Hi, I am Kimberly, I just turned 19 and have been a very beautiful trans woman for several years. I live with my mom, my parents have been divorced for 5 years. I don’t have a boyfriend and occasionally go out with my girlfriends. Photo for your fantasies, happy end: she is real and live. 😍

My mom met a new guy last week, and he is coming to our house tonight.

His name is George, and I have since learned from my mother that he is 60 and also divorced. Around 7 p.m. George rang the doorbell, I opened the door and averted my eyes, there was a beautiful solid man standing at the door, he introduced himself “I’m George and you must be Kimberly” and shook my hand. I saw his eyes go to my top and a moment later to my tight short skirt, I also saw that he started to blush a little. He had heard a lot about me, and I’m sure he had fondled me everywhere in his dreams.

I walked ahead of him into the room and sat down on the couch across from him, my mother came in from the kitchen and greeted him with a kiss and sat down next to him on the couch. “Would you like some coffee?” “Yes, fine,” George replied. My mother went into the kitchen and I quickly spread my legs so he could see my crotch and my pretty white thong panties, which were starting to get wet from my excitement. I quickly stood up, bent down and pretended to pick something up off the floor, I saw that he was looking at my horny ass which was almost completely visible under my short skirt because I was wearing a thong. This turned me on even more, I heard my mom’s footsteps and quickly sat back down on the couch like a good girl.

George told me that he had been divorced for 5 years and had a daughter and a son who were both married. After an hour of talking about everything, my mother asked if he would like to have a glass of wine with her, only she had to get the bottle from the wine cellar.

I quickly sat down next to George and gave him a tongue kiss.

She got up to get the wine and walked out of the room, I quickly sat down next to George and gave him a tongue kiss. His hands quickly went over my breasts, our tongues were busy with each other, I quickly took off my panties and he immediately took the opportunity to put his finger around my hard penis and started fingering me in the little cook.

I moaned softly with pleasure but not for long, my mother was already back in the hallway, so I quickly put my panties back on and quickly got back in place just before my mother came back into the room. Just in time, I was back on the couch, sitting neatly like a good girl. My mom stayed in the house all the time now, so I had to make do with the occasional wink at him. Late that night, he went back to his own house. He had agreed to take my mother to the station on Sunday afternoon for a girlfriend’s week with her regular girlfriend, this time to Drenthe. Sunday afternoon he arrived in time to pick up my mother, he came in for a little while and my mother said goodbye to me, ‘I’ll be back next Saturday. Okay, no problem, I’ll make it. My mom grabbed her bag and found out she still had her bottle of water in the fridge, she quickly went back into the kitchen and I immediately said to George ‘when you drop mom off come right back here, I have a surprise for you.

They drove out of the street and I immediately ran into the bedroom to put on my pink sexy lingerie set that I will receive George in and that consists of a sexy top bra and a horny open crotch thong panty and with nice stockings with suspenders. Oh how horny I feel, after 60 minutes I heard footsteps walking towards the front door. I waited for him to call, I opened the door and George said “Wow how beautiful and sexy you are. He sat down behind me and started kissing my ass.

I want his seed.

A moment later he came up again, his hands went over my horny body and we started tonguing wildly, I saw that his cock was already hard, so my hand went to the bulge in his pants. I quickly undid his pants. His mighty pole was proudly erect. I grabbed his hand and we walked quickly into the room. He sat down on the couch with his big stiff cock erect, I got down on my knees beside him and began to suck him off. My tongue circled over his glans, I heard him moaning louder and louder, his hand went over my ass and he started fingering me, which made me even hornier. I wanted his seed and sucked even harder, and suddenly I heard him scream “Nice bitch I’m coming I’m coming” and he squirted two jets of seed which I swallowed immediately. I licked his cock clean and sat back down on the couch next to him.

‘Would you like something to drink,’ I asked him. ‘Yes, please, coffee. I went into the kitchen to make coffee, and after a moment George came up behind me. His hand went over my ass: ‘What a nice, sexy ass you have! He kissed my neck while the coffee was boiling, and soon we were tonguing again. I felt a warm, horny glow running through my body. The thought of having delicious sex all week made my ass wet, after tonguing I poured coffee and we went back to the living room together. There we drank our coffee together, we agreed that he would stay until Wednesday and then I would sleep with him until Friday.

He asked me to give him another blow job, he wanted to come in my mouth. I got on my knees next to him again, my ass facing him, so he could finger my ass and asshole. My tongue went wildly over his cock, his finger went like a rage over my clit, which was already quite wet.

Sometimes I tried to touch his glans with my teeth, so he could keep from coming longer and I could suck longer. I decided to stop sucking for a while and just started kissing his glans, he ground like a bear, I knew this would drive him absolutely crazy. After a while I stopped kissing, stood up and sat on his hard cock with my face to him, so we could tongue while fucking. And I began to fuck him. Gently up and down at first, but soon I picked up the pace to ride his cock at a gallop. Our tongues were racing like crazy and I felt he was about to cum. I squeezed my ass extra hard and felt his cum shoot inside me. We fucked all week and had sex for hours. It was wonderful and now it was the day my mother came back from her vacation. George had left early to pick her up, but George and I agreed to meet as often as possible to have sex at his house or a hotel.