The erotic fantasy story of a man who regularly has a threesome with a friend and a female friend and is now introduced to the stunningly beautiful special friend Trans Kelsy, also pictured.

It was intense sex I had with Marie and Steve a little while ago, and I didn’t quite know what to think about it. It had been fine, really fine, yet I thought it would be good to take a break. I had resumed my daily routine, and when my work appointments allowed, I took a short walk every day. Usually, I took my standard route, past the place where I met Marie before, but I didn’t see her jogging there anymore. Until yesterday. It was again on that road with oak trees, just outside the built-up area. In the distance, I recognized the colorful leggings, and I recognized her hips. She stopped and in the middle of the street, we kissed each other on the mouth. “How are you? Fine!” I replied. I looked into her dark eyes, “And you?” She found my response distant, “Do you really want to know?” “Yes, how are you and how is Steve, do you still think about me?” “Sure,” she replied. “Steve wants to meet you again, but his work just sent him abroad for a month.” “What about you?” I asked her. “Walk with me, and I’ll tell you.” We walked hand in hand to her house.

We sat next to each other on the sofa. I had my hand on her thigh. She grabbed my hand and said, “Sex with you without Steve is cheating, right?” If he knows about it then not, I thought. I was right about that, but she looked dubious. Until she said, “I have sex with a friend once in a while.” She blushed at that. “Steve knows I have some lesbian girlfriends, and he suspects I sometimes participate – that’s why he had the nerve to say he was bi-curious.” “How do you like it with a woman?” I asked her.

I have a special friend, said Marie.

Marie looked at me, “Special, different, we understand each other’s bodies.” A short silence fell. “But I still long for a cock, man or woman, both I like.” She was bi, like me.
“I have a special friend,” said Marie. “I think you like her, she is famous as a webcam model” Did she want to hook me up with her friend? “Do you think she likes me?” Marie put her hand on my knee and squeezed. “Come here Sunday afternoon, she’ll be here.” I had to go, I stood up, we kissed each other. “See you Sunday,” I said. And then it’s already Sunday. I have no idea what to expect. What does she mean by ‘special’, is her friend young or old, is she beautiful, does she know I’m coming, what does she expect?” So many questions and I haven’t asked a single one. And with Marie, I don’t know, before I had to spoil her husband, now her friend.

All I can do is go and see. I take a shower and put on clean clothes. Tight cotton pants-dark red, and a steel-gray polo shirt. Then I go to her place. Marie opens and pulls me in. On the couch where Steve used to sit, there is now a woman. She is beautiful, young, she looks Thai to me. Surely she wouldn’t … We give each other three Dutch kisses. “My name is Kelsy, but everyone calls me Kelly.” She has a tight top on, her small breasts pointing forward. She has on shorts and underneath infinitely long slender legs. I give her another kiss on her cheek and introduce myself. Marie arrives with wine glasses and a bottle of Pinot Noir. She herself is wearing a Chinese dress. It is tight around her firm thighs. The dress does not go beyond halfway up her thighs. She has no stockings on and bare feet. I can’t help but look at her breasts as well. Her full breasts demand all the room the dress offers. Kelly looks at me, a little uncomfortably.
I probably look uncomfortable too. I wait for Marie, expecting her to make a coupling attempt now to bring Kelly and me together. But nothing of the sort. Marie sits down next to Kelly and kisses her on the mouth. I can see that she is using her tongue. She helps Kelly take off her top and kisses her nipples. Kelly has dark, puffy nipples. Her breasts, maybe just cup B, stand high, pointing pointedly forward. I feel how it turns me on, I get an erection. Marie notices, the bulge in my tight pants betraying nothing.

Kelly has pulled down the zipper of Marie’s dress. Marie lets the dress fall to the floor. She is wearing a bra with quarter cups, the bra pushes her breasts up a little. She is wearing the same little thong as before, the thong that does not conceal her labia. Kelly and Marie make love and I watch. When Kelly pushes the thong all the way to the side and licks Marie intimately, I can’t wait anymore, I take off my clothes. I hold my stiff cock in front of Marie’s her face. She takes me in her mouth and I grab her by her breasts. Moments later, Kelly is also licking my cock, and I have her breasts in my hands. I try to reach into her shorts with one hand, but she pushes me away. She crawls up against me and kisses my mouth. Again I try to feel between her legs and she pushes me away again. What is it that she won’t let me feel her pussy? I get desperate and look at Marie.

Then Marie pulls down Kelly’s shorts and panties. I see that Kelly has a dick! My God, she is drop-dead gorgeous, with nice wide hips and long black hair. Special friend, she’s so hot! I bet it’s a pleasure to suck on her penis. I just had to taste her and fuck her impressive and deep. Her dick is not big, but still a real dick. As I gently squeeze her balls, I see how her cock thickens, rises, a shiny tip fully exposed. Kelly and I go 69. This is really different from Steve’s cock, after all. I suck on a woman’s genitals, I feel her balls. I just… I don’t really know. For a moment, it was going way too fast. I thought I was going to have sex with a pretty horny girl, but she’s a … shemale. And Marie is just watching. It’s obvious she’s taking pleasure in my confusion. She sits on the chair next to the bed, her legs crossed, her red mouth in a smile.

I feel like sex, I want to fuck, but Kelly only has an ass. All my reservations, fuck! I push my cock against the ass and enter a reception area. I am received with joy, and moments later I move deep into a back room. What a pleasure! Kelly is lying on her back, my cock deep in her back room. Marie has removed her lingerie and is now sitting with her pussy on Kelly’s face. Kelly has her long slender legs back at Marie’s shoulders. Marie looks at me, what a threesome! I can choose between my hands on Kelly’s small, firm tits, or playing with Marie’s full breasts. All three of us move, and in the process, Kelly’s stiff genitals move up and down nicely. Marie tries to pull on it now and then. I feel like I’m going to come, my cock now giving quick thrusts into Kelly’s ass.

Marie keeps me balanced, she is still in Kelly’s mouth. I, I feel myself squirting my seed into Kelly’s asshole. At that same moment, I see blobs of horniness falling onto her belly. It’s Kelly’s, she squirts her cum all over her belly as we both cum. I continue to rub her cum all over her belly and over her breasts, and Marie starts to lick her clean. Mmm “Time for a bath,” says Marie. She takes us into the bathroom. A clamshell bathtub takes up most of the bathroom. It’s roomy enough for two, cramped for three. We wash each other, we can’t stay away from each other’s intimate areas.

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