During my vacation in Spain, I experienced an incredible time. I would like to share with everyone what I experienced there. I was in the mood for something fun and since I like to dress up as a woman and get horny from wearing lingerie I decided to dress up as a woman, and so I went to a disco where many gays and transsexuals come. Photo from Trans Jenny.

Because I had no women’s clothes with me on vacation, I went shopping first thing that Saturday afternoon. I walked through the city, store in, store out, to find something I would wear that night. I saw a lot of things, tried them on and got excited.

In my hotel room I first shaved my legs, arms, and of course between my legs and buttocks, but I normally do this too. Then I dressed up in black.

Lace nylons with suspenders, thong, lace bra, dress and stiletto heels. When I was done, I called a cab to pick me up. I was very excited and looking forward to it. It would be about a half hour drive . When I got in the cab I saw the driver already looking at me, yes, he couldn’t take his eyes off me. It was a nice driver, he looked nice, about 30 years old.

My vacation starts in a cab

We started chatting and after about ten minutes he asked me if he could feel under my dress, I would not have to pay the cab ride. I was already pretty excited, so of course I gave him permission. He stopped somewhere quiet and then came and sat with me in the back of the cab. He immediately started caressing me. I got so excited by this that I could not sit still, I opened his underpants and put my hands in his underpants where I went to massage his cock and balls.

Then he asked me if I wanted to give him a nice blowjob, well that was of course no problem. I bent my face forward and put his penis in my mouth and sucked him lovely. I think it had been a while since he had ejaculated, because the moment he came he kept on coming, but despite the fact that he ejaculated so much I could handle it all, otherwise I would have been covered in cum before the evening had begun.

In any case it was a good start of the evening, and a good beginning is always a good start but after this he cleaned himself up and me too and he dropped me off at the club. When I got there, I first had a good look around, had a nice cocktail and then went onto the dance floor. It was already pretty crowded and there were a bunch of nice transvestites and guys walking around. Hmmmmm, it was going to be a pretty good night…. Of course, I soon came into contact with a few others who were also dancing. A transvestite and two gay guys.

They came dancing closer and closer to me and also often let their hands slide over my shoulders, ass and such I was already well excited and needed to go to the toilet, so I went in that direction and those two guys followed me. Well I had a choice, I could stand in front of a pissbox or in a toilet. I chose the first, is also a nice idea. I went and stood in front of it and pushed my dress up.

At that moment, I felt a hand move forward along my body, and it slid my thong down. He then grabbed my cock and pointed it forward, but because it had become stiff, he couldn’t aim it down. I then just pissed upwards while another was aiming. This was a very distinct feeling, but very delicious. When I was done, he did not let go of my cock, no, he continued to massage me and pulled me backwards against a wall. Then he took my cock in his mouth. The other one came to help him and she stroked me everywhere and licked my balls.

This was really nice and very horny, especially since all the other men went to the bathroom and saw us there. Sometimes someone put out a hand and helped my two spoilers, it didn’t take long before I came deliciously. I just sprayed it on that one’s belly and on the floor. After that they licked my cock nice and clean and put everything back in its place, I got a nice kiss from both of them and they disappeared. I did not see them again. After this, I went back into the disco and started dancing again.

After dancing for a while and a lot of flirting back and forth, I sat down and was offered a drink by a couple, a transvestite and a transsexual. We sat and chatted and got on each other’s nerves. Caressing back and forth and eventually I kissed them both intimately and for a long time, in the middle of the disco. I noticed that we were quite a sight and therefore enjoyed it even more. Time went by very quickly, as it always does when you enjoy it. It became a little quieter. Then a slow song was played. Of course, I went on the dance floor together with a transsexual.

We were dancing he went under my dress.

When we were dancing, he went under my dress with his hands and stroked it up. Of course, my hands weren’t sitting still either and I did the same to him. There we were in the middle of the dance floor with our dresses up and our straps down. So we just stood there in our briefs and bra. Then she went down and took off my thong and started sucking me off deliciously while everyone was watching us. His “girlfriend” joined us and together they stripped me completely except for my nylons, suspenders and heels and laid me on a little table.

Then they started kissing and pampering me everywhere. Meanwhile, others joined in and started jacking themselves and each other off, I was so horny that not much later I cum too. I squirted all over myself, then they started to smear it all over my body. Others came to help those two with the smearing and I felt several hands going over my body. Then I got the transsexual’s cock in my mouth and his girlfriend’s in my hand. So I pampered them both and made them cum nicely. When they came, they squirted it all over me and this was the signal for others I think, because then more men started squirting all over me. I think at least 15 to 20 men sprayed his seed on me, this felt really incredibly horny.

Suddenly I also felt something warm and before I knew it three men were just pissing. I felt the jets on my belly and legs, this was really something new, for me, I had never experienced this, but it was nice and very horny. I think there were more who found it horny, because a few more followed, all in all at least 10 men emptied their bladders over me. After this it was time to leave, because the tent was closing and it was already 6 o’clock in the morning. Those two asked if I didn’t want to go with them, and of course I did.

I put my dress back on, my bra and thong I have not found, someone has taken them as a souvenir I think. When we went to their house, this was about a 10-minute walk, I walked in the middle and the two of them were constantly touching me. I did feel myself walking, there was a smell of horny and piss coming off me. When I arrived at their house, I first took a shower, I couldn’t wear my clothes anymore because they were all dirty. But this was no problem because they gave me a nice string body to wear. Then they took turns to shower.

While I was making love with the other outside on the terrace. We laid there kissing, sucking, caressing and more and all three of us had another nice ejaculation. We all got tired, it was also getting light, so it was time to go to sleep. The 3 of us got into bed next to each other and had a great night’s sleep. The next day I woke up because they were both sucking my tits, balls and cock. I had only just woken up or I felt my orgasm coming on and already started squirting.

My seed was already jumping out.

My seed was already jumping out, and the day had only just begun for me. They caught some and licked up what they didn’t catch. Of course, I could not stay behind and took both their cocks in my hands and massaged them nicely. Taking turns, I took their cocks in my mouth. After continuing like this for a while, I felt that they were about to jump. They squirted simultaneously into my mouth, where most of their load disappeared. Of course, I could not catch everything, there was also a lot of horny stuff on my face. They licked it clean together. After this we had a nice meal and went to freshen up. It was a lovely shower on a lovely morning.

We agreed to go to the beach after showering. Of course they knew a part of the beach where mostly gays and transsexuals went. Since I didn’t have any beachwear with me they let me borrow a yellow string bikini. I had no problem with this, just walking on the beach in a top and a lovely pair of bikini panties. We had a great time sunbathing and of course swimming. The horny part was that when I came out of the water and was wet, the bikini became transparent. So you could just see my nice smooth clit. We have been giving each other a thrill and have been kissing and caressing a little. Others could see very well that we were very excited. Around five o’clock we went back to their house. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other on the way and I walked on the beach with a hard-on, but I wasn’t the only one.

When we arrived at home, the two of them grabbed me and led me to the living room, where they put me down on the couch. The curtains were not closed, so I found that an extra kick, because a passerby who peered inside could see what we were doing. I immediately felt a hand go into my briefs, and they removed my cock from the yellow bikini panties. The other also took off his panties and came standing in front of me with a hard-on. Of course I wanted to take it in my mouth. While I was fondling it with my mouth, I saw that my nice transsexual girlfriend was completely undressed and was standing wide-legged above me. I saw that she lowered herself and I felt my pole enter her. She sat facing me and I could massage her delicious breasts with a free hand.

After being together like that for a while, I noticed that I was about to cum. I said that I was about to come, so she could get off me, but she said, no, I want to feel your horny nice and deep inside me. Well, that was the last thing I needed, because I felt my balls contract, and I came deliciously. At that moment the other also came, but because I moved so much, I could not keep his cock in my mouth and he squirted all over my face, what a lovely sight that must have been. Jessica to found this so horny that she also came almost simultaneously and she squirted everything on my chest. After this we took a nice shower together and it was time to go back to my hotel.

I only had my dirty clothes from the night before to put on, but my two new girlfriends had a solution for that. If I left my clothes with them as a memento, they would let me keep the bikini bottoms so I could put them on, but they would first hold them under the tap. No sooner said than done. They called a cab and as soon as it was in front of the door, they wet the panties and I could put them on. When I got in the cab the driver could see through the panties.

This made me excited, and he could see that too. After a half hour drive I arrived back at my hotel and went straight to my room and lay down on the bed and jerked off again and in my mind I did it all over again. Well that was really the horniest thing of the vacation and I still enjoy it regularly when I think back. I wanted to write down this experience so that others can also enjoy it and you never know what will come of it.

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