Hi, I’m Emma. A 45-year-old German woman working in an Asian country for a clothing company. I got a massage from a transwoman, and she did much more than that. And just to stay in the mood a bit, I’m using a beautiful live Trans for your fantasy. Her name is Dani. The story really happened.

After a hard week at work, I needed some relaxation for the weekend. So I decided to spend a lovely day in the sauna. I quickly booked my place for the Saturday, with a massage as well. On Friday evening, I got rid of all my unwanted hair and went to sleep.

The next morning, the alarm clock woke me up, and I jumped out of bed. Quickly a breakfast and some coffee. After breakfast, I packed my bag with the things I needed and dressed in sweatpants and a matching sweater. Nice and simple since I can enjoy a day naked. I got into the car and drove to the sauna, where I arrived after a 45-minute drive.

The sun was already shining, and that always works well on my mood. I walk up to the counter and check myself in and am handed a locker key by the young man behind the counter. He asks if I have been their guest more often, and I indicate to him that I know the way. He wishes me a good day and I walk to the dressing room. Once there, I look for my locker and notice that it is still quiet. I strip off my clothes and put on my bathrobe and take my bath towel. Quietly, I walk around and take a sauna here and there.

I walk outside and grab a sunbed, where I lie down to read.

After a few saunas, I walk outside and grab a sunbed, where I lie down to read. After a few minutes, a woman comes up to me to ask if I also want something to drink, and she takes my order. The moment she walks away, I look her over and take her in. A beautiful woman of about 45 with a nice round ass under her slim body.

She will be a height of 170 cm and I guess a C cup, but that is difficult since she is dressed as a waitress. Her face exudes softness with her red lips and brown hair. When she comes back after a few minutes with the order, I can’t help but admire her for a longer time. I ask her if she knows where I can get my massage later.

The woman asks me which massage I have booked, and I tell her which one it is. She tells me that she gives these massages today until 17:00 and tells me where I have to be. A sparkle in my eyes will have betrayed how happy I am that she will be giving that massage, because she bends down to my ear and softly whispers that she will wait for me and then give me extra attention.

The transwoman starts smiling. Naughty smile.

So she walks away, and I am still lying on my bed looking at her in amazement. I finish my drink and decide to swim a few laps. After swimming for half an hour I decide to go to the massage room and there I see her waiting for guests who want to be massaged. I open the door and ask if she has time for her massage. Immediately, she starts smiling and indicates that I may lie down.

Once on the massage table, she introduces her as Dani. Pleasant, Dani, my name is Johanna. Dani asks me if I mind she takes off her clothes because of the heat. I don’t mind because then I can finally admire her beautiful body naked. To my great disappointment, she keeps her panties and bra on and starts her massage.

Slowly, I enter a state of relaxation and feel my body completely relax. Dani is so good with her hands that this massage brings out sensations of lust as well as relaxation. Her hands glide over my naked body, not skipping a spot. My entire 165 cm body becomes relaxed, and I feel her hands now gliding over my thigh. She slowly slides her hands down the inside of my thigh towards my pussy.

Gently, she slides her fingers around my lips and through my butt crack. This works itself out, that I let out a sigh of horniness and feel how wet my pussy is getting by now. Then Dani has me turn around, and she begins her treatment again, but from the front. Again she goes all over my body and doesn’t forget my full B cup. I’m getting hornier and hornier from her massage, and Dani must have noticed that by now my nipples are standing out, and my pussy is flowing with horny energy.

Dani by now had me completely relaxed.

Dani by now had me completely relaxed and made sure that I was now mega horny. And I didn’t care being a transwoman. She stroked my pussy lips a few more times, resulting in me doing nothing but moaning. Dani now came with her face to mine and asked if I wanted to go further than this. Even before she had spoken, I confessed that I wanted nothing more than more of this. She followed this up with a kiss that turned into a tongue kiss.

Her hands were still gliding over my body, and soon she took my nipples between her lips and sucked on them. This caused moans and an even wetter pussy. As if she smelled it, she dived between my legs with her mouth and started to go down on me. With her tongue deep in my pussy, she slurped up my pussy horny and then searched for my clit and soon licked me to a climax. I came to some senses and started kissing her again and thought it was now time for Dani to cum. I stripped her of her bra and panties, but when I had done that, I was a bit shocked. A 20 cm cock jumped out, and I looked at her in amazement.

Dani asked if I didn’t mind her being a shemale.

Dani asked if I didn’t mind her being a shemale, but if I did mind, I could just say so. I quickly recovered and without saying anything I took her cock in my mouth and started sucking her. Dani started moaning, which made me know I was okay with it. Deeper and deeper her cock entered my throat and I felt my pussy get wetter and wetter. I looked at Dani with her cock in my mouth, and the look in my eyes was enough for her to know what I wanted.

She helped me up and positioned me over the massage table and came to stand behind me. She let her cock slide between my buttocks and lips and with a convenient tilt she slid her cock deep into my wet pussy in 1 thrust. Slowly, she increased the speed and fucked me deeper and harder.

While she fucked me deep, she pinched my nipples sometimes, which kept me from cumming. Her other hand slid over my buttocks and because of all the oil on my body, she had no trouble getting her finger in my ass. I moaned out in pleasure from her cock and finger in my fuck holes.

Dani let her cock slide out of my pussy and placed it against my ass. Willing as I was I made sure that cock disappeared into my asshole inch by inch myself and soon I was riding her so that she was up to her balls in me. Meanwhile I was fingering my own pussy hard with 3 fingers sliding in and out.

This didn’t last long for Dani and me and with a deep moan she squirted her seed deep into my internal organ and I came squirting. We fell over each other on the massage table, and she kissed me on my neck. Dani thanked me extensively for this wonderful experience, but I felt that it was I who should thank her.

I had assumed I would have sex with a woman, but this was many times better. I asked her if she would like to meet with me again to see how things could go. She immediately agreed to have dinner with me that same evening. I gave her my number, so she could APP me where we would meet.

I was relaxed and satisfied and went to shower before I left home, and even before I was home I had a message from Dani with a restaurant address and a time. Once at home, I answered her that I would be there and picked out a nice set of lingerie and a sexy dress. I did my makeup and drove to the restaurant. There, Dani was already waiting for me and had already ordered a bottle of wine for the 2 of us.

A cozy evening followed into a wonderful night. All this ensured that we are now in a relationship of already 10 years. Our friends don’t know better than that we are a normal couple who can’t get pregnant, and therefore don’t know anything about Dani’s wonderful secret. We are very happy with our relationship and have no regrets whatsoever about our choices. We complement each other in every area and regularly have fun dates with couples, men and women.

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