Finally, I’m a T-girl and go shopping again – online is convenient, but nothing beats a stroll through the stores. Looking at the clothes directly, feeling and trying them on is something completely different from ordering on the off chance. All the returns are sometimes annoying. Gabriela wanted to buy a new dress and therefore strolled from store to store. Gabriela looked beautifully feminine today. She had become a beautiful T-girl thanks to hormones and received a lot of male attention. For her, a confirmation that it had been successful!

In one store, a very attractive salesman caught her watching – he was tall, dark-haired and athletically built. His three-day beard and gleaming white teeth made him incredibly sexy – and his dazzling smile … Gabriela almost forgot what she actually wanted! So she actually only looked around as an alibi and kept furtively glancing over at him. He noticed her and smiled kindly at her. Gabriela became quite embarrassed and thought at the same time how silly, he is a salesman and has to be nice to all customers. He certainly didn’t mean her personally.

She left the store, but kept looking in over the next few days. She couldn’t forget him … Trying not to attract attention, she grabbed a dress off the rack when she suddenly heard behind her, “Can I help you?” Gabriela turned around, startled, and there he stood in all his glory, “Uh, no, I don’t think – I don’t know,” she stammered. “Crap!” she screamed internally. She only lost sight of him for a moment and now he was standing in front of her – tall, handsome, simply stunning! “You don’t know?” he smiled, and Gabriela became angry that he was playing his attractiveness card so shamelessly. “Yes, I don’t know!” she therefore returned nastily. She realized herself how silly that was, but she didn’t know any other way to help herself. “Well, just let me take a look,” he continued pleasantly.

“My name’s Mike, by the way – what’s yours?” “Gabriela,” was all she said, looking at him now sheepishly, pouting. I’m a t-girl. “Okay, Gabriela – I think this dress would look better on you. You have a great figure, and you should show it off.” He thrust his choice into her hand and encouraged her to try it on. “By the way, I’ve seen that you’ve been here quite a bit the last few days. Did you just want to buy something, or did you want to see me?” Gabriela looked at him puzzled – did he really notice her? “Oh, I just wanted to look around,” she pretended, unimpressed. “Did you notice that’s one of them?” “Yes, of course – you can’t miss a beautiful woman like you!” Gabriela’s face turned bright red and a heat coursed through her t-girl body. You could literally hear it crackling between the two of them, and the body language from both of them was also clear. “Come on, I’ll show you the cabin,” he finally said.

In the posh store, the cubicles were located at the back of the store, where customers could change undisturbed. Except for one customer, there was not much going on, and his colleague was taking care of her. Quickly they went into the changing room, closed the door behind them and kissed passionately. “We have to be quiet,” he said while taking off her sweater and stroking Gabriela’s body with his hands. “You’re really turning me on,” he whispered, now sliding his hand under her skirt. Gabriela paused and pressed her hand to her mouth. Skillfully, his fingers explored her trans clit, generating the highest feelings of pleasure. “Come on, do me now,” she moaned softly, pulling down his pants.

His penis was big and plump, and Gabriela couldn’t wait to feel it inside her trans pussy. She took his member firmly in her hand and massaged it to really turn Mike on. Gabriela now turned around so he could finally penetrate her. He understood immediately and didn’t take long either. They melted into each other standing up and enjoyed the quickie beyond measure. She clawed her fingers into his butt and he got faster and faster. When finally the redeeming moment came, they buried their heads in each other so as not to moan loudly. After a while, they detached from each other and came out of the cabin again. They looked around, the colleague was still busy with the customer and apparently did not notice anything. They giggled and kissed each other quickly. “Are you coming back?” Asked Mike. “If you want … maybe next time also with you or maybe with me?” she asked and left with a promising smile.

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