I’m in the bathroom, I stand in my pink “modern cotton” bralette bra and thong to freshen up. I brush my teeth and shave. Just as I am getting ready, my girlfriend walks into the bathroom and looks at me, unhappy with what she sees. Photos in this long sexy story from Transgirl Anna.

“What is it, honey?” I ask. “Are you going with me like this?” “Yes, I am.” “Okay. But then they’ll see who you are!” “Yes, that’s my intention too. I want to get ahead of them now, too”. “Okay,” I hear her sigh. “Not good for sure?”. “Well. I would have preferred you to discuss this with me first. But well, you already made your decision, just like you decide more things without talking to me about it”. “Hey, what’s gotten into you? We have been talking for months and you have been to my psychologist twice”. “Well! Fine psychologist! She’s just like you and just tells me what to do”. “I doubt that. It will rather be that you have to make your choice based on what you want, not to cover yourself in front of bystanders so that you come out free”. “Well, that’s the same thing, isn’t it?”. “Um, yeah, in a way.” “Mom, can you just make a decision for yourself? Not for me or anybody else, just for yourself. You keep coming back to the same thing. Make your decision and accept it and otherwise stop talking about it,” we hear Cindy say as she enters our bathroom. “Yeah, but…”

“No, Mom. Stop!” Cindy says in a raised voice. “Not Bonus Mom or anyone else has to make this decision for you. You have to do this. You alone!”. “Okay, okay. Okay. Now I know!” my friend says and walks away. “Bonus mom?” I say questioningly. “Yeah, hihi. Just made up. Bad?”. “No dear,” I kiss her on the mouth, and my girlfriend sulks into our bedroom where she undresses and takes a shower. When she comes back into the bathroom, she comes up to me and puts her arms around me. I take her hands, which she has on my firm gym belly, and look at her through the mirror. “I’m sorry, honey, but it’s hard for me to make a decision I can’t support.” “You shouldn’t either, but isn’t it more that you don’t dare? Are you afraid of what others will say? Or that all kinds of questions will be thrown at you that you don’t dare answer? “Yes, what should I do then? Should I just say that it didn’t work out between us? “Yes, that! You don’t have to twist everything to make it all about you,” I say bitterly. “But I love you Arne…um Anne. I don’t want to lose what we have”. “You don’t have to, darling. I don’t want to either,” I say with tears in my eyes. “But if it doesn’t work out, we shouldn’t go on fighting, it won’t help anyone, especially our daughters”. “No, you are right,” we kiss each other and she gets into the shower. When I am done and my hair is in shape, I go to our bedroom where I take my trolley and put it on our bed. From our closet I grab clothes that I am wearing or that I might want to wear.

What I want to wear today I put on the bed. For example, I put my low waist straight leg jeans with holes at the knees on the bed. Along with them, my green ribbed long-sleeved body. Still in my pink ‘modern cotton’ Calvin Klein lingerie, I pack my trolley. I pack lingerie with underwire bras, bralettes, and pre-shaped bras, just because I don’t know what I’m going to wear. I add the matching thongs and brazilians. I also put in three pairs of stockings. My red blouse dress, just in case! A pair of skinny jeans and a nice plain light green high waist straight leg jumpsuit. Also going in are some sweatshirts and another black ribbed t-shirt thong body. “Hey honey, we’re only going for a few days, you know,” I hear my friend say with her smile. “Yeah very heh. I know, say it. I don’t know what lingerie I’m going to wear when I get out of my shell,” I say. “Nor clothes, by the looks of it”. “No, not that either,” I say, blushing. When I feel I have everything I need, I go to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. I am pleased with myself and leave it at that. I grab my toiletry bag and put my toiletries and makeup in it. With my toiletry bag I go back to our bedroom and put it in my trolley. Then I get dressed, taking off my pink ‘modern cotton’ thong and then my pink ‘modern cotton’ bralette top from Calvin Klein. I grab my dark green lace racerback bralette with lace cups and put it on. Surprised, I see my friend watching me put on my bralette in my naturally feminine way. “Everything you do is feminine.

You can’t just copy that,” I suddenly hear my friend say. “Sorry,” I say as I pull the shoulder straps and cups of my bralette properly onto my shoulders and around my breasts. “No honey. I have to apologize. I’m just now realizing that this really can’t be a whim of yours”. I smile at her. “Sometimes you’re just insatiable, you know,” I say. “How so?” “One minute you can’t remember and the next you’re looking at me in love”. I see her blush. “Yes, I know. That’s why it’s so damn hard for me to make up my mind”. I grab her and pull her close. She lets go and wraps her arms around me, feeling my brassiere. “You know. I get you. I get it too.” “So do you.” “Ii jaaaa,” I say with a deep sigh. We stand like this for a while until I let her go. I put on my green ribbed body and close the three snaps between my legs. My friend has to laugh when I do this with my legs spread wide. “What!” I say a little irritated. “The way you close the buttons.” I have to laugh too and so we stand and laugh together. Then I put on my low waist straight leg jeans and think for a moment if I should wear stockings. I take off my jeans and put on my white smooth stockings with lace tops.

When I am downstairs in the hallway, I put on my ‘Kingsley’ Timberland boots with block heels. When all three of us are ready and our carts are in the car. My friend puts the bags of drinks, soda, sandwiches, and chips in the trunk with me so I can put them in the trunk too. I gesture for her to do the same. She helps me reach the bags, which I put neatly in the trunk. I place my cart behind me, the driver’s seat. Just as the car is packed, Kelly, Hans and Salina arrive. From the coat rack I take my jeans jacket, which I wear for decoration, and my winter coat. I put on the denim jacket and am greeted by Kelly. She hugs me and feels what I am wearing. She also sees that I am myself and compliments me on how beautiful I look. I smile and feel wonderful. When I get outside, my buddy Hans comes to me with his wonderful smile. He also grabs me and hugs me. He also feels what I am wearing. And of course he has seen that I am myself. “You look beautiful, Anne. “Thank you.” “Are you going to do it?” “Yes, it has to happen.” “You’re right.” After him, Salina comes over with her beautiful smile and grabs me tightly. We hug for a moment and kiss each other. Except for Kelly, Hans and Salina, my family, my in-laws and my friends, no one knows that I am myself these days! We take two cars to the villa in the Ardennes near Malmedy.

Here we arrive first. After checking in, we take the keys to the villa and park our cars there. Since we are the first ones here, we can choose our bedrooms. Downstairs there are two double rooms with private bathrooms, so we take one of them. The one we have is like an extension so we have more privacy. The other one is more inside the house and Kelly and Hans take it. They also have their own spacious bathroom. Hans and I empty the cars. When he has finished emptying their car, he comes up behind me and presses his crotch against my ass. Startled, I look back and see him smiling at me. I feel him push his crotch against my ass, where I can feel his rather large bulge. From there I look around. Suddenly I remember what Salina once told me. That her father likes me and feels more for me than the friendship we have. I push my bottom back against his crotch. I stand up and look back at Hans. Fortunately, he does nothing but take a bag from me. He leaves me glorified, gives me a wink and goes into the villa. With the last bag I enter the villa.

The ladies are busy putting up Christmas decorations, including a Christmas tree. Meanwhile, everyone is trickling in and settling into the remaining bedrooms. They also help for a while. Others, including me, help put things in the cupboards and the refrigerator. Still others arrange some drinks and put them on the long dining table. When everything is done and the kitchen is in order, we all sit down at the dining table. Together we drink a toast to the wonderful and cozy days to come. Cozy it is with a lot of noise as people talk over each other. This is also due to the alcohol, which is being drunk in abundance. I hold back this time, also because we are going out for dinner tonight. Then someone notices me. “Hello! You’re wearing makeup.

And your hair is different, more feminine”. “Yes, not only that. You are also wearing women’s clothes”. “Yes, and it looks like you’re wearing… a bra”. I change color and wait to see how the reaction continues. “Is this finally who you are, who you want to be?” Hans’ brother asks me. I want to say something, but my friend interrupts me. “Yes, this is your oh so tough Erwin who wants to go through life as Erwina. He, she has actually been his, her whole life, not who he, she is. Heh honey!” I hear my friend say disappointedly in a malicious tone. “MAM! Do you have to! What have you got!”. Meanwhile I can’t get any redder and feel the tears welling up in my eyes. “What a pussy you can be! We have known for a long time that he is not the tough Arne he always pretended to be. I don’t understand why you never saw it. You, who you say sees and notices everything,” we hear Kelly say angrily. Then I take over.

“Okay. I have indeed not been the oh-so-tough Arne you have known for years. In fact, I’ve been struggling most of my life with something I only really figured out about five years ago. Why I like to wear lingerie. Why I like and enjoy wearing women’s clothing. Right now! Because I let go of myself at some point, my true ME emerged. Who I can no longer resist and … “. “… don’t want to do anymore, heh honey! Whatever you don’t want to do anymore, heh darling!” my friend interrupts me in her now sarcastic tone? “No indeed! And you just can’t and won’t REALLY talk to me about it. But you do with others! Especially to protect yourself, heh!” I say back in a similar tone. This makes her quiet, is quiet! Crying, she gets up and goes to our bedroom. “Just go away. That’s all you do, is point at me”. “Yes, because you don’t talk!”. “How can I talk to you if you won’t talk to me about it. NOU!”. “Oh well, I don’t know”. “I do! It’s not about you! Everything has to be about you”. “Asshole.” “Yeah, that.” There is an awkward silence. Until a few say they don’t get it because to them I’m still Larry, despite my makeup and clothes.

They find it strange that I have never been myself, which makes them think I have not been honest with them. I respond by asking them what they would do if it happened to them. And ask them to be honest. Silence again, to which someone says they would probably do the same thing. Just to see how they would react. “Well, that’s exactly what I did, and for those who don’t know, I still do. A few still can’t believe why the reaction is that they don’t have their eyes open. Or that maybe they don’t want to see it because they think differently? Or that you have to be the way you were born. This led to a little discussion. After this discussion, which is ended by me and Hans’ brother, the wonderful and pleasant atmosphere returns. People talk to each other or continue to play a game. I talk to the person next to me and see Hans looking at me each time with his delightful look and smile. Not that I mind, but now that I know what he said about me and how he pressed his crotch against me, I feel uncomfortable. Especially since I don’t know what to do about it.

Yes, I have sometimes thought that he could be my first. I had that because a few times I had the feeling that he wanted more from me. Only I didn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t dare. I see Kelly get up and beckon my friend, who has since returned, into her bedroom. After a while I see them come out and kiss each other. Wiping away her tears, my friend comes over to me, still with tears in her eyes. I sit up and take her in my lap. Lying against me, she apologizes softly. Kelly has also joined us. “now you see! now you see it’s up to you. look how he lets you in right away. he’s not bad, he never was for you. only his wall is crumbling after all these years that he built for himself and the world around him.” “Honey,” he says, looking at me intensely. “I’m sorry.” “That’s okay, I really know it’s not easy for you.

The oh so tough me is turning into a still tough but feminine me,” I say with tears in my eyes by now. “That’s not it. it’s more that I’m losing you bit by bit while you remain yourself in character. it’s more your appearance that’s changing, with a little bit of your inner self”. “So you see it! “Yes.” We are silent for a moment. “I don’t want you to keep yourself from me or anyone else, so I’m going to comply with your psychologist’s request to talk to her again. “So you still want me as I am? “Yes, I do.” I grab my friend and pull her close. For a moment we cuddle and kiss. “Would you get off my lap. You’re getting heavy.” “Oh, well, thanks.” She laughs. I feel proud that I have finally come out, even to our friends and acquaintances. “Larry, if this is your coming out. Do you want to be called Anne from now on?” “Yes.” “Well, congratulations and cheers, Anne. I feel wonderful and accepted. At 6:30 we have reservations at the restaurant in this villa park.

We all walk to the restaurant on this Christmas Eve. I walk with Hans and his brother and talk about all sorts of things. When we enter the restaurant, I tell the hostess, who looks at me uninhibitedly, what name we have reserved under. And then I ask her in a snappy tone if she can see it! She quickly looks at us and we are led to our tables. Before I sit down, I hear in my ear. “Yes. I like what I saw.” Surprised by her, I smile at her. I sit down between my friend and Kelly. Cindy sits directly across from me with Salina on one side. Her niece sits next to Salina. As we leave, the hostess quickly whispers that she thinks I’m tough. I smile at her, thank her for the compliment, and look over at her. “Tell her I’m still here,” I hear my friend say, a little jealous. “I know, honey, and I’ll stay that way if it’s up to me.” And I kiss her on the mouth. A waitress asked what we would like to drink. Everyone indicated what they wanted to drink. Lastly, I asked for two bottles of sweet white wine, because there were already three people drinking it. “So for you too?”. “Well, just one glass”. My remark made the young woman blush as she looked at herself. After a moment, two waitresses arrive to take the food orders.

After we have ordered our food, we talk and laugh a lot. Out of nowhere it seems that I am being treated differently. When everyone has their drinks, Hans stands up and taps his glass with the ring we gave each other years ago. For a moment I get nervous because I realize that he wants to toast me as well. “Family, friends. Well, friends, actually not friends either, because you are,” he points to the three of us, “our family as well. We’ve had another great year with its ups and downs. We have seen the true face of Larry or Anne. But after that was said to me, this year she showed more and more of herself. And we have seen him change more and more into the Anne she is now”. Tears well up in my eyes and I wave for him to stop. My friend, Kelly and several others don’t stay dry either.

“Anne, I am proud to be your buddy and to witness that you are, I think and hope, better in your body now. Cheers, lady. And for all of you who are here, but also for those who cannot be here, I wish you a Merry Christmas. And well, then you can’t help but drink even more and so my buddy comforts me when he comes to me. From me he goes to his wife and kisses her. My friend and I look at each other and feel that we are there for each other again. We give each other a kiss and clink glasses. Also with Cindy, I clink my glass with hers. We smile and wink at each other. After the delicious meal and dessert, the staff clears the tables. Then the hostess arrives with the gifts in a basket. Reading the name on the package, two waitresses distribute the gifts. Finally, I receive my gift from the hostess, who hands it to me with a smile. And whispers that I might like it very much. I take it and immediately know why and what she means. It feels soft and I see Kelly smiling at me with her thunderous eyes. As I kneel, I feel underwire and what looks like lace.

I also feel fasteners to attach suspenders to stockings. Meanwhile, everyone has unwrapped their present and shown it off. Only I have not, and so I look uncomfortably and questioningly at Kelly, who is sitting next to me. “Just read the accompanying invoice,” I hear her say. I read it to myself, to which I hear someone say that I can read it out loud so that everyone knows what it says. A divided response is that it is up to me if I do, but that it is appreciated if I read it aloud. Sweetheart, this gift is a private gift and is meant especially and only for you. If you dare, you can open it in front of all of us, but you can also open it when you are alone. Enjoy it and we hope you like it. Love from Kelly and Hans. “Open it. Open it!” they call softly, smiling. I feel myself blushing as I open the package a little and look inside. And to my surprise I see that it is indeed lingerie. I immediately put it where I opened the whatever on the table next to my plate. This makes it clear to everyone that I want to keep it for myself. I show my friend what it is and she looks at me. Then I turn to Kelly. “Thank you,” I say with a considerable blush on my face and give her a kiss. “You’re welcome honey. “Does Hans know about this?” “Of course he knows”. “o”. “He even helped pick it out”. I get up and walk over to my buddy. I hug him and kiss him on the cheek. “You too, thank you,” I say quietly. “All right,” he says with his wonderful smile.

I sit up and look at Cindy who is looking at me with a questioning look, what is it and can she see it? I say I will show her later. Obviously she does not like that and I see her looking at her mother questioningly and gesticulating with what did I get? I can see from my friend’s face that she wants to tell her, so I tell her not to do that! Luckily my friend doesn’t do it and I see Cindy looking at me a little angrily. I tell my friend before she can say anything that she doesn’t always have to have her way. As we eat, I can’t help being so curious. I stand up and nod to Cindy to come with me. Together we go to the bathroom. Here, in front of her, I carefully open the package. With a soft “wow” from Cindy, I open the package all the way. From the package I take out a… purple with pink lines camisole with suspenders.

This one is lace with pink mesh on the inside of the quarter cups. Between the cups is a large bow of pink mesh. I put this on my thighs. Then I take one of the matching thongs and one of the matching Brazilian panties. These are lace with pink mesh behind the lace front with a large bow of pink mesh in the middle on the front of the panties as well. Finally, the skin-colored suspender stockings with lace tops come out. And I pull them over my thighs. “Wow, did you get those from Kelly! o Sorry”. “Doesn’t matter. Yeah, pretty, huh?” “Really. Are you going to put them on?”. “Um, I don’t know. What do you think?”. “Do it anyway!”. “Yeah heh. Just do it heh?”. “Yes!”. Feeling delicious and excited, I give everything to Cindy and undress. I take off my green ‘Rose’ lace racerback bralette and put on the lace suspender shirt, in which my full round breasts fit nicely into the lace with the mesh quarter cups. My almost always erect little nipples rise above the cups.

You can see the pink mesh shining through the purple lace, which makes for a nice effect. I pull my white stockings with the lace tops off my legs. And then I slip the tan stockings over my legs, making sure that the seams are on the back of my legs. And fasten them to the garters. “Um oh sorry. hihi, what…. what happened to that?” I hear Cindy point to my limp. Since I am on hormones it is getting smaller. “Hormones,” I say. “Does Mom know?” “Yes, she does. After attaching the suspenders to the stockings, I button up my body. I see Cindy looking at my white stockings. “Do you want to wear them?” I ask Cindy. “Yes,” she answers excitedly. “Then do it,” I say and watch as Cindy takes off her pants and then her socks. I watch as she pulls my white stockings with lace tops over her legs, tucking the seams neatly into the back of her thighs just like I did. Doubtfully, she looks at me.

” What?” “Can I wear your bralette?” she asks with a huge blush on her cheeks. Surprised, I look at Cindy. “But I wore this one, honey.” “I know.” “Okay, here.” And I hand her my dark green ‘Rose’ lace racerback bralette. I watch as Cindy continues to undress until she is standing in front of me naked in my hold-up stockings. Completely naked with her large full cup C breasts, her tight somewhat toned belly and a bare mound and bare pussy. I give her my bralette as I sit and look at her pussy. I look up and see Cindy looking at it and putting on my dark green lace racerback bralette with cups. I watch her put on my bralette and am not really surprised that her breasts fit into the cups. However, her breasts are pushed in a bit, exposing some of her breasts. Challenging me with just my stockings and my dark green bralette, she looks at herself. Meanwhile, I look at her pussy again until I am startled by it. “Say, do you like looking at my pussy?”. With my blush I look at Cindy and nod. “Yes, you are beautiful there, just like everywhere else”.

She smiles at me and pulls her pussy open in front of my face. “Kiss me.” I step forward and kiss her open pussy, briefly running my tongue through her slit. She moans softly and looks at me with her glowing face. I sit up and look at her. I think she looks beautiful and horny in my bralette and stockings. “Looks good on you, honey, but do you go in like this later?”. “Yes! Well with my pants on of course”. “Okay!” I reply. Cindy grabs her pre-formed bra and Brazilian panties and hands them to me folded. I take them and put them in the package with the rest of the lingerie set I received. I close the package as neatly as I can. “Our little secret,” I say. “It really is,” she says with a smile. I get dressed and see Cindy getting dressed as well. Before we leave the bathroom I take a quick look at myself in the mirror and see the outline of the quarter cups, now showing even more clearly my stiff nipples poking out against my green ribbed body. Before Cindy and I go back, I feel Cindy’s mouth come up to mine and give me a delicious kiss that lasts a little longer than usual. Surprised I look at her? “I’m wet from you and me,” I hear her say. I am too surprised to reply. Back at the table, I give Kelly my big kiss on the mouth and thank her. Smiling, she looks at me and I nod. She had already seen that I was wearing it. I give Hans my kiss too, but on his cheek. He smiles. He looks at me and gives me a wink. I smile back and walk over to my chair and sit down next to my friend. “Are you wearing it?”

“Hm hm,” I nod with a smile. “Is it nice?” “Yes, it really is, Cindy”. “Yes, it’s really nice what Anne got”. At this point I see the looks of the others who are looking at me and Cindy in a questioning way. “Okay. I got a cute lingerie set from Kelly and Hans. And no, I’m not showing it to you”. There is a big laugh at this one. After coffee and tea we return to our villa. When we return, one group sits down at the dining table to play a game. Others are lounging somewhere, including me. Hans is sitting next to me on the couch in front of the gas fireplace, talking to his brother. I have a blanket over me and am looking at my phone. So nice. Everybody does what he or she wants to do. Until it gets late, very late for some of us. Some have already gone to bed. Finally, it’s four o’clock, and we’re getting ready to go to bed. Before we do so, I suggest that we clean everything up so we don’t have to do it again when we get out of bed.

The one who is still awake agrees with me, so we clean up and put the dishes in the dishwasher. And turn it on. Immediately it is suggested that we set the table for breakfast. Which we do. Kelly, Hans, Salina, Cindy and I are still talking about the day. Suddenly it becomes too much for me and I get emotional. My girlfriend, who was really into it, has already gone to bed screaming. Emotionally, I sit sobbing with Kelly and Hans after the talk, with the two super sweethearts Salina and Cindy sitting next to us. “Are you coming Cin?” we hear Salina say. “Yes is good,” they both get up. After giving us a kiss, Cindy gives me her kiss, which is intense and a little longer. She smiles when she has taken her mouth off mine and then goes upstairs with Salina to her bedroom. Kelly, Hans and I are the only ones left. “Anne. Haven’t you ever noticed that I’m sending you signals?” I suddenly hear Hans ask me. “Yes, yes. Only I thought it was just my imagination that I wanted to see them”.

“Well, you didn’t.” “No, obviously. But seriously! Could you have sex with me?”. “Yes.” Just with. “Oh! Okay” I look at the dancing flames of the gas fireplace. “Are you a virgin?” I hear Hans ask. “Hihi, no” I say with a blush on my cheeks that is not from the heat. “Ooo, you naughty one, who deflowered you?” asks Kelly. “My delicious and beautiful dildo that I met on the internet and ordered immediately.” “O. And was it delicious?” asks Kelly. “Iii yahaaa,” I groan. “It was delicious, but also strange in the sense that it felt normal to me. That it didn’t make me feel different at all.” Then! “Say honey. Could we see you in the lingerie we gave you? I, and I think Hans too, are really curious how it looks on you. “What here!”. “No, of course not here, darling. In our bedroom”. “Um okay”. So we get up and go to their bedroom. Uncomfortably I stand here looking around and see Hans sitting on her bed. Kelly closes the bedroom door behind them and enters their bedroom and sits down on the bed next to her husband. “Well, let’s see how you look now.” This frightens me, what Kelly sees of me. “Well, come on, let’s see the new you. Show us how beautiful you have become and why Hans likes you so much”.

“You don’t want to?” I say after I have recovered. “Oh, of course, darling, as long as I have known you. A little uneasily I stand in front of them and unbuckle my belt, followed by the zipper of the small fly of my light blue, low waisted, straight fit jeans. Quickly Hans gets up and closes the curtains of their bedroom for a little more privacy. Slowly and looking at her, I pull my jeans over my hips, wiggling my butt a little back and forth until my jeans are over my butt and thighs. Then I let go of them with one hand and they automatically sink to my ankles. Attentive and glorified, I see the two of them watching me as I stand all sexy on my black suede strappy and buckled sandalette wedges. Leaning forward slightly, I step out of my jeans, throwing them on a chair as I look around. I stand in front of them in my skin-colored stockings with the lace suspenders attached, in my green ribbed body and the suspender shirt they gave me. Button by button I undo the crotch of my body, which comes up when it is loose. Slowly I roll up my body and pull them over my head. I still felt uncomfortable, but also excited.

I’m standing in just my purple lace and pink fishnet suspender shirt that they gave me. I’m wearing my suspender stockings that they also gave me and my black suede strappy and ankle-strap sandalette wedges. Standing, I fold up my body and place it on top of my jeans. Not knowing how to position myself, I stand nervously in front of them with my hands in front of my crotch. “Wow,” I hear Hans say when he sees me standing in the lingerie they gave me. “Tell me about it… ” I hear Kelly say “…. You look beautiful, baby”. “Thanks,” I say, still feeling uncomfortable. “Well honey. Just do what you’ve always wanted to do,” I hear Kelly say to Hans. Surprised and amazed I look at Kelly who is smiling at me. And then at Hans, who I see looks at me and gets up from the bed. And stands in front of me. “You know what I would have liked to do?”. “What when you were behind me? “Yes”. “You wanted to fuck me”. “Yes,” he says. I startle a little when he wants to kiss me or caress me and flinch a little. “Calm down, but we are incredibly curious about you.

We don’t want to humiliate you or anything like that. You are and always will be our friend slash girlfriend,” I hear Kelly say. I come to myself and feel calm. Hans sees this and presses his mouth with his full lips on mine. Surprised, I open my mouth and feel that I, like him, have wanted this for a long time. Deliciously his tongue dances around and with my tongue and I caress him, making my bare crotch with my slowly stiffening flaccid and small pouch visible to Kelly. After caressing Hans, I unbuckle his belt. Then I unbutton his pants and pull down his zipper. Not even uncomfortable anymore, I remove his now quite stiffened cock from his boxer shorts. I put my other hand into his boxer and take his full balls in my hand. I remove my mouth from his and watch what I am doing. Wonderfully warm feels his stiff cock in my hand, which I move up and down for it. Deliciously I feel his balls in his sack going through my hand. Looking at me, Hans is moaning from my actions and when I look into his face, he is enjoying it with his smile. Then I see Kelly coming from the bed towards me, towards us. “Just do what you want baby and enjoy.” Longing to have his cock or finally a cock in my mouth, I sink to my knees. I roll down his pants and boxers, from which he emerges. Delighted, I look at his stiff cock dangling in front of my face. I grab his cock again and put it in my mouth. I look at Hans and then at Kelly. “Go ahead baby. Just take his delicious cock in your mouth”.

I look at Hans, just to look at his cock that I am jerking off. When I look at him again, I slowly move my face to his cock and open my mouth. I close my lips around his exposed glans and suck on it. His glans feels delicious and warm in my mouth. For a moment the taste is not so fresh, but after rinsing his glans with some saliva it tastes delicious. Slowly I move my mouth over his cock until I feel his glans against my uvula. I am sucking him deliciously when I suddenly realize that he wants to fuck me. I look at him a little startled. Hans, who sees this and strokes my hair, asks what is it? I take his cock out of my mouth and look at him. “You want to fuck me heh?”. “Only if you want to.” “Do you want the baby?” I hear Kelly’s question. “Yes” I say. I take Hans’ cock in my mouth again and suck him until I hear him moan and feel his cock harden. I stand up and see Kelly taking her husband’s cock in her mouth. Slurping I hear her sucking on her husband. I look at Hans and feel him gently take my hard-on. I look at him. Hans pulls me off with slow strokes. When Kelly has finished with her husband, she takes her mouth off his cock and joins us. Hans and I watch as Kelly stands and takes off her clothes. I look at her and am surprised that she still looks beautiful. Slim, tight and nice firm, slightly sagging C cup breasts. I also look at Hans who is undressing in the meantime. I look at him with more than just interest. When he is also undressed, he lies down on the bed. I get on the bed and crawl towards him until I am on my knees with my face above his crotch. I grab his cock and stand up, then close my mouth around his cock. Deliciously, I suck him off again.

Kelly strokes her husband and watches me suck her husband. “She does it nice, huh, honey?”. “Yeah. I never knew he…um she could suck so good”. I feel myself getting shy, but I also feel my pride tingle going through me. When I feel that he is about to come, I stop and look at her beaming. I lie down next to Hans with my hand around his cock and continue to massage it slowly. “Does that make you feel different?” Hans asks me. “No. Funnily enough I don’t feel any different than usual. It feels like this is normal for me, like I’m not used to anything else”. Then Kelly pushes me onto my back and looks at my now limp body with satisfaction, but also giggles. She moans as she grabs my limp. “What a little one,” she squeals, not too pleased. “Sorry. I always thought yours was bigger, even bigger than Hans'”. “Hormones,” I say gently, feeling resigned. “Oh. Mmm baby. Do you really want to do this? “No, I just want to have my breasts, which I crave so much, and my curves”. “You already had those anyway! Those fitness breasts”. “Yes, but I want real feminine breasts”. “And because of these hormones, your dick has shrunk? “Yes, it shrunk, but my scrotum and balls also shrank because of the hormones and are now the way I want them to be. Still usable for Marianne … and now for you,” I say, feeling myself blush. On her knees, Kelly closes her mouth around my now stiffened cock. She sucks me deliciously. I also see Hans join me on his knees and watch as his wife sucks me off. Delicious tingles run through me. Kelly watches as her husband takes my hard-on from her with his hand. Wow! I scream as I feel his warm hand around my hard-on. Slowly Kelly removes her mouth from my hard-on and watches as Hans closes his mouth around my hard-on. OMG, how wonderful he is sucking me, screams my mind. Immediately I suspect that Hans has done this before or more often. I remember what his daughter Salina once said. So he really is bi!

I let myself be sucked by these treasures in turn before I feel my orgasm coming on. I moan softly for them to suck me dry. For this I have stimulated them so that they take turns sucking me even more deliciously. “Ooo yeah what a delicious gaaa dooor,” I moan and squirt my lukewarm cum into their mouths. They both look at me with their glowing eyes. They take turns sucking me until nothing more comes out of my balls. Smiling, I look at them and stand up. I press my mouth against Kelly’s, whereupon we tongue each other deliciously and I taste my cum. Then I get on my arms and knees in front of Hans and take his beautiful, delicious, warm cock in my mouth. Deliciously I suck his pre-cum from his glans and out of his cock while I move my hand over his cock. Gently he pushes me onto my back, I look at him and feel a little uncomfortable. With his rock hard cock pointing at me, Hans comes between my legs, which I pull up and spread for him. This way my starlet with my slightly swollen lips is completely exposed in front of him and he can see my limp and my pouch. But what makes me even more uncomfortable is that he can see my exposed starlet with my slightly swollen lips. “Wet me a little, will you?” I ask gently. Smiling, he brings his finger to my mouth, which I open. Horny, I wet his rather thick finger with my saliva. When his finger is wet enough, he brings it to my ass. I close my eyes and feel how he gently pushes his thick finger through my lips. Carefully I feel his finger enter me, pushing it all the way in. I look at Kelly who I see coming towards me, who I look at uncomfortably even though I love it. “Is it nice? …. ” to which I nod, “… You feel uncomfortable, huh? “Yes… ” I groan because his thick finger feels delicious inside me “… he is my size”.

“Do you want to stop?” “No.” “Do you want to feel it?” “Yes.” “You can do that baby.” Slowly I feel Hans take his thick finger out of me, for which I look at him in anticipation of what he wants and will do. Of course I know what he will and wants to do, he will and wants to fuck me with his nice warm thick cock. Which I have actually longed for many times before. Out of myself I spread my legs even more and watch as Hans points his glans at my starlet and goes there. Gently I feel his hard head pressing against my lips. Even more, my starlet’s lips give way to his, oh my, thick glans. Even more I blush and push through and feel his, mmm, delicious glans penetrate my starlet and slowly enter me. “Nice?” I hear Kelly ask and I look at her and nod.

Cautiously and gently Hans takes my legs and places hands on my knees. With his weight Hans pushes my legs backwards and lifts my ass. Deliciously he fucks me with slow movements. Until he feels that it is getting easier for me, he not only increases his speed, but also his power. With powerful thrusts I receive his cock inside me, with which he caresses and touches everything inside me. I look at Kelly who sees me enjoying myself with a considerable blush on my cheeks. She massages me wonderfully and jerks me off so that I can see and feel my pre-cum flowing out of me. Because I have my hands free, I finger Kelly, who is quite wet and getting wetter and wetter. Then I look at Hans. “Don’t come in me, save it for your wife.” “No honey, just fill her up”.

Whereupon I feel him thrusting hard into me and after a few thrusts, then thrusting deep into me. With his hips jerking, I feel his delicious lukewarm cum pouring into my belly in waves. I also come deliciously and feel the juices of Kelly who also comes over my hand. Hans is still pumping his hard cock into me. Slowly I feel my orgasm leave me. Suddenly I become aware of what we are doing, what we have done. This makes me feel even more uncomfortable and guilty towards my friend. “Would you please get off me?” “What is it, honey?” asks Kelly when she sees my tears. “Did I hurt you?” asks Hans worriedly. “No, no, it’s not you. it’s me. i’m ashamed that i let myself go with you. that i let myself be taken by you, you who are my buddy”. “Come here, baby,” Kelly says. “But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?” she still says. “Yes, but it’s wrong. I shouldn’t have sex with my boyfriend, with you anyway. I still have Marianne”. “Your boyfriend is bi!

So what’s stopping you from enjoying him”. “Well, he’s still my boyfriend,” I say. “Honey, I understand you, but as you have noticed, your boyfriend has no problems with it. So yeah, what the hell”. “Well actually a lot, because I’m cheating on Marianne. So sorry, but I really have to go”. “Is good baby. I kiss them both and wish them a good night as I leave their beds. Quickly I grab my clothes and walk out of their bedroom in my lingerie with my dripping limp and cum covered ass. In our bedroom I see my girlfriend lying in a deep sleep. I take off my suspender shirt that Kelly and Hans gave me and the skin colored stockings and get into the shower. I brush my teeth and then wash up. I feel bad to my girlfriend that I just had sex with our friends. Here in this remarkable villa, wherever she is. Not that I didn’t enjoy it.

Yes, I definitely enjoyed it. I had a real cock in my mouth and in my ass, which I can still feel there now. A wonderful feeling. I turn off the tap and dry myself off. Naked I enter the bedroom and get my cream-colored negligee from my trolley. Once I have it on, I get into bed and crawl close to my girlfriend. For a moment she moans softly as I kiss her and whisper that I love her. Then I turn on my back and look at the ceiling, even though it is dark. Everything goes through my head and I feel uncomfortable because of the still wonderful sex with Kelly and Hans. But I feel even more guilty about my girlfriend whom I cheated on. Fortunately, but also due to the alcohol and the tiredness, I fall asleep. The next day I wake up and look into the sweet face of my girlfriend, who is lying there looking at me.

“Hi,” she says. “Good morning, Merry Christmas,” I say. “To you too.” “Thank you.” “Do you love me?” she asks, which I have heard so many times from her. “Yes, I love you. But do you love me? “Yes.” “Okay, happy.” “Why?” “Because I still don’t want to lose you.” “Neither do I.” “Then let’s make something of our relationship again”. “Gladly,” she says. Looking at me strangely, rather surprised, I push her onto her back and get on top of her. I put my mouth on hers and we kiss each other deliciously. Smiling, I look at her as I feel my limp stiffen. I see that she is smiling too. “Do you?” “Yes, really,” she says smiling. And I push my hard-on into her. Deliciously quietly I fuck us and look intensely into my girlfriend’s eyes. She looks into my eyes just as intensely. She pulls her legs up and wraps them around me. It is delicious. It feels good and nice.

She also lets go without restraint. It has been a long time, too long again. She plays wonderfully with the muscles of her pussy as before, which gives me a wonderful feeling around my hard-on. As a result, my orgasm begins to storm. I can tell by her sighs and soft moans that her orgasm is storming as well. I don’t come up to pump myself hard and fast into her. No, I stay down on her beautiful warm body and enjoy her and my rhythm. She likes it too and puts her arms around me and gently strokes my back. First over my négligée, but soon she has her hands under my négligée. “Looks beautiful on you, honey.” “Really?” I ask slightly surprised. “Yes.” She scratches my back with her gel nails, which feels wonderful. Strongly I feel my orgasm rushing out of me in strong waves. My girlfriend also moans a little louder and sighs faster when her orgasm comes.

Deliciously, we come together and I feel my cum rushing out of my balls in powerful waves through my hard-on. I feel her pussy pulsating around my hard-on. When our orgasm has stormed out of us, I continue to move inside her until my sagging boner slides out of her. Then I lie down next to her and look at my girlfriend in glory. She looks at me the same way. Our mouths feel each other on which we kiss each other deliciously and feel our tongues dancing with and around each other. “how did that happen? blue pill?”. “No. Because of us”. “mm better, but how?”. “we thought of nothing and let ourselves go like we should”. “so that’s our stumbling block?”. “Yep”. “Can I see the lingerie you got from Kelly and Hans?”. “Sure. When I have them on or now?”. “Do whatever you want.

But is that why you went to the bathroom with Cindy to show her what you got? And did you put it on with her there?”. “Yes and yes.” “Then why did you show it to Cindy anyway?”. “Because I decide for myself how and what and so on. Not that you do it for her”. “Okay.” “Well, honey, she doesn’t have to know everything or have her way. Luckily she doesn’t react otherwise, so the atmosphere remains delightful. I get off the bed and grab the suspender shirt and show it to her, holding it in front of me, looking sexy. She has to laugh at me. “Yeah, I can see why you didn’t show it to the table.” “Well not at all! Or did you mean to say you would?”. “No, of course not.” Usually when she speaks softly or answers, I or whoever is right and she doesn’t know how to hold her own. So it is now. With the garter shirt in my hands, I jump to my friend’s bed, where I crawl right up to her and snuggle with her.

“Are you going to put it on again today? “mm mm especially for you. Aaa pussy, the package is still in the living room”. This is why I still jump out of bed in my cream-colored negligee, which is made of mesh with lacy contoured cups. That is why, before I open the door, I look at my girlfriend and see her looking at me. “They can see everything, honey.” Shrugging, I open our bedroom door and run quickly into the living room. I see everyone here looking at me. I quickly grab the package from the coffee table, not remembering that I don’t have any panties or thongs on under my negligee. Nor that my negligee is very short, which makes me reveal too much of myself as I bend over. As I stand up and turn to go to the bedroom, I see people looking at me, some with red faces. Back in our bedroom I am surprised to find my girlfriend in the shower. In the bathroom I take off my negligee and drop it on the floor.

I join her and press myself deliciously against her. “Darling, I think I still have to get used to you acting so feminine, I notice to myself. Just now you walked out of our bedroom in your négligée without thinking”. “Sorry. But it seemed natural and I didn’t feel comfortable when I discovered what I was doing”. “I know, dear, that’s the thing, everything you do comes so naturally to you that you don’t even notice a lot of things”. “Yes. Sorry,” I say, looking at her with my puppy dog eyes. We wash and dry each other. We both get dressed, and then we style our hair.

Naked, we walk into our bedroom and are surprised by Cindy. She is already dressed and sitting on the bed, hanging from the headboard. Without covering myself for her, I take my trolley and put it open on the bed. I put my red blouse dress on the bed. I also take the belt that goes with it and put it with my blouse dress. Then I take my dark blue high-waisted straight-legged jeans, which have no holes in them, but do have scratches, from my cart. I also put them with my red blouse dress. “Why don’t you put on your blouse dress ….? “, I hear Cindy ask “…. It is Christmas you know”. “Yes, why don’t you?” I hear my friend ask. Astonished I look at them and especially at my friend. “Tonight when we have dinner,” I say. “Why? Don’t you dare wear a dress now?” asks Cindy. “No. I don’t know if I can or if I want to.” “Then why did you bring it and have it?” “I don’t know. I bought it once on a whim. And for some reason I think it’s a little too much.

While I’m just being myself. I don’t think it’s going to be accepted. “Okay, by whom then? “Mom, you really have eyes in your pocket. Karla and Jan!”. “Oh well. Now that you mention it. They were talking about leaving today”. “They are leaving this afternoon,” we hear Cindy say. We look at her in amazement. “Okay then,” we say at the same time, wondering why we are laughing. I grab the purple lace with pink mesh suspender shirt with the lace quarter cup cups where there is mesh on the back of the lace of the cups. The part of my stomach is also fishnet, as is the back. With the clasp in front of me, I close the hooks one by one. Then I twist the garter shirt around me until I have the front and quarter cups in front of me. I pass my arms through the shoulder straps and use my thumbs to place the shoulder straps on my shoulders. I go back and forth with my thumbs until the shoulder straps are snug. Then I pull the tan stockings with the lace tops over my legs. With one foot on the bed, I fasten the stockings to the suspenders. As I pull on the purple lace thong with pink mesh behind the front, I see Cindy looking at me with her mouth almost open. “Did you see that Mom?” “Yes, honey, I noticed it too.” “Do you know how feminine you dress?” Cindy says to me. “Yes, I know honey. But that’s how I dressed yesterday too, you know?”. “I know, but I notice it more now”. “It is not for nothing that I am like this”. “Yes, that’s true. As soon as I have my underwear on, I grab my dark blue high-waisted straight-legged jeans with scratches from the bed and put them on. From my trolley I grab my light gray short and wide cable sweater that is sitting on my crotch.

And put it on. I look around for a moment and realize that I only have my calf-high lace-up boots, booties and wedges with me. So I put on mine with black straps and ankle-strap wedges. As we walked into the living room, people looked at me. Some look at me with cautious smiles. Others compliment me. Surprised, but not surprised, I see that Karla and Jan’s suitcases are ready. Jan looks at me and shrugs, as if to say, “Sorry, I don’t get it either. I let it go and go into the open kitchen. Kelly is standing there and I approach her. “Why did you giggle when I came into the living room?”. “She looks cuter and so do you”. “Thank you. We look at each other for a moment. “I’m on Cindy’s ‘pill’ until I can start my own hormones”. “So you’re still doing it?”. “Not all the way. Cindy had caught me snacking on her two used strips. And when I was at the doctor’s office for an interview to talk to a psychologist, he saw the change because of what I was wearing on my body”. “That is what we saw with you too, but more by your choice of clothes and of course by your posture. And very sometimes by what you were wearing under your clothes. but that is how I think it is sweet and like it belongs to you”. “Me too, hihi”. “Not too big but not too small and still nice and thick. so it stays? “Yes she is. What do you think? I am just like your guy, bi hear. only I will not fuck a man but a woman”. “So if I understand correctly, you are with a man on the bottom and a woman on the top”. “Yes”. “Well clear. I hope we will do exciting things again”. “Naughty”. “Hihi yes, we really do”.

We have breakfast together and then coffee and tea. In the middle of the afternoon Karla and Jan leave. As we say goodbye, Jan grabs me and whispers that it is not up to him. She, Karla, has problems with the fact that I am who I am now. So Karla waves goodbye to me from a distance. I kiss her with my smile. Smiling and not knowing what to do, she turns and walks away. Surprised, I see my friend look at her and then walk over to her. For a moment I see them talking, then my friend comes back shrugging her shoulders. “I don’t know what she has.” “I do, but it doesn’t matter,” I say. We are sitting together, chatting, while games are being played. Others are engaged in conversation and there are some who are just busy with their phones. “Are you still going to wear your red blouse dress?” I hear Cindy ask me. “Huh um, yeah, why not.” “Top. Can I go with you?”. “Why?”. “Just because I want to.” “All right, dear.” I get up and walk with Cindy to the bedroom where my friend is checking us out. I take off my dark blue high waist straight leg jeans, followed by my light gray cable sweater. “Anne, I actually think you are quite beautiful. Not only naked but also with lingerie on”. “Just in lingerie and naked?” I say smiling. “No, also when you have clothes on. You know what else is nice, that everything you wear still looks good on you”. “Thank you dear, you are sweet. I also think you are beautiful naked and in your underwear”. “Really! Oh, thank you”. “Too bad you don’t buy those nice lingerie anymore, you buy those snapping simple panties to go with those nice bras”. She looks at me blushing. From the bed I take my red blouse dress and put it on her. With the belt around my waist, I fold the blouse dress a little. “Wait!” Cindy yells. She runs out of the bedroom and comes back with a black belt that is wider than the one I have.

She hands it to me, which I put on instead of my own belt. Yes, this one looks better and nicer than the one that comes with my blouse dress. “Come. Now you have to make yourself up as well. It is Christmas and you can look beautiful now that you look sexy”. In the bathroom I touch up my makeup according to Cindy’s instructions. “Tadaaaa,” Cindy shouts as we enter the living room. I see everyone looking at me in surprise. I feel myself blushing. “Wow. I never thought it would look good on you, a dress,” I hear Kelly say. “Yeah heh, almost everything Anne wears looks good on her,” Cindy says proudly. My friend also admits that it looks good on me, which she already knew, and I see tears in her eyes. I go over and grab her. We hugged for a moment and talked. I feel wonderful in my blouse dress, which is clearly visible on me. My friend will have to get used to me walking around so openly in front of others, she tells me. Fortunately, she doesn’t act aloof or anything like that. I let her be. In the evening we decide to prepare dinner, the girls and I wanted to continue this tradition. Since I want something to put on my feet, I go to our bedroom where I put on the shoes I brought with me. Here I find out that they don’t go with the blouse dress. Disappointed, I walk into the living room, which is noticed. “What is it Anne?” “I don’t have any shoes to go with this.”

“Oh but I do… ” Salina exclaims “…. Wait a minute”. Whereupon Salina runs upstairs only to return with her red over the knee boots with just barely stiletto heels. As she hands them to me, she tells me that we have the same shoe size. I had heard this before, but hadn’t really paid attention. Fascinated, I look at them and put them on. They look great with my red blouse dress and are comfortable on my feet and legs. I walk around the house feeling sexy. When I sit down, I have to make sure that I cross my legs. If I don’t, there’s a lot more to see than I want. Occasionally, when I sit down, my dress rolls up just a little bit more, revealing the tops of my stockings and the clasp of my suspenders. I have never felt so wonderful as I do today. When Hans calls me, I get up and walk to the open kitchen. “Mm sexy hear,” I hear Hans say behind me as I enter the open kitchen and he immediately puts his hand on my ass with which he strokes my bottom. Smiling I look back at his face and want to take him on the mouth. Luckily I can hold back because the kitchen is very open and everyone can see us.

Slowly he moves his hand down my legs and then under my dress up to my buttocks. Here he feels my tight bare bottom. I look at him and smile. I turn to the front of the open kitchen and put my hands on the counter. He comes up behind me and I feel him put his hand more on my ass. Surprised, I feel his finger come between my cheeks and feel him press his fingertip against the lips of my starlet. “Sooo you go,” I moan softly and feel Hans push his finger inside me. “Oh fuck.” He fingers me deliciously. I want more. I want his cock. His rock hard cock deep in my ass. Just not here and not now. So I carefully turn around and stand with my back to the living room. That is why his hand comes off my ass and his finger comes out of my ass.

Gently and with a smile on his face, he pushes his hand into my crotch, where he gently kneads my flaccid and sack. “Does it feel good,” I moan and close my eyes for a moment because it is delicious. “Yes.” “I can feel it, it is hard,” I say again while I have my hand on his crotch. Gently I push Hans away from me against the counter and sink down until I am crouching in front of him. I open his pants and pull his hard cock out of his boxer shorts, which I take right into my mouth. I give him a delicious blow job here in the open kitchen where he faces the living room. He moans softly as I suck hard on his head and then take his cock deep into my mouth. I suck him greedily, which makes me feel him buck his hips a little and put his hands on my head. Not to get his cock deeper into my mouth, but to hold my head back. He cums in my mouth where he ejaculates his delicious creamy lukewarm cum. I swallow it all and suck on his sagging cock for a while. I look at him and he nods that the coast is clear. And I stand up. I look around, look at Hans with my finger, wipe my mouth clean and suck and lick my finger. “You’re a horny thing too.” “mm mm mm. sorry. tasty?”. “superb as you noticed”. “yes you came fast”. “You suck like the best too”. “Mmm, I like to hear that. I want more tonight”. “Me too. I want to fuck you and come in you”. “Mmm.” Inside my thong I feel my hard-on squeezing, very eager to get out. I also feel that there must be quite a wet spot in the front of my thong. I glance down at my blouse dress and am relieved to see that I am not leaking through it. We quickly recover and go back to what we were doing. And that was preparing everything for dinner and pouring drinks.

While Hans and I are doing this, Kelly and my friend come into the open kitchen to prepare the food. Soon a wonderful smell fills the house. The girls help too, setting the table in the Christmas spirit. Christmas music from Sky Radio is playing on the TV, which makes it cozy and gives me an extra warm feeling. Because I am now officially myself with my friends and acquaintances. Which is almost one hundred percent me. Yes, this is who I am with who I want to be with. Gently I feel a pair of hands come to my side and I feel my wonderful tingling flow through me. Smiling, I turn around and look into my friend’s delicious face. “What are you thinking about?”

“That this is my first Christmas, that I’m finally myself and that things have been better for me so far.” “Just me now, huh?” “You’ve come a long way, honey.” “You think so?” “Yes, I do. “Okay then it will be.” I turn and give her my kiss on the mouth and turn back and look out. After giving me her kiss on the neck, my friend goes to the open kitchen to help our friend Kelly. When dinner is ready and on the table, we all sit down. Glasses of wine are being poured. Hans is about to stand up when he sees that I am about to stand up, so he remains seated and nods at me with a smile. “I would like to drink a toast to being blessed with such good friends, uh, family, but even more with my girlfriend and Cindy, who really didn’t have it easy with me in the past years, and still don’t!

That after too many years of hiding, I can finally be myself with whomever I choose. Darlings… “I look at my boyfriend and Cindy “…I love you so much” and of course I shoot up. I also look at Kelly and Hans. “Also for you of course, thank you darlings”. My girlfriend and most of the others fill up as well. I look at my girlfriend and sit down next to her, whereupon we kiss each other, which ends in our fleeting but fierce tongue kiss. Then I turn to Cindy and kiss her a little too long on the mouth. We enjoy this evening very much. I finally see my girlfriend really happy and beaming at me. Getting out in front of me with our friends and acquaintances and our wonderful sex. It did my girlfriend and me good. When we finish and it gets late, most of us go to bed.

Even my girlfriend, who tells me she is tired, goes to bed. After the last ones have gone to bed, I clean up with Kelly and Hans. As I stand in the kitchen and stare out for a moment, I see Kelly looking at me as she opens her blouse dress and takes it off. In her pretty lingerie with a garter belt, she comes into the kitchen on her ankle boots with stiletto heels. Hans turns me around and unties the wide belt, followed by my blouse dress. In my purple lace with pink fishnet garter shirt with skin-colored stockings attached to my suspenders and Salina’s knee boots I stand here looking sexy. Both of us, Kelly and I, sink down until we are on our knees in front of Hans.

We both open Hans’ pants and watch as his deliciously stiff cock comes forward. I grab his cock and push my mouth over Hans’ delicious cock. I take his cock in my mouth and suck it deep. Surprised I see Kelly looking at me. “Oh, you really are a pipe slut,” I hear Kelly say as she watches me deep throat her husband’s cock. I look at her and smile. After sucking my partner for a while, I give Kelly the opportunity to suck her husband. She also takes his cock deep into her little mouth, but not as deep as I did. But it doesn’t matter. I stand next to Hans and push my mouth over his. We kiss with our tongues.

“I want to suck you,” I hear my buddy say. Surprised, I look at him and am pleased. I roll down my thong and sit down on the counter. Shuffling along, Hans approaches me and Kelly joins me, sucking her husband again. We look at each other and then see Hans go between my spread legs. All of a sudden Hans takes my hard-on in his mouth and sucks it deep into his mouth. OMG, I scream as I feel my boner in his mouth and he is sucking me. You see he has sucked more often, screams through my mind. Deliciously and with full devotion Hans is sucking me while deliciously and with full devotion his wife is sucking him, judging by her smacking. Hihi. “Oh fuck, you’re going to blow me,” I moan as I feel my orgasm coming on. Deliciously he pipes me through and I come.

Waves of lukewarm cum I feel coming from my balls through my boner into his mouth. He sucks me off and swallows all my cum. Then he stands up and looks at me. I feel rosy and glow at him that he has finished sucking me. I push Hans off me and get off the worktop. I turn around and offer my ass to Hans as I stand bent over with my hands on the worktop. Kelly has joined me and looks at me. “You have a taste for it heh.” “You really do,” I groan as I feel Hans’ warm glans penetrate my lips. “Oh fuck, yes fuck me.” Deliciously I feel Hans push his cock into me until he has his whole cock in me. Hard Hans grabs my hips and fucks me. Hard he pushes his cock into me. Hard I feel his balls against my balls. I stretch my arms and grab the edge of the worktop so that I lie sprawled across it. My limpness swings back and forth between my spread legs from the hard thrusts. Deliciously I feel his cock stroking over my prostate and I feel my orgasm building. “Ooo Kelly,” I almost scream as I feel Kelly’s mouth around my slapper. Deliciously she sucks on my slack which is stiffening. This is too much for me and I feel my orgasm storming out of me. In a pulsating rhythm my starlet tightens and relaxes around Hans’ rock hard cock. OMG, I come,” I moan. “Yes, me too,” I hear Hans groan.

At the same time we come and I feel Hans pumping his lukewarm cum into me. At the same time, lukewarm cum flows from my boner into Kelly’s mouth. She sucks everything out of me until I have nothing left for her. She comes up and stands next to me. “You’re delicious.” “You too,” I say and stand up. “Yes, you are really delicious,” I hear Hans say. “I like to think so,” I say with a smile and feel his sagging cock slowly slip out of me. I turn around and sink down until I can take his sagging cock in my mouth, which I do. I suck on his flaccid cock until I have sucked out all of his remains and his flaccid cock is clean. I swallow his remaining cum in front of his face. “Thank you for your dessert,” I say and sensually wipe my mouth clean. Full of him and empty of her and him.

We prepare to go to bed. For a moment we kiss each other with our tongues and say good night. In our bedroom I put my clothes on a chair. I take off Salina’s over-the-knee boots. I undo the clasps of the lace suspenders on my stockings, which are already coming down by themselves. I roll my stockings further down and out. I leave them on the floor. With my hands behind my back, I undo the hook closure of the garter shirt. I let the camisole slide down my arms and put it down with my clothes. From under my pillow I take my cream-colored negligee and walk naked to the bathroom. Here I get into the shower with my toothbrush. I brush my teeth and then wash up. When I am done, I dry myself and put on my negligee. I crawl into bed next to my girlfriend. I kiss my girlfriend and tell her I love her. She moans softly for a moment. With my girlfriend and my arm around her, I fall asleep. The next morning I feel more glorious than ever and look at my girlfriend who is also awake. She, too, I see glorified looking at me and comes to me.

She pushes me on my back and comes over me. Glorified and in love, we look at each other. I grabbed her and pulled her to me. Looking at me, she puts her mouth on mine and we kiss each other deliciously. I move my pelvis and my crotch against hers and feel my limp stiffen. Smiling, she looks at me and tilts her pelvis so that my now hard-on is absorbed by her pussy. This causes my sensitive little cock to slide through her wet slit until it is against her entrance. Slowly she pushes her pussy over my glans and through until my hard-on is inside her. Deliciously she moves her pelvis up and down over my hard-on. Enjoying, we lie there and look at each other. I feel her pussy tighten and relax around my hard-on, which feels wonderful. When she is like this for a while I lay her on her back with me. I come over her and fuck us for which she pulls her legs up and puts them around me. I fuck us at my slow pace making us feel our orgasm storming. We moan softly as we feel our orgasm storming out of us. Wave my lukewarm cum in my girlfriend. I feel her pussy pulsing around my hard-on from her storming orgasm. When our orgasm subsides, I lie down on my girlfriend and press my mouth on hers.

And we kiss each other with our tongues. “Come freshen up,” my girlfriend says, gently pushing me off her. I turn to the bedside table where my cell phone is and grab it. I see that it is not that late. I also get out of bed. Still groggy, I follow her to the bathroom where I see my girlfriend sitting on the toilet. I sit down right after her and empty myself, too, for which we have to laugh. I also feel what Hans injected into me coming out of me. She turns on the shower and grabs her and my toothbrush, on which she puts toothpaste. And gets into the shower. After I have cleaned up and flushed, I join my girlfriend. Hugging each other, we stand under the nice warm water jets and brush our teeth. Our mouths rinse as we kiss each other with our tongues. Then we rinse everything out of our mouths. We are laughing and rinsing our mouths. Everything feels good.

So good, in fact, that I feel my limp stiffening. My girlfriend feels this as well and looks at me with her gloating eyes. I push her against the wall and push my rock hard cock through her lips and against her entrance from behind. “Oh yeah, call me,” my girlfriend moans. I’ve never experienced her like this before. I enjoy it and then push my clit deep into her pussy. I fuck her. I caress her breasts. I kiss her neck and lick and suck her earlobe. I am driving her crazy, I notice. Delighted, she moans and groans that I am delicious. That I have to fill her up with my horn. For that and because I feel my orgasm coming on, I fuck her with hard thrusts. “Ooo. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m going to come,” my girlfriend moans. “Me too, I’m going to fill you up”. “Oh yes come, but fill me up,” she still moans and we both come. I feel her pussy pulsate around my stiff clit as I squirt my cum deep inside her. I push myself all the way against my girlfriend and grab her deliciously. We cuddle together until we feel my clit sliding out of her pussy. We then wash each other with the Rituals of Karma foam mousse and rinse each other off. When we are finished and still enjoying the wonderful warm water jets, we see Cindy enter the bathroom.

“Oh, you guys are still in the shower.” “Yeah why?” I say before my girlfriend can say anything. “Well, I wanted to take a shower.” “Well you can do that upstairs!?” “Yeah but… after all these days it’s disgusting up there”. “Well, I’m sure it’s not that bad. And besides, I think you want to shower here because Salina is allowed to do so at her parents’ house. So no. You can shower upstairs like everyone else”. “Honey, she can shower here anyway”. “Upstairs too! Why does she always have to be allowed to do everything else? Well. Not this time!” I say, to which my friend has nothing to say. Stomping and grumbling, Cindy leaves. “You know honey. It’s time for me to be involved in the decisions, just like our oldest daughter, and for my opinion to count.” I look at my friend who does not respond. Unfortunately, our chemistry has faded.

Without saying anything more, we dry ourselves off. Sitting on the bed, I look at my friend who is casually putting on my yellow ‘Theresa’ from Hunkemöller lace with white mesh behind the cups, contoured bra. “Is it working?” I ask with a smile. “Yes, as you can see, it fits me too. Only the cups are on the small side”. “Hihi yes, you can say that, your breasts are almost squeezed out”. “Well, too bad. I thought I would put some of yours on”. “Even though the cups are on the small side, it looks good on you”. “Thank you.” She then pulls out my yellow pre-formed ‘Theresa’ bra and puts it back in my cart.

From her cart, she grabs her red ‘Maya’ from the Hunkemöller lace underwire bra and puts it on, after which she grabs her red ‘Maya’ lace-front thong and puts it on as well. Then she takes a pair of white lace top stockings from her cart and pulls them over her legs. She also places the seam of the lace tops neatly behind her thighs. After looking at my friend with a smile, I get up from the bed and walk to my trolley. With my legs stretched and closed, I bend over and grab my pink lace ‘Corby’ bralette bra with decorative straps to cover my full, rounded and perky breasts. I also grab the matching lace ‘Corby’ thong and white lace hold-ups.

I close my bralette bra in front of me, then twist it around me. I use my thumbs to place the shoulder straps on my shoulders. I use my thumbs to put the straps in place, and then I put the band around my body and the cups in place. This way, my breasts are in place and the cups sit wonderfully around my breasts. Then I pull my white hold-up stockings over my legs, placing the seam of the lace tops on the back of my thighs. Then I put on the lace G-string with the straps tied high around my hips. In my lingerie I go to the bathroom where my girlfriend is getting ready. I also get ready. And as I do, I see Cindy looking at me through the mirror, which makes me smile at her. She comes into the bathroom and I see that she has taken a shower. Suddenly she grabs me and hugs me. “Sorry Anne.” “It’s okay, dear.” When I turn around, she pushes herself against me, so I put my arms around her. Gently, she presses her mouth with her full lips against mine with my thin lips.

For a moment she hesitates to open her mouth, but she does not because her mother is standing there. However, she touches my lips with her tongue and then smiles at me. I gently push her away and Cindy kisses her mother. When my friend and I are done getting ready. I walk into the bedroom with my friend where we see Cindy sitting on the bed with her legs crossed. I grab my cart and put it on the bed. I open my cart and take out my dark blue high waist straight leg jeans and my light gray cable knit sweater. I had these on for a while yesterday, so I feel I can put them on now, which I do. Once dressed, I grab my calf-high Timberland lace-up boots and pull them on. “Hey, you know how to dress for every situation, heh,” I hear Cindy say. “Oh why?” “Fancy and sexy yesterday and tough now.”

“But like me, I hope?” “Yes really, that’s exactly why”. Meanwhile, I see my friend putting on her dress. A red thin knit with a slit on the side. On her feet she puts on her red pumps with ten inch heels. I grab her and look at her gloriously. “You look beautiful, baby.” “Thank you. You too. So are you.” “Hihi, now a navel piercing,” we hear our daughter say when she sees my navel exposed. “Well, soon Anne will want one, too,” my boyfriend says somewhat subdued. “Well darling. I’ve wanted it for a long time and I’m definitely going to get it done”. I see her look change and I look at her. “What is it?” “Will nothing be spared from me now? “How so?”. “Well, you with who you want to be, which is only getting worse for me now that I allow it. My job. Our daughter, who I’m no longer allowed to do what she wants without your knowledge”. “Okay, in my case, you know you have to speak up if it bothers you. With your work, you know that too. You can’t talk about it at all. You have to solve it yourself. And as far as our daughter is concerned, it is normal that she is not allowed or given everything she wants.

And it’s normal that I have something to say about it and that I have a say in the decisions. Slightly irritated, I walk out of the bedroom and into the living room. Behind me in the bedroom I hear the two ladies arguing. They immediately look at me as I enter the living room. Barely paying attention, I walk over to the dining table and sit down. Immediately Kelly comes over and asks me what is wrong. I tell her my story briefly and then ask her to let me do it, let us do it. Which she does as my friend and Cindy come out of our bedroom. They also come and sit down at the dining room table. “Sorry honey, I snapped like that,” my friend says as she sits next to me. “That’s all right darling,” I say and give her a kiss. In the afternoon, we all go to a Christmas market.

Here I am proudly walking arm in arm with Cindy and Salina, who seem to think it’s cool to be allowed and able to walk with me like this. I see my friend Kelly having a good time walking past the booths where they joke and occasionally make fun of me. Especially when they see a wooden dick. Isn’t that something for you? To which I reply with maybe such a nice big fat dick. With her desperate look I see my friend looking at me and I see Kelly smiling at me with her horny look in her eyes. When we see a heated terrace we all take a seat and I take off my padded jacket. Suddenly out of the blue Cindy comes up to me and says that there is a tattoo parlor just down the street where they also sell piercings.

And if I want to come and have a look. I immediately look at my friend who nods at me. “Go ahead honey.” “Are you sure?” “No. But do it because you want to and you are going to do it sometime anyway. So just do it now.” “Okay. Are you coming?” I ask. “No, sorry. You know I don’t like needles”. “Oo! But Cindy did when she got her bellybutton pierced”. “That was different. She was little then”. “I was sixteen when I was a mother,” Cindy says aloud. Red runs away from my friend. See you later, I kiss my friend goodbye and go with Cindy and Salina to the tattoo shop. In the showcase at the counter we look at the different piercings. The ladies show me the piercing they think will suit me. It is a ring with chains that open into handcuffs. “I like this one, Anne. Because this one suits you because of the open handcuffs”. I smile at Cindy. I ask the lady if it would be possible to pierce my navel. I pull up my sweater a little.

What is possible after the lady has looked at my navel. I go with her behind the counter and sit down on the treatment chair with the back fully reclined. The two young women watch me from behind the counter. The lady adjusts the chair and pulls up my sweater so that my navel is completely exposed. I also undo my belt and unbutton my straight leg jeans. This opens my jeans and the lady sees the edge and lace of my ‘Corby’ thong. She smiles at me when she also sees the bulge under the lace front. She cleans my belly and navel, which makes my belly tremble as it moves up and down. “Sensitive?” I nod and look at her with a smile. Then she disinfects my navel and grabs the skin just above my navel with a small clip that has eyes in it. Through the eyes, and now I close my eyes stiffly, a needle with the ring behind it is pushed through my skin. For a moment it feels bad, but not for long and before I know it, the ring with the chains and the open handcuffs is at the top of my navel. I look at it and smile. Proudly I take the lady’s hand mirror and examine my navel piercing. “Nice?” she asks. “Really,” I answer.

“Yes heh. It really suits you, Anne,” I hear Cindy say. “These open handcuffs mean to you that you are finally yourself, don’t they? That’s what these two proud girls said,” the lady asks and says. “Yes they do,” I say, smiling at the girls. When I want to pay, the lady says that the two girls have already paid. After the aftercare I thank the lady for the piercing. Afterwards I thank the two sweethearts for my piercing. “Our Christmas present.” “Thanks girls, this is really great of you”. When we get to the terrace, of course I have to show off my new acquisition, which I do proudly. “Do these opened handcuffs mean that you are now yourself? “Yes,” I say and enjoy my hot chocolate with rum. At the end of the afternoon we return to the villa. At the villa I go to our bedroom to change. As I stand in my lingerie, I see Cindy and Salina enter. Surprised I look at them and see that Salina is looking at me more than interested. And especially at my clit in the small lace front of my ‘Corby’ thong.

From there she looks at me with her beautiful smile and comes towards me. What Cindy doesn’t do or doesn’t dare yet, Salina does. “M, may I feel it?” she asks and puts her hand on my crotch. “Only if you show yourself to me,” I answer. She looks at me smiling and removes her hand from my crotch and opens the zipper of her long overall. She pulls it off and steps out of the jumpsuit on her cream colored high heeled sandals. Then she unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the floor. She has nice breasts, although they are a bit saggy and less full than Cindy’s. I also see Cindy undressing, which is faster. I am surprised to see that Cindy is not wearing any lingerie. Blushing, she looks at me, but with her sly smile. I lick my lips, wondering why Cindy is smiling even more. Then I see Salina roll her thong down and step out, leaving her thong on the floor. She stands in front of me in her beautiful nakedness. She looks at me a little shyly when she sees that I am looking at her crotch where I can see a black curly landing strip on her mound that runs somewhat in a point to her pussy. I lean over to her. “You’re beautiful too.” She starts to smile, which makes her shyness disappear.

Both in their beautiful nudity, I see Salina looking at Cindy in delight. “You’re beautiful too Cin,” she says, turning to Cindy and giving her a kiss on Cindy’s full lips. “Thank you,” Cindy says with a slight blush. I walk over to both young women and place my hands on their pussies. Immediately I push my fingers through their lips and into their slits. Both feel their slits warm and wet. Slightly startled, Salina looks at me, but then smiles when she feels my finger entering her. Cindy closes her eyes and moans softly. Salina looks at me and puts her hand on my crotch where she feels my clit stiffen. She looks at it and puts her hand inside my G-string. This causes the front of the lace to slide down and she takes my balls in her hand. Fingering the young women, Cindy stands on her legs trembling from her impending orgasm. Salina also stands on her legs trembling from her orgasm. Unable to control herself, Salina releases my stiff clit and cums bucking and moaning softly. Cindy also cums, bucking and moaning softly, her juices flowing all over my hand. Salina looks at her friend with a very interested look in her eyes. When both have come, Salina grabs my hand from Cindy’s pussy and brings it to her mouth. Looking at me hornily she licks all of Cindy’s juices from my hand and looks at Cindy. “mmm you taste good Cin” for which she blushes. “Come on ladies get dressed before it is noticed we have been gone too long”. This brings them back to reality and they are a little embarrassed for each other.

They quickly get dressed and I wash my hands. Not before I have tasted theirs. I also get dressed. In our bedroom, I put on my light green halter jumpsuit with wide legs. On my feet I put on my pastel yellow buckled sandal wedges. I see Cindy put her black blouse dress back on, under which she wears her Dr. Martens. I grab my pastel yellow jacket and shoulder bag. The three of us enter the living room, where we are being watched. Together we walk to the restaurant where we were on Christmas Eve. As we enter, I say that we have a reservation. I don’t have to say anything more when the hostess, who by the way looks crazy, recognizes us and leads us to our tables. As the last one to arrive at the table, I face the hostess. “You look delicious and beautiful again.” “So do you,” I reply. Until late in the evening we enjoy each other’s company, the alcohol and the delicious food. After a delicious dinner with coffee and tea and for those who want dessert. Hans checks out and we put on our coats. I walk with my friend behind Salina and Cindy. All the time I see Salina and Cindy looking at each other. I let go of my friend and walk until I am between them. “No sneaking around and playing with each other later heh”. Startled and blushing, they still look at me with their smiles. I go back to my friend who asks me what happened? “Nothing, honey.” We walk hand in hand with the others. When we get to the villa, almost everyone says they’ve had a good time and are going to bed. Salina and Cindy give me a kiss that lasts longer than it should.

Whereupon Salina says in a whisper that I have to come by later. Surprised, I look at her and then at Cindy, who smiles at me and nods. Still, it feels strange to give the men I know my kiss when they want it and even ask for it. Not with the women, it feels normal. With the men it feels the same, but more because I have known them longer and they have known me as a man. For those who prefer not to, we shake hands and say good night. Everyone goes to their bedroom, including my boyfriend and I. In our bedroom, I untie my sandal wedges and kick them off. As strange as it may sound, I no longer feel uncomfortable undressing in front of my girlfriend. As I am about to take off my light green jumpsuit, my girlfriend asks if she can open the zipper. I turn my back to her, and she slowly pulls the zipper down. After undoing the collar around my neck, she lets go of my jumpsuit. The halter part falls down and my girlfriend pulls the rest of my jumpsuit over my hips and around my ankles. I step out and grab my jumpsuit from the floor and throw it on the bed. Then I take off my underwear.

I put my thong in the plastic bag for used clothes. Folded up, I put my light green jumpsuit into my trolley, where I put my pink ‘Corby’ lace and mesh bralette bra open and exposed. As well as my stockings. Naked we go to the bathroom where we brush our teeth. After that, we go to bed anyway and take a shower when we get up or after breakfast. Like my friend, I put on my cream negligee. When we are in bed, I grab my phone and my girlfriend lies against me. Lying against me, she falls asleep, which is not surprising because of the long days and the necessary amount of alcohol. When my girlfriend is fast asleep, I still lie down and play a game on my phone. After fifteen minutes, I carefully get out of bed. In the meantime, my girlfriend has turned over and is lying on the other side. In Cindy’s bedroom I see light coming from under the door. I open the door and see Salina sitting on her knees, leaning on her forearms in a sixty-nine position over Cindy. Both of them, from the look and sound of it, are enjoying each other’s tongues very much. I join them on the bed and join them on my knees. I pull up my negligee and slowly remove it. Glorified, I see how Salina looks at me when she sees me naked. Even more glorified when she sees my stiffening clit coming out of my naked pouch. Actually Salina wants to come to my clit to take it in her mouth.

But she does not, instead she pushes her mouth onto Cindy’s wet pussy. Enjoying it, I hear them moaning softly from their impending orgasm. They both buck their pelvis as they come. When their orgasms have stormed out of them, Salina turns around and pushes her wet, from Cindy’s juices, mouth onto Cindy’s mouth. Deliciously and unashamedly I watch them kiss each other with their tongues. Then Cindy beckons me to join her, and I do. While she is still on my knees, she takes my stiff clit in her mouth. Gently she sucks my clit and continues to suck on it as if it was her thumb from before. I moan softly and caress her face. Deliciously she sucks my clit and moves her full fleshy tongue over and around my glans. Salina, seeing her friend sucking me off, lays down on Cindy and puts her leg between Cindy’s. Hard, Salina pushes her thigh against Cindy’s sensitive and wet pussy and Salina pushes her sensitive and wet pussy on Cindy’s thigh. Both look at each other as Salina strokes both their pussies against their thighs.

Slowly Salina moves her face to Cindy’s to kiss her friend. Cindy removes my clit from her mouth and pushes my clit into Salina’s mouth. First Salina moves her mouth to her friend’s. For a moment they kiss each other with their tongues, then Salina takes my offered clit into her mouth. Salina greedily sucks my clit into her mouth. “Easy girl, you don’t have to catch the train,” I say to Salina, who looks at me a little shyly. She starts to suck me with slow strokes and looks at me. I smile and nod at her as I feel her take my clit all the way into her mouth. She sucks me even more deliciously, not forgetting her little tongue, which caresses my tip with greedy sucking movements. It is wonderful and beautiful how they rub their pussies over each other’s thighs. Soon I am close to my orgasm. “Sal, do you still want to be fucked by Anne?” asks Cindy when she sees that I am coming to the point of no return. Salina nods with my clit still in her mouth and looks at Cindy. “Go ahead then,” Cindy says.

Salina takes my clit out of her mouth and looks at me. “Would you like to fuck me Anne?”. “mm please baby”. Immediately Salina lies on her back and pulls her legs up, which she immediately spreads. On my knees I turn to her and look, look at her. This seems to make her shy. She is also beautiful. Not as full as Cindy and not with such big breasts. Hers I guess more like a full B. Also a nice tight belly. Her pussy has nice big lips with little ones that almost blend into her lips now that her pussy is open in front of me. Her clit is a bit hidden under her cap, but looks hard. Her entrance is ready to be filled. I push my clit towards her pussy. She grabs her legs in her knees and pulls them towards her. She looks at me horny with her smile and I push my clit into her and come over her. I put my hands next to her face and lean on them. Deliciously I fuck her and look at this delicious girl. Then I see Cindy on her knees over her friend’s face. Gently and looking at me, Cindy pushes her pussy over her friend’s mouth. This smothers Salina’s soft moans and I hear the licking of Salina’s tongue against and through Cindy’s wet pussy. I can tell from Salina’s facial expression that her orgasm is deliciously rushing. She moans softly as she terrorizes her friend’s hard clit with her tongue.

Then Cindy closes her eyes and presses her mouth to mine. We kiss each other deliciously with our tongues. We feel our chemistry coming back. With the three of us we feel our orgasm flowing, which just as quickly storms out of us. I feel waves of juice being squeezed out of Salina’s pussy as I squirt my cum deep into her delicious pussy. Waves of juice undulate in and over Salina’s mouth as my sweetheart cums on her friend’s mouth. After we cum, I remove my still stiff clit from Salina and sit on my knees spread apart, supporting myself on my hands behind me. Both girls come to my clit on their knees and my sweetheart takes my clit in her mouth first. Deliciously she sucks me, from which I feel my delicious tingling flow through me. After sucking and licking me for a while, Salina is allowed to close her mouth around my still stiff clit. She also sucks me deliciously and gives me soft strokes while I feel her tongue caressing my little todger. “Omg Salinaaa. go on girl”.

Deliciously I feel my orgasm coming. I put my hand on her head and push down, forcing myself deep into her mouth. Wave after wave I pour my cum into her mouth which Salina swallows. When Salina removes her mouth from my sagging clit, my darling takes over and sucks and pipes me for a while until I am empty for her. Then she licks my flaccid body until it is clean. I gently force them to lie side by side with their legs spread. I get on my knees in front of them. First I put my mouth on my sweetheart’s beautiful and fragrant pussy. I look at her and run my tongue through her pussy which she holds open for me. I hear her moaning and see her blushing as she looks at me. She bucks her pelvis wildly and presses her pussy against my mouth as I work on her clit. She moans even more when I take her clit in my mouth and suck hard on it. Annoyed Salina lies there and watches me working on her friend. Until I suddenly take my mouth off her pussy for Cindy and go to Salina. I come between her legs whereupon she puts her hands on her pussy and opens her pussy for me. I also fondle this delicious girl.

I suck her clit and flick my tongue over it. Moaning and groaning she cums on my tongue. I feel her juices running out of her pussy, which I lick up. When her orgasm has stormed out of her, I go to my sweetheart whom I cum. I want to taste her more than anyone else. To taste her juices. I also want to experience her coming on my tongue. This does not last long as I hear her moaning more and feel her pussy coming wildly against my mouth as she stomps out of her orgasm. Wave after wave of her juices hit me and I drink her delicious sweet salty juices. After her orgasm I come over her and push my mouth onto hers. We kiss deliciously with our tongues. “So time to go to sleep, right?”. “No, I want you to fuck me,” I hear my sweetheart begging. “Just show me how much you want me inside you,” I say as I look at her. She pulls her legs up and spreads them as wide as she can.

She puts her hands on her bare mound and pulls her lips apart with her fingers. This causes her to show me her beautiful and wet pussy. Pulsing, I watch as she tightens and relaxes her pussy with excitement. Glowing, I watch what Cindy is ashamed of. “Please Anne come inside me and fuck me, I want to have you inside me and feel you inside me”. I grab her legs and push her back. I put my hands on her knees and push her legs back with my weight. We look at each other. We see what we have known about each other for ages. I tilt my pelvis and aim my glans at her pussy and push against her entrance. “Oh yeah,” Cindy moans. I come over her even more and press my mouth against hers. We kiss with our tongues. And I push my clit into her. I move slowly and feel how wonderfully tight her pussy is around my clit. We look at each other as I slowly move inside her delicious pussy.

Slowly we feel our orgasm building and Cindy cums with a beaming smile on her face. I fuck her for a moment more until I feel my orgasm rushing out of me as well. Shaking and bucking, I shoot wave after wave of lukewarm cum into her pussy. I lie down on top of Cindy. We look at each other and smile. “Finally I’ve had you inside me and felt you.” “Finally I tasted you and felt you.” I press my mouth to hers. For a moment we kiss with our tongues, then we let go of each other’s mouths. “So now it is really time to go to sleep,” I say. “Yes,” they both say. “Will you stay with me, with us?” I hear Cindy ask. “Sorry, but it is better that I go back. “You’re right. Trust Anne, I love you”. “I love you girls,” I say and give them both another kiss on their delicious mouths. I grab my negligee and put it on. Standing next to each other and intertwined, they look at me gloriously as I stand at the door. With sleepy eyes I walk out of the bedroom and into mine, where I hope my boyfriend is sleeping. As I pass Kelly and Hans’ bedroom I hear Hans moaning loudly. I am still too horny to leave their bedroom as it is. I open the door and enter their bedroom. I close the door behind me. I see Kelly looking at me with a smile on her face. I smile back and walk over to her. I see Hans sitting on all fours on the bed with his brother behind him fucking him. They also look at me and see me standing with my stiff clit in my cream negligee. I walk over to Hans, his brother, until I am standing next to him. “Mmm, I want to feel you inside me.

I’ve already had your little brother”. “I know, he told me that. He also told me that you have a nice man pussy”. “Maybe,” I say with a smile and kiss him. I walk over to Kelly and crawl over her on all fours. “Where have you been? “With your daughter and Cindy. “Did you have sex with them?”. “Yes, taste and smell it,” I say and put my mouth on hers. “Oh you naughty one, was it good?”. “mm mm” mom I “I fucked your daughter wonderfully and then I got to fuck Cindy,” I say afterwards. “God damn, I want to feel you”. “I want you too,” I say and push my stiff clit against her pussy. With one hand I pull my negligee up a little so that my clit comes out. I push my clit hard into Kelly who moans loudly. “Oh yeah, finally,” she moans. “Mmm, I just heard Cindy moan too.” With her horny smile Kelly looks at me and grabs her legs pulling them towards her. Deliciously I fuck Kelly and hear her juices soaking around my clit. I look over and see Hans’ brother pulling his cock out of Hans’ ass. I am surprised to feel Hans’ brother come up behind me and lift my negligee a little and place it over my ass. Even hornier than I already was, I look at Kelly who can see from me that this is me. I close my eyes and moan as I feel the head of the penis enter me. “Oh yeah you guys weren’t in the back when they handed out the dicks,” I moan and feel Hans push his brother’s cock all the way into me. “Oh yesss delicious.”

“You guys are horny sluts,” I hear Hans, his brother, say next to my ear. “Ooo yaa really are,” I groan. With my blush I look at Kelly who also looks at me with her blush. “You have a nice ass with an even nicer man pussy.” “Thank you.” Still with my blush I look at Kelly who I am fucking with the hard thrusts of Hans’ brother. Kelly and I can tell by looking at each other. We are about to come. Our orgasm storms out of us. My orgasm is violent, but because of the two times I’ve already come, not much of my cum flows into Kelly’s pussy. I can feel Kelly’s pussy spasming around my clit until her orgasm has left her body. “Oh fuck, I’m going to fill your man cunt,” I hear Hans’ brother groan behind me. “Then do it,” I groan. He pushes hard into me and comes. Wave after wave I feel his lukewarm cum coming into me, filling my belly. As he pulls his cock out of me I see Kelly moving towards him. I smile at her to let her go. She takes her brother-in-law’s wet cum cock in her mouth and sucks it off. I lie down on the bed and beckon my buddy to fuck me. I want him to fill me with his delicious cum. I spread my legs and pull them up as Hans comes to me. Between my legs he looks at me with his delicious smile. And I at him. He comes over me and I grab his deliciously stiff cock and point it at my starlet. “Come inside me,” I moan.

Deliciously I feel his cock enter me, then he fucks me deliciously and hard. I grab my partner’s face and pull him towards me with his face between my hands. Right in front of my face we look at each other intensely. I enjoy it. I enjoy my partner. I enjoy his cock moving inside me and caressing my prostate. It doesn’t take long for my partner to come and pump his delicious lukewarm cum deep into my belly. Wave after wave I feel his cum coming into my gut. After he has come, he takes my clit in his mouth and sucks it deliciously. In no time he is sucking me off, after which the last of my cum waves into his mouth, which he swallows deliciously. I get up and push my partner onto his back. I grab his hanging cock and take it greedily into my mouth. Deliciously I suck my mate until I have all his remaining cum in my mouth. I come up, look at my mate and swallow his delicious cum. All three give me a kiss and say good night. I put on my negligee and walk Kelly and Hans out of their bedroom. When I enter our bedroom, my boyfriend is still sleeping. Happy. Without washing, I crawl into bed with her. I kiss her and say good night. I turn my back to her and fall into a wonderful sleep, thinking of Cindy, whom I spoiled so much, and Salina. And Kelly who I fucked deliciously. But also Hans, his brother, who fucked me deliciously, and of course Hans himself. In the morning my girlfriend and I wake up and see through the curtains that it is already light. We both look at our phones and see that it is ten thirty. Still groggy, we get out of bed and look at each other.

“Shower?” “Yeah, nice.” Together we walk into the bathroom in our negligees, where I first sit on the toilet and feel myself empty. Everything that went into me last night comes out with more. After cleaning up, I get off the toilet and flush. Right after me, my girlfriend sits down and empties herself as well. I turn on the shower and grab my toothbrush. I put toothpaste on it and then take off my negligee. I step into the nice warm shower. My girlfriend joins me with her toothbrush. Hugging each other, we stand under the nice warm water jets and brush our teeth. We rinse our mouths while we stand there tonguing each other, then we let everything run out of our mouths. And then we rinse our mouths. Deliciously, we wash each other with my Rituals of Karma foam mousse and rinse each other afterwards. When we are finished and still enjoying the wonderful warm water jets. We see Cindy enter the bathroom in her white sleep t-shirt. “Can I shower in here?” “Yes, come on,” I say before my friend can say anything. Surprised and amazed I see my friend looking at me. “Yeah, I know. Don’t say anything”. My friend starts to laugh.

“You guys are horny sluts,” I hear Hans, his brother, say next to my ear. “Ooo yaa really are,” I groan. With my blush I look at Kelly who also looks at me with her blush. “You have a nice ass with an even nicer man pussy.” “Thank you.” Still with my blush I look at Kelly who I am fucking with the hard thrusts of Hans’ brother. Kelly and I can tell by looking at each other. We are about to come. Our orgasm storms out of us. My orgasm is violent, but because of the two times I’ve already come, not much of my cum flows into Kelly’s pussy. I can feel Kelly’s pussy spasming around my clit until her orgasm has left her body. “Oh fuck, I’m going to fill your man cunt,” I hear Hans’ brother groan behind me. “Then do it,” I groan. He pushes hard into me and comes. Wave after wave I feel his lukewarm cum coming into me, filling my belly. As he pulls his cock out of me I see Kelly moving towards him. I smile at her to let her go. She takes her brother-in-law’s wet cum cock in her mouth and sucks it off. I lie down on the bed and beckon my buddy to fuck me. I want him to fill me with his delicious cum. I spread my legs and pull them up as Hans comes to me. Between my legs he looks at me with his delicious smile. And I at him. He comes over me and I grab his deliciously stiff cock and point it at my starlet. “Come inside me,” I moan.

Deliciously I feel his cock enter me, then he fucks me deliciously and hard. I grab my partner’s face and pull him towards me with his face between my hands. Right in front of my face we look at each other intensely. I enjoy it. I enjoy my partner. I enjoy his cock moving inside me and caressing my prostate. It doesn’t take long for my partner to come and pump his delicious lukewarm cum deep into my belly. Wave after wave I feel his cum coming into my gut. After he has come, he takes my clit in his mouth and sucks it deliciously. In no time he is sucking me off, after which the last of my cum waves into his mouth, which he swallows deliciously. I get up and push my partner onto his back. I grab his hanging cock and take it greedily into my mouth. Deliciously I suck my mate until I have all his remaining cum in my mouth. I come up, look at my mate and swallow his delicious cum. All three give me a kiss and say good night. I put on my negligee and walk Kelly and Hans out of their bedroom. When I enter our bedroom, my boyfriend is still sleeping. Happy. Without washing, I crawl into bed with her. I kiss her and say good night. I turn my back to her and fall into a wonderful sleep, thinking of Cindy, whom I spoiled so much, and Salina. And Kelly who I fucked deliciously. But also Hans, his brother, who fucked me deliciously, and of course Hans himself. In the morning my girlfriend and I wake up and see through the curtains that it is already light. We both look at our phones and see that it is ten thirty. Still groggy, we get out of bed and look at each other.

“Shower?” “Yeah, nice.” Together we walk into the bathroom in our negligees, where I first sit on the toilet and feel myself empty. Everything that went into me last night comes out with more. After cleaning up, I get off the toilet and flush. Right after me, my girlfriend sits down and empties herself as well. I turn on the shower and grab my toothbrush. I put toothpaste on it and then take off my negligee. I step into the nice warm shower. My girlfriend joins me with her toothbrush. Hugging each other, we stand under the nice warm water jets and brush our teeth. We rinse our mouths while we stand there tonguing each other, then we let everything run out of our mouths. And then we rinse our mouths. Deliciously, we wash each other with my Rituals of Karma foam mousse and rinse each other afterwards. When we are finished and still enjoying the wonderful warm water jets. We see Cindy enter the bathroom in her white sleep t-shirt. “Can I shower in here?” “Yes, come on,” I say before my friend can say anything. Surprised and amazed, I see that my friend is looking at me. “Yeah, I know. Don’t say anything”. My friend starts to laugh.

“Thank you,” Cindy says and takes off her t-shirt. Without batting an eyelid, she steps into the shower with us in her delicious nakedness. Surprised, I see my friend looking at Cindy and then at me? In her delicious and beautiful nakedness she stands with us. She cuddles with her mother for a moment and then comes over and cuddles with me. Our hug is longer and she gives me a kiss on the mouth that lasts longer than it should. Her mother doesn’t seem to notice and continues what she was doing. In my arms, our daughter turns around and stands with her back to me, pressing her ass against me. Slowly I feel my clit stiffen. With her delicious smile, Cindy looks over and sees her looking at me mischievously. My girlfriend gets out of the shower and dries herself. She looks at us as Cindy and I stand around joking with each other. Shaking her head, my friend walks out of the bathroom and into our bedroom. “I want you,” she whispers. “I want you too,” I whisper back. For a moment more I press my mouth to hers and kiss her intensely, pressing my hand to her pussy. “Mmm just finger me,” she tells me with a horny look in her shining eyes. I finger her while she jerks me off. “It was nice last night, you can fuck me more often,” she says with her smile. Then she sinks down in front of me and puts her hand between her legs.

Deliciously she takes my stiff clit in her mouth and sucks me as only she can. Meanwhile she is fingering and sucking me, looking at me and letting her delicious meaty tongue go along and around my glans. I feel the delicious tingle of my impending orgasm bubbling up. Deliciously I cum in the mouth of my bonus daughter who swallows it all. With her delicious and triumphant smile she comes to her feet. I get out of the shower to dry myself. Every time we look at each other. I see her looking at my clit while she is still playing with her pussy, fingering it. She also takes her breast in her hand and brings her nipple to her mouth. She looks at me defiantly and licks around and over her nipple while fingering herself. “Oh you horny thing, you are playing with fire,” I say quietly. Cindy looks at me with her mischievous smile. She quickly removes her hand from between her legs as my friend enters the bathroom. She also releases her breast just in time. We recover, which is just in time. I look at my friend and see that she is wearing beautiful lingerie, for which I compliment her. Cindy also says she looks beautiful.

After drying off, I go to our bedroom. From my trolley I grab my white ‘Rose’ bralette with lace racerback and cups that have the clasp between the cups. So the straps run from my back and neck over my shoulders to the front. To the lace with white mesh cups. I pull them on and close my bralette between my breasts. After that I take my also white ‘Rose’ thong with lace at the front and white mesh at the back from my trolley. And I put it on as well. In my lingerie I go back into the bathroom where my girlfriend has almost finished getting dressed. We both look at each other and I kiss her. We smile. I also looked at Cindy who was drying herself. I do my hair for which I take my shaper and massage my hair with it. After my hair is done, I make myself more than light. When I am done, I look at my friend. “Neat?” “Yes honey, neat.” “Tadaaa!” Cindy exclaims excitedly as she comes back into the bathroom in her finest lingerie. We both look delighted and I smile at Cindy as we see her standing there glowing in her all lace light blue pre-formed bra and thong. “Where did this come from, dear?” my friend asks.

“From Anne, who made me open my eyes.” “Oh, well, she did a good job. You do look beautiful”. “Thank you, Mom.” “Yes, this is all you need, dear. I just need a pair of stockings. You can get them from my cart if you want”. As we enter our bedroom, we just see Cindy grab my white fishnet stockings with lace tops from my cart. Looking at me, she pulls them over her beautiful full legs and, like me and her mother, places the tops neatly around her thighs. She also places the seam of the lace tops at the back of her thighs. “Are you putting on your blouse dress too?” Cindy asks me. “No, dear.” “O. I am.”

And grabs her black blouse dress from the bed and puts it on with her wide white belt. On her feet she pulls on her black Dr. Martens boots. Mmm, she looks lovely again, I think to myself as I pull my black stockings with lace tops over my legs. I make sure that the laces are attached to the back of my thighs. Then I take my light blue straight cut jeans with a low waist and holes at the knees and pull them on with a pink sweater on top that is loose and short, but not too short. Meanwhile Cindy has gone to her bedroom to pack her trolley. We also pack our cars and check if we have everything. After loading the cars and closing the villa.

We say goodbye to each other and we all go home. On the way home, my girlfriend bumps into me and grabs my arm, which I have on the armrest. “Honey…” “Yes.” “Do you want to have sex with a man? Honestly.” “Yes, I do.” “I, um, thought about it and decided that I don’t want to lose you anymore. I’m happy with who you are because I’m not missing anything sex-wise. And because you haven’t changed much other than being a woman and acting like one. So if you ever want to have sex with a man, you can. I just want you to tell me. You may know that I find it scary because there is a chance that I might lose you”. “Oh no, no way, you are my everything.