I saw Valeria for the first time when I came home from sports in the evening. I train in a water polo team and accordingly have an athletic body. Furthermore, I study architecture, and I am 23 years old and about 190 cm tall. My younger brother Abjörn lives with our parents. He has a door key and often comes to visit me in the evenings. Sometimes he brings friends with him, so they can undisturbed watch horror movies, which my parents don’t allow at home. Photo from Valeria.

Valeria and my brother were standing in the kitchen and obviously hadn’t heard me. So I first saw Valeria from behind. The slender figure, a little shorter than me, and the long black hair immediately attracted my attention. Oh, I thought to myself, finally my brother has got himself a girlfriend. I let the sports bag plop to the floor and Valeria turned around.

Valeria’s fine-cut face with big watching eyes looked good, but something confused me. The hips were narrow for a girl, and there were no breasts to be seen. I guessed that Valeria was about the same age as my brother, or younger?

“Hi Janos,” Abjörn said. “This is Valeria. We’re about to watch a movie, is that okay?” Valeria gave me a quick nod.

For the first time I saw a transgirl

“Yes … “, I replied, finally managing to take my eyes off Valeria’s slim figure and looked at my brother. “Sure look.”

“Ok bro. Wanna watch?”

“Another one of those torture movies?”

“Yeah Saw 7.”

“Don’t bother. I want to take a shower first anyway!”

I went into the bedroom and undressed. If Abjörn had been there alone or had one of his buddies with him, I would have just walked over to the bathroom naked, but since there was a girl present, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. As I stepped out of the bedroom, I glanced into the living room. Abjörn was sitting on an armchair and Valeria on the couch. Well brother, I thought, if you want to end up with her, you should go for a closer look.

I slipped into the bathroom and took a shower. Then I put on a new pair of jeans and a fresh shirt and went into the living room where Abjörn and Valeria were watching the action on the screen. I plopped down on the sofa, an arm’s length away from Valeria.

“Wow!” said Abjörn without taking his eyes off the screen. “I think that horny chick is going to get it now. She’s going down!” I was a little surprised about the expression of my brother, you do not talk like that when a girl was there. I threw a quick sideways glance at Valeria, but couldn’t see any reaction. “I’m going to get a beer,” I said. “Anyone else?”

“Yeah me!” said Abjörn. Valeria was shaking her pretty head.

“Anything else for you?”, I asked.

“What else do you have to drink?” asked Valeria in a bright voice.

“I don’t really know. I’ll check.”

“I’ll come with you,” Valeria said and followed me into the kitchen.

I opened the refrigerator. “Besides beer, only milk left,” I said.

“I don’t take milk too well. Maybe a beer then,” Valeria replied disappointed. I took out three bottles of beer. “How long have you known my brother?”, I asked, opening the bottles.

“Oh, for two weeks or so. I just recently moved here with my parents.” I handed Valeria a beer, my gaze sliding over Valeria’s handsome figure again and again. “Do you go to Abjörn’s class?”, I asked.

“Yes,” Valeria replied. “A little hard because I can’t speak perfect German yet.”

“Well, Abjörn told me that they only have two girls in the class so far. So a pretty girl like you will have attracted some attention.” I smiled and took another sip of beer. I noticed that my body was reacting, Valeria excited me and my cock was getting stiff. Since I had sat down with my ass on the sideboard, the emerging bulge was of course easy to see, I quickly positioned myself differently.

Valeria’s body suddenly stiffened

Valeria’s body suddenly stiffened. “I’m not a girl,” she said with a smile.

My bottle almost fell out of my hand. “Uh…”, I just said, and my still slightly stiffened cock instantly went limp. “But it’s nice that you think I’m pretty,” Valeria said with a smile.

“Sorry …”, I said.

“I know how I look,” Valeria said. “And how I look to men. My face … the long hair. But that’s just part of me.”

“Okay,” I said. “It’s okay.” I was still confused. The sexual arousal I had felt a moment ago was gone, but still my gaze slid over Valeria’s slender figure again. “Are we going to watch a movie again?”, I asked.

Valeria followed me into the living room and sat down again in the corner of the couch. I put his beer down for Abjörn and now took a seat in the other corner. Out of the corner of my eye I watched Valeria. Damn, how pretty the trans was! He didn’t act like a girl, but he seemed somehow more gentle than most guys. He obviously didn’t like the movie very much. At one bloody scene, Valeria looked away. I smiled. “Too hard what?”

“The movie is just stupid,” Valeria replied. I nodded in agreement. As I walked off to get another beer, I waved my hand through Valeria’s hair as I walked by. I don’t know why, I just wanted to touch him.

When the movie was over I offered to drive them both home. About ten minutes later, I dropped my brother off in front of our parents’ house and was then alone in the car with Valeria sitting in the back seat. “Where do you live?”, I asked. He told me the address and I drove on.

“Do you really think I’m pretty?”, Valeria asked.

“Uh…”, I said, getting a little restless. “You look good, even for a trans!”, I said then laughing. “Abjörn says you have a different one in bed every week…”, Valeria said expressionlessly.

“My brother says a lot when the day is long.” Valeria said nothing more until the end of the ride. Then he got out of the car. I also got out of the car. I don’t know why. Somehow, I didn’t want to let Valeria go like that. “Thanks for the ride,” Valeria said.

“See you around!”, I said, and reached out my hand to Valeria. I wanted to touch him one more time. When he put his slender hand in mine, I felt my body react. Not only my body but also my head. The trans excited me on many levels.

“You look perfect,” I said, stroking his cheek with one hand. Valeria lowered his eyes. She put a hand on my hand. “Yes?” he breathed.

“Yes,” I said and leaned forward. I kissed Valeria on the cheek. My lips continued to travel to her mouth. “Do you like that?”, I then asked. “Yes,” Valeria said softly. “Very …”

I wanted this trans. Wanted to take her to my place, to my bed. I only had hazy ideas of what we would do, but there was no way I was going to let him go. “Will you come back with me?”, I asked, stroking some long hair from his smooth face with my hand. Valeria nodded. “Yes,” he then said.

As we drove, I smiled at Valeria, who was sitting a bit sheepishly in the passenger seat. What had I gotten myself into? A trans, a trans who looks feminine. I had never been interested in shemales, nor had I been sexually aroused by them. Valeria was different.

I took off Valeria’s jacket and kissed her again

Arriving home, I took off Valeria’s jacket and kissed her again. Our bodies were touching. The bulge in the front of my jeans rubbed against his belly. He clasped me awkwardly. I took Valeria’s hand and led him into the bedroom. I closed the door, kissed him again. My hands wandered over his slender body, when I reached forward to undo her pants, Valeria backed away. “No. When I drop my pants, I realize that I am not a girl. I have a dick!”

“I want to see it,” was all I said. “Please!”, I added. But in fact I didn’t know myself how I would react to it.

Valeria opened his pants and pushed them down a bit. His penis hung limp. He was circumcised, his ballsack hanging low underneath, shaved. “Can I touch him?”, I asked. Valeria nodded. I took his flaccid cock in my hand. Never before had I held a stranger’s penis in my hand. He was hot and growing rapidly in my hand. “He looks good,” I said. The silky, bluish glans swelled quickly in my grip.

Valeria was breathing fast. “I’ve never had sex with a man before,” he said. “Neither have I,” I replied. I knelt in front of Valeria and took his penis in my mouth. It excited me to suck Valeria’s cock. I put both hands on his round butt and sucked Valeria’s young cock, the trans looked down at me breathing fast. His penis was now fully extended and I estimated it at 16cm.

“Now me!” said Valeria. I rose and Valeria knelt down in front of me. He opened my jeans and my bulging cock was revealed. “So big…”, Valeria said and just took it in his mouth.

Valeria sucked my 19cm and I had to control myself very much not to cum when I saw Valeria’s pretty mouth bulging around my cock. After a while I pulled Valeria to his feet, kissing him again, wilder than before. We hugged and stroked each other all over. Again and again my hands slid over his round buttocks.

“I want to feel you,” Valeria said suddenly. “What?”, I asked.

Valeria detached himself from me, took off his shirt and pants completely, and lay on the bed belly-down and naked. He spread his legs. “I want you … I want you to be first.”

I looked at Valeria’s provocatively round ass, his beautiful face looking at me expectantly. How many times had he imagined being taken by a man? My cock twitched. I knelt down behind Valeria. I took a small tube of lube from the nightstand and warmed some in my hand, then spread it on the trans’s untouched hole.

Valeria’s anus throbbed under my finger. I pushed in a little with the tip of my finger, feeling the resistance of his sphincter. I pushed my finger further into the hot tightness and saw Valeria’s face contort.

“Does it hurt?”, I asked. “Just a little,” Valeria replied.

“And that’s with one finger. My cock is much thicker,” I said.

“I want you Janos. I’ll take anything you give me.”

And how ready my cock was to thrust into the tight hole, but I didn’t want to hurt him. Widened his rosette now with two fingers. Pre cum was already dripping from my glans. I turned Valeria on his back and put his legs over my shoulders. I wanted to see his face when I took him. My rock hard cock, every vein standing out thickly, bumped against Valeria’s hole.

The trans looked at me, expectant and afraid. I bent over, kissed Valeria passionately on the mouth. A light pressure was enough and Valeria’s pleasure grotto opened for me and my cock slowly penetrated him. Valeria’s hole was so tight and hot and I was so horny to fuck him that I thoughtlessly pushed harder. Valeria moaned, but not from pain but from pleasure. “Yes…”, he said.

Finally, my cock was in full length in the trans’s hole. “Oh, Janos, fuck me!” said Valeria. I was breathing heavily with horniness, moving my cock with slow movements in the trans’s ass. “Yes, Valeria, I’ll give you what you need!”

I increased the force of my thrusts. Soon it was slapping with every thrust. I don’t know how long I fucked Valeria so hard, I was in a frenzy, as if I was pumped full of drugs. Valeria moaned, saying over and over, sometimes softly, sometimes loudly, “Fuck me!”

I grunted like an animal

I grunted like an animal, wanting to fuck Valeria deeply, to satisfy his craving for a man’s cock and my desire to take possession of his handsome body. Then I came. One last time, I drove my pole deep into Valeria’s ass, then my semen shot into the trans. Already in the normal case I squirt a lot, but in this case I was so horny that a hardly ending flood of my sperm flooded the trans’s intestine.

Valeria clutched me until my orgasm had subsided and my cock in his hole slowly became smaller. Only now I noticed that our upper bodies were both quite sticky from Valeria’s trans juice. In my fuck frenzy I had not even noticed that he had cum.

We lay next to each other and stroked each other. Soon I noticed that Valeria’s cock was getting stiffer again, as was my own. I turned, following a sudden impulse, onto my belly. “Now you!”, I said. In no time, Valeria was on top of me. I felt her wet cock against my hole for the first time.

“Go!”, I said. Valeria’s cock slid inside me. Just a few hours ago I wouldn’t have even thought of doing something with a man, and now I had fucked a trans in the ass, and now I was even fucked myself! Valeria lay moaning on top of me, fucking me just as I had fucked her and I enjoyed feeling him inside me. We turned on our sides and I jerked my cock while Valeria fucked me. We came almost simultaneously and shortly after fell asleep entwined.

When I awoke the next morning, Valeria was standing next to my bed, dressed. “I’m going,” he said. “I know it was just an experiment for you and I …”

“Shut up and come to bed with me!”, I cut him off. “I think I love you like I’ve never loved anyone before!” Valeria stood there silently for a moment, then he began to cry. I pulled him into bed. “But how is this going to be anything …” he asked.

“I don’t know. My father might be a problem,” I said, smiling. “But if I don’t tell him you’re a guy he’ll never know. Ladytrans!” Then I added with a laugh, “unless you show him your big cock!” Valeria smiled. “Oh you dumbass … But I’m not a girl!”

“I know that,” I replied with a laugh. “And that’s a good thing, too. I love your cock, like everything about you!” We snuggled back into bed.