I was sunbathing on a lounger next to my pool in the garden in my tiny bikini. Actually, it was too small as the top only just covered my nipples, but I loved it. I didn’t dare go topless, I was always afraid someone would see me, and I didn’t want that with bare breasts. I walked inside for another glass of wine and when I came back the neighbor and wife were hanging over the fence. Photo ladyboy Diva

They were obviously enjoying the nice weather as well, and I had a very good friendship with them. I didn’t really know much about them except that they had to have a good job if they lived here. It wasn’t exactly cheap here. I myself had been a successful model for a few years, and it didn’t put me out of business.

The neighbor said: “Claire, if you have time today, come and join us in the garden,

The neighbor said: “Claire, if you have time today, come and join us in the garden, Vincent has just put on the BBQ. I actually think that’s a good idea Monique, I said, I didn’t know what to eat anyway, but BBQ sounds great. She said: I will open the door for you honey, and keep your bikini on, we also walk around in swimwear.

I quickly turned around and stepped into their garden. There were 3 easy chairs and Vincent was standing at the BBQ, and it smelled great. I plopped down in a chair and Monique had already poured a glass of wine for me. During dinner, we talked about everything, but mostly about Italy, where I had been last week for a job. After a few hours and a full belly, I gave them both a kiss and walked back home. It was now dark at the neighbors, and I decided to go for another swim.

I took off my top and dived gracefully into the pool.

I took off my top and dived gracefully into the pool. After fifteen minutes, I got out again and went inside. On the couch with a bottle of wine, I thought about the next two weeks. I finally had two weeks off, but didn’t know what to do with it. I wasn’t in a relationship, because that’s kind of complex for me. I may be a beautiful woman with two deliciously thick breasts and a nice ass, but I also have a dick, and I wasn’t showing it off.

I always knew how to hide my dick in my panties and bikinis, but in a relationship with a man or a woman, it didn’t matter to me, it would stand out pretty quickly, and I didn’t want that embarrassment. I had a great time on my own too, but I did miss something now and then. Of course, I could try through a dating site, but I’m still old-fashioned, prince and white horse and all.

The bottle was empty and I walked into the bedroom, took off my bikini bottoms and crawled into bed. Next morning the sun was shining brightly and after getting dressed I walked into town, because I had only just got home and had almost nothing in the house. There was no supermarket, and that was something. I first went to the greengrocer, then the butcher, the liquorist and finally the baker, where I only bought fresh baguettes.

He always became cheerful when I came in and immediately took me in very quickly. He took my baguette and I kept looking at him. He was a very handsome muscular man and he asked: are you stiff from my beauty again sweetheart? I immediately got a color, thanked him kindly and quickly walked home.

It was so hot that I immediately took off my pumps and dress and stood in the kitchen in my little panties. I first cleaned up everything and then grabbed the baguette. I was very hungry and cut the bread in two pieces and then in half lengthwise. I spread some mayonnaise on it, then some lettuce, tomato and ham and poured a glass of wine and walked with it into the garden, the neighbors weren’t home anyway, they were working today. I ate my bread in the sun and enjoyed the wine. Then I swam a little and sat down again.

When I was completely dry I walked inside and put on my short dress and a pair of sandals. I got the bike out of the garage, and checked that my blanket was still in the bike bag. I put in another bottle of wine and a glass and cycled towards the forest. I parked the bike at the edge of the forest and walked with the bag deep into the forest. Eventually I came to the top of a hill with a lovely view. I knew this place well, it was a place where no one ever came. I put the blanket on the ground and immediately sat down on it.

Then I took off my dress and lay back with a nice glass of wine, and only a small pair of panties on. The sun was baking deliciously on my body and I was getting a little pink. I had my hand in the panties, then looked around for a while, knowing that no one ever came here, and then took off my panties too. I played for a while with my cock which was very big and stiff and fingered myself deep in my ass.

I moaned louder and louder and started jerking myself off.

I moaned louder and louder and started jerking myself off, and it wasn’t long before I was cumming deliciously, and I was squirting all over my tummy. I stayed down and wiped the seed away with my fingers and licked it up. Then I put my little panties back on and poured another glass of wine, and when the bottle was empty I grabbed my dress and got up and walked with my stuff back to the woods. I was just getting down the hill when I suddenly ran into the beautiful baker.

He told me that he often walks here, because it is so beautiful on the hill. I thought: stitch, then I must look for another spot from now on. We walked together to the edge of the forest, because he had his bike there too. It was the first time I had a real conversation with the man, and he could tell me very interesting stories. It turned out that he was actually a professor at the university, at least, he was, because a few years ago he had decided that he did not want to do that all his life, and he thought it was logical to become a baker in a small village.

I smiled and he said: you have a beautiful smile, madam. Now I laughed again and said: you can call me Claire, it suits me better. We cycled back to the village together and at the bakery he invited me to drink a glass of wine. I had nothing to do, so I said: only if you pour it. He laughed and helped me off my bike.

It was very cozy at the neighbor’s party.

We sat down on his terrace and it was very cozy. It was a round square with many flowers and shrubs and very old stones on the ground. In the middle was a small round table and two metal bistro chairs, with a cushion. We sat down with a glass of wine and of course I had to tell something about my modeling work and we also talked for a while about the forest and the hill that was so beautiful. Late in the evening I went back home because he had to get up early again tomorrow for the bakery.

I walked home with my bike in hand and once inside I walked to the room with a bottle of wine and plopped down on the couch. I took off my dress again, as it was still very hot and now sat comfortably on the couch in my little panties. I was reminded of the baker, whom I bumped into stupidly at the hill and suddenly a little panic broke out in me.

I ran into him on the hill… how long had he been on the hill? Was he just there or had he been there longer and had he seen me jerking off? I was even starting to sweat now. This went on for a while until I suddenly realized that it couldn’t be done at all. I finally went home with him, and we had a very nice evening, and I invited him for tomorrow night at my place in the garden.

It had all been very pleasant and he was genuinely happy to come to me tomorrow. None of that would have happened if he knew about my dick. Teach me the men, if they hear the word dick, they immediately start running! Reassured, I emptied the bottle and went to bed. Next day I didn’t have to leave the house. I had already done the shopping yesterday, and I still had half a baguette. I had dreamt of the baker last night.

Not extremely, but that we would sit together on the couch with me, me in his arms and that he was tonguing me. It was just a little dream, but nice.

I had been messing around all day, trying to make the garden a little cozy. Monique had already hung over the fence to ask what I was doing. When she heard what I was doing she immediately came to me to help. She still had a wicker garden set at home with a wicker bench and parasol and a small round metal table. Here and there we put some big plants and the result was beautiful.

We sat down with a glass of wine and she overheard me talking about the baker in the village. She knew it was my first date here, so she was very happy for me. When she was gone I set up a small BBQ and a table with a bowl of meat and vegetables. I covered it because it could take quite a while, we hadn’t really agreed on a time. After an hour the bell rang and strangely enough the tension was coursing through my throat.

I had put on a little skirt and a little top and little pumps.

I quickly walked to the door and let François in. He immediately said: hello Claire, you look great girl, and he gave me and kiss on my cheek. I had put on a little skirt and a little top and little pumps. He had brought a baguette and a bottle of wine. I am very happy about that, I said, because I ate the last piece of baguette this morning. Immediately the first laugh of the evening.

We took the baguette and wine outside and he was very impressed. He said: I thought I had a beautiful garden, it turns out it can be even better. We sat down and very gallantly he poured the wine. I had already lit the BBQ but we decided to have a glass of wine first. When I threw the first pieces of meat on the BBQ, he cut the bread into pieces, a real gentleman, I enjoyed it to the fullest.

It became a very long dinner and this time it did not matter because the bakery was closed tomorrow. I did say: if I had only thought about it François, I would have come and bought some baguettes today. He replied: “Then I’ll come and bake a baguette for you tomorrow, if you help me. Again, so sweet. It was getting a little chilly and we decided to go inside. Inside he sat down on the couch, and I next to him.

I brought a bottle of wine from the kitchen and poured the glasses full. We couldn’t stop talking and he had automatically put his arm around me. When the bottle of wine was empty he suddenly pulled me to him and brought his lips to my mouth. I felt his tongue and opened my mouth and we blissfully tongued for a while. Then he stood up and said: you don’t have to get up early girl, I’ll come tomorrow afternoon to bake your bread, but now I really have to go to sleep. Of course I was sorry, but I understood. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked out the door.

I stayed on the couch with the wine for a while and had taken off all my clothes. He had tongued me and it was delicious. I would have liked him to touch my ass, but he was a gentleman, they don’t do that. I got a huge hard-on and I started to jerk off. I kept thinking about him and fingering myself deep and calling his name and moaning: fuck me baby, fuck me deep in my beautiful pussy sweetheart. Very quickly I cum on my belly and licked it all up. I whispered: your seed is delicious François.

The bottle was empty and I tired. I walked to the bedroom and jumped into bed. The bed that so far has only seen me. I slept like a log and didn’t wake up until about 10 o’clock. Quickly I ran into the shower and then I made myself up and put two braids in my hair. Another nice smell and then a small pair of panties and a short dress and pumps. I set a wine cooler outside with a bottle of wine in it and two glasses ready on the table. In the room, I lounged on the couch for a while and waited for him to ring the doorbell.

Maybe he didn’t come at all. He didn’t dare cancel and didn’t hear from me again. My doom and gloom thinking went so far that at one point I even thought: maybe he ran to the North Pole this morning to avoid me. Then suddenly I had to laugh very hard at myself. Laughing, I brought my cup to the kitchen and the bell rang. Laughing I opened the door and he looked at me happily but questioningly.

What’s so funny Claire? He asked. Well, it became doubly funny. He was standing at the door in a chef`s suit with one of those hats on and a bag of ingredients in his hand. Are you laughing at me now?” he asked. Immediately I said: no, no, dear, if I laugh at all, it’s that I’m laughing at you. I let him in and told him about my images of doom, which made me laugh and then you showed up at the door like that, I hadn’t expected that at all! Now he had to laugh as well and said: shall we start right now then? I am hungry.

Nothing mattered to me, I wanted to do everything with this man. I put on a small apron and together we made the dough. He touched my arms several times and I loved it. After a while he said that the dough should now travel for a while or something, something that it will rise up and we sat outside for a while.

Very gallantly, he opened the bottle of wine. I only had bottles with a cork, and he was obviously very handy with it. He immediately poured two glasses and we chatted for a while. The chef’s suit wasn’t necessary, but it seemed amusing to him. It certainly was, I said, but now take off that silly top hat. He took it off laughing and we took a sip. You look great again, girl, he said, and it made me blush. Smart I said: that’s my profession honey, that’s how I earn my money for breads. The mood was really very good and could not be broken.

When the glasses were empty, he said: let’s see if the dough and the oven are good? We got up and walked to the kitchen as if we never did anything else. He looked at the dough and I walked over to the oven. He came and stood next to me and I bent way over to look into the oven. Bending down, I said, I think it will have to wait a little longer, and I felt his hand on my ass. I was shocked and stayed like that.

He went with his hand under my dress and I was terrified.

He went with his hand under my dress, and I was terrified. His hand now went into my panties and sank further and further until he was holding my cock. I thought, I’ll just stand up and let it out, it’s over. I stood up, and he was still holding my cock. I expected a very angry face, but he pulled me against him and started tonguing me. He whispered: you really are a girl with surprises. I looked at him and ran outside and sat down on the wicker bench and burst into tears.

He came over and put his arm around me and asked: what’s wrong girl? I sobbed for a while and then sobbed: I don’t want to lose you because I like you so much. He pulled me back to him and said: girl, I don’t want to lose you at all, you are wonderful. You are beautiful, smart, fun, and you have something that no woman has and that makes you unique. I put my arms around him and sobbing I started tonguing him. He said: but… I’m really hungry, the damn bakery was closed this morning. Shall we go and see again?

Laughing, we walked hand in hand to the kitchen and the dough was ready and so was the oven. Quickly he formed two small baguettes, because a big one wouldn’t fit in my over. He put them in and I quickly cleaned up the kitchen. We walked outside again and he poured the wine again. We were now snuggled up against each other and making love. When the oven bell rang he took the loaves out and came back out where we continued and at one point he said, you know, that bread needs to cool for a while. I looked at him for a while and then got up.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom. I took off his jacket and he did my dress. I did my panties and he his pants and shoes. I kicked off my pumps and pulled him onto the bed. Our naked bodies were now lying against each other and we caressed each other everywhere and we tongued a lot. I had been holding his big cock for a while. He was much bigger than the little thing of mine.

I turned around between his legs and took his cock in my little mouth. Then I felt him take my little cock in his mouth too, and we lay there for a while sucking and getting our asses done. Then I turned around again and sat on top of him. I slowly lowered myself over his big cock and we started fucking deeply. He couldn’t stay off my cock and started to pull me off. I rode up and down more and more wildly and my ass sloshed against his balls and he was now pulling on my cock faster and faster too and with a scream he cummed, but he kept on pulling too and with a scream I now cum on his belly too.

I stayed put and whispered: it was delicious, François, and he said: well no, it was divine. He wiped through the seed and I licked his finger clean. After a while, I got off him and we got into the shower together. When we were done, the fool said: so, now I’m hungry!

Laughing he only put on his pants, and I only my panties and we walked back to the kitchen I grabbed some ham and cheese and garlic butter, he the breads and we walked outside. There we ate the fresh bread with a nice glass of wine and I found it euphoric. When it got dark he went back home because the bakery had to reopen tomorrow. I put my dress back on and sat down on the bench outside.

Monique poked her head over the fence and said: that garden set you can have, Claire, because it looks like you will need it often. I immediately invited her over and we chatted late into the night about the nice baker in our village. When I went to bed all I could think of was him and I fell asleep like a log. I didn’t have to dream anymore, now I really had it.