I had texted my new girlfriend and we agreed that he would stay on a parking lot at old airfield and I would get in my car…

As agreed, I take a shower and shave my cock, butt and bottom. I find the naughtiest little white ladies panties that have a little hole right where my butt hole is, and then I go on with them. Then I find my hip holder and the white stockings and put them on the outside of the panties. Finally, I put on a pair of tight pants on the outside of everything, can hardly get my cock into the pants, which are just so ready, I know it needs to be sucked and played with when I get there…

I arrive as arranged and see that there is a mobile home over at the edge of the woods. I get out of my car and walk over to the mobile home and see that there is light inside, I walk carefully to the door and knock softly…

Now the door is opened by a “lady” and I see that it is an adult “lady” who is probably a man, but damn what a naughty and delicious body it is that opens the door. I look at her and she greets me with her little sex howl and now I know I’m on the right track.

As I walk in, she is immediately all over me, taking over my body, especially my butt. I lean over one of the front seats, like my back is in the cabin, and I strap my butt in. Her hands are all over my butt and suddenly I feel a hand on my now grown bulge in my pants and her fingers are very quick at the zipper.

Suddenly my pants are coming down her thighs, she bends down on her knees and takes both hands and spreads my buttocks on the outside of the little panties, and then I feel a naughty tongue in my wild butt hole. I can hear my own moans as I feel my tongue and lips through the hole in my panties and my cock is now sticking out of my panties, it’s just so stiff. Now I feel a hand on my cock and she starts to play with it at a fast pace and I feel that I’m going to come soon…

Suddenly she stops all the licking and hand play and tells me to turn around. I do so, she just looks at me and then says, “Huh, you little naughty boy, are you going to have some adult pussy today?” I just nod and say, “Yes, please…”

She now pulls my pants all the way down and gets on her knees and lifts my legs one by one. She pulls my pants off and praises my underwear, then takes the cock in her mouth again and licks a little while playing with the cock and massaging my butt. Suddenly I feel a finger in my butt and am about to do it again, then pull back a little. She just smiles and says, “Do you want to fuck me, you naughty girl?”

Quickly she is on her back on the big mattress at the other end of the car and she is on all fours with her butt in the air. I walk up to her and lift her skirt, see that she is wearing pantyhose that are bottomless, so that the “big” clitoris is well exposed, I can see. She is smooth all over. I approach her buttocks and let my tongue explore. Licking all over her hole and pulling on it, playing with it and bending it backwards. I have to taste it too, then take the whole thing in my mouth and lick and play with it well, and play with her balls too. Suddenly I feel her coming, so I stop immediately, she won’t come yet.


Then I stand up on the stool, it’s just perfect, fits just like the “pussy” is right next to my cock. I start to press my cock against her hole and she grunts a little as the head of the cock enters. Then I see the cream, which I take out with the cock head. A little cream on the tip of my cock and I continue. With a good grunt from her I’m at the bottom of my cock and just stand there quietly fucking her in long hard strokes. Suddenly she pulls forward so that her cock pops out and suddenly she is rolled over, lying on her back with her legs in the air. Then she says: “Come on, I want more, look at you as you fuck me”. Quickly the cock is back in place and I am now fucking at a faster pace. At the same time I can play on her “”, it is nice and stiff and completely smooth. I play with her and suddenly I hear that she is very close to cumming, so I pull my cock out and jump off the stool. I bend over her and take her in my mouth. She comes in a few long spurts and my mouth fills with her hot cum. When my mouth is full and she isn’t anymore, I close my mouth and climb on top of her. Let my mouth empty into her open mouth, so now she gets all her own and my mouth drooling, it all runs quietly into her mouth.

I can see that she swallows it and then she stands up and says: “Now it’s your turn. I get down on all fours and she pulls my panties off. Now it’s my butt that gets the big tongue ride, she licks and fucks with her tongue. I’m going crazy and when I tell her I’m coming she bends my cock backwards and mouth fucks me while she keeps a finger in my butt hole. I can feel that she is now hitting my prostate bead, and with a roar I come, just pumping mine into her mouth.

I collapse on the mattress and she comes to the bed, lies down and caresses my cock with her fingers.

I’m totally exhausted now and just want to go home, but suddenly she has my cock in her mouth again and I get a hard cock again. Now I’m lying on my back and suddenly she’s standing up and sitting on me. The cock finds its place and I feel it slide up into her. With a little moan and a good expression on her face, she slides all the way down and my cock is in place in her pussy. She starts to ride me, pulling her belly back and forth and jumping on my cock a little, and suddenly I can feel that I’m going to come again. With a good grunt I tell her that nuuuuu I will come again. She sits almost completely still, but does a lot of pinching exercises, so that she almost milks my cock. Now I just can’t do it anymore….

She crawls off and starts to lick me clean, it’s delicious, but damn I’m used now and don’t want any more. We stop now and arrange another visit to the camper one day.