Photo for illustration. That’s the gangbang room with shemales. And thanks Jenny for your story!

This is my story. I’m Jenny, a lesbian and 34 years old. Almost every year I visit a sex fair if possible. I always hope to see some nice new sex toys and maybe a good friend to satisfy myself within my spare time. This year I was there again. Because of the warm weather, I had drunk a lot on the way there, so when I entered the fair I first went to look for the toilets. After finding them, I hurried to the place and let my pee flow out of my pussy.

Relieved, I went to wash my hands and freshen myself up a bit. Another young woman walked into the restroom. She looked extremely attractive: an extremely sweet face with long, brown hair, green eyes, a plump figure with large breasts, and perfectly shaped legs in black nylons that came out from under a short black skirt.

After a polite smile, she headed for the restrooms. In the meantime, I continued to dress until suddenly I heard a scream behind my back and a slap. I quickly turned around and saw the young lady who had just walked in lying on the floor. She had hit the ground hard with her head and was lying motionless on her side. I quickly ran to the guards to get her out of there. Two guards rushed over, saw her lying unconscious, lifted her up and laid her on a couch in their office space. I saw her purse lying around and took it with me.

Because of my profession as a nurse, I immediately saw that she had only lost consciousness and was apparently fine. The guards left the room and I stayed with her until she regained consciousness. About 10 minutes later, she opened her eyes and looked around in surprise. “Where am I? What has happened? Who are you?” she stammered. “You are in a guard’s office, “I said reassuringly. “You somehow slipped in the toilet and hit the floor so hard that you became unconscious. I was there at the time and got help and helped bring you here. My name is Jenny and I am a nurse and I stayed here until you regained consciousness.

Oh yes, I saw your purse lying there and took it for you. Here you have it.” “So I owe it to you that I survived?” she asked, smiling. “Oh well, “I responded, winking, “I only prevented other women from tripping over all that junk on the floor. Nothing more.” At that, we both burst into laughter. “Thank you so much for what you did for me. Find that very sweet of you, Jenny, and my name is Vanessa, “she spoke, and before I knew it, she kissed me on my mouth and cheeks and held me tightly against her. With eyes full of mutual sympathy, we looked deep into each other’s eyes, and neither of us made any move to let go of the other. Something magic happening here.

Before I know why, we opened our mouths

Before I know why, we opened our mouths and our tongues intertwined. I didn’t have sex for almost a year. We stroked each other’s hair and rubbed our breasts against each other. I felt her hand unbutton my blouse, and I did the same with hers. Like me, she did not appear to be wearing a bra, as our breasts were firm enough to do without.

We took turns caressing and kissing our luscious bosoms. Then she slid my skirt up and boldly but gently felt into my crotch. Since I don’t wear panties in warm weather, she was already touching my pussy with her fingers. Groaning, I underwent her finger-fucking. With her wet fingers, she stroked my clit.

At the same time, she let 3 fingers disappear deep into my increasingly wet pussy. It didn’t take long before my horny pussy juices flowed over her fingers, which she greedily licked. When I pushed up her skirt and took off her panties, a big surprise awaited me: Vanessa turned out to be a real hermaphrodite. Above her super-feminine pussy, her now stiff pole was proudly pointing at me. After quickly recovering from my surprise, I fell to my knees in front of her and began sucking on her male organ.

I licked the head of the penis

I licked the head of the penis and heard from her moans that I was doing a good job. I pulled her onto the couch and asking her to lie on her back. There, I shoved her rock-hard fuck rod deep into my throat. My mouth was barely big enough to work her fuck rod all the way in, but that didn’t matter. Then I sat on her and rocked like a man possessed on her steel-hard cock. I stuck three fingers in her ass and kept going up and down as if in a stupor.

My pussy juices started flowing liberally all over her male sex organ, which felt great in my soaking wet fuck slit. She gripped my shaking tits as I increased my movements. It seemed to take forever to get enough, but at some point, we couldn’t hold back our orgasm any longer.

I felt my pussy muscles cramp and contract tightly around her thrilling penis. With a loud moan, she finished: she pressed me hard against her, as she forcefully squirted her seed deep into my pussy. That was too much excitement for me: I felt my pussy muscles contract violently and I too came groaning and shaking with pleasure.

We kissed each other on the mouth and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. “And to think that neither of us has seen anything at all at this erotic fair,” I said smiling. “You’re right about that, “she replied, “but at least now we can go visit the fair together if you want.” I didn’t turn down that offer and we had a very pleasant day together at this erotic fair, even though I have to admit that it was of little interest to me after the extremely surprisingly horny encounter with Vanessa.