I am Sven, 25 years old and live in Stockholm. I like it there, but I mainly come there for work. When I’m free I usually go to the village where I come from to chill. Oh, and thanks for reading this. I was lurking and watching ladyboys for a long time.

And finally, I met this ladyboy. She was a very nice type and we were a good duo immediately. She was a webcam ladyboy (profile link) from Thailand, picture above, and was on vacation in Sweden. We just got talking and because we were having such a good time, we decided to meet up. We were having a drink at an outdoor café when she said she had something to tell me. We shared everything, it was very bizarre. She told me that she had a penis between her legs.

And although I normally had nothing to do with that, I wanted to know what it looked like. I just said that too. I had no attraction to men and penises I only looked at in the mirror and in porn movies. But this attracted me because it was on a hot chick. I don’t know if there is any logic in that for you, but for me there is. She didn’t want to do it at first, but something in my eyes convinced her I think. She laughed and said we could go to her house and do it there.

I was fine with that and got excited about it too. We went out, about a 24-minute walk from where we were. We arrived at her BNB house. A nice rental house, not too big but big enough for cozy living. There, in the living room, she closed the curtains and turned on the lights for a moment and asked if I was really ready. I felt a bulge grow in my pants and nodded and thought for a moment that I was drooling, that’s how much I wanted to see it.

And she took off her clothes with her back to me and was suddenly standing in front of me completely naked, with quite a shemale cock standing straight up. It had obviously excited her too and I decided to make things a little easier by getting out of my clothes too. There we were. Both with a hard-on and suddenly she asked if she could suck me. That was unexpected but she said yes. But only if I could lie on top of her and take her delicious cock in my mouth.

It was the first time for me and of course I found that quite exciting. But in the end I had the thing in my mouth, while I also got a blowjob. It felt strange, a shemale’s cock in my mouth, but I also thought it had something to it. I now understood some of the women who claimed to love blowjobs. It is very nice to do just like that! Anyway, it was like that for a few minutes and I actually came suddenly, without announcing it, in her mouth. And the shemale swallowed it all with great ease and moaned at the same time.

Then she asked me if I wanted her cock in my ass. I wanted it very much and immediately sat down in a position that women usually assume when I fuck them in the ass. I felt that cock press against my anus and I relaxed. She smeared something smooth and cold on my asshole and then suddenly the ladyboy thick cock slid right into my anus. I gasped for breath, I must confess. But it was damn nice to feel. I was so horny, I forgot the pain and just enjoyed it. How nice she was deep inside me and how nice she fucked my ass. I still wasn’t crazy about men but a ladyboy cock I could take. She fucked me deep and hard and finally she slapped my buttocks while I moaned.

She squirted her hot seed all over my back after a few minutes and I lowered myself down there on the couch where we had done it. We looked at each other with questioning eyes. For how to proceed? We couldn’t just stay regular friends, we were past that point now. And so we decided to become friends with benefits. Friends who if they felt like it and weren’t in a relationship could do it together. And actually, we still are. We enjoy each other very much and are still good buddies.

Although it does feel a little different. In fact, I think I’m starting to have feelings for her that I haven’t had before for someone with a cock between their legs. But then again, she is a woman on top of her game, drop-dead gorgeous and charming, funny. So wherever this will all lead, I’ll let it happen. Thanks to her, I am more or less past my shame and can fully enjoy real sex. Although I still haven’t done anything with full men, because that’s not something that attracts me anyway. I do look at cocks in a completely different way, I must admit. They do excite me a bit more now. But don’t tell that to all my female acquaintances, because then I miss a good turn and that is of course not the intention.