Hello, I am Elecktra, I am not using my real name in this story. My father was of Spanish descent. Before I went to college, I registered as a webcam model. I was so proud of my new pretty trans body! I have attached a few pictures. The rest are on my page.

There are two things I was born into that are both enchanting and cursed. First, I was born with a big golden spoon in my fine face, my Spanish father’s family owns an industrial business and we’ve always had money. A lot of money. The second is that I was born a boy, but always felt like a girl. Which part is enchanting and which is cursed, you will have to figure out for yourself. I’ve never stood up and peed – ever. Not that it determines whether you’re male or female, but it’s probably the first evidence my mother, old-fashioned as she is, saw that I probably wasn’t an ordinary boy. My parents named me Alamar on a sudden impulse because they thought I was a very beautiful little boy – but now I use the name Elecktra.

Already in kindergarten my movements and behavior were very feminine, if I had to choose my clothes I would preferably wear a dress, glitter and pantyhose. My parents were “city kings” our house was popularly called “the castle” and somehow I was hidden away in that castle. My parents shielded me very much from bullying, we never talked about me being different and they were enormously supportive, among other things I had private ballet lessons in a nice room my father had made for me, later it became private riding lessons – and although it’s probably not that girly I also had piano lessons. Now this is a page for the more erotic and sexy details, and we’ll get to those, but there’s just a little more you need to know to understand the context.

I never brought friends home or stayed with friends, I didn’t feel I could play with anyone. The girls wouldn’t play with me because I wasn’t a girl and the boys wouldn’t because I wasn’t a normal boy. So my young years were really just a long lonely journey from the outside, but inside my head, it was blossoming with thoughts of the life I would one day have as a woman. My mother was a great support, she definitely knew how I felt, but it’s never something we got to talk about. She was quite a beautiful woman with expensive taste and style. I enjoyed going on her shopping trips when we followed my father around Europe on business trips. Seeing all the fancy expensive stores, seeing the dresses, fabric, bags and actually just being let into a community of women.

When I was 13 she introduced me to the style of Coco Chanel, a style that is feminine with a masculine cut. And from that style, we pieced together a wardrobe that actually looked masculine but also had the posed shirts, high-waisted pants, and little neat almost invisible details. No one ever questioned that attire throughout my high school years. Maybe because I blended in a lot with the wallpaper because they knew who my parents were and maybe just expected me to be a snob. I was the quiet diligent student who wrote the most imaginative written assignments but answered oral questions with the thinnest of whistles. In January of my final year of high school, my father suffers a stroke to the brain; he is badly affected physically, but lives. It shakes all three of us in the little family and my father has a series of measures taken for my life I only find out about later.

In February, just as the holidays are about to start and I come home from a trip to the cinema, my mother is sitting in the kitchen crying. I can tell by the look on her face that things are completely wrong. My father had died an hour earlier of a stroke, and she wanted to tell me herself. She goes completely black the following days and weeks and I don’t really remember us having a real talk since she passes away in great distress and one morning in April our cleaning lady finds her dead in her bed. And though I should be weighed down with grief, freedom bubbles up inside me. It’s like my world has opened up, I have no family, no friends and to say the least, a belly full of money. My life can finally begin. It turns out, though, that my father has put a bit of a damper on things. I inherit the entire fortune consisting of the business, the house, and everything that goes with it.

My new life as Elecktra the Pretty Trans Woman

There is just one condition! My Spanish father has decided that everything should be managed by lawyer Jakob who is a close friend of the family, this in itself is real. BUT my father has conditioned that I can only get the fortune if I take a university stay. And yes, if you’re still reading along, then you’ve probably figured out it wasn’t even my plan to fool around at a university. Actually, my plan was to escape far away, grow my hair longer, buy the wildest wardrobe and be the woman I’ve always felt like… Anyway, it’s not unknown for me to try new things and wait for life to get better. So I’m taking that break and getting a place starting 22 August. 22 June I graduate, and 23 June I’m standing with lawyer Jakob looking at an apartment in London.

A nice new apartment with way too many rooms, but most importantly right at the top of a tall building where no one can see me, and no neighbors… I buy it on the spot, even though Jakob thinks it’s crazy, I don’t look at others. But I’m in charge. I start a new life, but it won’t be like Alamar. It will be like Elecktra. My mother always called me “Finest Alamar”, so with her in mind I gave the name Elecktra to the caretaker and it was written on my door. Having lived a 22-year-long life with a huge desire to wear dresses, lingerie, fine shoes and jewelry, it seems hugely overwhelming to have to start from scratch and order everything online as I didn’t have the courage to go into a shop.

Was terrified of ending up like a lonely woman and meeting only some bitches… I’m clearly an introverted shy person, and having to admit to others that I’m trans (still the word I think fits me best) was really hard. But I was in the fanciest apartment, the bank was full of my money and the whole world was at my feet. So I simply found a stylist on Instagram, gave her a shout and explained the situation quite gravely. She was a little skeptical at first, but agreed to come for an informal meeting. Christine was a woman in her mid-thirties, really good-looking, and a woman with a lot of charisma and warmth about her. She is authoritative and determined, and very skeptical about my transformation in the first few minutes – the entire story sounded too good to be true, but I immediately transferred money to her while we sat in my somewhat sparsely furnished living room.

And it was as if my acting power and probably also a slightly tight no-bullshit look from me convinced her that I was real enough. Just two days after our first meeting we have an appointment for her to come over with clothes. My stomach is full of butterflies and I really feel there is no turning back, and boy is it a relief! Christine is busy with racks of hangers, bags and roll cases. “So Elecktra, I’ve come up with a good style for you to start with here quietly so you can get used to your expression and style. I’ve tried to avoid anything too outrageous and really for all the world done everything so you don’t end up looking like a drag queen”

It felt nice to laugh with her about the drag queen thing because I really wasn’t interested in that. I am 180 cm tall, quite slim, dark-haired (from my father) and at this point with medium-length hair. I’ve always had some natural breasts, but otherwise slim and not a particularly wild body hair. Christine unpacks her underwear first, laying it out on the coffee table. “I’ve chosen bodystockings for you as it will give you shapes and body posture that give a more feminine expression. And you have really nice long legs, they should be shown off in nice stockings” I touch the smooth fabric, I have never worn lingerie, never worn stockings. Christine interrupts my quiet thoughts “So Elecktra, this is the time to jump in, or rather just jump in.

You must get used to me seeing you with and without clothes because if you walk away every time we try something we’ll never finish. If this is going to be a success for you then you have to trust that you are a normal female client for me. So take off your clothes and put on this bodysuit and these stockings” I undress in front of Christine, it didn’t feel sexual, but hugely intense nonetheless. Right then, a familiarity forms between us. I put on the bodysuit, it’s really nice with the finest black lace patterns and a high neck. It covers my cock nicely and supports my breasts perfectly, it even gives me a bit of waist. The stockings are nice and black self-fitting stockings with a nice lace edge.

With a knowing look, Christine stands and looks at me, “well if I do say so myself I haven’t got it all wrong” Our eyes meet and we both smile, am I blushing? It felt like… “Well, I found you some dresses too…” Christine continues. The next few hours fly by trying on dresses, underwear, shoes, stockings and taking my measurements. And even a new perfume as a “welcome gift”. As I go to bed that night in my nightdress, already planning what to wear the next day I feel ten kilos lighter, tomorrow I really will wake up like Josephine. Christine already calls me quite early “Hi Elecktra, how are you? Are you dressed up?” I feel like she’s just babbling and I’m listening… My stomach is buzzing, I really like talking to Christine, I like learning from her. I’m now a pretty trans woman.

Not sure what she’s talking about, my thoughts had drifted elsewhere. So actually think I’m interrupting her mid-sentence. “Can’t you teach me how to put on makeup? Teach me how to pick and buy the right stuff?” She replies with a sweet grin “Yes honey, I can! But do you think you’re ready to go to the shop and buy what you need?” Lightning struck me, I didn’t even have any food, if I’m going to do this fully I’m going to have to go out… Fuck, there is a long way to success in this project. I think Christine senses my doubts because of my silence and says “I can be at your place at 1 pm, bring some takeaway and all the basic makeup you need, then we’ll do some chick makeup fun”. It will be a mega nice afternoon, I learn some basic techniques – and drink wine by the way which I very rarely do.

A comfortable space emerged very quickly, and the first time I got to talk about my family. Christine was a good listener and because of her age very mature and experienced. There is a silence between us, I am sitting with fine everyday makeup, an unusually nice dress and a pair of flat fine patent ballerina shoes. My hair is put up in a small light ponytail and has some pleasant little ear clips on. My hands are lightly waving in the warm air while my nail polish dries, my body is buzzing with wine and talking to such a sweet person. And we just sit in silence for a while. Christine takes a deep breath, “Hey Elecktra, I think we should go for a drink down at the brewery. You need to get out of your little princess tower and take the plunge, now is the time for you”.

It felt like a fog, Christine finds me a nice light jacket, my mother’s Chanel bag (her bag is the only thing I brought with me) and as we stand in the lift I am very unsure and quiet. Christine takes me by the hand “Come on, it’ll be a blast, you look like a million” – and hey, at least you’re not wearing stilettos, that might throw everyone off” We laugh together and walk hand in hand down the street in a crowd of people in the hot summer evening. Christine leads me into a dark cocktail bar and we get two seats at the bar. It comes quite naturally to me to sit erect on a high chair with my legs slightly crossed. Christine smiles at me and looks at her “work”. The conversation falls easily, people talk to us as they come up to the bar, we are offered drinks. I have an inner unease about nice men offering drinks thinking I am a real woman, Christine senses the unease and just puts her hand on mine and smiles.

The bar closes at 1 am, I’m drunk for one of the first times in my life, or is it just total happiness? I got my first phone number from a guy ever. And by my side is the lovely Christine. I’m trying to repress it, but I can feel I’m turned on and in love with her. And I think she’s flirting? A very unfamiliar and strange situation for me. Outside the bar, we’re breaking up, Christine has to go home. Gives me a hug and cheek kisses. I think I’m going to hug a little too long. And feel a bit silly as I stand and just watch her disappear down the pavement on her way home. She stops, turns around and half shouts “Hey Elecktra, I left my fucking computer bag at your place, can I come home and get it?” I say yes without hesitation and probably with a little too big a smile, hoping to my very core that she feels the same way I do. We walk hand in hand in silence.

Thoughts rush around in my head. Locking ourselves in the entrance, no lamps have come up. We stand a meter apart face to face in the dark. There is something unspoken in the air, Christine’s voice breaks the silence almost with a whisper “Josephine, have you ever been kissed?” I just shake my head. She approaches me, our lips meet. She tastes of alcohol and chewing gum. The whole room is spinning. We find a routine in kissing, I become more probing, our tongues meet, our hands explore each other’s bodies. Feel her greedy hands on my loins, my buttocks, my neck. I’ve never kissed, never had sex or masturbated very much at this point. But in my new guise as Josephine, I suddenly feel a different passion and desire.

I want Christine, I’ve never wanted anyone before. Honestly, I had no idea if I was gay, the obvious would be I was into men. But it’s as if I’ve mastered a new control system, it comes so naturally to me to kiss and touch Christine. Christine pulls me into my bed, we both shed our dresses and stand in our underwear. Christine is wearing a pretty little pink outfit. She has bigger breasts than I had noticed, can see her red stiff nipples through the sheer fabric. My eyes suck her body to me, can see her pussy through her panties, they are very transparent. My cock is stiff and sticking straight up into the bodystocking.

I suddenly feel inexperienced and powerless, feel inferior to the sexy woman almost twice my age standing across from me. “Honey lay up the bed and let me enjoy you, just relax I’ll make it nice for both of us” Christine says and as I open my eyes again I look straight into her lovely blue eyes and feel her warm crotch against mine. We kiss mostly but I get brave and tilt her breasts out, licking them, letting my tongue play, she moans so sweetly and rubs her warm moist womb against my cock. She takes off her bra and then her panties. She crawls off me and her hip is up by my head as she practically whispers “Now I’m going to do something I really want to do, join me if you want or tell me to stop” Christine’s delicate little fingers unwrap my cock from the bodystocking, like an elastic band the fabric pops apart as she opens the little buttons.

She gently touches my perfectly smooth balls with the tips of her fingers and lets the other hand finish around the shaft, slowly she plays my cock. I lie restless in pure pleasure, for the first time ever another human being touches my cock and I enjoy it. She holds me tightly as she slides the foreskin back and forth, lubricated with saliva she lets drip from her lovely lips. I lie there, having turned to be treated, and feel the semen running forward and already a little out. She stops, and in one movement opens her crotch at my side and settles over my face. I look up from under her body between her legs and her breasts and our gazes and smiles meet.

She greedily takes my cock in her mouth deep and wet, I get a shock of sensation and give a little twitch that sends my mouth and nose straight up her wet crack. She smells absolutely amazing. I just lie there enjoying the warmth and moisture of her crack, and as if I were going to burst in the ocean, I take a deep breath and let my lips wrap around her crack.
She tastes wonderful and the feeling of the smooth dog against my lips and tongue is mind-blowing wonderful. It’s nothing short of amazing to feel her reaction, she grips my cock tighter taking me deeper into her mouth… And here we see how inexperienced I am, like lightning from a clear sky the orgasm overtakes me. I shoot my cum into Christine’s mouth and half laughing and sounding like choking, she pulls away and lies down beside me. I’m completely spun around on the floor.

Never had that kind of orgasm before, and by my side lies the most beautiful woman covered in cum, sweat, and alcohol breath. She kisses me and says, “You are the most beautiful sexy naughty woman I have ever seduced. “May I be small spoon” is the last thing she says before we fall asleep, and my answer is “yes”. I wake up early that morning. I’m pretty insecure about the situation on one hand and wildly excited to have had sex on the other. I lie down and look at Christine. She has the finest features, she is very fair-skinned, auburn hair and little freckles, a pointy little nose and the most beautiful lips. I feel mega insecure and inexperienced, she just seems so relaxed about it all. My whole situation. My complete transformation. The age differences. She treats me like a woman and an equal. “Lie there and stare at me you little thug,” she says suddenly with her eyes completely closed. “Yes” I say with my heart in my throat. “Are you lying there wondering if it’s going to be awkward when I wake up?” she says. “Yeah… I… I don’t know… I feel unsafe… everything is so new” I get out. She smiles, still with her eyes closed, and then her expression becomes more serious. “Josephine, this has surprised me as much as it has you.

Yes, I may have seduced you a little, but I did so because I’m crazy about you. We hardly know each other, but I’m attracted to you in a way I’ve never experienced before.” Tears start running down my cheeks, I get a gigantic lump in my throat and a feeling of happiness lies perfectly still, letting the tears roll. “Well honey, that’s nothing to cry about!” She has opened her lovely eyes and looks straight into mine and exclaims, “I don’t know where this is going to end, but the last thing I want to do is get my clothes and go. I want to snuggle with you, I want to fuck you and I just want you. I might get hurt, and I’m the experienced one here. But my decision right now is that this isn’t going to be awkward – it’s going to be you and me at the moment!” The tears just roll, she hugs me, we’re both naked, feeling her soft breasts against my small breasts. Looking into her lovely eyes, we kiss, fondle, rub. “Why don’t we take a shower and go out for brunch?” she asks, I’m a little disappointed myself. Just wants to stay right here and enjoy her.

I think she senses my disappointment “Now then little horny Elecktra, we’ll get back to bed, but you don’t have any food or cooking utensils, so we’ll have to eat out” “Okay” I say “But on one condition! You have to dress me!” “Challenge accepted,” she says and jumps up heading for the bathroom, enjoying the sight of her naked body lightly running across the floor. I walk out to her with towels, enjoying watching her through the dewy glass. She opens the door “Hey you window peeper, when a girl has spent the night with you you come into the shower and touch her, she expects it”. I go weak in the knees from her lightness and her cheekiness. We meet in a greedy kiss under the hot rays. My cock has become quite uncontrollable with Christine, it is already quite stiff and she grabs it. “Elecktra, I want you to take me from behind.”

She turns off the shower and stands with her hands against the wall, stroking her lovely ass. I grab my cock and slide against her pussy. I have no idea what I was expecting, but wow, what a great feeling sliding up her. The wonderful sensation of her moving and tightening around my cock with her completely slick and wet pussy. If I thought it was nice to get my dick sucked, then this is nothing short of amazing. I grab her hips and rhythmically take her from behind and being a total novice I don’t last very long, Christine moans “Honey are you about to ejaculate? Then come up inside me, squirt inside me…” And in that second my balls tighten and the cum shoots out of my cock. My legs are clenching under me and my whole body is tingling.

Christine turns and gives me a greedy kiss, I jump straight out and wait for you while you finish up. I stay in the shower and shave my legs and cock. When I get out of the shower, I had expected Christine to be in her clothes. Then get quite a surprise when I walk into the bedroom. There she is, completely naked, legs spread, playing with herself. She has the most beautiful red cheeks, little beads of sweat on her upper lip and I can see her pussy is smeared with my cum and her own juices. Standing watching her, not quite knowing what is happening, but as if in a daze I move in between her legs and let my lips hit her pussy, she tastes wonderful of herself and of cum.

It excites me to no end to taste myself and lick her, her hands pressing me down and guiding me right to where it felt good. I lick away without really realising what I’m doing, but I can sense from the sounds and movements that it’s not all bad… And should I have any doubts, she almost shouts “I’m coming! I’m coming!” And she does it in the most delightful movements and the most delightful little screams… We lie in silence and hug and kiss. “How about that brunch, Elecktra? I promise to come home with you again afterward…”