Two years ago, my real life began. Although I was born 31 years ago, I was born as a boy. As a boy, I had sex with first girls and then men. I started like any boy with fidgeting and kissing until I got a blow job once. The next step was the fucking itself. I shared the bed with several girls, cum too, but was missing something.

Through Internet porn I came in contact with webcam girls, guys and shemale at I saw webcams and movies and jerked off on them. One day I watched a girl being taken doggy and wished I could take her place. I then had sex with guys. I was blowing them and that felt good, but there was something. Then I got fucked in the ass and came well. But after a few times it wasn’t so nice anymore. Until the moment, one of those men asked me if I was up for something kinky. That kinky meant that I put on schoolgirl clothes, after which he would fuck me.

He had thought of everything. And I became horny as I put everything on. When I saw myself in the mirror as a girl, made up with wig and all, it felt good. I then had sizzling sex with him. And every time I was with him and I changed clothes, it was nice, delicious and good. So I started looking for better clothes and silicone breasts. That’s how I ended up at my transvestite friend Ariannes webshop. I shaved my body. I became more and more of a girl, grew my hair too.

Until Anna, my mother, discovered my secret. Fortunately, we got along well and examined everything together. And so I found out that I was not a transvestite or gay, but a woman in a man’s body. Thus, after some time, I came to the decision to transition. To get clothes, we visited a webshop because my mother also knew my friend, but through a so-called accident. By the way, my father could not stomach it and soured.

So I started the transition. Halfway through, I had sex with transvestite Arianne and became happy with his statements. At that moment, I decided to choose him as the one to deflower me as a woman. In the Netherlands there is a long wait for the operation, but after some saving and a loan I flew to Thailand. There she made me a real woman. To recover, I stayed there for another year, the last six months as a hostess. I was lucky that as a boy I was a petite, narrow fellow with feminine traits, so now as a woman I don’t stand out as a “converted” because of my build. I am 1.74 meters tall and a size 36. When I started taking hormones, my breast development took off. Over two years, my breasts grew to a small B cup, but with surgery they were enlarged to a nice C.

I am terribly proud of my breasts. They are wonderfully firm, stand proudly forward and are crowned with a dark, very sensitive nipple. In the surgery, my penis was removed, and my vagina was created. The doctors did a wonderful job. According to the doctors, and I believe them, there is no difference to be seen between my pussy and that of a “natural/cis woman. The doctors really did a wonderful job, because my vagina is also extremely sensitive. A clitoris was made of my glans with which I – like a real woman – can cum wonderfully. In short, I am happy as a woman, only…. I had not yet had sex in my life.

As a woman, it hadn’t happened yet. I had been out with guys, but it had never gone much further than a little kissing. Of course, I longed for a man. I thought it would be wonderful to be intimate with a boy, to be undressed and caressed by him, to be fondled, to be fondled and then penetrated deeply. Like to feel a hard cock thrust into me one day. I long for the moment when I would be squirted full… Two months ago it finally happened and I lost my virginity.

I texted Arianne to come for coffee. As a woman, of course, to keep him under the delusion. He rang the doorbell and I invited him in. In his coffee was some lust-inducing powder. Noticing that he was beginning to respond to it by the slight perspiration on his head, I wanted to go shopping. In the fitting room, I undressed. I showed him my tits. Of course, this man was used to something, but he was still fascinated to watch.

shemale hottie arianne

That was all I showed him, but was now ready for the real thing. Dragged him into the car and tore home. Pushed him into a seat and told him I wanted something else to wear for a while. His eyes widened a little when I returned. He saw, of course, that I had no bra on. I showed him my tits and saw his look change to something pensive. And when I pulled down my panties, he was surprised. Not a cock but a nice pussy smiled at him.

On his knees he came to examine my pussy, licked it. But I wanted more and cried out that I wanted to go to the bedroom. Once there, I pulled the clothes off his body. His cock was already stiff. But he threw me on the bed and fucked me to climax. I came screaming. I gave him a bottle of lubricant because my pussy doesn’t get wet when excited. I wanted to be fucked by him. So the sweetheart gently fingered me first with 1 finger and then with several fingers.

I shivered, my moment was coming. But he stopped and lay down on the bed. And told me to lower myself over him, so I could control everything myself. Quickly I climbed on top of him, grabbed his stiff cock and rubbed it along my lips for a moment to smooth the head of the penis. And then lowered myself gently. Of course, I had already shoved some dildos into my pussy, but this was the first real cock. And I wanted to enjoy every millimeter of it.

And then the moment was there, I had his cock all the way inside my pussy. To my feeling, I was almost a real woman now. But to finish that properly I needed 2 more things, a vaginal orgasm with fucking and his cum in my pussy. I rode him all the way down. The sweetheart held back until I got there. While pulling on my nipples, I came. His cock was deep inside me, I screamed and moaned all together. And there I felt his cock and glans swell and knew what was coming. His seed would turn me into a woman. And with a few deep thrusts, he filled my pussy. Jet to jet, and I felt every drop. With pleasure, I passed out for a moment and came completely in sync with my body and pleasure.

That night, I gave him some Thai drops, because one orgasm was not enough. And so when he took me doggy at some point and I felt me tits going along in cadence to his thrusts in my pussy, I came ready with everything. This was it for me. I allowed everything, and yes including anal. I was used to that. And I also had to protect my pussy and didn’t want a raw box, not yet. And so when we got up, I felt his cum leaking from both holes. I looked down past my tits and saw it happen. I was in 7th heaven.

After all these years, I was now a real woman. Of course, I always kept in touch with Arianne and Kristel. My mother too, by the way, since my father is gone and they divorced. Then on nights like this, no cock is safe for her anymore. And very often I assist them in the store. One of the best experiences was letting a young transvestite discover his sexuality. He was really straight and transvestite.

Hilarious was the night Linda was given bags of water in a bra by Arianne so that her cup size became E. The next day I had that done too, and we walked around downtown like three cats in heat with our tits propped up.