I am Beatrice, 29 years old, transgender, slim figure, small boobs but a nice cock. Today I’m going into town to do some shopping. Thrift stores in and out, also looking at clothes. I am super horny and have decided not to put on any panties. See what happens. I’m wearing a short skirt, white tight shirt with a nice denim jacket over it. Nice summer skirt, cool belt on and have my white trainers on. Not much makeup, very little eye pencil and a red/pink lipstick. Not too heavily made-up, but playful and elegant. My hair is loosened to perfection. From the moment I walked in, a man was already looking at me. He was about 60 years old, beautiful grey hair, tall, a bit firm. In short, the type I fall for.

Anyway…I already saw him looking…fine…do a lot of them…but the way of looking I recognize well…. His eyes scan me. I walk past him, say good afternoon and give him a sweet smile. Just after walking past him, I stop at a shelf with cute figurines. I like Indian statues, and there is a shelf full of them. I bend down a bit to take a closer look, and I make sure my bottom sticks back nicely. I make a hollow back, because it has to look sexy, of course. I look very quickly to my right and see the man startle a bit and quickly turn his head the other way. So he is watching me. I look a bit further into the shelves and move my ass a bit. I stand up straight again for a moment and slide my skirt up slightly so that my right buttock comes out slightly from under it. I glance quickly to my right. He wants to turn his head again, but he doesn’t succeed, hi hi…. I give him another smile and continue. I squat, because I have to reach the bottom shelf, don’t I?

Because I squat, my skirt creeps up slightly. I am now slightly squatting with my back to him. I feel that 20% of my bottom is visible and I also feel how my swollen cock has freedom and dangles deliciously bare. I know he can now see my balls and cock between my bottoms. Am curious. Maybe he’s freaked out and left. I get up and pull my skirt down a bit. I turn around. He is still standing there and I see him swallow and look at me. Mmm….now I give a wink. I walk away, twisting my ass and turn my head a little more to see what he is doing. Yea, he goes after me. In the shop, I walk to the clothing corner at the very back of the shop. I grab a shirt and a pair of trousers from the rack and enter a makeshift fitting room, but I leave the shabby little curtain open for a bit. I look and see the man from a distance looking straight into the fitting room. That makes me so horny, huh. I take off my denim jacket and pull my shirt over my head. My small breasts poke out. My little nipples are hard. I stand with my bare back to him. Very quietly, I turn slightly so he can see my tits. Look, please. I raise my eyes to him and I see him squinting. What I also see is him rubbing himself on his crotch and squeezing his cock for a moment.

The man is very horny and wants sex.

I pretend to try on the shirt, but that makes no sense, as it is so ugly and way too big. I put it away again. Shall I put on my own shirt again? But by now I am so horny, I don’t think long and undo my belt and lower my skirt. That way, he sees how my hard cock shoots up as my skirt goes over it. I drop the skirt and stand stark naked in that fitting room. I see some people approaching and quickly pull the curtain closed. The moment they pass by, I open it a bit again. My naked body and my erect cock are fully visible to the man. He keeps looking at me now and his eyes go up and down. Then he looks at me again, then at my titties my belly, and he stares at my cock. I squeeze my nipples deliciously between my thumb and forefinger. My legs crossed slightly, my cock forward, and I smile a little. Laugh a little and give him a wink.

My other hand holds my cock and I pull on it very slowly. Just so he can get a good look at my shiny naked glans. I grab the little chair standing in the fitting room and set it down in front of the open piece of curtain. I sit down deliciously and pull my legs up so that my heels are on the chair. So… just look horny… just look at my cock and ass…. Just look how nice it looks. I run my index finger along my balls and from there to my butt hole and rub it slightly. The man comes a little closer and stands about 3 metres away from me. Ouch. I see he has a big boner and his trousers are stretched. I look deliciously horny out of my eyes and wet my index and middle finger with my mouth. With the saliva, I go over my arsehole and gently slide the two fingers and a little bit in. My cock rises stiffly. Damn. I can already feel it throbbing….hmm.

The man I see breathing heavily and squeezing his trousers. He looks around a bit and steps right into the fitting room. Gives a tug on the curtain and stands with his back against the wall. “Turn around you” he says in a rather dominant tone. I turn the chair and sit facing him. My fingers out of my ass and sit obediently, but my cock is rock hard. “So…so you are horny, and you obviously find it horny too to show this to me” he says. I say “Yes sir…actually I do”. “Well…what are you waiting for then. Carry on with what you were doing.” I put my heels back on the chair and sit down slightly so that my ass is clearly visible. I wet my little fingers again and slide them into my deliciously smooth little hole. “Now you are going to finger yourself. Deeply. And you keep looking at me” he says. I slide my fingers as far as I can into my anus and go back and forth deliciously regularly. My cock throbs and thumps. “Look at your cock. See what comes out of it” he said. I see that a lot of pre-cum is coming out. My whole glans is moist. He takes a step towards me, takes my cock in his mouth. I feel how he sucks and goes slightly into my glans hole with his tongue and licks up the moisture. He continues to suck me.

Massage for my balls.

His hand massages my balls and goes up from there to knead my titties. Mmm. I feel I’m already going to squirt, but he stops sucking. My cock swishes out of his mouth. He is soaking wet. He pulls my hand away so that my fingers plop out of my asshole. Furthermore, he looks at my hole and plunges his tongue fully into it. Like a savage, he starts licking and sucking. Oh my god, how rough he is all of a sudden, but I find it buttery hot. He is vigorous and fucks me with his tongue. His hefty hand meanwhile grabs my cock and I am being firmly jerked off. He grabs me by my hips and slides me a little further down. He gets down on his knees in front of me. Lowers his trousers and a deliciously long, firmly veined, cock jumps up. He spits on his cock, rubs it smooth and presses it against my fingered arsehole. You look ready to be fucked to me.” I nod yes. With some force, he pushes his cock into my asshole. When his big glans goes further inside me and once past my sphincter, I shiver with pleasure. Ooh, what a great feeling. He slides it in right up to his balls. I am completely filled. My ass squeezes his cock and with slow long strokes I am fucked. Almost all the way out and then all the way in again. Mmmmm. My cock is rock hard and starts jerking right away.

I let myself go deliciously and don’t hold back. After he pushes his cock deep inside me several times, I squirt without touching my cock. The seed comes on my legs, over my sack, over his cock which continues thrusting and over my belly. “Keep going” I say “please keep going”. I see and feel him fucking me more firmly now. I also see my still hard cock and moving back and forth. Little red glans with seed still spilling out. I run my fingers through my own cum and rub my breasts with it. I squeeze and twist my hard nipples deliciously firmly. Damn. So horny. “Come here” I say, and I grab him by the back of his head and pull him towards me. We start tonguing each other vigorously as his thick, hard cock keeps thrusting into me. Shit… I stay so horny he…. I felt really slutty with that huge cock in my ass.

His cock was going back and forth a bit faster now. With every thrust, his balls slapped against mine. The cock in my ass started sliding back and forth faster and faster. I felt he was going to cum. I pulled him against me as I wanted to feel him squirting deep into my asshole. Then I felt a hot load of cum being squirted into my ass. Meanwhile, he kept on thrusting into my asshole. Suddenly it became too much for me. From the depths of my balls, I slowly felt my seed bubbling up and with full force I squirted a gigantic load of my hot seed all over my and his belly. I hadn’t often had such a violent orgasm before, and the amount of seed gushing out of my cock was also much larger than usual.

Completely out of breath, I lowered myself onto the sofa, jerking off my aftershock cock deliciously slowly. My lover also kept pushing his sagging cock back and forth in my saturated ass for a bit languidly. Then I felt him pull his cock out of me. I suddenly felt empty. My ass was still slightly open and I felt his seed leaking out of my hole. He stood up and pulled up his trousers again. He fixed his clothes, so it wouldn’t be noticeable what had happened. He said, “Thank you, slut. It was delicious, but now I have to go back to my wife.” He moved the curtain aside and walked into the shop. Leaving me satiated. I stood up and put my skirt and shirt back on. I felt the seed from my ass running down the back of my legs.

I decided not to wipe it away, but to go home like this. When I came out of the changing room and looked around, I saw a few people looking at me in surprise. Apparently it hadn’t escaped their notice what had happened in there. Fulfilled and with blushes on my cheeks, I walked out of the shop. On the street, I felt the wind blowing under my skirt. I had felt it as the wind blew directly into my hole. The jets of cum on my legs felt cool. Like clouds, I walked home. Meanwhile, I let the horny event go through my mind again. One thing I knew for sure. This was not the last time I would undertake something so horny. How delicious it is to be a horny transgender.

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