Ending a relationship after 3 years is not nice and not easy. I leave her crying, but I have to be honest, the feeling is gone. The stimuli, butterflies, whatever, is no more. I consider myself an asshole for not being able to save my relationship but it is not only my fault. The sex is boring, good conversations rare, and the humor far from it. That leaves only the rut and I don’t want that anymore. So I pull the door shut behind me, frustrated. After two weeks of arranging, whining and sadness, I am back on my own. Time to blow off some steam.

I am 23 years old and single, all my friends are covered, I need to maneuver and entertain myself. I decide to go to Amsterdam and throw myself into the nightlife. It is Saturday afternoon at noon, boiling hot, and I cycle from Haarlem to Amsterdam. Cycling to get rid of the stress. My condition is good, I have been practicing martial arts for a few years now and those training sessions have toughened me up. I kick the miserable feeling out of me.

Bathed in sweat, I stand on an aunt’s doorstep and receive a warm welcome. After having vented my heart, my aunt says, in the lovely style of Amsterdam: “Well, then stay here for a week or so, we’re going on vacation, here’s the key, have a good time, you’re only young once”. And so I wave goodbye to the family and go and enjoy myself not just one evening but a whole week in the always exciting Amsterdam.

First, I jump in the shower and put on some of my cousin’s summer clothes. First I’m going to grab a terrace in the sun, enjoy a cold beer. Fortunately, now everything is easily accessible by bike, so off to Rembrandtplein. It is summer vacation and a heat wave has been going on for 2 days, it is enjoyable. I hear all languages, the most beautiful, sexy girls walk by. With my, if I do say so myself, reasonably muscular body and sporty appearance, I cannot complain about attention. It is that I am not as chatty as my cousins from Amsterdam, otherwise I would have been able to pick up quite a few girls.

I meet 2 really beautiful trans girls.

On the terrace I meet 2 really beautiful girls, they are Spanish-speaking and one is from Colombia and the other from Venezuela. I understand that they are students and traveling around Europe for a year. It’s called a gap year, to gain life experience. They are a little older, 26 and 27 yr and met in Italy. They are dressed in sexy, provocative clothing and flirt lustily, including with me. I order some more drinks and join them at the table and squeeze myself in between the girlfriends. It becomes more and more pleasant. My Spanish is zero, but in English we can understand each other reasonably well. They talk a lot with their hands, are physical, I am regularly grabbed, giving me the impression that it is not just to emphasize the conversation but more to just touch me.

Sexy Spanish speaking shemale with tattoo photo

We laugh and talk about relationships, about future, wishes and dreams with nice vewarrings through the language. Unfortunately, the girls have an appointment and have to leave. They see my dismayed face and say they do want to go out in “the redlight district” with me later tonight. I’m happy to hold them to that. We meet at 11 p.m. at the steps of the beurs van Berlage. And on parting I get a couple of nice kisses from both of them during which they wink mischievously at each other.

I am sitting on the stairs at the fair and see Briana and Sammy arrive. What super hot girls they are. Briana is light toned and slightly larger, nice muscular tough female with some nice tattoos, with a good ass and breasts that I suspect are not entirely natural. Sammy is very petit dark skin, a beautiful mouth, big breasts and a lovely bunch of hair.

I am kissed and notice that both have already had a bit more to drink. We walk past the parking garage of the Beehive and into the whore district. It clicks great and we have a lot of fun. The girls challenge me and ask if I find it exciting. And I admit that I do get horny from the atmosphere and the balmy night and the lit windows. They know their own way to different bars quite well. We dance and drink quite a lot and slowly the alcohol does its work.

We dive into the pub for a while and here they collectively start to turn me on a bit by driving against me to the music. Teasing me and each other with horny movements. When Briana goes to the toilet Sammy comes close to me and we get entwined in a super horny tongue kiss that makes my cock grow. With her hips she cunningly rubs along the hard pole in my pants and smiles baring her teeth, ” sooo….. you are happy, that’s a nice toy”. After which she also disappears towards the toilet.

I am asked to order the last round, they are about to close. Briana is back first and wraps her arms around me from behind, turns me around and gives me a passionate tongue kiss. Delicious with lots of tongue and I get really turned on by the firm approach : ” Now tell me, who is the better kisser “. she whispers in my ear. I tell her laughing that I can’t decide yet. Our cymbals rub against each other to the beat of the music. Briana’s hand boldly disappears into my pants and finds my wet glans. As she looks at me with pinched eyes, I feel my glans slide through her fingers.

She brings her wet hand to her mouth and licks the grease from her fingers. Moaning softly, she grabs my neck with her other hand and presses her wet mouth to mine, I taste my own cum. She whispers, ” I want you “. I can’t take it anymore, and I think I will cum spontaneously. Then I feel Sammy squeezing between us. Briana lets Sammy taste her fingers and while looking at me defiantly, they lick the fingers clean together. So terribly horny to see which makes my cock even wetter. I don’t get much time to process this because we have to get out the pub is closing.

We want you, shut up and follow!

“We want you, shut up and follow”. WOW… I don’t know what happens, but once outside, the girls take me between them and walk through the whore district. They wave, smiling at a few late working women standing in the doorway. At a couple of dark windows, Sammy grabs a key and we have to go up a set of wooden stairs. This is a prostitute’s room. I feast my eyes, they turn on a few red lights, but it remains dim. Sultry music sounds and they push me back on a big round bed.

Giggling, while dancing hornily, Briana pulls little Sammy’s dress over her head. The small breasts with really nice dark nipples are hard tight ahead. My cock throbs in my pants. While tonguing, hands caress Sammy’s beautiful body. I rub my crotch to relieve some of the tension here. To no avail. On their knees, they sensually crawl toward me leaving Sammy’s panties behind.

Naked, Sammy climbs the bed and helps me out of my clothes deftly and quickly dodging my cock. On her back, she pulls my head between her legs. The most beautiful pussy ever appears before my eyes. Large labia are half open and a thick clit pokes its head gleaming. Almost black edges on the lips and the pink shines with horniness. Immediately I put my mouth on that beautiful cunt and begin a delicious licking. Little Sammy’s body shakes unbecomingly as I massage the big clit vigorously with my tongue. Blessed the way her body responds to my tongue. Briana has bared her breasts and is pinching and pulling on her nipples.

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Climbing onto the bed in her panties as well, she takes one by one Sammy’s nipples between her teeth and nibbles lovingly by alternately biting and licking. Before long, Sammy grabs my hair and pushes her wet pussy firmly onto my mouth begins to jerk and moan and mutters unintelligibly in Spanish and English. Slowly I feel the juices flowing and her grip loosening. My whole face is wet with horn. How wonderful when a woman can cum so well.

Briana pulls me up and licks the horny from my face I feel her tongue and my tongue dancing together, the horniness makes me shiver. Sammy joins me too and our tongues dance a deliciously horny dance. Slowly the mouths descend to my nipples. They push my arms up and I hear: ” You relax now “. The mouths sink further down hornily teasing. Agonizingly slowly I feel a tongue evading my cock and licking my balls.

The pre-cum vomits from my cock my belly is soaking wet with horny moisture and I see Sammy push my legs slightly apart and Briana lick up the horn like a vacuum cleaner. My glans slithers into Briana’s mouth who sinks deeper and deeper with her head until my entire cock has disappeared deep into her throat. Then I feel Sammy’s tongue gently move from my balls to my arse. Aaahhhhhh… how horny is this. Her tongue is massaging my ass, Briana’s drool is dripping down my balls. My climax is coming I start to jerk.

At the same time they let go of me and gone is my climax, ” What the fuck…” ” Not Yet ” , they whisper, and Sammy climbs up and grabs a vibrator from a drawer and starts a show. I lie naked, watching Briana work her with the vibrator. It is a beautiful sight how her pussy is kept pulsating on the edge of orgasm. A dildo and lube appear, and Briana now bids Sammy offer her ass.
Carefully and routinely, Briana works the little ass with lube and slowly the dildo disappears into her ass. She is really enjoying it and her pussy is now really starting to drip with moisture. She now drives herself to an orgasm where her cunt really squirts. How super horny is that. Shaking and squirming, she stays down exhausted.

Now it’s your turn …. and mine to fuck.

Briana comes crawling to me and says: ” Now its your turn …. and mine “. She pushes me back and brings my arms up. She makes love slowly at first but becomes more and more dominant, her tongue stirring deep in my mouth, and I like it very much. She is horny, knows what she wants and takes control. She crawls up a little more and presses her nipple into my mouth, and I suck on it nicely. I feel her fasten my arms to the bed and surrender to the game.

She sinks down and once again takes my cock deep in her throat and very slowly starts to blow very deep but really from the glans all the way to the stem disappears in her throat. I have never been sucked this good before. I feel her fingers stroking my balls and occasionally a thumb against my anus. When my cock is at its deepest in her throat, she gently forces her thumb into my ass. I didn’t know it would feel so nice but it does, and I moan, ” Yeah what hot”. She comes up again and again I taste my own moisture as she kisses me.

You made me fall for you … I realy like you … I want you to love me … She sits on my belly and slowly slides up. Sammy appears next to my face and holds my head. Briana’s panties are gone and in her hand she holds a … cock and the cock is coming closer and closer to my mouth and I can’t get away with my head and slowly Briana pushes her cock into my mouth and I start sucking and licking and sucking and my horniness knows no limit and I try to give the beautiful Briana as much pleasure as possible.

Sammy notices that I am not resisting and together we indulge Briana. Our tongues swirl around her glans I lick her balls and take it as deep into my mouth as I can. Slowly she fucks my mouth and I like it. Sammy unties me and Briana turns in 69 and sucks my hard cock and I lick and suck her. Then she starts licking my ass and I feel Sammy turn the vibrator on against my star. Almost effortlessly it disappears into my ass. Briana comes up and lies down on me ” You are so hot…i want to fuck you ” Please be careful I have never done that” She kisses me lovingly and Sammy applies a generous amount of lube.

The penis head slowly presses against my sphincter and very carefully, Briana’s cock disappears deep inside my body. Very gently, I am being fucked for the first time. Briana looks blissful and pushes her tongue into my mouth again, as she pumps her cock into my ass a little easier and easier. Sammy wants in and takes my cock in her mouth. I feel the cock deep in my ass and my seed starts bubbling. Briana pulls her dick out of my ass and squirts 3 4 thick jets all over my belly and Sammy pulls my dick out and I squirt my cock.4 5 jets of cum splash on my belly and I have never cummed so good. Briana, Sammy and I lie sliding in the horn. Deliciously tired and satisfied.

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