Ha, dear reader. I have written a story. That cycling is real. The ladyboy is through the webcam, you know. In Denmark, Thai ladyboys are quite hard to find. That is why I attached a fantasy about ladyboy Jennifer (Brenda is love) and also a video. She is also in the picture, you could already see the beautiful curls and the round breasts. Enjoy and join Jennifer alias Brenda is love.

She is a 20-year-old ladyboy with now a full bunch of curls. She sings and talks, it’s just a nice horny show with good camera and connection. Definitely, you want to do “it” with her.

One beautiful day in summer, I decided to go for a ride on my bicycle. I ride it out of the shed and jump on the pedals. Then I go down the sand road and onto the road. At the church, I turn left onto the path that goes around our village. Cycling soon makes me warmer than expected. There is no real chance of getting a breath of fresh air. Sweat is already running down my body. I had imagined something else. Perhaps it would be nice to cool off in one of the ditches along the church path. The further I cycle, the more I like the idea, and I decide to go for a swim. Fortunately, I know a path that leads away from the path where there is a great swimming spot. I used to go there with my friends to cool off.

The path comes to an end and I routinely walk with my bike into the pine forest it leads to, hide my bike behind a tree and walk on towards the other side of the forest where the swimming spot I used to go to must be. Just as I am about to leave the forest behind me, I see to my horror that someone is already enjoying my former swimming spot, and what a person… It is a young woman who is walking naked through the water and is clearly enjoying the coolness. Her firm breasts are jutting out and her full lips and luxuriant blonde hair make my breath catch. From behind a tree, I watch her as she lightly caresses herself over her breasts while her eyes narrow. I feel my cock growing in my trousers…. What a horny view. Suddenly she sees me. At first,

I see the shock in her eyes, but it soon changes to a confident expression. And is the view nice? she asks. Yes, I stammer. Very nice. Oh, so it makes you a bit hot? Yes, I answer. ‘Isn’t it wise to come and cool off at my place as well,’ she asks, looking at me in a horny way. Of course, I will not let her tell me that twice. I step out of the bushes and take off my shoes and shirt and want to walk into the water. But the lady doesn’t quite agree. Hey, I’m naked too, so you should be too, she says with a telling smile. By the way, my name is Jennifer. Quickly I took off my shorts and boxer and jumped into the water. Jennifer came to me immediately and took hold of my still hard cock. Oh, she said: I felt that you liked to see me or not? Yes, I nodded. I didn’t let myself unmoved and kissed her immediately on her mouth. Jennifer answered the kiss immediately. I caressed her breasts and in the meantime, she jerked me off. Suddenly she pulled me to the side. That beautiful Jennifer was standing naked in front of me, with her big breasts, a slightly curved belly, and under that a bald penis! I was looking at her cock in amazement, and she saw that I was shocked.

Have you never seen a beautiful woman with a penis? Jennifer asked. I said that I knew about this phenomenon and that I looked for pictures on the internet, but I had never seen this in real life. Don’t you find it exciting, Jennifer said? Absolutely, I stammered. Jennifer kissed me and pulled me further to the side, where her towel was. She lay down wide-legged on the towel and asked me to give her breasts and nipples a good rub. While I was doing this, I looked at her penis and saw it taking on large shapes, just like my own penis. Suddenly Jennifer stood up in front of me, her thick bald penis hard. Please, suck me! She asked, looking at me with horny eyes. A bit uncomfortably,

I opened my mouth and received her soft purple head in my mouth. This was nice, I thought, a woman with a penis, strange but nice! I sucked the penis further and further into my mouth. Jennifer cried out with pleasure. Her penis became even more rigid when I started to suck her like crazy. While I was busy, I stuck a finger in her ass, yes go on, I almost come, she screamed, while I sucked her intensely and butt-fingered her. After a minute or so, I felt her penis throb and the first jet of fresh semen came on my tongue, the next one fell on my face and she emptied herself on my chest… She pulled her cock back and told me to fuck her. She turned around on the sofa and brought her ass up, spreading her buttocks with both hands and looking approvingly over her shoulders to indicate she was ready for my stiff penis. I placed my glans against her starlet and pushed my penis in easily. She moaned of pleasure and determined the rhythm of her own fuck. I felt my cock throbbing in her bowels and I was in a daze of lust, I felt like I was high, dreaming that this was happening, but it was real!

I got so horny that I even wanted to try what it was like to feel a cock inside me. I withdrew my penis from her ass and her anus remained open, asking. She looked at me with her little black beady eyes and a smile on her face and said that she loved it and that she wanted to fuck me more often, I told her that I would arrange something so that we could see each other more often. So, she said, now it’s your turn, she said. A bit dazed, I worked on the floor on all fours, with my ass slightly in the air. Jennifer sat down behind me and started to play with my balls, my penis became rock hard. While she was kneading my balls, she went under my penis and started to pull me. After a few seconds, I felt that I was going to come, but suddenly Jennifer stopped. Wait here, she said and she was gone. I liked it a lot and played with myself, thinking of big tits and a bald penis… So, Jennifer said, now comes the rougher work, when she came in again. She sat down behind me again and kneaded my balls while she started licking my slit. More and more she went over my asshole with her tongue. Suddenly I felt a finger slide in.

Oh, that felt so good. While I was thinking this, she inserted another finger. I didn’t know that this could go so smooth, I thought, while Jennifer was fingering my ass. After a minute or so she stopped and I felt something cold slide in and over my asshole. Relax, said this horny shemale to me. Two hands encircled my stiff thick penis and at the same time, she thrust her penis at least halfway into my ass. While she was with her penis in my ass, I was being jerked off with two hands. Suddenly she thrust forward and fucked me deep in my ass, the pain quickly gave way to intense pleasure, also because she was jerking my penis rock-hard. I felt that I was about to come and Jennifer cried out as well. A few seconds later, my first load of sperm descended on the floor and the second load on my belly. Then I felt it getting very warm in my ass… Jennifer squirted into me, with several powerful jets she filled my ass. And I came with her.