in my life did I think of a ladyboy or a shemale. I had often spoken to women with deep voices before.

Her name was Salimur and she was from the mainland…so she was Spanish. Great, I thought, I’ve never fucked a Spanish woman anyway. Maybe today? She was also here for a short vacation and stayed in a hotel right next to mine. We had a lively conversation. She only spoke broken German, so I had the opportunity to brush up on my English. I paid for a couple of drinks, hoping she wasn’t just looking for a cheap night out. We were both a little tipsy when I was persuaded to dance. Somehow I felt a tingle in my stomach, and that didn’t bode well. I want to spend my vacation here, not fall in love with someone. She cuddled up to me and told me she was hiding a secret. I was curious, didn’t let up, and when we sat at the bar again, she revealed her secret.

“I’m a transsexual, a real shemale.” I was speechless and after looking at her for a while, she started to get up and leave. I had to hold her down and convince her to stay. Once I regained my composure, I naturally had to ask her many questions. Why, how, when, etc. Of course, I started talking about sex and she answered in detail and was obviously happy that I was still interested in her. After a while our conversation got hotter and hotter and she confessed that she was aroused. I was getting hot too and my pants were getting pretty tight. Not that I was gay, but I often watch horny movies of trannies and shemales on the internet. Not lingerie wearers or transvestites, but ones with cocks and nice tits. When I had nothing to fuck, I often jerked off with the idea of having sex with such a shemale. She asked me if I wanted to feel. When I didn’t answer, she took my hand and put it under her miniskirt.

Fortunately, the bar was very dark and quite crowded, so no one could see our banter. She looked into my eyes as I touched her cock. From what I could feel, it wasn’t very big, but it still managed to peek out of her panties. I bit my bottom lip, she smiled at me, came closer and we started kissing. She hugged me and my hands caressed her thighs. She knew I had never had sex with a man or a trans woman. And that must have turned her on, because she whispered in my ear that she would like to be my teacher.

I was pretty excited too, so I paid our bill and we walked out of the restaurant hand in hand. We were less than 10 minutes away from our hotels, but it took us over half an hour to get there. We kept stopping and cuddling. I could feel her cock on mine and couldn’t stand it any longer. I wanted to experience it today. We chose her hotel because she wanted to freshen up a bit. In the meantime, I sat on the balcony and drank a glass of wine. After a short time she came back wearing the same clothes as before.

She sat down on the floor with me and we raised our glasses to each other. We immediately started cuddling again. She was a fantastic kisser and I loved it when the kisses were very wet. I sat against the wall of the hotel with my legs stretched out and she sat on top of me. We were still kissing like crazy. She took my hand again and put it under her mini. Now I was a little braver and started to massage her cock a little. Salimur reached behind her and opened her mini. She immediately slid to the floor and I saw her in all her glory.

A large part of her cock was still covered by the thong, but her glans peeked out over it. I was getting hornier and hornier and could hardly wait to pleasure her hot little hard cock. She was now kneeling in front of me and my mouth wasn’t far from her magnificent cock. I massaged her ass cheeks and finally pulled down her panties. She was finally exposed. I took my time. My hands slid up, massaging her small tits, and down again. She had a beautiful female physique, almost indistinguishable from a real female body. Salimur wanted more now.

She took my head and pressed it gently against her pelvis. I kissed her navel, left and right on her hips, and my face kept touching her cock. I couldn’t stand it anymore, opened my mouth and Salimur helped a little more. Bit by bit her cock disappeared in my mouth. At first, it was a little dry, but soon my saliva was nicely spread on his cock. Slowly Salimur pushed his cock in and out and I tried not to be too stupid the first time. Slowly I got into the swing of things and sucked deep, playing with my tongue at the same time.

The first moaning sounds escaped her and she always praised my talent for sucking. I felt like in a movie. Everything was so unreal, me with a tranny, me with a cock in my mouth. I got bolder and bolder and massaged her tight little fuck hole. Slowly my fingers slid in and Salimur got louder and louder. After a while she pulled her cock out of my mouth, went deeper and started to take care of my best piece. She was a very good blowjob, she took it deep in her mouth and at the same time she made jerking movements with her hand. Just before I exploded, she stopped, came up and rubbed her fuck hole on my cock. Now I couldn’t stand it anymore. I lifted her up a little and positioned my cock at her hole.

Salimur slowly sat down on her and sank my cock into her. It was a hot feeling. She started to ride it while I sucked on her little nipples and jerked her cock. In between, there was wetter French kissing. Salimur became louder and louder, and by now we could be heard in the other rooms. I massaged her balls with one hand and jerked off to her hard little cock with the other. Her riding became more and more violent and her cock started to twitch.

Shortly after that she came, moaning loudly as I spread her cum all over her still jerking cock. Some of her hot juice ran down my stomach and reached her fuck hole, which was now making smacking noises. Now my restraint was over. Two more short thrusts and I pumped my cum into her tight hole. She made such horny movements as I had never experienced before during a fuck with a woman. Totally exhausted and sweaty, she hugged me, kissed me again and again and whispered that this was her hottest fuck yet. My dick was still in her hole. Slowly it went limp and gradually slipped out…

Without saying a word, we went into the shower one after the other. She was waiting for me and asked me if I wanted to stay. I didn’t think twice and slept with her for more than just that one night. That very morning, we jerked each other off to climax. I couldn’t get enough of her. We stayed together for the rest of the week, lying on the beach, going to bars at night, and always having hot and satisfying sex in between. We did it in all positions, I swallowed her cum, and at the end of the week I even let her fuck me twice. After the vacation, we kept in touch by email for a while, but it slowed down and eventually stopped altogether. In any case, it was my hottest sex experience to date and it made a big impression on me. From then on, I had sex with a tranny several times, but none of them was as hot as my Salimur on Gran Canaria.